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YouTube Ad Strategies on YouTubeTV

YouTube Ad Strategies on YouTubeTV

Did you know in today’s mobile world that
they’re actually 150 million hours worth of YouTube content viewed on a television screen
every single day. Well in today’s video. I’m actually going to talk to you guys about
YouTube’s recent announcement to start launching their ad platform to people who are watching
YouTube videos on their television. So to learn about this really cool feature
stay tuned. Here we go. All right everybody welcome back and thank
for joining me. My name is Jordan Steen. I’m also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and
at this channel we talked all about social media marketing starting an agency building
a personal brand of really just building a business online. So if you’re interested in learning about
any of that information, make sure you hit the Subscribe button and the notification
bell so you get updates to all of future content. So YouTube really Google is offering a new
platform that’s going to allow people to advertise more directly to people who consume television
style content whether it’s via the TV or on mobile device. And so this is going to be super exciting
for people who obviously can Market to local businesses or national businesses using YouTube’s
platform. So let’s go ahead and cover that in this video. But before we get into that make sure you
stay tuned ’till the end of this video where I’m going to give you couple of Tricks really
a tool that you’re going be able use to up your YouTube game and start ranking. So that way you can start generating sales
and leads from your YouTube efforts now up until April of this year Google actually only
allow people to advertise to people who are using desktop or mobile or tablets, but obviously
YouTube’s tv-style viewership is growing very very rapidly because of the fact people are
getting tired of paying for cable where I can get everything and stream it from a device
on my YouTuber from my smart TV. Now with that being said YouTube obviously
wants to take advantage of that because it’s more evident For them and it’s better for
their advertisers. So they’re allowing people to start advertising
via that television set or via that TV style content. Now, obviously this is a little bit different
of a style of marketing because of the fact that we’re not actually hitting people when
they’re going out and searching for something or when they’re on social media. We’re doing actually when they’re consuming
TV when they’re trying to entertain themselves, right? So this is like spot TV commercials via YouTube
streaming. So it’s a really cool way because in spot
TV, which an area that I actually started off in I started off selling TV commercials
back in 2014 when I got into the corporate world and Spot TV is really great. It can reach a ton of people. The cool thing with YouTube is that you’re
allowed to Target whereas spot TV does not have that capability and it’s a big issue
that I used to face as TV Advertiser. So and if you guys have ever worked in TV,
if anybody’s worked in TV, please leave comment below and please tell these people that I’m
right because the Nielsen writings are just terrible when it comes to actually telling
you who likes what style of content but all that being said you can have a great Youtube
AD but you still have to have a you know, somewhat semi-decent YouTube channel for people
to actually respect you and be able to trust you. So if you want to figure out how you can at
least grow your channel to their first or to your first 1000 subscribers, we put together
a video just exactly on how I did that and the how you’re going to need to do it yourself
check out that video in top right-hand corner. So again A lot of people are starting to use
YouTube on their actual television so really quickly if you guys have actually ever used
YouTube on your own TV, please leave a comment below and just say yes, I’ve used YouTube
or you know be specific. Don’t just write. Yes, just right like yeah, you know, yes,
I watch YouTube on my TV something like that because I’m interested see how many people
are actually consuming YouTube on their actual television these days so Google actually promised
to release these app Platforms in fourth quarter of 2018, which is now so they should coming
out fairly soon. So there are actually two types of campaigns
that YouTuber really Google AdWords is going to be rolling out. So let’s cover those really quickly. The first one is called Light TV viewers and
these are people actually don’t watch a ton of Television. They consume most of their content on their
phone or on tablet or on a computer and that would be important to know because if they’re
not watching TV, that means they’re not sitting stationary necessarily that means that they
could be on the go watching and so that’s something for you to take into consideration
about the type of people you’re targeting. Number two is YouTube on TV screens and obviously
it is what it is. It’s putting YouTube ads on someone who’s
watching a YouTube video or show on their television. So this could be YouTube Red. It could YouTube actual YouTube videos something
like that where we’re able to Target people in send them and ad now in the middle of their
entertainment. So a quick note would be guys don’t Focus
heavily on selling and on getting leads, right you want focus on building brand and building
engagement and building awareness around a product or service that you offer now per
usual when someone releases or when one of these companies releases a new style of ad
they only release it to the Top performing channels or the top-performing marketers on
that platform. And the reason being is because they kind
of want test it and those people will have the biggest budget. So they’re going to able to test it, you know
more frequently and really more effectively so they’re going to be the only ones have
it for right now. But in the springtime of 2019 is when we should
see it for all YouTube channels once they’ve got the testing and The Kinks worked out now
guys, I don’t know if you know how large TV ad spend is roughly over 70 billion dollars
per year, but it’s huge and that means that there’s a lot of opportunity for you to actually
go out and find businesses that are advertising in the traditional TV space and say hey look
we have a much better option for you. Now, it’s better targeting. It’s more cost-effective. You’re going to reach more people. So why not go this way? So if you’re looking to get new clients start
looking for people who are spending on local ad commercials or local ad placement and your
area and tell them you can do the same thing at a much cheaper costing at them a better
result. So like I said in the beginning of this video
if you want to find out a tool that we use a secret that we use to really rank videos
on Google and ranked number one YouTube then check out the description and the link in
the description will take you to that blog article, but that’s it for me. thank you guys so much for watching as always
make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification bell if you haven’t already
so you don’t miss out on anything that we do here at Cereal Entrepreneur and I will
see you guys on the next video. But until then Cereal Entrepreneur out, bye! Ready to start living the six-figure work
wherever Be Your Own Boss lifestyle. Well, at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we’ll
teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital
marketing agency get started with our free Facebook ads training links the description
below guys. See you in the course Cereal Entrepreneur

7 thoughts on “YouTube Ad Strategies on YouTubeTV

  1. Yes; when I find something a YT video that I want to watch with a group or to be more relaxed, I will stream it on my Google Chrome doggle that's attach to my tv.

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    YouTube is quickly becoming the #1 source for entertainment. YouTube TV is now available in 99 of 100 top U.S. designated market areas, reaching some 85% of the nation’s TV households. Now, YouTube is offering an advertising option just for those who consumer YouTube on their televisions.

    While consumption of video content on connected devices is rising, the traditional TV set is still #1 and watch time of content on TV sets has doubled year-over-year.

    YouTube has this week announced that 'TV screens' has been added as a device type in YouTube ad targeting. Meaning, that advertisers can now specifically target users consuming YouTube content on their home TV sets.

    Here are the three ad programs YouTube is rolling out:

    Light TV viewers targeting

    YouTube on TV screens

    YouTube TV ad inventory will be available through Google Preferred

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  3. Good stuff! I read your blog you recommended at the end of the video, https://cerealentrepreneur.academy/secret-leaked-how-rank-youtube-videos-easy/. Good content on everything you do!

  4. Hey Jordan I am thinking about enrolling in your course but I was wondering if I could personally speak to you over the phone or voice call of some sort to ask you some questions.

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