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WWE NEWS – Huge Botch By WWE While Advertising For Smackdown Live On Fox/WWE Mistakes And Fails 2019

WWE NEWS – Huge Botch By WWE While Advertising For Smackdown Live On Fox/WWE Mistakes And Fails 2019

Here’s your news for
September 13 2019 We’re starting off with some
SmackDown Live news, as it
seems Vince McMahon has hoped in to a Delorean and
travelled back in time. This week, WWE sent out some
information to cable companies
about the next episode of the blue brand, which may
sound very familiar to older
fans. According to the company, next
week’s show will feature Shane
McMahon, The Rock and Kane battle DX, and Edge, fresh off
his 2011 retirement, take on
Hardcore Holly. A special appearance by ‘Stone
Cold’ Steve Austin has also been
teased, and though this sounds like an epic night of TV, it is actually
the description for a 1999 edition
of SmackDown. This description actually comes
from the 12th episode of the
show, which fans may remember remember the Big Boss Man
stealing the Big Show’s
father’s coffin, as well as a special appearance
by Arnold Schwarzenegger,. During the show, the Predator
and Terminator Star would
receive a championship belt of his own, before getting
physical with Triple H during
the main event. Carrying on with SmackDown
news now and though the
show will premiere on October 4th on FOX, that
actually won’t be the first
program. Instead, FOX is planning on airing
a special called ‘SmackDown’s
Greatest Hits’, on Friday September 27th at 8pm eastern, which will
hopefully hook non and lapsed
fans to the current product. Interestingly, AEW also has a
special planned ahead of their
launch on TNT, though this will happen on Tuesday October
1st, the first Tuesday without
SmackDown in over three years. There is still no word on what
AEW’s weekly show on TNT
will be called, as Tony Khan told the media in chicago that
the program won’t be called
All Elite Wrestling. Hopefully fans get an answer
soon, as the company
prepares for it’s huge launch on TNT, in just a few weeks. Back to SmackDown Live now,
and this week’s show did a
respect 2.06 million views down just two percent
from last week. The show was able to retain 97
per cent of the previous night’s
RAW’s audience, and though this is one of the highest retentions
ever since SmackDown moved to
Tuesday, it isn’t great news. Retaining 97 per cent of RAW’s
audience just confirms that RAW
did very poorly this week thanks to competiton from
Monday Night Football, and
even an appearance by Stone Cold Steve Austin
couldn’t help. In the past, WWE have relied on
appearances by Hall of Famers to
help bring in ratings, with this year’s RAW Reunion doing just that,
though it seems the company now
needs to rethink their strategy. Though the company has struggled
with ratings for a while now, there is
a light at the end of the tunnel, as the Wrestling Observer News
letter has noted that the Neilsen
Ratings are about to change. According to reports, Nielsen will
be expanding what they count
when looking at seeing how many places tune in to TV, and this
could be great news for WWE.
The report said: “Nielsen has announced that
ratings will be changing next year
and they will be measuring viewing outside the home, in places like
bars, airports and offices as well
as other areas.” The report also said that sports
shows, such as RAW and Smack
Down Live could see an 11 % increase under the new system,
a huge gain for WWE, which
has continued to struggle over the past year. More news from SmackDown now,
as not only is the show being
prepped for the move to FOX but there is a rumored WWE
draft around the corner. Not only will Superstars be moved,
there have been reports of the
commentary teams being switched around, and Corey Graves
addressed these rumors this
week on Social Media, by saying It’s unclear whether the former
NXT Tag Champion is joking or
not, though Graves has been the centre of these rumors, as he
is apparently going to be moved
over to SmackDown when the show is on FOX,
alongside Michael Cole. This would leave RAW without
two of it’s top voices, though
there have been talks of NXT and 205 Live commentator Vic
Joseph taking the reins on the
red brand. That still leaves the question of
where current SmackDown
commentators Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton would end up,
as Renee Young may be moving to SmackDown permanently, if
she ends up hosting the WWE
Studio show planned for FS1 on
Tuesday Nights. WWE has not said anything yet
about these changes, but
should give more info ahead of the draft, which is
rumored to start on the
second SmackDown on Fox on October 11th, and
end on RAW on October 14th. Though a draft could help Smack
Down and RAW, both of which
has seen ratings fall recently there’s no denying that the red
brand has improved under the
watch of Paul Heyman. As Executive Director, Heyman
has made sure to avoid the
same matches each week, and has given a push to smaller,
popular stars like Ricochet and
Cedric Alexander. According to Dave Meltzer, the
recent push for Alexander could be
just the start for him, as he reported: “Paul Heyman wants to give a
slow push to the top rung.” The 30-year-old star from Charlotte
certainly has impressed fans over
the years, with his performance in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic
getting a “please sign Cedric”
chant from the crowd. This Sunday at Clash of Champions,
Cedric will hope to capture the
United States title from AJ Styles, and will have the home town
advantage in Charlotte, North
Carolina. Win, lose or draw, the match will
be a great opportunity for Alexander
to showcase himself on Pay Per View, in what, if rumors are to be
belived, will be the first of many
high profile matches for the former Cruiserweight Champion. Over to NXT now and as the show
prepares to launch on the USA
Network next week WWE certainly has a
stacked card. In a street fight, Matt Riddle will
take on Killian Dain, whilst a Fatal
Four Way match between Candice LeRae, Io Shirai, Bianca Belair
and Mia Yim will determine the
next opponent for WWE Women’s Champion
Shayna Baszler. There’ll be plenty of gold on the
night also, as NXT Tag Team
Champions the Undisputed Era will defend their titles against the
Street Profits, whilst NXT North
American Champion The Velveteen Dream will hope to
keep his reign going when he
takes on Roderick Strong. If Strong wins and the Undisputed
Era retains the tag titles, this will
leave the group with every men’s title on the roster, in what would be
a huge way to end the debut NXT
on the USA Network. We’re stepping out of WWE and
into AEW now, as the company
prepares to build momentum for their launch
on TNT. In a recent tweet, the company
asked fans which current tag team
they would like to see join the brand’s Tag Team Division, and
though plenty of factions were
offered, one stood out. Responding, Shawn Spears simply
said The Revival, which only
added to speculation that the former NXT and RAW Tag
Champions will be jumping to the
new company very soon. Though rumors of the pair leaving
the McMahon promotion seemed
definite at the start of 2019, these have become less and less relevant,
especially with the group getting
more air time on WWE Television. Scott Dawson didn’t exactly help kill
off those rumors for good though,
as he posted a thinking about it emoji in response to the former
Perfect 10, something that fans
will no doubt latch on to as proof. Though there is always the chance
that the team of Dash and Dawson
could walk out the door, it seems that the Revival will be staying in
WWE for now, though we can’t
pretend like we wouldn’t wanna see the pair faces off with the
Young Bucks. Back to WWE now, and Alesiter
Black took to Twitter this week
to shoot down a ridculous rumor making
the rounds. Earlier this week, a fan tweeted a
story explaining that Black’s
absence from SmackDown is because WWE doesn’t want to use
him due to the former NXT
Champion being quote “too satanic”. Though WWE is a PG company
and many fans chose to believe
this story, Black made it clear to his followers that this
was a false story, blasting it
as “100% fake.” Though Black hasn’t been on
TV much recently, he has
been used at live events and defeated Sami Zayn on the
recent South America tour,
and beat Shelton Benjamin on SmackDown Live on TV just
last week, in a hotly contested
match. The odds are that Black is just one
of the several Superstars in a
holding pattern, as it seems there there just isn’t enough room to
feature everyone in the
company’s massive roster on WWE TV
every single week Though this may still be iriritating
to the WWE Universe, fans
shouldn’t believe everything they read on the
internet, as Black isn’t too
satanic. And finally today we’re ending
with some Impact Wrestling
news, as the company has confirmed that Moose will take
on Ken Shamrock on October 20th
at Bound For Glory. The World’s Most Dangerous
Man returned to the company
earlier this year for his first appearance since 2004,
and certainly has a history with the
company. In May 2002, Shamrock won the
vacant NWA World Heavyweight
title on the show and is recognised as the first
World Champion in Impact, five
years before Kurt Angle would become the official TNA
World Heavyweight Champion. With a historic career in Impact,
WWE and the Octagon, it’ll be
interesting to see what the 55 year old former Inter
continental Champion can bring
when he takes on Moose at Impact’s biggest show of the
year: Bound for Glory. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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19 thoughts on “WWE NEWS – Huge Botch By WWE While Advertising For Smackdown Live On Fox/WWE Mistakes And Fails 2019

  1. I'll be at raw this Monday in Knoxville, TN. I'm 38 years old and have never been to a live event. I've been to dark shows, but never anything live. I'm stoked!

  2. Wow, completely forgot that BBM stole the coffin using The Bluesmobile. Didn't he wear a fedora at some point? 'Badass Bossman Blues' would have been an awesome gimmick for Ray Traylor!

  3. I'm a Nielsen family, and they don't get my views since it only counts if you watch it when it comes on and I always dvr it and watch it later so I can fast forward through the BS

  4. i'm sure this has been said before, but if AEW does not call the show "Tuesday Nigh Dynamite on TNT" they will have blown the opportunity to have the best weekly wrestling show name in decades.

  5. Im so mad at wwe based on my experience last monday at madison square garden. The locally advertised the fiend to be live in person on raw , instead he shows up the next day on smackdown!!!!!!! I was (and still am) so fustrated! I purchased tickets just to see the fiend. Instead we got a 10 minute lacy evans vs natalaya sleeper match! Fine they would have gotten away with it , if it were a good show. But seeing it live , was 50x worse than seeing it on tv. That main event was mainly full of “this is aweful” chants and we all did the wave with about 20 laps around MSG during that match. Theres alot more things that made me decide that ill probably never attend another raw or smackdown live.

  6. Pffft… title match in his hometown? This is WWE, people. Sorry, Cedric, maybe next time. 😒

    P.S. Vince is over AF on Black; hence his & Ricochet's abrupt move to the main roster, and the added sound effects to their themes. They are minimally booking him in order to protect his character; they're giving his build a slow-burn, if you will. The more frequently he competes, the more frequently he has to lose. There's no undefeated streak to protect, and he isn't over enough yet to fully pull the trigger on a title run (ala The Fiend). I can totally see Vince's money hungry hands rubbing together over the thoughts of turning Black into the next Undertaker. That involves careful & methodical booking though. It involves maintaining mystique and a threatening presence. It involves protecting your most valuable investments.

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