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YouTube Marketing Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Ideas for Small Business (2019)

YouTube Marketing Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Ideas for Small Business (2019)

Hi, this is Jacob, Jacob LE video production.com. I’m moving into the section specifically about
YouTube marketing, I will have a playlist down below in the description number 51 is
to let people know, these are the tips that I use to achieve this specific desired result. So you want to do this upfront so people get
engaged, and try to get really specific with the numbers and figures. Maybe you made $100,000 definitely say that
number 50 to make sure to keyword optimize your YouTube playlists. So when people are searching on YouTube, they
can actually find a playlist instead of just individual videos. So make sure you’re actually doing keyword
research on those playlists titles. 53 try to ask yes or no questions at the start
of YouTube videos make it really easy for people to respond. And this will increase engagement number 54. If you’re running paid ads, which are skipping,
the advertiser only pays when people watch either 30 seconds, or they hit the end of
the video. Number 55, include something that hooks your
audience back in every few minutes. So people will start to zone out at a certain
point. So this could be something surprising or funny. Or you can have a change of scenery or even
a statement like now I really want you to listen to this because it is so important. Number 56. Find your videos that have a high level of
audience retention, and that lead to new subscribers, then you want to funnel traffic to these videos. So add links and cards and end screens on
your other videos that link to your top-performing videos. Number 57. With your playlists, try to incorporate a
few really popular videos on that subject. So you want to throw in your own videos into
that playlist, but also include some really popular engaging videos as well. Number 58. You have that little watermark in the bottom
right corner to try to make it actually look like a subscribe button. Number 59 is to actually reply to every single
comment and heart every single comment. This is someone who took time out of their
day to connect with you, you’re trying to build a relationship actually respond to people
number 60 is to shoot for a click-through rate of around 40%. It’s even better if you can go over and try
to get a watch time of at least 50% who are watching it all the way through 61 try to
give really smart and funny responses to people’s comments. So have a lot of personality and use some
humor as well. Please subscribe and click the bell to be
notified when I come out with new content. I’ll have a lot more videos like this about
social media marketing. Thank you for so much. I will see you in the next video.

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