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YouTube Ad Revenue Calculator 💥

YouTube Ad Revenue Calculator 💥

do you want to know how much money you
can earn through your YouTube channel or perhaps Snoop through someone else’s
YouTube channel in a legitimate way I’ve been looking for this myself and came
across a good YouTube ad revenue calculator so keep watching in this
video I will go through the YouTube earnings calculator online I will use a
popular channels as examples to show you that it’s possible to find out other
people’s estimated yearly earning using and revenue calculator YouTube then I
will answer some questions you might have like how much money do youtubers
make per subscriber how much money do youtubers make per ad and per thousand
views hi I’m Shamelle from promote YouTube
videos dot come. let’s get started this YouTube money calculator by social blade
provides an estimate into what a YouTube channel could make with YouTube’s not
only your YouTube channel you can also check any other channel you like this
YouTube earning calculator gives you an estimate of how much money you could
make with you too it takes into account various factors like video view count
and engagement to calculate the estimated earnings for a YouTube video
or channel remember that these figures are YouTube’s estimated earnings as
there are many mitigating factors which decide what your overall CPM will be if
you are not sure what CPM is it stands for cost per Mille which is Latin for
thousand it is a marketing term used to denote the price of thousand
advertisement impressions on a YouTube video or a page if a publisher charges
$2 CPM that means an advertiser must pay $2 for every thousand impressions of its
end so how do you find your YouTube channel CPM if you had do it your
YouTube channel analytics then go to ad rates then you find your CPA if your CPM is
low I have some tips for you on how you can increase your channel CPM so make
sure you subscribe it’s a future video that I have already planned now let’s
use this how much money do youtubers make calculate and find out estimated
earnings of some popular youtubers let’s check
pewdiepie as a first step I will enter the channel name and then click import
user name next this YouTube view earning calculator will give an estimated
projection of how much the person earns PewDiePie a channel by flexor Berg has
over 64 million YouTube subscribers his channel includes let’s play videos and
commentary videos addressing various topics over 5.7 million from YouTube ads
alone now that’s not bad here’s another YouTube ad revenue
calculator that I came across by influencer marketing hump let’s check
another popular YouTube channel by using this YouTube money calculator
have you heard of Lilly Singh she is Canady new tube personality and villa
girl she started creating YouTube videos as a method to help deal with depression
her channel has received more than 1.3 billion views since it was started back
in 2010 Lilly apparently gave up her previous plan of getting a master’s in
psychology and becoming a counselor as her views and would continue to rise
office is now plastered on in billboards across Manhattan and Singh has even
appeared on The Tonight Show here are some questions that I have got regarding
YouTube earnings from my audience let’s start with the first one how much does
YouTube pay per subscriber YouTube does not pay per subscriber it pays for the
number of views your video gets however the rule of thumb says that both
subscribers greater the number of views this is because whenever you publish a
new video your subscribers will be notified of the same if someone has
subscribed your channel it means the person is interested and is viewing your
videos this is very likely to check out your new video so even if 10% of your
subscribers see your new video you get views from these 10% subscribers
apart from those you are going to get organically from search engines YouTube
search and social media as for figures it’s not possible to judge the income of
a youtuber from the number of subscribers as some youtubers may have
few but have very active subscribers on the other hand some youtubers might have
bought fake subscribers who won’t even check out their own videos
moving on to the next question how much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views
YouTube charges it advertises based on various factors like
demography click-through rate location of your traffic
so on Autobot YouTube earns from advertisers they pay you 55% and keep
the remaining 45% as their Commission however in general you do pass between
three to ten dollars these figures can be higher or lower in some cases so for
1 million views YouTube may pay a youtuber between three thousand to ten
thousand dollars next question how many views do I need to get paid on YouTube
you do will only pay you when your balance reaches 100 dollars as I
mentioned before you can make between three to ten dollars per thousand views
therefore to reach hundred dollars you need approximately ten thousand to
thirty four thousand views how much do youtubers make per video the amount a
youtuber makes per video will depend largely on how many views they are
getting from their videos as I mentioned before for every thousand views you
might earn between three to ten dollars if you have any questions yourself leave
a comment below I reply to all comments and I might even feature one of your
questions in my next video if you learn something new from this video please
give it a like I upload videos every Saturday filled with actionable tips to
grow your audience and income with video make sure you subscribe

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  1. Really informative video! I've always wondered how to calculate estimated earnings, so thank you for making this!

  2. Ohh this is so helpful. I am bookmarking this. Thank you so much. I have always wanted to know this.

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