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Youtube Ads Formula Review 📹+ Bonus [Youtube Ads for Beginners]

Youtube Ads Formula Review 📹+ Bonus [Youtube Ads for Beginners]

A[Music] [Music] hey what’s up what’s up the Sherisse the AfroPunk entrepreneur coming at you with yet another product review so did today I’m going to be reviewing a product called YouTube ads formula it’s a course by Ryan Shaw I reviewed a similar course by Ryan about a month ago called YouTube ads for local business or something like that it did pretty well I’m very fond of his products because obviously as you guys know YouTube is my bread and butter so I’m just gonna be showing you guys a sales page I’m gonna walk in through the membership area I have some really cool bonuses as well if you stick through to the end so let’s just hop right into it basically I’m just gonna let you know this course is about YouTube ads and YouTube ads are rhymes really showed me that there’s such an untapped resource marketers are so focused on using Facebook ads you know and it’s become so saturated with Facebook ads and and you and you spend actually more money on Facebook as it’s really possible to get penny clicks using YouTube ads because you only pay for an ad if someone for an in-stream ad if someone has watched 30 seconds of your video so it’s really cool you can you can basically target so many people but you only really pay if someone watched 30 seconds of your video and you the way that Ryan’s got to teach you is basically you’re gonna be targeting people that will want to watch 30 seconds of your video and the people who don’t want to watch will click pass and will get charged so let’s hop right in so discover how I made Yatta Yatta Yatta what he made in sales with one simple YouTube ad this past Christmas season so basically ryan is a very successful he runs a very successful youtube ads agency he does a lot of work for local business that’s why he created the last course he does really really well with YouTube ads I’ve learned a lot by reviewing and taking his courses and really starting to see the untapped power of YouTube ads I’ve been learning that I’ve been running some ads myself with quite a bit success so I’m very excited to share this course with you so if a sales page is nothing fancy but he’s basically kind of gives you a lot of statistics and things that that are cool about YouTube ads and things like that so I’m gonna let you guys go through the this sales page in your own time I always say it’s best to to uh to read the read the sales page yourself but it’s very simple and he lays it all out for you all the different types of ads that are available which takes a little while to get used to actually but he’s just gonna show you some some stats and things like that and howhow basically he’s able to make a decent living running YouTube ads for both himself to run into affiliate offers as well as for clients so have a look at the sales page have a look at his social proof his income proof and all this other stuff let’s hop right into the membership area I don’t want to make this review super long because it does need to be boom so uh the first thing I will say about this course is it’s good but the only thing that I’m a little bothered by is the fact that this is obviously a culmination of things of videos and live trainings and things like that that Ryan has done before as well as the most valuable part of this is YouTube training YouTube ad trainings from people like Justin Sardi and Billie Jean and Neil Patel Lieut Tai Lopez that’s really the coolest part about this course somehow he’s managed to create a YouTube ads course without actually him ever walking you through the process of to creating a YouTube ad which I find a bit strange actually in just in sardis video if you watch that you’re gonna have all you need and also my first bonus for you guys I’m gonna walk you through creation of a YouTube ad that I’m gonna run actually for this product and see how it goes but I’m gonna walk you guys all the way through the process and I’ll try to make a little cheat sheet if I can of all the different steps because it takes a little while to get used to it but once you do it runs really really fast so that’s my only issue it’s like I went through the whole course and I was like so I’m watching all his videos because the first section is all his videos and then once you start getting about here the Neil Patel section right here then that’s all videos from other people these are all videos that they have unlisted on their channel so I guess it’s you know stuff that you wouldn’t see without paying for his course but Justin’s the one who walks you through how to create a YouTube ad so with I said that’s the only weird thing for me that he created course and not walk you through the process but I got you covered and just in sardis got you covered so the watch first video is obviously like he’s gonna talk to you about you know what the course is about and how to navigate it he’s gonna talk to you about if you’re new where to start how to set up your AdWords account how to pick your niche and which is very valuable information I picked your products for the walk you through Clickbank and all this other stuff too she’s gonna actually provide links for you to join the different affiliate networks so he does very well with these so the YouTube ad formula he’s basically this is a live training that he did it’s about an hour over an hour and I watched the whole thing but basically he’s providing a lot of income proof he’s providing a lot of starting to turn my phone off providing a lot income brief providing a lot of stats but never once in that video does he walk you all the way through start to finish on how to create YouTube ad like I said which is I found just a bit strange but all the other stuff that he’s showing like I had mean I made a little note on notes on a lot of the stuff that he did teach and that he did I mean if the video is very good but like I said I was hoping that he would say hey step one is this yada yada yada and that doesn’t really happen but he’s doing a lot of other cool things which is why I’m recommending in this course to you I wouldn’t recommend it to you if it was crap on the state of asses basically was talking about all the updates that have happened to you – sorry to YouTube ads of lateness last year um excuse me the four elements to create a perfect video this is actually an edit from this new start here video that that hour-long video I guess whatever which one that is basically there’s four elements to creating a perfect YouTube video again he doesn’t walk you through the creation on the video but the steps are things that are very important and the steps that I wrote down that I will be applying to my tutorial as well and missus that’s just need to take whenever you create a YouTube ad that it’s very it’s valuable information 5 reasons why YouTube ads fails is another section that’s valuable information if you’re going to be running YouTube ads because your ads may not do well at first and he’s going to kind of give you some examples as to why so the next three session sections are basically how he’s making money he’s making money by running YouTube ad to Auto webinars to e-commerce stores like Shopify and to affiliate offers like Clickbank jvzoo and warrior plus like I said I’m starting to do that as well and the results are pretty good running in-stream ads advanced conversion has with Nutella that’s a really good section again he’s not walking you through the creation of a YouTube ad but his hacks for landing pages are very cool advanced YouTube tactics is uh basically ads as it sounds so these next three sections are our gold to me like the Justin start a section he’s a guy if you don’t know he created a product called tube shift that sifts that I’ll talk about in my training that basically allows you to find monetized videos to put your in-stream ads in front of so basically the reason why YouTube ads are so cool is because basically you can put your ads your videos right in front of your competitors video before it even starts so his tool so he’s basically a master of YouTube and YouTube ads so his training is great and then Billy gene Tai Lopez Tom Brees these are all sections that you can check out basically how they’re going to teach you there where for my YouTube ad the next best section that is a quite invaluable it’s as YouTube ads rolodex basically once you click on this I’m gonna go ahead and open a new tab he’s gonna give you access to his Google Drive document and basically it’s a swipe file of all these YouTube ad examples I suggest that you watch all of these in the way that I have because it’ll give you an idea of how to construct your YouTube ads because there’s a certain formula to it grabbing attention and usually call to actions and things like that that make up good YouTube as Alex Baker whether you like it why not is the master of YouTube ads and grabbing your attention from the get-go so this is basically what you’re gonna get she’s got Alex Becker Amazon this basically you’re gonna get this whole thing and this thing this in itself is quite that invaluable as far as I’m concerned and I’ve learned a lot from using that so that’s again that’s another reason why I’m reviewing this course because that document is very helpful everything else is just more recommended resources obviously these are you know affiliate links and stuff like that because that’s what you would do but overall like I said the course is good every time you Ryan puts out a YouTube course I want to try to promote it because he’s very good at what he does I’ve learned a lot from him and he’s just a good marketer and he’s a good guy he’s a very nice guy he’s always traveling the world so he’s obviously very successful at what he does because he’s an American like I am but he’s in every country but America so he tends to travel a lot and does really well so anyway that’s kind of the over that’s what you’re gonna get if you decide to buy this product I’ll talk to you about prices in a second but all this kind of content and it’s probably I would say maybe five hours of training all together so that’s enough to kind of keep you busy and I really do think all affiliate marketers need to start adding YouTube ads into their arsenal because it’s quite valuable and a lot of people aren’t doing it so it’s not oversaturated like Facebook ads are so bonuses as I said I want to try to provide bonuses that can help you guys and the first bonus I’m giving you is basically my tutorial when I’m finish this video I’m going to create I’m gonna create my YouTube ad for this course so I’m gonna walk through that process and I also have some sample scripts that you guys could basically use for your videos so it’s all going to be like on the little click funnels page for you to the video and all the the scripts and the templates and stuff like that to help you guys out but they said you know he created a course but didn’t walk you through how to create a YouTube ad Justin’s already did so I want to help you out a little bit too so between me and Justin we got you covered booth number two as I always got to give away it’s like because I’m a large jacker and I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at it I’m just going to give you over the shoulder basically once this video is done and I uploaded it to YouTube I’m gonna show you everything that I do to get my videos to rank from where I keep my backlinks from and all social signals and all this other stuff so that’s over complete over the shoulder training for you guys photos number three I always like to give this away it’s a cool free app that you can use a free what cloud based app that you can use to create YouTube and Facebook ads there’s plenty of products that you’ve been used but this one is free and it does really well so it de cretes your first YouTube ad you can use this product so it works well with Facebook and YouTube – number four is a high ticket affiliate programs to promote because if you once you get to be a master of YouTube ads and you can start promoting affiliate offers like Ryan does else you can promote something from Clickbank but it’s also better to promote you know JV zoom warrior but like why would you promote a ten dollar product when you can promote a hundred dollar product so this is like a Rolodex and like all these high ticket programs that I have for you bonus number five is how to create these nifty Commission guerrilla pages I’ll walk you through that bonus number six is I have a access to this udemy account obviously you guys know what udemy is it’s a thousand plus courses in 50 different nations basically I’ll give you the login you log and you can take whatever course you want this online marketing courses there’s graphics coding everything just login it’s a group account but you know it’s not easy to access without getting it through someone like me who has it it’s very cool and I’ve been taking courses through there I had my own you to me account but I also prefer to this beauty me accounts for courses that I don’t want to pay for because I already have access to them votives number seven is similar to the bonus for high ticket affiliate programs this is 125 lifetime recurring a recurring Commission program so that means every month once you were enrolled once you want someone buys it every month you’ll get Commission so 125 are those so again imagine me I’m gonna run YouTube ads to those and I think I’m going to kind of start with this list myself and start kind of promoting some office you bring using YouTube ads because it’ll help me to get better at it too and bonus the OTO bonus is a free copy of my niche renegade course it was the upsell to my ranking rock star renegade course is basically how I have a few affiliate niche sites that I that I you know make a little bit of money from I’m still learning how to do that myself but I’ve created a little course on how to you know all the white hat SEO all the black hat SEO how to create a blog from scratch how to do the niche research and all this other stuff so if you get one of the o tos then I’ll give you that you just have to email me with your receipt basically and I’ll send it right over to you within like 24 hours or so another couple other free bonuses AdWords retargeting tutorial that’s my my friend Joe Armstrong he’s really a master of google ads and AdWords and all that kind of stuff and bonus the last bonus is Jonah’s chorus from zero to a hundred dollars in 24 hours basically Jono probably makes something like 50 grand a month and basically he challenged himself to create a course as if he didn’t have a list as if he didn’t have any money how would how would a newbie go from making zero to a hundred dollars in 24 hours not using any of the resources that he has available to him and it’s pretty nifty course to see how you would start so those are all my bonuses let’s talk to you about prices the price is it’s very reasonably priced course is $12 just for the course for course is $12 just for the course for the for the front end and then excuse me getting a little get some water OTO one is YouTube ads agency in it it starts off at 99 and goes to $2.99 and $4.99 off at 99 and goes to $2.99 and $4.99 there’s just different tiers of the agency training like obviously if you pay the highest price you get coaching one-on-one coaching and training a 299 to get a cinchy training and coaching group coaching not individual and then 99 is just like you you you’re a little bit on your own except outside of what he’s gonna teach you go to number two is you to be as Matt adds a YouTube mastery I’ve actually had access to this it’s very cool and it’s nothing new if you’ve already got a YouTube channel set up you don’t need this but if it’s something that you’ve been wanting to get into the YouTube creator channel kinda need someone to walk you through it it’s a good upsell to get if you got $49 laying good upsell to get if you got $49 laying around and OTO number three as $1 trial around and OTO number three as $1 trial and then $49 a month and that’s access and then $49 a month and that’s access to Ryan’s inner circle that’s not something necessary that you need if I would say just grab the front end if you can and then if you have interest in getting an agency as the only reason to get OTO number one ot number two is good if you’re new to YouTube and I want to start making money on YouTube and growing your channel so anyway that that about wraps it up from my YouTube ads formula review I hope you guys enjoyed this if you did please hit the like button please subscribe to my channel give me a thumbs up please drop me a comment if you’re new to my channel let me know that you’ve subscribed I’ll write you back let me know if you have any questions concerns you can also write me in the comments and so that’s going to be it so anyway I’m the after punk entrepreneur I wish you guys a great day and even better week keep crushing it and I’ll talk to you soon peace

3 thoughts on “Youtube Ads Formula Review 📹+ Bonus [Youtube Ads for Beginners]

  1. Hi Sherisse…Outstanding review!!! I'm really interested in this product because I want to learn how to do YT ads for both affiliate products and my local digital marketing clients. Do you think this training can be easily adapted to using it for local businesses? Asking because I like your bonuses for this one a little better than the ones you have for Ryan's YT "local" training course (and honestly, i don't want to buy both…lol). Thanks! BTW…hope you're doing well now!

  2. Hi Sherisse, I like the review. You mentioned tubesift and I was wondering if that was worth the money. I just saw it pitched during a webinar and they wanted a lot of money for the training program. Yikes. Let me know your thoughts.

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