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Youtube Ads Advice | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Youtube Ads Advice | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

So you’re going to want to experiment
with different types of media, so it’s not just a simple text ad. Think video, for example. Video can perform really
well on a social campaign. Everybody remembers
the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, right? The Ice Bucket challenge was something
that went absolutely viral and generated a ton of money for a charity
organization because it was something that felt real and fun, and
it wasn’t just a very stale text ad. I will say, never go into it with
the goal of creating a viral video. That’s a recipe for disaster. You always want to create something that
you think is a really great piece of compelling content.>>So, I think YouTube is
a really cost-effective place for any small business or startup to
start promoting their business. I think YouTube is a place
where people go and search and try to figure out
are businesses legitimate, and how do I use this business, or
what is this business all about? So YouTube can be a great place where
users will discover your product, and also where you can quickly
explain your value proposition. So I’ve seen really creative
15 to 30 second YouTube videos where a business will just
really quickly explain who they are, maybe even a quick navigation of their
site or app, and then a call to action. So, let’s say you want someone
to just download your app today. I would explain your value proposition,
what a user needs to know about your business, what sets you apart
from any other competitor. Then maybe showing
the best case scenario. How a user would use your app. And make sure the app navigation
is easy and very clear. Show that on the video. And then make it clear that the call
to action is download the app today and start using your product. So, YouTube is just a great platform for
you to, to explain who you are, and to do it simply and easily and
really capture an audience. So once you have that video, that is just very clear and
who you are and what you can offer. Then you can start using
it as an ad format. So you can use that video to be
placed in YouTube search results as well as before other videos. So those are what we call in stream ad
formats or in stream YouTube videos and that also is an auction, and so it’s
very similar in principle in how you set up the campaign, but the great thing is,
you can use that captivating video as an ad to explain who you are
and capture users followed on YouTube. So true view is what we call the ad
formats on YouTube that are auction- based, so
these are ads that you get decide how much you’re willing to bid for
a view of your video. And the great thing is you only
pay when a user views your video. So you can place your ad before
other videos, maybe you want to make sure the content is similar,
we can go back to the travel. Example, so if I’m searching for
great places to travel and then I have let’s say your hotel app. So maybe your ad,
you want to place your video ad before I watch a video about this hotel
resort I’m going to go check out. Okay, so you can target your ads
based on theme or categories. And so then when your ad
shows before the video, the user then has a choice to
skip the ad or watch the full ad. Ideally, the ad is only about 15 or
30 seconds, but you only pay when a user watches
30 seconds of the video or the full length of the video. So if your video is only 15 seconds and the user gets to the 15 second mark,
that’s when you pay per view. But, if a user wants to skip
after two or five seconds, they have the choice to skip the ad. And what’s great about this ad format
is that, your only capturing users that are engaged,
that actually want to watch this ad, that are actually
interested in your product. And the rest,
you didn’t even have to pay for, so maybe they did watch 10 seconds and
maybe they’ll think about you later, but you don’t actually have to pay for
that view.

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