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YouTube Masthead Now Available & Google Ads Editor Updates!

YouTube Masthead Now Available & Google Ads Editor Updates!

Welcome to this week’s
Digital News Roundup Sorry you know how addictive social media is! But did you know that may not always be the case? Watch on to find out more… Fancy getting your hands on some prime advertising real estate? Well the YouTube Masthead
(the bit at the top of the platforms homepage) is now available for advertisers to buy on a cost per mile basis,
with guaranteed reach! You can even preview how your video ad will look in all its
glory by clicking on the link in our description. In more ad news, there’s new places to advertise on Facebook! Back in December, Facebook allowed a small number of car and retail
advertisers to run ads that would appear in the primary search results. This test has now been expanded with a ‘search ad placement option’
appearing for more and more brands with every passing week. Some highly demanded features have been added to Google Ads Editor. Version 1.1 includes new features, such as IP exclusions, and an
‘exact search’ feature that will help improve search functionality. The update also includes a new ‘dark mode’, which seems to be
appearing on pretty much every platform these days… including… Digital News Roundup! …I hate it Facebook is tidying up and updating its interest targeting options The platform will soon be removing thousands of
outdated interest targets for advertising But fret not, the ones removed are outdated and rarely used,
such as old movie names and cultural references. This just means I can browse my
Tamagotchi fan-club page ad-free! WhatsApp are radically changing the way you can use the app. At the time of this recording, you can only use
WhatsApp with one phone number but a new groundbreaking update could turn the platform into
more of an account-based app where you can log in and chat on any device or computer. People of the future are probably using WhatApp on their…

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