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Youtube Advertising – How To Advertise On YouTube

Youtube Advertising – How To Advertise On YouTube

– YouTube is the largest
video search engine owned by Google so this is
a platform that you would highly benefit from
investing your time into. Its a great way to reach your audience and also be discovered
by a potential customer when you’re creating
videos to match keywords that people are searching
for daily on Google. One of the common
questions I get though is should I place ads on YouTube? Today I’m sharing with you
the secret of advertising on YouTube. (rhythmic music) How does YouTube run Ads? Well there are three
parties involved in this. Creators who make the content. Advertisers who place Ads on YouTube. And YouTube who runs the medium. Every time a new video is uploaded YouTube looks at the
description, title, tags to decide what category
this video belongs to. At the same time advertisers tell YouTube what category of video
they want to be placed in. And here is where the
magic of YouTube happens. YouTube gets to play matchmaker. YouTube matches the Ad to
the content where the user will most likely take the
action the advertiser wants. This programmatic buying
technique allows advertisers to hit the right target audience even better than TV. This algorithm is a bidding
process where the Ad placements are sold off to the bidder
where YouTube stands to make the most money. Video placements are now
cheaper than ever before for the advertisers but should
you advertise on YouTube? YouTube has a massive global following. It has an impressive reach and video plays a key role in
connecting with your audience. According to HubSpot more
than 97% of users say that video help them understand
a product or service. Even more surprising more than 80% have said that they’d be
convinced to purchase a product or service after watching a branded video. So if that has you convinced how do you start advertising on YouTube? There are different ways
to advertise on YouTube. TrueView ads are the most
common and effective way which you can access from
your Google AdWords account. According to Google those
who use TrueView ads have their views increased by up to 500%. TrueView ads are great
for impressive reach customization and are cost effective. Unlike other advertising formats you only pay once your video is viewed. There are three types of TrueView ads. Number one, In-Stream Ads. These are videos that appear
before, during, or after other videos. After five seconds, viewer
has the option to skip the Ad he or she is viewing. Number two Discovery Ads. These are the Ads that promote the video in areas where audiences
are looking to find relevant videos. From the term discovery, your video will be
placed on search results, related videos, recommended
videos, etcetera. Number three, Bumper Ads. These are invasive, non-skippable
ads that are usually up to six seconds long
and usually the ones that annoy people the most
because you can’t skip them. They’re used for short
and memorable messages and views have to watch your
entire ad before the video can be viewed. Now that you know the types of Ads how do you succeed in
YouTube using these formats? Number one have strong
branding in the first three seconds of the video. Because you only pay once a viewer watches the entire 30 seconds or if
they interact with the ad, its best to have strong
branding at the beginning of the video to maximize your reach. Place your logo and ad
title at the beginning. By having a strong lead within the video people will be aware of
your products and service without having to pay for it. Number two, have the best quality video. YouTube videos that have high
production value and quality have more engaged audiences. Make sure they’re mobile optimized and create content that
users will find useful and valuable. If you want to know what
makes great quality content stand out from the rest check out my Ultimate Content Share
Worthiness Checklist in the description below. This free checklist will help you judge whether your content is YouTube ready. Make sure you target the right audience. You may have excellent
branding and content but if you target the wrong set of users no one will respond. (chirping sound) Choose the right people
by setting demographic and interest based targeting options. Use relevant topics and the right keywords for discoverability. They are some of the secrets to succeeding in advertising on YouTube. Let me know if you have
any other tips and tricks up your sleeve by commenting below. Share with me how you advertise on YouTube and if you want to learn
more about YouTube marketing YouTube SEO and other great
ways you can be successful in your business with video marketing, check out my free YouTube Checklist also in the description below that will have your
videos ranking like a pro. Thanks for watching. If you’ve enjoyed this video, hit the thumbsup, comment below and of course subscribe
for more weekly videos. (rhythmic music)

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  1. Great video Marley. This is so helpful for businesses to determine what form of YouTube advertising would work best for their business. As always, great content.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great tips..do you use a separate channel (rather than main channel) for your video ad campaigns?

  3. loving the information… plus you have a beautiful smile so it was easy to watch through the whole video 🙂

  4. Very helpful. The Call to Action links on the ads are tiny (lower left corner for desktop). I see a few ads have little banners with the live links similar to a card. Do you know how to add the little banner? Thanks.

  5. I'm starting a new YouTube channel
    How i advertise my videos I don't have no idea
    Please suggest me or whatapp me please +919666262697

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