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YouTube Insights Hangout – May 2014: IMPACT | YouTube Advertisers

YouTube Insights Hangout – May 2014: IMPACT | YouTube Advertisers

Tara: I’m Tara Walpert Levy, and I lead the
ads marketing team for YouTube. For the 18 to 34, audience YouTube disproportionately
influences purchase relative to television. Is that consistent with what you see as you
look even more broadly, and what do you think’s driving that? Jonathan: We run commerce trackers monthly,
and we look at what every one of our major assets and every one of our major marketing
beats does relative to brand awareness, brand consideration, purchase intent. And so we
can look at YouTube driven marketing beats versus television driven marketing beats and
asset versus asset, and we can definitely see the drivers in purchase intent. And a
great digital asset can have a huge driver on purchase intent. Chris: Remember that every time you send a
signal out there via a digital channel, you have the opportunity to get a signal back.
So invite that signal back. Really try to promote and drive that conversant side of
the campaigns that you’re running. Ben: Brands get it wrong when they start to
tell their agencies, kids, whomever that “No, this is the way we do it.” It’s much more
important to say, “You know what? You’re the audience. The language you speak is yours.
I’m going to take a step back and let you say it.” Mike: We find that consistency is the number
one driver of success for brands on YouTube in particular. So you gotta be there, you
gotta own it, but you gotta do it consistently. Spend time on YouTube, spend a lot of time
on YouTube. Subscribe to dozens and hundreds of channels and see what the conversations,
to Chris’s point, see what the conversation around those content brands look like.

3 thoughts on “YouTube Insights Hangout – May 2014: IMPACT | YouTube Advertisers

  1. Nice, I have also learned that if a brand wants to be known then it needs to get a regular face/caricature in front of the camera. People subscribe to people , not so much to brands. looking at the most successful channels on YT you can see that they are people putting there faces right into the camera. A good example is KipKay with Make Magazine … ( a regular host with a brand ) or GEICO and the lizard … ( a caricature and a brand ). Thats just my two cents 🙂  

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