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YouTube Insights Hangout – May 2014: CONTENT | YouTube Advertisers

YouTube Insights Hangout – May 2014: CONTENT | YouTube Advertisers

Tara: I’m Tara Walbert Levy, and I lead the
ads marketing team for YouTube. Some of the research in the report talks a little bit
about how this 18 to 34-year-old audience really wants more connection with brands around
their passions and interests on an on-going basis. And they actually bring it up as they
want that as distinct from a viral hit, which often tends to actually get more of the attention
in the press. I’m just curious what are the best practices for driving sustained engagement
of a brand on YouTube. Jonathan: I think we take a couple of big
tenets that are driving everything that we do right now. We’re really playing at both
ends of the spectrum and we really believe in an hourglass content economy when it comes
to marketing. One very high production value, take a very high media partner, and on the
other end of the spectrum very community focused, very bottom of the funnel, very Q and A driven
by the community and UGC. And I think those are the two ends of the spectrum that are
driving most successful brands. Chris: I think that for a lot of brands who
have evolved into creating more regular content to the point where it becomes habitual for
the viewers and the consumers to realizing that there’s more to this and that it’s worth
coming back and it’s worth engaging. I think it’s also incumbent upon the brands, especially
those who are trying to break in, that they actually engage the community and treat YouTube
like a community where comments that are coming back toward the brand, questions that are
coming in that way, you may have to invest in some resourcing to actually answer those
questions. Ben: If you give your audience, your customers
a great story that they can transmit, that makes them cooler, gives them a premium, gets
them laid, gets them to be the center of attention, wow, you just really win. Mike: How they think about the nature and
quality of the content is the Google Preferred great initiative to bring focus to the fact
there’s a lot of really high-quality content. It just looks different from what you’re used
to. You’re getting to the point now where you can look out across a really wide range
of channels, not 10 channels or 100 channels, but hundreds of thousands of channels and
make really smart decisions about the way that the content aligns with your brand and
what the result is so that you can take on the fly action.

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