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YouTube Ad Formats and How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Ad Formats and How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Hello everyone my name is Ileane Smith and I’m with Basic Blog Tips dot com My goal is to help you build a better blog. Hey Guys Ileane Smith here today I want to talk
to you about monetizing your YouTube videos As you may know there’s three different
types of ads that you can display on your YouTube videos. The first kind is what’s called a display ad. And that’s the
ad that appears over on the side of your video it’s usually a three hundred by two
fifty and be perfectly honest with you there’s nothing you can do about, there’s
no control you have over those ads they will be there whether you earn additional income
from them or not those are the display ads The other kind of ad is called a call to action overlay well really it’s called a sorry I gotta look at my notes an Overlay InVideo James Wedmore is the one who told me
about those ads and I realy like James Wedmore so I’m gonna call it the Call To Action InVideo Overlay That’s kind of like a hybrid term that I just made up The other ad.. The third ad – wait a minute gotta look at my
notes again, hang on it’s called the True View instream ad Now those are the ads that will play
before your video and the person who’s watching the video
gets the opportunity too stop or skip the ad after five seconds ok so those are the three different types of ad that you can have to monetize your YouTube videos. So let’s take a closer look at how they work When you upload a video to YouTube you’ll see there’s three tabs for
information that you need to fill out the first one is for basic info the
second one is the one we’re going to talk about today which is the
Monetization Tab. Now by default it’s not checked off so the in order to monetize your video
you’re gonna click that on and here are the choices that I mentioned to you earlier
the overlay the True View and it tells you right here that the
display ads are shown by default and it gives you a little description hover over there… this is if the video contains at paid product placement and if it does then you go ahead and
check that off. At this also gives you a little
description let me scoot over here so you can see that of what the true view instream ads are and the call to action overlay now let
me just show you an example – I have one video that I added the call to action overlay and that’s this one right here and it was
for the SEOpressor plugin and I actually set up an ad for it this ad will- you could upload an image and you can put – you have a very limited amount of
characters that you can add in here and then the link. Now this link will take you
probably too my sales page for this Actually I have this link set to go to my
blog for the article I probably need to change that to the
affiliate link but that’s ok alright, so this is a review that I did of
the SEOPressor plugin so clearly I need to make better use of those call to action overlays Back over here on the YouTube home page and let’s get an example of the True View Instream ad for some reason at that’s a tongue-twister for
me Notice how it gives you the countdown of
the advertisement as well as giving you the countdown over
here to the five-second mark when you can skip and clearly it tells you that you can
skip the ad Now the way this works you have to understand that someone who
sees this ad and continues watching it they’re really an engaged person and they probably will still continue to watch
your video as well so don’t get put off because those ads
are there now the thing is if they decide to skip
the ad then the advertiser doesn’t have to
pay Google and therefore you don’t get paid. So the
only time you get paid is when someone actually watches the entire ad and then hopefully they’ll go on and
watch your video as well so it’s kind of a toss up there maybe they might get
distracted you know it’s – it’s kinda hard to
say still give yourself the opportunity to have these ads show there because
sometimes they really will be relevant and let’s now talk about ads being relevant. Recently YouTube made a change where
your tags won’t show under and your videos Now this was a little disappointing for
me and I’m sure for some others because what we were told as one of the SEO tricks to do
to get our videos ranked was to find popular videos and then copy
their tags Well I think YouTube got little annoyed
at that because as always some people abuse it and people are putting tags that really
didn’t have anything to do with their video or their video was only maybe
remotely related to what the tags where so what I have decided to do is because
now that I know a little bit more about how this advertising thing works people that are taking out the ads they’re not looking for video that’s
talking about hidden backlinks from YouTube in Google Webmaster tools they’re looking for something that’s
a much broader category and let’s just go and see what YouTube
suggests for me to use for tags because you can still see the tags from the back
end okay I’m over in the video manager now
and I’m on the edit page for that same video and I admit – I realized that I’m
making a huge mistake here with the tags that i’m using for example for this
video YouTube is suggesting tags for me to use and I’m just
completely ignoring what they’re saying well I’m going to stop doing that And here this is about YouTube so make sure
I add that it’s a software tutorial yep it’s about marketing yes it’s not really about cameras it’s
definitely about search uh… how-to yes it’s that as well it’s not about programming business I think that applies as well Way – I don’t know what that means but let’s just stick with those tags So now I have a task for myself is to go back through all my videos and make sure that the tags are
appropriate because the advertisers aren’t seeing things very specific things that I think people might be searching
for i’d also want to appeal to advertisers
to so that they can target my video with the appropriate ads so therefore when someone sees that ad
they won’t skip it they’ll watch it I’ll get paid YouTube will get paid the advertiser might make make a little money
and dependent upon what the ad is about everybody’s just gonna be happy! And I know you want people who
subscribe to your channel to be happy too not to mention you want one of those fat AdSense checks So that’s your action step for today you have your YouTube channel already
you’ve got videos up there go in there find out what Google is suggesting to
you for tags first make sure that you have all those
monetization options turned on and the tags that Google tells you that you need to add okay hey why don’t you subscribe to this channel so
you can keep updated all tips and tricks I have for YouTube, blogging, and social media so just click this button right here and if you want a watch the last video I did about YouTube and
Google Webmaster tools click this video this little wait, wait where is uh… it’s right there ok just having a little fun with you guys hey I’ll talk to you soon it’s Ileane from
basic blog tips dot com Peace!

36 thoughts on “YouTube Ad Formats and How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

  1. Great video Ileane. Been neglecting my channel lately and I am seriously considering using more of that "call to action overlay". nice name, lol

  2. Hi DiTesco. Check the description of this video and you'll see a link to James Webmore's video which explains how to add the overlay. It's a pretty neat trick.

  3. Thanks Ileane. Not sure how I missed that. It is a great trick indeed. Good for me and for my clients too. YAY… I love it 🙂

  4. Hey Ileane. I just put up my first "overlay call to action whatever" 🙂

    It's awesome. love it, thanks again for this valuable tip

    It's on my video about SEO Fix.. chk it out

  5. Awesome stuff, once again, Ms Ileane! Since Google now owns YouTube, does this mean that if someone has been suspended from Google Adsense, then they can't earn from YouTube? (I have a friend hat wants to know) 🙂 lol

  6. Tell your friend, I'm afraid so. AdSense is the only way you can earn from YouTube ads. Of course "your friend" can make videos that help sell products as an alternate stream of income.

  7. Awesome work Ileane. Keep it up!

    From few weeks ago when I started to actively read & follow you, I am learning a lot of things from you both by reading (posts), listening (podcasts), watching (videos) and observing the way you are facilitating your audience. Really love your style.

  8. Thanks for the detailed ad explanation Ileane. You can still see video tags by viewing the source. The tags show as the keywords. 🙂

  9. Yes I found out about that a few days after I recorded the video. To be honest, I never get around to looking at other people's video tags. One day…
    Thanks for leaving a comment!!

  10. subbed, I like your info. Glad I stumbled across your videos. Hey I have a question. I see some channels have the adds that you cannot skip, but they are only like 30-40 seconds long. Do you have to have a larger channel before thats a option? Also you could pick to put your ads in the middle or end of the video as well. I once had a option to do that but I do not see it anymore. Please get back with me if you could! Thanks, and if you have a moment check out my channel!! Thanks again

  11. JCPAINTWORKZ I know what you mean and I don't have those options that you mentioned. So I assume those are only available to certain users. It might be that those options are reserved for the original YouTube partners (before they opened up partnership to everyone). Thanks for your comment and I will check your channel asap!

  12. Thanks for the sub, yea I was thinking same thing but I "use" to have that option for a certain time but now its not there. I could pick where I wanted to put them. I thought they did away with it when they changed. But I'm seeing other videos with ads placed in the middle and the end. and some have multiple placements having 2-3 ads throughout their videos. hmmm its got me stumped!

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