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YouTube Ads 2019-20 Made Easy Review (26 FREE Deluxe Bonus Products) ✅

YouTube Ads 2019-20 Made Easy Review (26 FREE Deluxe Bonus Products) ✅

Hi there Chris here from self-made new be calm Welcome to this YouTube ads 2019-20 made easy review Now for those of you struggling with your YouTube ads or even those of you who are looking for a course to give away To your audience. This is really gonna help you out now in a nutshell YouTube ads made easy does two things One it teaches you what basically the title says which is the ins and outs of how to create Effective YouTube ads and number two. It’s a PLR product So it’s going to enable you to rebrand it and resell it to your audience as well So we’re gonna take a deep dive in a second. I’ll show you exactly how it works And I’m gonna show you how you can make money from it Now as you can see, a lot of people have found success using this product already So that means they can do it You can do it you however are gonna find even more success made it because while they had to start at step one You get to start on step 26, what do I mean by that? Well with this launch, I’m gonna hook you up with 26 deluxe bonus products to go hand in hand with YouTube ads made easy. Yes. You heard that, right? 26 bonuses that you’re really gonna love and real and they’re really gonna help you get the most out of YouTube ads made easy Okay before we get into it Please help me out and drop a like on this video and if you want immediate access to all my new content subscribe and turn on bail notifications Okay, let’s get into it now just quickly if you want to check out YouTube ads made easy all my free exclusive deluxe bonuses for yourself at any time during this video Click the link down in the description. These bonuses are only available through my link once you click the link in the description, you’ll go to my bonus page which looks like this now my bonus page is integrated with the vendor sales page So the way it works is when you click on any of these buttons here It locks in your bonuses so that when you go through to the product sales page and make a purchase You’ll receive YouTube ads made easy and my bonuses all in one convenient bundle that you can axe immediately so easy-peasy So these are my bonuses down here and I just want you to know that I only ever saw high-quality bonuses with products I review Now most people who offer bonuses they go around the web and they find these free You know outdated PDFs that really don’t offer you any value So if you like collecting PDFs though, I mean go for it But if you want some bonuses that are useful and have a proven track record of having helped other people You might like these bonuses a bit more weird a warning though. These bonuses will be unavailable once this countdown hits zero So really make sure you pick them up I don’t want you to miss out on this package that you can get just a ton of are you today now really quickly? So deluxe bonus number one is it called YouTube Authority? It’s just a massive course on everything YouTube You know how to create video that Is considered good good content how to go viral with it? It goes into you know, the importance of descriptions headings thumbnails tags Marketing your YouTube videos. So just any questions you have this really leaves. No stone left unturned Not so much on YouTube ads, but really anything else or your fundamental YouTube knowledge It’s all in here. Deluxe bonus. Number two is just a full package on YouTube channel SEO works a little bit differently from Google SEO So if you’re ranking, you know in Google, but not YouTube or vice versa This is a really good thing to go through just to find out all the ins and outs on YouTube SEO Bonus number 3 is WordPress YouTube leads it’s a wordpress plug-in that’s going to help you generate leads from your YouTube channel to get into your mailing list People say that the money’s made in the list If you don’t have a mailing list You need to start working on that and if you’re running YouTube you want to direct people? With a link in your description back to your website or blog or whatever landing page in order to you know Capture your audience rather than have people just come and watch and leave should be trying to capture them So this is a great plugin that’s gonna create Good lead generation for you in order to help you capture your audience Or you can re-engage with them on your terms bonus number four You might think this is a bit out into right field but it’s really not this is called podcast mastery how to create a successful podcast for your business now if you’re running Anything on YouTube? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a podcast if anyone ever listens to Gary Vee go Vaynerchuk he’s massive on podcasts why because people love Consuming content passively and there’s one major way you can do that. And that’s by the content that you can listen to a Podcasts if you’re running YouTube, there’s no reason why you can’t convert your video on a random conversion site I like convert to mp3 calm your YouTube videos Put it on anchored FM which will then blast it out onto all the major podcasting platforms Spotify Google Play ITunes stitcher there’s like a bunch more half a dozen more. It just throws them out It’s great for your discoverability and it’s great for your SEO. You’re getting links on these, you know High domain authority blogging platforms. No reason if you’re doing video that you should be doing audio It takes you five minutes to make that conversion over and blast your video out onto the All those podcasting networks bonus number five. I’ve gotten you a silly silly hook up 22 vendor bonuses. It’s pure madness. We’re going to go through them here. So bonus number one Graphic designer 101 bonus to various graphics and stock photos graphics. Whiz Bonus for is graphics for covers and headers So that’s for your social media and YouTube profiles bonus 5 opt-in template pack so graphics for the opt-in forms Which is going to work amazingly well with the WordPress lead plug-in that I’ve gotten for you So five big graphic related template packs their bonus six, these are Ebooks and courses so social media tips and tricks’ social media domination You can pause the video and have a look at these descriptions or we’ll be here all day Bonus 8 social media profits how to increase profits using social media how people do that bonus 9 social media benefits your business Social media income Instagram Instagram versions – how to Generate revenue and make a living through Instagram and then a similar one here Which is social media income how to generate and make income through LinkedIn bonus 12 social media marketing principles great individuals and agencies If you want to know about agencies check my video yesterday on unhulled Bonus 13 online ads and web traffic. So bonus 14 viral marketing madness There’s some really cool tricks You can find in products relating to viral marketing Bower marketing is really really interesting You can learn a lot of psychology from things relating to that why people are drawn to things Bonus 15 online business x-factor. So how to work from home build and build a home business Bonus 16 how to become a YouTube celebrity. So more on becoming a youtuber Making money as a youtuber Crushing it with YouTube similar sort of thing the YouTube masters guide to crushing it with online video Teaches you how to create a viral content, I assume Bonus 18 20 mini-site graphics pack Oh back to the graphics More graphics and bonus 19 more graphics and content free content for you to use Bonus 20 lead generation machines. So this goes into Morley generations and how lead generation works again you can use it with that plug-in That I’ve got for you bonus 22 affiliate golf store. This is a case study I think that this is the got a golf store that made money using Amazon affiliates and from running YouTube ads so a lot to learn from Watching other people more so than courses there I say Bonus 22 is marketing mini site template. So template if you want to set up a Website really quickly. It’s great to have templates Now get this all of these bonuses and YouTube ads made easy, so Including the main product YouTube ads made easy and the 26 bonuses 27 products You all get master resell rights to that means you can rebrand all of these products do whatever you want with them and Resell them on under your banner use them for training and say that they’re yours. You can do whatever you want with them They’re basically yours so Massive massive bundle here. So this all looks good to you. Remember it’s step one Click the link down in the description. You’ll be taken to this page Click on any of these green buttons, which will lock in and secure your bonuses I’m step 3 you’ll be taken to the sales page where you can pick up your copy of YouTube ads made easy sales page looks like this when you get your receipts There’ll be a link in there or when you go to jvzoo.com and look in your accounts There’ll be a link there and it will take you to a page that will look like this so under the green button will be YouTube ads made easy and under this blue button here will be all of those 26 bonuses my bonuses plus the vendor bonuses or the One big package ready to rock and roll brief look at the sales page right now It’s the earlybird sales page that you can subscribe to if you want to but there will be another sales page up in about 24 hours when this goes live you get your complete success kit here as they’re labeling it So that’s top quality training to sell under your name hottests improve and sell the topics on the web Ready to go sales material to start selling today sell unlimited copies for life. No charges. No hidden fees No profit sharing all the money’s yours Keep all your leads Keep all your buyers everything you get out of this including that which you get from reselling it is all yours. Okay Don’t worry about anything there and you’re getting this success kit in there for free now I’m not sure that was in the bonus list, but it’s possible that that might be twenty Eight products you’re getting here. It’s almost too much Now any pricing you see on the sales page any discounts are discounts You’re getting by going through the link in the description and my bonus page. Remember? They’re both Integrated with myself menu beacon bonus page so you can check out the sales page in your own time And make a an informed decision So while I couldn’t get a hands on a demo to a course, that’s often, really Difficult because obviously they don’t want this course to leak because then people wouldn’t buy it And that’s generally how it gets leaked. You know, they give it away to the wrong people and they just leak it, you know But let’s just take a quick look at the pricing here so the front end product is seven dollars if you get in early during launch week, there is a Eighty percent discount after that its twenty seven dollars So you get everything you see here fully rebrand herbal training doodle style sales video. So if you’ve ever seen that YouTube channel fighting mediocrity It’s similar to that. That’s the training that you’ll be able to use in resale so really cool stuff mini site templates mind map cheat sheets convertible sales copy Promotional eels email swipes so you don’t have to mess around with any writing animated banners professional graphics how to set up video training and top resource report and some extra bonuses the upsell 447 initially during launch week and then later 49 is twenty step-by-step video tutorials you get Upsell do the style videos upsell mini sites Voiceover scripts and audio files that you can use if you don’t want to talk, but you still want to you know, create promotional video PowerPoint slides graphics package for CDs and DVDs HTML with all video courses and proved sales copy done for your squeeze page high-quality report to pre-sell the main course email sequences 10 youtube ads Articles, so if you want to put content on a blog and create a site specifically for selling this product You’ve got ten pieces of content you know off the bat and They’re going to give you keywords for SEO and PPC purposes so you don’t have to Do much thinking if you want to pay for ads running to this product as well as training as well as social media profile covers For your social media our facebook twitter youtube and google. You can sign up for a $27 a month membership, which is just really updated content and bonuses that they’ll keep sending you every month It keeps you here to the ground finger on the pulse Anything new comes out any updates you will be privy to that For this price now while YouTube ads made easy is a great product It is specific. It is targeted and it is targeted on running ads, right? So I’ve really tried to plug in the holes of what it doesn’t offer with all of these bonuses here on SEO creating leads Podcasts and just this overall fundamental course on generating Creating I should say YouTube YouTube or authority. So all my bonuses plus they’re 22 bonuses You’re getting a whole lot of stuff here and note that whether you purchase just the front end for $7 or the upsell or the monthly thing you’ll get my bonuses with any one of those packages that you could you buy whether you Choose so no matter what you choose You know all the bonuses are yours so I hope that was enough info for you for you to go away and make a decision On what you want to do when you think about it? There’s a ton of value on offer here not only can you learn about Facebook Ads you can resell a really good product to your audience and you get the 26 bonuses with it as well as that you get to keep all the bonuses But you get a money-back guarantee on YouTube ads made easy, really? Not a lot to lose and the hell of a lot to gain now if you have any questions or concerns Feel free to drop them in the comments. Hit me up an email or social media I do reply to everyone if not, enjoy and I’ll see you again on the next one. Take care

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