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YouTube Advertising 2015 – Campaign Settings

YouTube Advertising 2015 – Campaign Settings

Hi, I’m Ryan Noel, the Video Advertising Expert.
Thanks for joining me again for our series on YouTube Advertising. Last week we discussed
the basics of targeting and how each TrueView format fits with those different types of
targeting. Find that episode up here throughout the whole video. Today, we’re going to follow
it up and talk about some of the campaign settings everyone should be using. So based
on our last episode everyone should be using Topics, Interests, Placements, and Keywords,
but there are a ton of other campaign settings that everyone should be using on a regular
basis to reach their target audience. Today, we’re diving into the three most important
campaign settings anyone can start doing, Demographics, Device Bid Adjustment, and,
the one I feel should be almost mandatory, Impression Capping. Let’s start with Demographics.
This is essentially when your trying to reach a very specific target audience. Within the
AdWords for Video System there’s a very limited amount we’re actually able to target, but
this does include Age, all the way from 18 to 65+, Gender, and most recently Parental
Status. Across all three of these there is something called Unknown. Unknown just means
the AdWords system has no idea that information. It may be that the person just isn’t logged
into their Google or YouTube account, and so AdWords can’t pull that information. Next
up is Device Bid Adjustment. It’s a little bit tricky, only because it’s more of an optimization
tool, but it should be considered before all other optimization. It allows you to adjust
your mobile bid either up or down based on a percentage, so if you want to reach more
mobile devices or more desktop. Things to consider are definitely your landing page.
Is it mobile friendly or not? Also, what action are you asking out of the user once they reach
it? Filling out a 10-page form is no fun for anyone on a mobile device. Consult your analytics.
Give your campaign at least a week or two of running before you make any type of change.
So we definitely saved the best for last, and that’s Impression Capping, because everyone
single person should be using this. With the rise of video advertising over the last few
years many users actually hate it when they see an ad over and over and over again. Especially
now that they know that there is a way for brands to prevent this. Impression Capping
makes a ton of sense for advertisers as well. It prevents spending on an unengaged audience
and it constantly finds you new audience members. It also allows users to actually go take the
action that you want them to do rather than seeing multiple ads from you and having a
negative brand impression. So please, please start using impression capping. Well that
wraps up today’s episode on basics of campaign settings. If you have any questions don’t
hesitate to leave a comment in the section below. Also if you’re interested in seeing
the rest of our series, Click Here. If you need help starting your first AdWords for
Video Campaign, Click Here. Thanks for watch, and I’m Ryan Noel, the Video Advertising Expert. The utmost authority on everything that is video marketing.

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