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YouTube Insights Hangout – 2014 Holiday Trends | YouTube Advertisers

YouTube Insights Hangout – 2014 Holiday Trends | YouTube Advertisers

Tara: Allison, I know you had something special
that you’re going to unbox for us for this year-end edition. What are you going to share
with us today? Allison: Well, it’s really amazing. We’re
seeing 2x the views. So in 2013, there was about 500 million views on holiday-related
content. In 2014, we’re seeing 1 billion views. And so there’s 2x the views, 2x the engagement,
and 25% more uploads, which is amazing. And so we start to dig into those trends and see
what was driving it, and one interesting driver is we’re seeing 42% more uploads of All I
Want For Christmas cover songs. Rob: Actually, my plea is for an additional
amendment to the Constitution and that is that it should be an inalienable right to
be mystified by something, to not have to explain yourself. And this is one of them. Allison: The data is the data. I’m sorry,
it’s what’s real. We’re seeing… Rob: I didn’t say I was right. Allison: A hundred percent more views on gaming
content, and we’ve seen a 50% increase in uploads on people and blog content. So, in
the last 30 days alone there’s been 12 million views on gift guide content. Another cool
trend has been DIY gifts, so how can you make your own gifts to give to people. So, yeah,
my weatherman outlook is strong for the holiday season in terms of views on the YouTube platform.

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