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YouTube Insights Hangout – August: How Passions Drive Purchases | YouTube Advertisers

YouTube Insights Hangout – August: How Passions Drive Purchases | YouTube Advertisers

Tara: Welcome to YouTube Insights Hangout
on the Air. I’m Tara Walpert Levy. For those of you who are joining us for the first time,
this is our Quarterly Insights Jam where we talk about the latest insights for brand marketers. The latest YouTube Insights report talks about
how passions drive purchases. There’s no better way to start that conversation than to pick
up on one of the biggest passions of the last couple of months, which is the World Cup. Adam: We clearly have one of the most passionate
audiences of all in soccer, depending what country you’re in, and brands embrace that.
And they stepped up and [inaudible 00:00:47] they created content more than advertising
that was relevant and spoke to the hearts and minds of fans. Mike: With OpenSlate we measure and score
about 220,000 channels on YouTube. And of those 200,000 channels, about 2,000 are brands.
And so, of those 2,000 brands we identified about 20 that had really well-defined World
Cup content strategies. And we took a special look at those, and 8 of those 20 appeared
in our top 50 brands as of July 15. And we’re fascinated by the subject of passions and
how you can succeed more based on how focused you are on passions. And we’re actually working
on some new research on that front right now. The amounts of content that a channel puts
into its primary subject matter is about 14%. So that’s what we found on average. And then when you look at the top 1,000 channels,
the amounts of content that they publish into their particular passion, if you will, whether
it’s a brand or just a regular channel, is 44.6%. The best channels on YouTube, by any
measure, are publishing almost half of their content into just one thing that they’re really
passionate about. Todd: Here’s a guy who is really interested
in indie video games, right? It’s seemingly a fairly niche market, but when we do integrate
actual game titles into his content, they move off the shelf. And we have brand marketers
coming back to us with the data to support the fact that we’ve lifted sales well over
30% in specific periods around indie video game titles alone. A little bit more, he’s
a guy who has a fanbase that’s so connected to everything he does that he did a campaign
for Charity: Water recently and raised over $1 million in a month period. Now think about
that and the fact that his audience is largely, what, 13-17 year old kids? Mike: That’s a lot of piggy banks. Tara: That’s amazing. Hamish: We’ve launched a YouTube channel in
a number of markets called All Things Hair, and this started about [inaudible 00:02:46]
only a couple years ago when we saw the massive opportunity through the number of searches
that people were carrying out around their passion around hair care. Mike: If you’re going to be here, and for
most brands, it’s getting to the point where you have to be here, you have to understand
the space. So spend time in the space. Look across the passions that you may appeal to,
but then pick a passion, pick a voice, be serious about it and own it.

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  1. It doesn't matter what people create , it depends on where Youtube Places the video ta be seen or not. Peace )) and respect ))

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