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YouTube Advertisers Flee Over Pedophile Scandal | America Uncovered

YouTube Advertisers Flee Over Pedophile Scandal | America Uncovered

This is America Uncovered. I’m Chris Chappell. Shelley, Matt, and I have been running this channel for about a year now. We want to bring you a perspective you don’t get much in the mainstream media. And if you watch our video “How 5 Mega-Corporations Control Everything
You Watch on TV”, you’d know that, well, 5 mega-corporations own pretty much every TV channel. So as an independent show, we have the freedom to cover topics like, I don’t know, the Uranium One scandal involving the Clinton
Foundation. Or how the World Bank has actually been making things worse for poor countries. Or how the US prints money from thin air, and no one seems to be worried about it. How can we do this? By investing in people— like the folks who help us with research, video editing, and graphics. We pay them. And that’s why making America Uncovered
costs money. Last month, about half of our income came from YouTube
ad revenue. That’s when YouTube asks you to watch an
ad before the video, or in the middle of some of our longer videos. I know it can be annoying, but it’s the main thing we need to survive. Well, we need food and water and strong coffee to survive, but after that it’s YouTube ads. But now, our YouTube ads are at risk. And that means the very survival of America Uncovered is, too. Because big advertisers like Nestle, Disney, Epic Games and many more have decided to stop their YouTube ad campaigns. Now there’s actually a reason for this. It comes after YouTuber Matt Watson released
this video called “There is a Soft Core Pedophile Ring On
Youtube That is Monetized” He says there’s a soft core… well, you get the idea. And he’s not wrong. A small number of people have been either
uploading or commenting on videos that show teenagers
and preteens in disturbing and sexualized ways. Some of these videos are purposely exploiting
children. Others are uploaded innocently by people who did not consider how gross people on the internet
could be. All of these videos have terrible, festering
comment sections. And because the videos *technically* comply with YouTube guidelines, with most of the problems happening in the
comments, they have been not only allowed, but some have also had ads running in front
of them. So when companies like Nestle and Disney panic and pull all their ads from YouTube, I totally get it. And when YouTube says they can’t monitor
everything, it’s true! Every hour, users upload 18,000 hours of content. YouTube just doesn’t have the manpower to
watch it all. But that’s not to say they’re not worried about this issue. And of course they want to fix it because
they don’t want to lose all of their advertisers. YouTube has already taken action against these
videos, which is good. But this advertiser panic could have a bigger effect, as well. A similar advertiser panic happened two years
ago, when it was discovered that ads were running
alongside a few terrorist recruiting videos. A ton of advertisers pulled out. People called it the “Adpocalypse.” YouTube scrambled to patch up the problem. They stopped monetizing videos that had sensitive
key words— even if they were legit news reports— and it took our other show China Uncensored 18 months to get back to the same level of
ads we had before. And everyone agreed, it’s now harder to make money making YouTube
videos. Even today, on America Uncovered, a lot of our videos on controversial topics
like guns or I guess, the Supreme Court?! don’t get ads. That’s because YouTube created an algorithm to determine which videos were not advertiser
friendly. And clearly, they’re not always right. But the real culprit here is not YouTube. And it’s not the advertisers, either. The real bad guys here are the small number of immoral people who are uploading the disgusting, harmful, exploitative content. They ruin it for the rest of us: America Uncovered and thousands of other legitimate
channels that are trying to provide great content. A lot of other channels have shut down or were never started because of advertising
issues. And that means you lose out. But here’s where we’re at. A small number of people are terrible. So big advertisers have pulled out, and right now I couldn’t tell you if or when it will be resolved. You’ll still see be seeing ads alongside some of our videos—the ones that don’t get flagged by YouTube. But with fewer big advertisers in the pool, the amount everyone will be be making from
each ad could go down dramatically. And that’s why we need your support. Half our show’s income in recent months
has come from support directly from viewers like
you. And now with this new potential Adpocalypse
2, the ad money is going to drop, so we’re going to rely more than ever on
viewer support— viewer support through the crowdfunding platform
Patreon. Click “Become a Patron.” You can support us with five dollars per episode, or a little as one dollar, or, you know, a hundred dollars. And you can set a monthly limit. We’ve been uploading 4 or 5 episodes a month
lately. Now I know a few people have complained that
Patreon has kicked some content creators off. That’s true, and I don’t like it. But for now America Uncovered still relies on your support through Patreon, because Patreon provides the most reliable
platform to process membership and payments for us. And if you want to see America Uncovered continue to pay our staff, and continue to grow and make more great episodes
for you, we need your support. So visit Patreon.com/AmericaUncovered now
and become a Patron. The link is below, or click the orange square in the end credits. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. From all of us, thank you for supporting America

100 thoughts on “YouTube Advertisers Flee Over Pedophile Scandal | America Uncovered

  1. You'll know if a channel is struggling if the host does not shave anymore. He cannot buy a razor or pay his student loan. XD

  2. I'm definitely part of the problem with inflammatory comments, but I do want to help… without paying directly. I know I'm cheap sorry.

    if I don't skip your ads, will that do anything?

  3. Please open up a Subscribestar account, since I've already disabled my Patreon account, it's just not tennable.
    I would really like to support you, but you have to make it possible.

  4. Yes, problems with ad money is a problem for youtube content creators. A more important problem is youtube, by one technique or another is making perfectly good channels hard to find. Essentially banning them for their politics or philosophy. Bad people on youtube are a problem that will never go away. Concentrating on ways to censor comments in order to attract ad money is just a back door way to censor content. Remember, there's nothing the MSM would like better than to have control over the internet.

  5. PATREON is also a risk, and I refuse to use them. Are you posting your content on other sites, such as BitChute? Once content creators that I subscribe to move over to BitChute I support them there, and unsub from their YT channels.

  6. Let's be honest. This has nothing to do with the pedophiles. Youtubers are the last free media not controlled by big corporations.
    This is an excuse to hurt those like America uncovered and China uncensored.

  7. youtube should just have ignored it. now people with an agenda can just point at something like this and youtube will shit itself and the ideologs win.

  8. Can someone tell me what youtube premium would mean for a channel like this? I like not having adds but does that screw the channel over?

  9. YT is too busy worrying about things like MGTOW and patriotic content. YT is proud to be so diverse as to sponsor pedo vids. If that doesn't show you were their agenda lies, nothing will. Go to Bitchute, screw the Google nazis.

  10. If you know how deep learning algorithms work you would know they extremely accurate at classification. It is VERY easy for YouTube to block disgusting content. The guy who posted the pedo video noted that he flagged those videos and comments before. Youtube is evil and anyone that helps them sell advertising is evil I don't watch youtube video and no one should monetize their videos. How is it 12 year olds can figure out how to get sponsors yet you sell your viewers to Google to exploit? STOP MONETIZING VIDEOS

  11. Chris you can't have it both ways. You only use patreon which I will not use. They are an immoral disgusting company. So you're against China because there are an inmoral disgusting country. Or something like that. I love your videos I did send you a PayPal hundred-dollar check but I'm not going to use patreon so you need to put an effort into finding a different way that people like me and there's a lot of people like us can support your show thank you

  12. I will check in to see if PayPal has a monthly plan. I do appreciate your program. I'm sorry that patreon has you buy the neck

  13. The real problem is that Main Stream Media and the Washington establishment do not like independent journalism uncovering things they work hard to cover up. So they manufacture an excuse to pull ad revenue to strangle real reporting. Not to mention u tube itself seems always able to monitor and shut down channels that offend their alleged “algorithm”. Kind of like blaming the car after you run over somebody you don’t like when you are actually the one behind the wheel.

  14. Masses will always suffer because of 0.01% people.. Crazy when you think of it.. Minimum 3.5% is needed for revolution.. Not so much…

  15. Before I had even finished watching this video I had donated it on Patreon. I've been saving some money for a couple months to get my car fixed, it's not a whole lot but I hope it helps. To you and all the people on your team who bring amazing informative content to this channel, thank you.
    Plus, this way I can keep biking to work which helps the environment and my gut.

  16. do you take bitcoin donations? I do not wish to support the jewish bankers, advertisers, payment processors, and certainly not patreon. Direct donations with bitcoin or some other crypto are the best way to escape the jews.

  17. Lets remind everyone that it was started by one person who decided to report it to advertisers rather than YouTube. Let’s remind you that he is right now the most hated person on YouTube. Let’s remind you that he is milking this for views while other channels suffer like America Uncovered. He purposely caused this for views when this I’m willing to bet just a report of these perverts would of got them been banned. Completely unnecessary and it’s now being blown up.

  18. Did Patereon make a phone call to Chris and convinced him not to open a Subscribe Star account? It can't hurt to have a presence there, can it?

  19. Or you can encourage viewers to go premium. I believe that even if you don't get ads but your videos are monetized i.e. complicit with the standards, you'll get some revenue from premium viewers

  20. 3:09 No, Chris, people didn't "call it" the "Adpocalypse", look at the headline: they "DECLAIRED" it the "Adpocalypse"!

    "Declairs". Hahahaha! Sounds like a great new French pastry! Way to go, Ad Age Editors!

  21. it is disgusting, don't know how youtube can allow such exploitation on their platform.

    it isnt even hard to get into this "wormhole" as people have described it, disgusting how people use and abuse this algorithm

  22. Of course YouTube is at fault, just watch the newest Veritas expose about Facebook censorship. That censorship is a conspiracy between all the tech companies; YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, including patreon.

    Love the show and you should look at how to hedge or at least plan for an alternative strategy, but I would rather not support patreon.

    You should establish an email list somehow because it is very possible that you will anger the authoritarian tech tyrants one day and we will all just be left wondering what happened as the account is gone. You think Alex Jones will be the only one the tech tyrants conspire to take out, regardless of whether one likes what he says or not?

  23. IF Google/YouTube were not focusing so many resources at Conservatives, they could focus more attention to the sickos, but their political platform does not have room for defending innocent children.

  24. Can you work with advertisers directly? Instead of YouTube putting up an ad, you yourself put up your own ad, for products you enjoy.

  25. "Made possible by viewers like you" damn i didn't know this was PBS….usually they give you 15 minutes of a show before spending 45 asking for money. That's what you get when you try to make a career on an internet trend. Because people saw someone make it and they thought "I can do it to". But just like every other person or group that thinks they are going to make money making videos against "the system" on "the system's" own platform. You're gonna get weeded out. It's not rocket science. Also you pointed out Disney pulled advertising over child exploitation when they are the ones who have all the subliminal messages about sex in their own children's movies. You got played by the corporate shell game. They find excuses to pull money from whatever they want through "violations" because it's way easier to get out of a contract that way. Pull your head out.

  26. Disney and Netflix LOVE pedos. They are virtue signaling. How many Disney directors are pedophiles? How many pedophile shows does Netflix PRODUCE? Think for yourself.

  27. I am comment #1000. Im so proud of this accomplishment. I want to thank my mom and my dad for believing in me. Thank you all

  28. Here before your comments are disabled (already happening on numerous channels.) Seriously, we are a tiny channel, not monetized yet due to 4000 watch hour requirement, and we get 100-200 comments per day. YouTube can't expect creators to be held preemptively accountable for comments that OTHER people make.

  29. Actually YouTube must shoulder a substantial portion of the blame…
    When your business model centers around users uploading vast amounts of unmonitored digital content.Which in turn generates millions of dollars in advertising revenue.The claim our algorithms sometimes get it wrong is pretty much passing the buck…4 billion a year revenue and they can't afford to pay to a team to write some algorithms that actually work.But they apparently can afford to employ 10000 to monitor content for the Google Preferred program…Advertisers want their ads appearing alongside brand safe material and that's a hard ask when your platform runs almost entirely on user generated content…

  30. YouTubers should just stop uploading and show Google who really needs who. If people continue to let Google act this way it's just going to get worst.

  31. I'm not really buying that it's about the revenue, considering that they are completely fine with flagging a huge portion of the advertised videos anyways.
    It's also suspicious that mega cooperations like disney who are famous for their anti consumer practices would care about a minescule amount of questionable videos on youtube.

  32. youtube cant monitor everything but they seem to be monitor Conservatives Views quick enough.
    Also if people are posting comments which break guidelines then shouldnt that person be banned and not the whole comments section ?

  33. Thank you Chris and all your beautiful, adorable, (I guess they smell great too ..) team to produce ìnappropriate`content!
    Did you actually do give prints of that weird "wanted"-picture of yours to your patreons?
    I want one!

  34. I rather not watch your video than spend time watching shit adz. Support adz? How about not treat this as real business and rewind youtube back to old good ad-free paradise? No because people like you want money so much. I want to see every ad out of youtube. Big youtuber bankrupted because of no adz? There are always people want to upload good content for no money. It just people like you can't get what you want.

  35. This is why I used ad blocker and youtube vanced, so i dont support the evil channels that profit off children or human right abuses.

  36. Com'on man they can go after Pewdiepie for saying foul language in a live stream as a joke, Boogie2988 gets hit for making a Francis video, but not be aware of how their algorithm clearly promoting questionable content? They know fully what they're doing. Why you shilling? Fine beg for money and panhandle all you want but don't try to paint youtube as some innocent martyr in this or spin doctor it. You'll lose credibility and support that way faster than being demonitized by youtube. Than your viewers wont even support you.

  37. YouTube allows for exploitation because it is a peepshow from its beginning. Either way uploaders that create content for Youtube and perform for the camera can often prostitute themselves for revenue. Especially if they let that control their life. Sarcasm aside. I have never seen such videos that warranted this upload. Although late one night I did catch some real bump and grind sex videos that made it through the cracks on YouTube. I think this is one of the good and genuine channels.
    Remember the days of TV shows that would reward people for having funniest videos. Shows like that created a world of fake and scripted video for money. Most notably now "Reality TV".

  38. It's a conspiracy to revive money for old media by discouraging funding for new media…
    This is because it is easier to control old media instead of new media.

  39. so all you care about is not the pedos .just getting people to give you money .you are no better than these leeches.

  40. Do you have any other way to support you? I want to send you 100$ but I won’t use patron due to their treatment to other alternative news outlets

  41. Yeah I don't get the leap in logic that having an advertisement randomly appear on random unaffiliated content implies any sort of endorsement for said content.
    This argument of : "A video about pedophilia has a Pepsi ad on it, means that Pepsi endorses pedophiles" just doesn't follow. Youtube doesn't care or pay attention to what some random douchebag uploads, nor should they have to. The leap is even more ridiculous if the pedophilia is a bunch of people commenting on an innocent video.

    This whole thing is dumb, and seems like a lame excuse to me.
    Those old rich media moguls are just sad that some random youtuber gets more attention than they do because they have become obsolete.

  42. dam!!!!! if any1 ive ever seen on utube, meaning u are very awesome at ur job 🙂 100% in character and its getting better 🙂 i kno im boasting… but i know the core of the agenda…. its parenting at its worse. we aloue it and have become complicit with are own creation, we made are parents"aka gov and all the single ppl leaders… all wanting the same thing. hint, control control control. and nothing else.. the only way to fix your nightmare is to b in or move to poland or hungary. not many choices. speaking only of the normal ppl means..

  43. YouTube doesnt remove anything once reported. Netflix is showing peadophilia (desire, big mouth) and idiots pay for it…. that says everything. No one cares. Most advertisers are Hollywood peados so I love Patreon for support but the site sucks.

  44. This sounds a lot like the move to increase "security" following nin3 e1ven. That also used fear as a justification to increase censorship and corporate/government control. Similarly, we've got apparently a tiny fraction of bad videos and comments enforcing a policy that hurts many thousands of good videos and channels.

    This stinks of an intentional ploy to justify censorship of videos youtube doesn't like.

  45. The media is controlled by who? You simply cannot name them. If you name them, they recoil.

  46. YouTube took down my vid of my kid's birthday piñata coz of Sony copyright violation. Till this day I haven't gotten a response and my vid is still gone.
    I'm glad that muzzie lady shot up their place.

  47. Looks like YouTube needs to do some Moral inventory. Yes..I love watching grown women in bikinis and showing to their bodies. 💞 But kids are off limits..that's disgusting and can't imagine why they condone it. 😬 Gross !!

  48. I posted the Pledge of Allegiance at the bottom of a video someone changed my post to protecting the Trump crime family

  49. I use YouTube premium to enjoy your channel without ads and to insure that you still benefit from my watching. I know there are many that employ ad blockers, but in my estimation that is akin to stealing. Not only from YouTube, but from the channel producers.

  50. No ads. Needless to say this got demonetized. Guys, if you like a channel's content, please go to their patreon page.

  51. It's not youtube's responsibility to examine content. Each content maker has the sole responsibility for it's broadcasts. Advertisers need some backbone as well as picking their markets for their products. It's sad to see conservatives targeted because of difference of political speech. Censorship is ugly. I agree all laws must be obeyed.

  52. I searched “why are disney movies so inappropiate” and it was surprisingly difficult to find anything beyond unhelpful fluff. This new super suppression algorithm, burying search results is pretty disturbing. I’d like to dive into conspiracies to decide for myself because their movies are pretty fucked up. It doesn’t really make sense and seems sinister. I wonder if things I’ve written off as “too crazy” are really that crazy in 2019. And of course, nothing is too far fetched at this point. I’d like to read articles and watch videos about it, but the oligarchs think I don’t need to learn about that apparently 🤷‍♀️

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