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Youtube Ads for Local Review🚦Learn Youtube Ads For Business

Youtube Ads for Local Review🚦Learn Youtube Ads For Business

hey what’s up what’s up the Sherisse the afropunk entrepreneur coming at you with yet another product with you so today I’m here to talk to you about YouTube ads so if you’re new to my channel my name is Sherisse I’m the afropunk entrepreneur I talk to you about YouTube talk to you about SEO affiliate marketing blogging all that kind of good stuff so if you’re new to my channel please consider subscribing so today’s review is going to be a product called youtube ads for local so basically youtube ads for local business now if you don’t know youtube ads is actually very an untapped resource in the marketing world because people think that it’s super complicated and it really isn’t so I’m gonna be reviewing this course I’m going to basically show you the membership area the course itself I’m gonna show you the sales page I got some really cool all of my YouTube and SEO bonuses I’ve ever created and a couple custom ones and so we’re just gonna dive right in so the course again it’s called YouTube ads for local it’s by a guy named Ryan Shaw Ryan Shaw has I feel like I remember him say he’s got like a hundred clients or something like that he’s he’s big into YouTube he’s big into YouTube ads and he runs his own the agency where he basically creates videos video commercials for local businesses and and if you don’t know this is something that can be quite lucrative so I’ve gone through his course I’ve gone through his course because actually I’m trying to learn YouTube ads for businesses for my clients for myself anyway so anyway let’s hop right into the sales page the sales page was nothing super fancy it’s obvious you know he he did himself this it’s uh it’s it’s perfectly functional and basically he’s just gonna talk to you about how you can cash in on a major shift in video from TV and in 2019 before anyone else does basically what he’s talking about is that fact that businesses are started starting to turn away from to traditional TV ads and moving towards YouTube ads and if you don’t know about YouTube in-stream ads or basically those ads that appear before a video starts and you have about five seconds to cap sure listen viewers attention before you can hit that skip button so if you’re able to actually grab a business grab someone’s attention you can really catch him with this this with YouTube ads so this is a video of Ryan he seems to be we’re Facebook friends and we talk here and there he seems to be like all over it I know he’s in Thailand now I think he goes to Cambodia Indonesia he’s he obviously does really well with his agency because he’s never he’s American but he’s never in the States he’s always traveling so and I do follow his channel his videos are very good he’s a cool guy so he’s imagine being able to offer something local businesses have been only dreaming about and basically dreaming about getting more business for they’re getting more customers for their business using these YouTube ads which have a success at greater reach than TV ads and are much more effective so he’s got some stats for you how many videos are viewed every day so I just want to let you guys look at the sales page in your own time but basically he’s talking to you about all the different types of businesses that would want YouTube ads and are turning away from traditional commercials that you can be kind of going after and actually this is something that I’m going to be using for myself I finally got my first client and I definitely want to be creating YouTube ads for them so my review is kind of for selfish reasons but anyway this is the sales page go through it in your own time and we’re gonna hop right into it so this is the membership area this is what you’re gonna get once you get into the course I actually went through it today I always go through the courses that I review that whack and make sure it’s good quality even if I watch the video is that one and a half times speed I always make sure my take notes that way I can get you guys the best you know kind of overview of the course the course is really good it’s really good because he’s talking to you there’s not a whole lot of courses and a whole lot even if you search for YouTube videos on how to do YouTube ads there’s probably ten videos it’s not a it’s not fully tapped resource yet so he’s gonna be talking to you about why to why YouTube asked for local works and he’s gonna also be talking to you about pricing he gives you like a little printout that you can know cuz it’s hard to know when you want to get clients like how much you should charge them because you know you’re going to be charging them based on how much money you’re to have to spend you’re gonna have to kind of work out your profits and all this other stuff so he’s got a really cool little handy-dandy sheet for you to kind of figure out how much to charge people which is actually come will come in handy for someone like myself he’s gonna talk to you about how YouTube ads work what needs to Target have a sell online commercials locally and then the making the commercial sell section he’s going to be talking to you about basically the fact that he he doesn’t like making these commercials but he’s gonna tell you if you don’t if you do want to make him how and he’s also going to tell you how to outsource it the the coolest section and the section that you’re going to get the most out of is setting up a YouTube ad from local he’s actually gonna walk you through he’s gonna go into his Google account and walk you step-by-step through how to create a YouTube ad and it’s gonna be really really helpful for you because YouTube ads can be a little bit not complicated it seems like it’s gonna be complicated but it really isn’t but walk having someone walk you through step by step is really really helpful and something like I said I’m I was taking notes myself because of something that I wanna master I want to get good at so that’s a really good section he’s also got a Facebook group that you can join down here that I’m a member of also he’s always dropped at golden nuggets and those live videos and stuff like that so there’s a Q and A a live Q and A that he’s that he’s recorded that he’s worried people are asking him questions and he’s answering them the bonus sections are actually really cool there’s two like over hour long videos that he’s just dropped and all kinds of like golden nuggets he’s asked answering questions he’s also basically walking he’s showing you examples of good commercial she’s gonna show you examples of bad commercials and he really should the course is kind of covering the whole gamut of everything that is you to ads he’s gonna give you examples at bands that you can model and stuff like that so overall like I was really impressed with the quality of this course not only like I said for myself because I’m trying to learn this but also if you’re an affiliate marketer most of them one a lot of the guys that we look up to who are making you know one to three hundred sales per launch the secret is YouTube ads and we’ve all kind of slowly starting to see that but not a whole lot of people are mastering it so this is a course if you’re at all curious about YouTube ads I highly recommend you grabbing this course because it’s not only for local businesses you can also use this for affiliate marketing so he’s gonna he’s got a couple other little bonuses for you and then he’s got like of course a list of resources and stuff like that that you can grab if you if you choose choose to so like I said overall was really impressed with the quality of this course and I you know got my you know I was taking taking notes myself and Brian does a really good job of explaining so if he talks a little bit slow so like I watched the videos that when I have speed he he actually also recommends that because he talks a little bit slow but he’s very thorough in the way that he explains stuff so if you’re gonna learn from YouTube ads he’s a good guy to learn them from so I don’t wanna make this video too long but I want to talk to you guys about some bonuses that I have if you choose to get this through my link which will be in the description and and these basically I try to make my bonuses as congruent as possible but if you offer and because I’m a YouTube person because I’m an SEO because I love YouTube at YouTube and everything YouTube and SEO related so all my bonuses are kind of all my SEO and youtube related stuff so obviously this is a short promo I think it’s gonna be about four days so if you decide if you want to grab this you want to definitely do this in the next four days before I talk to your prices then go to my bonuses so some of you may notice that sometimes not all the time but a good portion of the time I’m able to rank my videos when I do a review towards the top spot of the Google Plus are at the youtube search results because I’ve gotten pretty good at YouTube SEO not always at the top you know those people who are better than me as there will always be but I’m gonna give you a completely over the shoulder like what I’m doing right now it’s called launch jacking and basically I’m gonna teach you how to do that too but I’m gonna give you over the shoulder the process that I go through where I get my backlinks from all the all the stuff that I go through once I’ve created a video and once the video is done once I’ve uploaded it to YouTube so the video is I think 45 minutes hour long or something like that but it’s open to be over over children and pretty much everything that I do my complete with complete resources and links and everything that I use bonus number two is similar to that it’s a shorter version and it’s showing it’s more it’s more of my backlinking and more of my how I interlink my back legs and stuff like that but it’s again it’s another over and shoulder training bonus number three there is a video where he kind of goes through the perfect YouTube ABS formula but he doesn’t provide anything for you to download so I have some YouTube add scripts templates that you can use basically it’ll help you to design your very own ad you kind of just fill it in so it’s something that you can print out there both PDFs so it’s like a script and a formula that you can use that basically he’s going to be talking to you about but this is something that you can down a little bit I’ve got for you bonus number four is basically how to create a high quality video ads for YouTube and Facebook using a free web-based software that I that I use pretty frequently and won’t let you know what it’s called you gotta get my bonus to see what it is bonus number five is just to show you how to create these really cool bonus pages like the ones that I have here I like to have them very organized and so I’m gonna give you it an export code if you want to pull in this page and you can kind of start from there and have a I have a template to copy but if number six is I have a I have access to a udemy account I guess it’s a group account that has like over a thousand udemy courses inside of it in 50-plus niches so base okay anything that you want to learn including YouTube ads including Facebook Ads including how to do taquito diet or whatever you want to learn is inside of this access so I’ll just give you the username in the password and you can you can have at any course that you want and like I said it’s over a thousand courses in this little master sheet that I kind of tell you what’s in there if you want to know a bonus number seven it’s just something fun that I like to give out to all of my all my promos because it’s good for affiliate marketers to know because you can promote any of these for current Commission programs using YouTube ads again YouTube ads are very powerful for not only local businesses but for affiliate marketing as well so there’s 125 lifetime recurring affiliate commission programs and if you can do that you can join and start promoting and so if you decide to get any of the OTO which I’ll talk to you about I’m gonna give you a free copy of my course it’s called niche renegade basically I launched a course about six months ago on youtube SEO and launch jacking everything but I created this course as an OTO as the upsell so it’s a whole other course it’s over you know a couple of hours of training basically how to create a niche site of each affiliate site using Clickbank and all these other markets and basically how to rank it how to where I get my links and how to basically do do the whole thing create a whole niche affiliate blog site and just a couple other YouTube related bonuses linkers linger in lazy lazy method join us Lindgren is a friend of mine and he’s one of the original launch deckers and he’s really good with YouTube SEO this is his course he’s one of the guys I learned from as is Jono Armstrong who’s also probably one of the top affiliates in the jvzoo warrior plus circle and this is his original course and he’s also someone who I learned from so that’s a copy of his course so these are all my bonuses and I said if you want to grab them you grab them before this timer runs out because then I will take them down but before I go I’m gonna talk to you about pricing because this is course is actually a rerelease excuse me I think it was released last year it’s been had to fuse a few updates but the course is normally $27 during this course is normally $27 during this launch period is gonna be $17 so for the launch period is gonna be $17 so for the amount of modules that you get which is a couple hours of training it’s $17 it’s not bad at all so the it’s $17 it’s not bad at all so the first episode is $49 and it’s basically first episode is $49 and it’s basically gonna show you how to get clients and how to set up your whole agency and knowing how much to charge that’s 49 but CEO number two is basically how to say that Cydia pay per call ads and how to upsell your clients on pay per call pay per call it’s not something that I know a whole lot about so I can’t necessarily say that I recommend that one but it’s something that he’s using and he’s using with some success bonus I’m sorry I would she go to number three is YouTube mastery he’s got tough to you by setting up a YouTube channel I think he has something like 3,000 subscribers so this channel isn’t huge but it’s it’s you know it’s bigger than mine and he’s definitely someone that I that I that I learned from quite frequently so that’s $29 and then I didn’t get the graphic $29 and then I didn’t get the graphic but he’s got in inner circle that’s going to be a $1 in inner circle that’s going to be a $1 trial and then it’s $49 a month and trial and then it’s $49 a month and basically you get email access to Ryan during his VIP group his monthly training in this Q and A Q and A is similar to the video that you’ll see where he does his QA from the Facebook group so anyway that’s basically if that’s my YouTube ads for local review kind of in a nutshell so if you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop me a comment if you liked the video and you want to see more from me please subscribe to my channel give me a thumbs up like I said drop me a comment if you’re new to my channel and you subscribe just drop me a comment so yeah I’ve subscribed I’ll write you back and I think that’s just about it so if you guys have a great day and even more amazing week keep crushing it and talk to you soon

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