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“You Will Never Be Poor Again” | START DOING THIS TODAY!!!

“You Will Never Be Poor Again” | START DOING THIS TODAY!!!

they don’t want what we know out there they’ll never get those on CNBC but our school system will never tell us it does their part of the posse fake money fake future stay back I know the game of the rich my rich dad taught me you know uh cuz you’re the banker the bankers and the rich play is different than what they teach you in school all over the world what the school teach you about money and the answer is nothing and that’s not a mistake that’s not an accident I knew that most people know that the way to keep the poor and middle class working hard has never teach them what the rich know so if you read Rich Dad Poor Dad which came out in 1997 it’s what the rich teach our kids about money the poor middle class do not poverty hurts I mean I don’t like it and I don’t like that our academic systems so corrupt you know we know the banking system is corrupt we know politics is corrupt but act but academics is just as corrupt I mean one thing if it’s the banking in the politics but this is where we send our children and we trust them to do the right things for them and yet they’re being not taught something so fundamental like you asked your dad when you were a kid dad oh yeah Stratego tell teach us about money and it was just never never and they’ll never will you know something what do you know share it what is financial education it’s not get a job work hard save money and invest in a well-diversified portfolio stocks bonds mutual funds and ETFs the financial industry is two things debt and taxes 1971 Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard and the US dollar became debt and we still tell kids to go to school get a job work hard save money and get out of debt now who tells them to do that that’s the most ridiculous thing there is the book starts and it says line number one saving money will make you rich and ever well you know that all taught that as kids why would you save it and why would you work for it if they can print it had faster than you can work for it why do you keep saving when they’re printing it rich don’t work for money don’t you touch that stuff it’s very subtle yeah they don’t say I’m gonna train you to be a worker be the rest of your life but they educate you in a way where that’s what you come out right what else was he what was he trying to do those first few months were you working for him what was he trying to get across you because he taught you the hard way about money and she said if you’re gonna be a successful in your lives you’ve got to find the best teachers and a great teacher is somebody who comes from the inside not the outside but in school you don’t know if your instructor is for real or not that’s where the fake teacher comes from I said I want you to teach me about money so it was so why should I teach you he said but it if I teach you you work for me for free and I said why for free my dad my poor debt whatnots he says is if I pay you you think like an employee your brains will your brain will change if you learn never to work for money you’ll be a rich man and this is powerful once you give someone a paycheck their brain turns off right because it had been the promise of a pension right and job security which is kind of a paycheck in disguise correct after you stopped give the man a fish eats for the day teach him to fish eats for a lifetime and most poor people confuse assets and the liabilities they think their home is an asset it’s actually a liability right an asset is a noun like a house cash flow is a verb so to understand if it’s an asset a liability it takes a noun + verb so if the cash is flying out of your pocket it’s a liability if the cash is flowing into your pocket has it burn that’s it so I own 7,000 rental properties also assets every month the cash flows in whereas many people have the big house of the hill and the cash is flowing out right now they’re going broke right it’s like a frame of mind the other thing the poor don’t understand is the number one expense for most people as taxes and yet we don’t even see it isn’t that weird you walk around and you look at the paycheck and say oh that doesn’t seem right and you don’t realize that the government’s got a huge hand in your pocket and you are doing nothing to minimize that again this is what was very different about the rich and the poor the rich don’t work for money is number one expensive tax see there’s three kinds of income earned portfolio passes so earned income is if I get a job that’s earned income if I’m a doctor or a programmer that’s burning because I’m working for if i buy US by pilots an apple for ten dollars I sent over 20 that’s portfolio income capital gains yeah but passive income which is cash flow is never taxed that’s all of these guys are screaming right now in America tax too rich as a good luck because most of the guys complaining they don’t know the three kinds of income and the rich don’t have jobs anyway they have assets and so the average small out there poor guy you know sent the kid to school they don’t learn this you see very few people will buy what I do make a million dollars and pay zero tax and my rich dad taught me that playing Monopoly that’s how it started you know for green houses one red hotel or the McDonald’s for me I write about it McDonald’s Ray Kroc yeah McDonald’s is in the real estate business so they sell hamburgers but they buy real estates they pay no taxes you know this guy Bezos but he’s sixteen billion dollars how much tax did append a 16 billion and that’s all legal anyone can do it it everybody could to put everyone most people lack the education so once you learn how to use debt as money you can never say I can’t afford it because the banks will give you so the banks after the crash of 2008 the banks gave me 300 million dollars tax-free when they asked the average guys that can you why don’t you use a debt they can’t even get a loan because there are scores their FICO scores when only we have them here are so bad the schoolteachers will never tell you about because they don’t know it my poor dad never knew that you don’t know if something as an asset a liability until you can see which way the cash flows so a house is that it hasn’t a liability well if it’s taking money from your pocket it’s liability it’s putting money in your pocket it’s an asset the US government wants me to provide housing wants me to provide jobs wants me to borrow money because that’s how money is created through debt I get huge tax breaks everybody can do the same thing if they had the financial education to do it if people understood the tax code we’d be more prosperous but can poverty be passed through genetic yes because it’s some type of way of thinking it’s an attitude it’s very simple when I wanted people ask you how do I stop it I just never say I can’t afford it ask yourself how can I the reason I have so much money is because I don’t say I can’t do it I just got how can I do and I guess one to it I make a lot of mistakes but that’s how I learned how can I and poor people like my poured that always that I can’t afford it you think I’m made of money I’m a school teacher I can’t do that and I picked that up and my rich dad never said those words so when I make poor people that use the words I can’t a lot so the people that said I can’t afford it I can’t do this I can’t get to college the rich are you able them I choose not to participate in that and that’s one thing people could change today right now is that dialog in their head to stop saying the word can’t I can’t right so how can how can I especially as in I can’t afford it how can I afford that because that opens them up to looking at it as an investment to a greater future right you know when I borrowed three hundred million dollars I couldn’t do it when I told I went to ask and I got turned down so many times as a hill and every time I showed the back of my financials they go sorry I said look do me a favor why did you turn me down you tell me you business out the numbers are out here so I get these numbers fixed can I come see you again because sure so it’s called rejection same as my wife rejected me for six months it’s just a matter of personal willpower was a spiritual to signal if they can do it I can do it and how can i how can i and I think it’s you once said words become flesh yep I was a Bible to intelligence increases through your mistakes through the ups and downs of what you’ve learned Real Estate’s real estate what I learned made me enricher not the money you don’t need money to make money you know I think all of us every human being has at low point in their life and if they get the message a new life begins if you don’t get the message they keep going down the richer I got was because I didn’t need any money I could use this to make money but how did I get there so I made a lot of mistakes people are afraid of making mistakes and all those for fear of failing nice nice so very nice so many people trapped in the same device

100 thoughts on ““You Will Never Be Poor Again” | START DOING THIS TODAY!!!

  1. Nice Video. But actually we don't need more rich people. I mean to have enough money to eat and a life without any financial problems, a job you love, family friends, giving the world something, helping people, supporting, caring instead of getting richer and richer is in my opinion what the world needs. the depth of life. we lost it. To get more and more, getting richer and own more and more. it doesn't make you happier. We forgot relationship, we are working hard instead of enjoying life with our friends, we want to show everybody how awesome we are instead of caring for each other. I mean, don't get me wrong, I would love to be rich, it must be awesome. But I am sure if humanity will continue to follow this kind of things there won't be a future, maybe there will but I think its dangerous. We lost what's really important. We lost the connection to ourself, the connection from human too human. the connection to each other. We forgot how to care, treating each other good. Helping cretin a world where its important to share love. I mean it maybe sounds to spiritual or whatever but wtf it is just that simple. Everyone wants love right? show me a person who doesn't like to be loved? even if there is someone. Most people want it need it. Thats why a lot of us working hard to get the attention. This is a part of love. Then why are we making it so difficult. Why can't we love us, accept us without being famous, Rich or hard working for just who we are to create world where everyone is accepted? Where is the love? wisdom?

  2. It’s impossible to own a house and not pay taxes.. does anyone know of a state where you could live in an rv on your own land ?

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  4. It is to much of an affort if you ask me , specially in countries where you can get all your assets blocked or seezed with a push of an keyboard botton.

  5. https://youtu.be/HnhETRenemo
    Also try to watch this and will motivate you to be rich

  6. Very useful information but must be applied on an individual basis.. saving is an excellent tool to help gain financial freedom..

  7. So true. The elites who control the media and tech and politics all want to keep squeezing the middle class who have been dumbed down and now act like sheep and elect the same leaders that ruined their cities and endlessly taxes them into poverty.

  8. I have an unlimited zeal to be successful . I pray we become successful as we watch these videos. The key is not in watching but in putting it into action or use.

  9. i cant afford it, as I don't have the money…or assets… but this joker borrowed 300 million dollars oh come on….. don't need money to make money right'o ….. and the message is….? The richer he got etc etc etc he started on $47,000 a year from a very young age……

  10. LOTS of nuggets in this video. Hope to see your lovely faces on a beach in Jamaica one day! (drinks are on you)

  11. Dont need money to make money? Very contradicting to the "initial startup costs" in the introductory stage in any launching business.

  12. Don't swallow their lies. Poor people is not poor because they don't want to. That is just crab.
    I bet them to work as hard as they said with the resources and context of "the poor".

  13. Rubbish. Money makes money. This Einstein got good education through money.This guy started off with lots and now lecturing others. "Do This Or Stay Poor!" -what a joke! It's like Trump telling you how to be rich.

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  15. If you want to get rich just be grateful for what you have?And be industrious to have more,& better than what you already have!

    Robert K’s company didn’t pay the proper royalties on its seminars to the company who helped him from day one & when they lost in court, they didn’t have enough money to pay at all or so they claimed yet they made over $400M but couldn't pay a $23M judgment.

    It wasn’t a personal bankruptcy, rather, a corporate bankruptcy. However, a corporation with money should be able to pay up for a minor royalty dispute (only $23 million compared to $400+ million in revenues)

    -Prior to his 1997 publication of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki never had any documentation of the wealth he supposedly amassed (Forbes)

    -There really wasn’t a rich dad, even though his Prior to his 1997 publication of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki never had any documentation of the wealth he supposedly amassed (Forbes)

    There's more but do check out the rest of the story….

  17. What’s the catch? I’ve been reading these books, playing these games and watching these videos and still ain’t got a clue. You create a product or service, sell it and earn money. Repeat.

  18. To summarize, what he said was, borrow as much as you can, invest it and hope that you start a bussiness successfully, and become wealthy, what he forgot to mention is that if things fail , you should leave the country, or swing

  19. Idk if I agree with this. I grew up in a middle class Jewish family in NY and education is drilled into us as the most important thing.

  20. If all men were rich, the world would not be balanced:
    If all men were poor the world would not be balanced:
    The world needs both the poor and the rich to be balanced.
    Be Happy if you are rich>
    Be Happy if you are poor>

  21. So you are supposed to work for him for free and starve when you are already poor.
    I wish just one of these guys would show up at my house and take me to a house and flip it, or repair it or set up a forex account that would make me $100K in a day.
    Then I could buy land in Nevada with no income tax, build there and invest or loan out the rest.
    But I am so sick of all these ads that say…

    " With my training course, Joe Schmoe started making $300 a day to start. "

    Or :

    " With my stock market secrets, I made $300,000 a year and you can too. "

    I think they are all scams to get you to buy expensive courses that only make the course creator rich while you wind up poorer than you were.

    As my girlfriend recently said :

    " Only the Hulk can flip houses with no money. "

  22. " Do this and make me richer and YOU will stay poor ! "

    You click on his link and they want over $3000 or $599 a month to teach you their "secrets ".
    Another fast talking snow job from a con man.

  23. I remember in tenth grade in high school I asked one of my teachers when are you going to teach us about the credit rating system and about how to build good strong credit and Isaac score that could go up as quick as possible and Investments Etc and the response I got from her was we don't teach those type of academics

    I said why don't you guys teach people about finances why isn't there a gardening class where you're teaching us about seeds of plants and how to grow and had a harvest why aren't you guys teaching us about real-world issues like the something as simple as a credit rating system and knowing how important that'll be to get a car to get a house to get an apartment and now apparently corporations are running your credit to get a job

  24. my soul is bereft of feeling.
    hope is around the bend.

    Ponzi scheme call it a church tax free write your own laws

  25. "Nixon took off the gold standard", pretty sure gold was in 1933 and silver happened in 64, but I could be wrong lol, no googling.

  26. I am totally broke, I have to pay more debt the I earn and I have got no clue how to get out of it.. Its making me go into depression.. This video does gave me positivity but still I have no clue what to do

  27. The school system from grammar to college is all a big farce and scam which they designed to specifically paint as the American dream.

  28. Most people aslo work like that, because they think it's a social contibute, but it the plain old survival game all along.

  29. Let's take the value form the uneducated hard working poor and give it to the rich! right.

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  34. I just went out and bought 10 houses with 10 euros it was that easy, now I am on my way to being a millionare 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Money is the fucking root to all evil. Work an honest living and always give to charity when you can. Life is short, you don’t take a fucking penny with you to the grave.

  36. So funny… Robert doesn't know the group he belongs to. Robert wants to destroy the system. He belongs to the same brotherhood Trump belongs to. You are all in on it…

  37. Now, tell me how much of what they said do you actually think that you can do and
    will succeed at getting away with it?

  38. I think this guy is the best seller here right now he selling his book because, read this "So if you read the Rich dad, Poor dad which came out in 1997. It's what rich teach their kids about money" so my question is if i want to be rich i must buy this book?
    Guys i want you think this, who taught the first rich man to be rich?
    You guys are very rich please dont be brainwashed by many books act what you think and fail you will succeed.

  39. What are you doing with your funds. Remember you cannot take it with you after this short life. Take a look at the video A VISIT AT THE GATES OF HELL. Be wise invest also in your soul.

  40. If everyone in every country started their own online business then no one would have to work. We’d all be on vacation.

  41. Good video; thanks. Transcriptionist goofed at 5:10. It's not "if I buy, let's say, AN apple for $10 and sell it for $20…." It's "if I buy, let's say, Apple [stock] at $10 and sell it for $20…."

  42. So far I am learning nothing. How do you borrow 300 mil is what I like to know. I have news for you. If school is a scam and everyone is following the ‘rich’ dad. Who is going to fix your electricity, your car? And who is going to build all the gadgets you like to buy? WTF!

  43. Dan Lok as the key to not pay taxes. How, well become a closer. Learn whatever you have to learn to become a closer/salesman. Sale million dollar worth deals and make a juicy cash commission. If you get payed cash and work as a freelance closer than you don't pay taxes.

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  45. If everybody will be rich after this video, who will made houses, bridges, who will be teacher, bartender etc.?
    Don't disrespect us pls!
    Workers run this world and this parasitic people have to say thanks every motherfucking day.

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  47. He should give that book for free if he wants to help people. He getting even richer when you buy his book. Total bs.

    I know he knows his shit because, knowing how to milk the system is a huge step toward success. I’ve told that to my brothers and sisters but, they believe if you get some education will open doors for you. None sense.

    I like the part where he said, the rich don’t work. I don’t want to work by choice but, I’ve to because, the rich have taken what was rightfully mine.

    Instead of enjoying life you end up slaving the rest of your life chasing the money. There is no jobs in heaven so, why would we have to work on earth?

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