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zombs.io – Why you shouldn’t publicize your party late in game

zombs.io – Why you shouldn’t publicize your party late in game

[alphazelf gaming playing in Zombs.io to wave 77] Wave 11 starts [Wave 14: upgraded to tier 5 gold stash] [Wave 18: Stash becomes tier 6] [Wave 24: last 6 tower buildings becomes tier 6] [Let’s see if this is a good idea….] [Wave 25-27: Gradually populating our party] [Wave 30: populating our party this late may not😵 be a good idea, took only 4 minutes to populate 😥] [Upgrading our stash to tier 7 thanks tyo the gold from bosses] Wave 40, base turns red Wave 50, died in the process 😵 Wave 60, there seems to be a glitch taking place… Emerald is now unlocked and wave 70 is launched, considerable damage is delat to the buildings Wave 77, died on this wave with a final score of 28 million [So… yeah. It wasn’t a good idea to attract players late in game because noob players will populate quickly and vandalize your base due to limits being raised. I showed you what would happen if you do. Advantages is that it populates faster and it helpos buildings max out faster. Luck is important.] [And one last thing. I need to know what this unicode character is. In agar.io, Slow teamers dominate these servers and impersonating them in-game is a useful tactic. Diep.io wikia couldn’t help me and the fancy nick generators couldn’t find a character like this. Unicode experts anyone?]

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