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YouTube Ads | Coffee Corner 002 | Video Marketing Insights

YouTube Ads | Coffee Corner 002 | Video Marketing Insights

Welcome back to the second episode of Coffee Corner Today’s episode Is gonna Be really awesome it’S all about YouTube That’s right we’re gonna cover four Topics Today first we’re gonna give you an Overview of the three different Kinds of Ads on YouTube Secondly we’re going to talk about something new Called the bumper Ads Thirdly we’re gonna Talk about The perfect add Length Then lastly we’re gonna talk about the YouTube audience so basically who watches YouTube so grab a coffee, press F4 Fullscreen and Enjoy Okay so before we dive in let’s talk about the history of Ad’s back in the day Tv Ads used to run for like 60 seconds but the only screen that you had Was a TV in your living Room So people had to watch it over time these 60 seconds went to 30 seconds because It Was a Cheaper alternative to create commercials and then for the same reason They created The 15-Second commercials Nowadays Things are a Bit different we don’t just have the TV In our living room we have smartphones we Have computers we have screens everywhere and we Don’t want to be confronted with invasive Ads like We used to be So it’s the marketers job to create content that is relevant that it’s interesting To the People that are watching and not as invasive anymore So this brings us to our first topic which is our ad overview where we’re going to talk about all the different Ads That YouTube Allows You to buy basically the first one is the In-Stream Ads Which we all Know Very well Which is the ad that plays right before you can watch in YouTube it has a little skippable button which counts down from five Which we all wait to push But what’s really awesome about that is if someone is really interested in the first five seconds they can watch that all the way through The next ad is in display Ads Which is on the right side column when you’re watching a video There’s a list of Recommendations and Advertising Is above those recommendations and the last option is in-search Ads and this is When you’re going to search for a video it Pops up as the first search Result and so Now this Brings us to our Next topic Which is bumper Ads and it’s the newest Advertising option That YouTube offers So the fourth option in YouTube Ads are the bumper Ads They’re amazing they are six seconds un-skippable YouTube Ads and Before we Begin Let’s look at some Examples Together Like a Baby My Sweat defense So after watching several six-second bumper ads on YouTube Just to get a Feel for What they were like we have so many opinions One is they’re awesome Mostly Because it’s less invasive for the consumer That’s right plus it pushes marketeers and content Creators To be creative again Like 6 seconds is a Really Short time and you really have to focus on the message on the Humoristic side of The videos and Think it’s Great we’re really looking forward to seeing great examples of a 6 seconds video is So a thing to keep in mind about the bumper Ads on YouTube is it’s top of the funnel Content So it’s all about Building awareness and Brand Retention Right And we’re not the only ones that think like that because Google did some research, they did some research on 300 Bumper Ad’s and they saw that 9 out of 10 people recalled the ad after seeing it They also saw a 300% increase in search queries after seeing The 6 seconds of the bumper net so people are interested, they want to know more and they search for the brands after seeing the ad so think with Google did an experiment about the relationship between ad length and the persuasion of it so they saw on the YouTube ad leader-board That Ads in 2014 had an average of Around 3 Minutes Which is pretty long Now That’s an increase of almost 14 of almost 50 sorry 50% compared to 2013 the year before and Surprisingly in 2014 and 2015 none of The top-scoring Ads were under a minute Surprisingly This means that video Ads are getting Longer Which is really shocking that wasn’t expecting that at all So this time actually allows you to build a more stronger and meaningful story Which creates a more meaningful connection with the brand So this is great if brands want To move away from just awareness they Should invest in maybe a longer story Which can persuade people to change how they think? And if you just look at the leadership board clearly these longer stories have a very lasting Impact and really Are favorable with consumers Yeah so you might not have as many views as a 15-Second ad but at least the people that are going on watch the full clip will have a better connection with you Whereas a 15 second commercial Is Just a way of pushing logos in your face and push your brand in people’s faces and reminding them you’re there yeah So this brings us to a final topic target audience Who watches YouTube I don’t know about you but i always had the feeling That only millennials What you but apparently it’s not like that anymore While my little brother watches YouTube every day apparently more than just he watches YouTube Apparently according to YouTube’s statistics from 2015 to 2016 the number of adults watching YouTube doubled so 18 and older being adults That’s crazy and if we zoom in on those statistics we see that the time spent on YouTube by adults above 55 has tripled which is crazy Which is a Lot That’s my mom My moms not on YouTube But she is apparently according to this statistics She likes all my videos Aww that’s nice My mom likes my videos Hi mom Forget about all your stereotypes about YouTube being just for kids It is for everyone Everyone’s Watching YouTube’s from nostalgia videos to current trends to how to’s to gaming videos so act Now So That’s it for episode 2 of coffee corner As always If you want to stay up to speed on the latest video Marketing insights subscribe on the Channel and Comment below If you want us to talk about any comments or topics related to video marketing see you next week Bye!

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