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YouTube Brandcast presented by Google | YouTube Advertisers

YouTube Brandcast presented by Google | YouTube Advertisers

Susan Wojcicki: The Internet gives us the
opportunity to redefine the video experience for all of us. We’re in the middle of a big
revolution with video. It’s all changing, and YouTube is playing a key role. Sal Masekela: We are going to spotlight a
young lady who has fans that don’t just watch her on YouTube, they show up by the thousands. Margo Georgiadis: We know that content matters,
so we curated Google Preferred. It’s the top 5% of content on YouTube in areas like food,
music, entertainment. It’s a limited set of the most popular, engaging and fast-growing
channels on our platform. Shabnam Mogharabi: It was really on YouTube
that we found our voice as a company. YouTube enabled us to experiment in a way that no
other platform could. We had creative freedom. We could take our time to tell a story. Shane Smith: We’re at a historic moment in
media. Young people are leaving TV in droves and they’re moving online. New brands are
being created as we speak. VICE News has already been called Time Warner of the streets and
the next CNN. With the scale that YouTube offers, we’re not going to be the next CNN,
we’re going to be 10 times the next CNN. Frank Cooper: YouTube, in particular, connects
us to consumers directly and it allows us to be part of a conversation that’s driving
culture. And it’s for that reason that our media investment in YouTube has increased
50% in the last year alone. Robert Kyncl: YouTube, today, is easy to buy,
easy to measure, and we guarantee the audience that you want. It’s incredibly exciting to
see the momentum that Google Preferred has already generated with brands like Johnson
& Johnson and Heineken. Please welcome to the stage Tony Weisman, CEO of Digitas LBi. Tony Weisman: The introduction of Google Preferred
is undeniable evidence that there is scarcity in premium online video and it is a marketplace
at an exciting tipping point. Pharrell Williams: (Because I’m happy.) Clap
along if you feel like a room without a roof. (Because I’m happy.) Clap along if you feel
like happiness is the truth. (Because I’m happy.) Clap along…

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