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YouTube and Video Marketing for Car Dealers | Benny Mazzier | #advertising

YouTube and Video Marketing for Car Dealers | Benny Mazzier | #advertising

What’s going on everybody Benny with
Marketing Solutions STL. Today, I want to talk about why car dealerships and
automotive groups need a YouTube strategy in 2019. YouTube’s reach is
unparalleled and reaches more auto shoppers than streaming, cable TV, and
broadcast television combined! It’s all about reach and frequency right? YouTube
also reaches 92% percent of the US mobile population in the market for a vehicle
in the next six months. 97% percent of Auto shoppers performed an
action after watching an online video on YouTube and 40% percent of people visited a
dealer’s website or their VDP page to get more information about that vehicle.
I’m sure you’re not going to be upset if you get a 40% percent lift in your VDP
views right? Think about the consumer journey and how an individual does
online research when they’re preparing to purchase a vehicle or to get more
information about a vehicle. The first thing they probably do, is go to Google
and they type in the year, make or the model. Or the type of vehicle that
they’re interested in, such as a car, truck, or SUV. After they read about the
vehicle and do a little research on Google the first thing they
typically do is head right over to YouTube and then want to watch a review
a walk around or a test-drive on that vehicle. Checking out the technological
features, checking out the safety features. We’re gonna run through the
safety features available on Ford’s 2019 models. All the things that would
interest them about the vehicle besides price. Most importantly understanding the
benefits and the practicality of the 3rd row seating. The video these consumers are
watching are created by brands and organizations just like yours. People
want to learn and experience your brand. Advertising and the car business go
hand-in-hand and have been a match made in heaven for many many many years.
Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually not a good thing to repurpose your
television 30-second TV ads and throw them on YouTube hoping to get the same
results. Because individuals on YouTube are not looking to be sold, they’re
not looking to be yelled at, they’re not looking to have someone say Sale! Sale!
Sale! Sale! What they’re looking to do is to be educated on the vehicle. Is this
vehicle going to be practical for my everyday life? For my weekend life? For
whatever I may use it for? Is this going to be my daily driver? Am I a weekend
warrior where I need a big truck? Is this going to be for my family vacations? For
travels? For road trips? All those types of things. If you’re still not sold on
the fact that your dealership needs to develop a video marketing campaign and
a YouTube marketing campaign for 2019. Here’s a couple of stats that may
influence you and change your mind YouTube reaches 92 percent of the US
mobile population purchasing a vehicle in the next six months over seventy five
percent of shoppers say online video has influenced their shopping habits and
their purchases 97 percent of auto shoppers performed an action after
watching an online video on YouTube not only are all Internet users consuming
more online video than ever they’re changing the rules about creating video
and content people go online for two reasons to be educated or entertained
when they’re watching an online video they want to watch an individual that is
relatable to them doing the things that they would typically do to be educated
about the vehicle that they’re interested in automotive searches and
sales are highly correlated and it’s not just on Google Yahoo or Bing or your
typical search engine so individuals are going on YouTube to
watch videos to watch a test-drive to watch a review to watch a walk-around
they’re highly influenced by the relatability and by the type of
information you provide at the stage in the consumer journey video marketing is
no longer a trend it’s mainstream the media world and platforms are
ever-changing in digital marketing is a very complex ecosystem it’s also
important to be able to capitalize on these new opportunities and close more
sales and increase your unit sold each month by investing in developing a video
marketing and a YouTube marketing strategy thank you very much for
watching my videos as always please like and subscribe go ahead and hit that
little notification button so you do get notified when new videos and content are
released as I like to know how I can help you implement a video marketing
strategy at your dealership you can contact me via my website marketing
solutions STL

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