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YouTube at CES 2014 | YouTube Advertisers

YouTube at CES 2014 | YouTube Advertisers

Justine: Hey, am I Justine and I’m here at
CES 2014 on the show-floor. Right now it is crazier and busier than ever. I had the opportunity
to sit down with some of the amazing movers and shakers in the industry to get their thoughts
on the trends of the future. What brought you to CES this year? Bryan: There’s some things that are staggeringly
cool. This is a time-machine into the future. Julie: We’re trying to connect areas of the
home together. So, for example, if your child comes home from school. Someone has sent an
email saying, “Your kid’s home.” The TV goes on, the lights go on. We want to feel like
we’re adding to people’s lives. Justine: What is one thing in your home right
now that isn’t connected, that you wish was? Matt: My refrigerator, so I know what we need
at the grocery store and not have to make lists all the time. Stephanie: For me, it would be my appliances.
I mean, I don’t have a connected home and that would be really cool. I would feel like
Superman. Bryan: One of the auto brands took us through
their vision for how the car would park itself. You get out of your car and then your car
goes to the parking lot and finds a space. Just, bon voyage car. Mainardo: Wearable technology’s one of the
trends that we have to watch for the future because so much is happening there. Justine: Every single company has some sort
of pedometer, some sort of fitness tracker. Do you wear any of that kind of stuff? Keith: I do, actually I find it’s like a lifestyle
enhancer. Lucas: The interesting thing with all of it
is it’s just gonna give you an insane amount of data and the challenge for marketers is
gonna be how to turn the data into some insight or understanding that you can do something
with. Mainardo: You can connect with consumers while
they’re going to the mall, while they’re going shopping. So it’s a fantastic opportunity
for mobility to connect with the consumer at the right time, when they are thinking
about buying a product. Amy: Even at CES, a technology show, you’re
hearing a lot of discussion about content this year and I think that’s pretty interesting
because the marriage of content and smart technology to serve the user is going to be
very impactful. TJ: We’re changing the way we do our media
positioning but more importantly, we’re changing the way we develop our content. The consumer
experience is where advertising really is becoming optional. They’ve got to want to
view it and not think of it as advertising. I think that’s really the heart of really
what seeing is successful. Brian: More than half of our views at Awesomeness
are mobile and that trend is going to continue to trend up, which I think also leads to short-form
content being more and more important and relevant. Lucas: Brands are only going to break through
if you make stuff that people love to watch. In fact, of the 10 videos that were the most
loved on YouTube, 3 of them were ads this year. Bryan: A few years ago sometimes our industry
tried to hide the product or hide what the brand was about and now it’s like, actually
they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can entertain people. You can do something
amazing for people and you can make them love your brand and want your product.

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