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WOW! Pewdiepie’s Last Hope, Advertisers Start Panicking, Gen Z’s Biggest Problem, & More…

WOW! Pewdiepie’s Last Hope, Advertisers Start Panicking, Gen Z’s Biggest Problem, & More…

‘Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and just a quick note before we get started I just want to say yes, yesterday I saw a lot of you messaging us saying that you weren’t getting notifications on our new sex tape ranging on some of the videos we put out. There was a show. I don’t know what the issue is. We’ve reached out, but yeah, just remember that pretty much every day you can come back and there’s gonna be a new video every single weekday. Hopefully that didn’t happen because of the content of that video because that also means that today’s video Would get hit as well But with that said, let’s just jump into it The first thing we’re gonna talk about today in super happy funtime news is anxiety and depression The reason we’re talking about this today isn’t because I’m going to bare my soul to you bring you into my heart of Hearts and let you know the secret struggles I deal with although we all really do have those It’s because according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. It is a massive massive issue with young people late last year They survey the u.s teenager Specifically 13 to 17 year olds and they asked if certain things were not a problem a minor problem or a major problem and what? They found was that Overwhelmingly anxiety and depression was at the top followed by bullying drug addiction drinking alcohol Poverty teen pregnancy and then gays so looking at this. It seems like Gen Z is just stressed the hell out You know, that’s my scientific conclusion in this study It was also interesting to see the difference between economic groups and gender for example a higher percentage of teenage girls compared to teenage boys Say they plan to attend a four-year college never get in trouble at school a lot of pressure to look good feel tense or nervous About their date get excited by something. They study in school looking at that information some of it’s not that surprising specifically the four-year college part US Bureau of Labor Statistics said as of 2017 more women than men have college degrees four-year college degrees to be specific also looking at what teenage boys and girls prioritize a lot of its somewhat close except one thing the percentage of teens saying it would be extremely or very important to them personally as an adult you have a lot of money massive divide between boys and girls with boys at 61% and girls at 41% and as far as the economics of the situation how that plays into it essentially You know how people say Mo Money mo problems No for a variety of reasons But specifically with the situation at hand we’re talking about today teenagers almost completely across the board The higher their household income was the less likely they were to say something was a major problem the only exception to that being this 30,000 to some 4999 block for anxiety and depression but everywhere I was you can see a very obvious trend I just want to talk about this because it was very interesting to me. Of course every year I grow older I imagine you do the same thing, too I don’t want to assume I don’t to assume your aging process what I mean, of course is every year that I grow up I become more and more disconnected to the young people I think it’s important to take that look back because you know these kids they are the product of our time when you talk about 13 to 17. Those are the formative years. I am a product of the late 90s early 2000 Yeah, it’s very interesting And also if you’re a nerd about this stuff I’m gonna link to the actual research down below that it goes even further like whether you do or not Of course, I do want to pass the question off to you. What are your thoughts around this? I know if people of all ages and general it tends to be older But did how do you relate to the questions and and the reactions from this data from that? I want to share some stuff I love today and today in also brought to you by Squarespace whether you need a domain a website an online store with Squarespace You know their templates make creating a powerful online Identity so easy because they’re they’re great on their own or you can just use them as a starting point It’s just so easy to create a beautiful website with Squarespace is all-in-one platform. You’ve got nothing to install patch or upgrade ever So if you want to make the smart move like mini from the nation already have you can start your free trial today at squarespace.com? Slash fill when you love it Make sure you enter in code filled get 10% off your first purchase the first but of awesome today is you not for any particular Reason like I’ll never meet 99.9% of But if you’re watching me if you’re bringing me into your daily life, I think it can’t be too bad You know, I feel like we don’t tell the people that affect our lives in some way that we appreciate them enough both You know kind of extended very far away like ours or close Maybe we call your friend your brother your sister your mother your father you whoever after today’s show Don’t go messing my watch time on this video. I’m trying to feed a youtube algorithm here. Let them know It means something we’re not here forever. There we go Did my good today back to being a horrible person Then we got the official trailer for leaving Neverland the chainsmokers giving us ten things They can’t live without it friend of the show and actually a former editor of the philip defranco show Darren Vaughn Gardner releasing a brand new album remember Darren go check that out Give us some support show that love with 50 people telling us the worst thing about their state We got the honest trailer for the Oscars the new short from Disney Pixar called Kitbull Slo-mo guys gave a slow-mo Birds. You got some binging with Babish goodness. If you want to see the full versions of everything I just shared the secret link of the day really anything at all links as always are in the description down below and then let’s talk about the current state of advertising in actually a few different ways the first being according to reports the state of digital advertising is better than ever possibly to the Detriment of traditional advertising and you know, we’ve talked about this from time to time over the past few years back in 2017 We saw advertising in the United States surpass that of TV advertising but what we’re talking about today is all traditional advertising versus digital Right now according to a report and projection from a mark digital is going to go from 2018 one hundred eight point six billion to in 2021 one hundred seventy two point three billion whereas traditional Will go from one hundred fourteen point eight billion in 2018 to only one hundred four point three billion in 2021 And I know I say only if you’re in the traditional space that’s incredibly concerning if you’re in the new digital space, very exciting Really of course isn’t the most shocking news because it’s just people’s focus has shifted over the past ten or so years Also another piece of this story when you’re talking about digital advertising. It’s important to mention influencers, even though most people hate that term Yeah, reportedly according to a report from recreate coalition collectively creators on platforms like YouTube Instagram, you know all of them in 2017 they brought in an estimated 6.8 billion and a big thing of note here is reportedly that doesn’t even include the revenue from places like Facebook Twitter Kickstarter iTunes Spotify and patreon and in the final bit of Advertising news is actually connected to a story that we covered yesterday as we mentioned yesterday There has been the story that has blown up around fear of predators on YouTube as I explained there I think the narrative that YouTube doesn’t care or YouTube’s not doing anything that is stupid and wrong Certainly, we’ve seen YouTube fighting this problem trying to advance technology doing mass hires mass deletions of video And as I mentioned yesterday I think the best way that we can try and help is if we come across Content or people leaving comments that are that are messed up and wrong or illegal We need to report but as part of this we had a lot of people fear-mongering to brands that advertise on the YouTube platform And so we’ve now seen advertisers pulling back And today we learned that one of the most notable is actually Epic Games who of course made fortnight reportedly an epic game Spokesperson saying we have paused all pre-roll advertising through our advertising agency We have reached out to Google YouTube to determine actions they’ll take to eliminate this type of content from their service personally what I would say to epic games and really Other brand out there that’s saying something similar This is something that YouTube has been Consistently fighting both videos and in comment section and once they were made aware of the offending content, they handled the situation which is once again why it’s important that instead of saying like YouTube allows this and they’re happy about it is once again, That is an insane argument. The best thing we can do is report disgusting monsters like we would anywhere else on the internet Don’t only I guess the way that I’ll end this part of the story is apex Legends is a superior game to fortnight’s is not based off of their panicky decision to pull their advertising. It’s just my personal opinion I actually mean that because epic games is by no means the only Company being panicky right now and actually since I just mentioned YouTube there, I’ll tack this story to the end of it It appears that we are in the YouTube end of days, which is just a dramatic way to say it Looks like PewDiePie is about to be passed by t-series as a recording this video. They are only separated by 9600 subscribers people say once he does get past her if he does get past. It really doesn’t change anything He’s still the most subscribed youtuber it’s like him versus a massive massive company and a Huge emerging market and what we’ve seen over the past few months of people supporting him I think it really speaks to just how much the community cares about The personality is behind the channels by the people over corporations or something They see as machine like you got creators small and large saying do your job subscribe to PewDiePie I’ve seen and talked about Pro-PewDiePie hackers putting the SUBSCRIBE PewDiePie into places you wouldn’t expect into the world then signal boosting the campaign goobers like Mr. Beast doing stuff outside in the real world like at the supe- Mmm- Can I say that word? The “big game”. But it appears that the Swede has one last hope that is according to Elon Musk Unless he’s just trolling everyone he and Justin roiland from Rick and Morty are going to be doing a meme review Which could be huge for Felix and cause a new surge. Also, I kind of predict and feel like there gonna be some click hungry journ-o’s out there They’re gonna bring up old controversies around this and tie. That’s Elon which I personally believe would end up actually only helping Felix. Yeah it’s just been really really interesting to watch and we’ll see what happens next and then let’s talk about the domestic and international news that Is the Trump administration announcing that it will be launching a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality? worldwide and it appears that there is a focus on countries in the Middle East Africa and the Caribbean wherein many come There are laws that criminalize homosexual acts that’s had to keep this thing moving according to a 2017 report from the International Lesbian gay bisexual trans and intersex Association over 70 countries have laws that criminalize homosexuality in some way Although I’ve note here some countries like India have changed their laws since this report But of course still the number is very high And in fact in eight countries homosexuality can be punishable by the death penalty and as far as this ever being made by the Trump administration It will be led by the US ambassador to Germany Richard Grinnell Who is the highest ranking openly gay official working in the Trump administration last night? Grinnell hosted a dinner in Berlin with 11 European LGBT rights activists to discuss the strategy of the campaign and in a press conference yesterday Deputy spokesperson, Robert Palladino said this just really it’s not a big policy departure. This is Long-standing and it’s bipartisan. This is a a Good opportunity to listen and to discuss ideas about how the United States can advance Decriminalization of homosexuality around the world and that’s that’s been our policy And while we see Paladino, they’re saying you know, this is a long-standing policy we’ve also seen reports saying if this effort may have actually been inspired by a recent event in Iran there we saw reports of a 31 year old man was publicly hanged on charges related to the country’s anti-gay laws because Iran is one of those eight countries that has the death penalty for homosexuality And after this execution Grinnell wrote an op-ed in a German newspaper Condemning this incident writing this is not the first time the Iranian regime has put a gay man to death with the usual outrageous claims of Prostitution kidnapping or even pedophilia and it sadly won’t be the last time they do it either our Barrett public Executions are all too common in a country where consensual homosexual Relationships are criminalized and punishable by flogging and death and adding government’s that are members of the United Nations have an obligation to protect Respect and uphold the dignity and fundamental freedoms of their people also around these efforts we’ve seen speculation that the Trump administration Might see this as an opportunity to further condemn and isolate Iran Which of course has been a major part of Trump’s foreign policy strategy But also a thing to consider is that on top of isolating Iran This move could potentially affect the United States relation with countries that have been allies like the UAE and Pakistan Both are seen as US allies and both have laws criminalizing homosexuality And so with this you have some questioning, you know Will Trump actually push forward on anything where you have situations like not related anything LGBT But you have situations like the khashoggi killer intelligence agencies all this stuff pointing to to MBS being behind, right? But instead what we hear is we have a big arms deal with them There’s a lot of money and jobs at play And so you have some people questioning if there would be any actual follow-through But specifically with the situation at hand today, we have seen some interesting reactions Especially from some organizations that have criticized this move as potentially incident C right you had GLAAD tweeting We believe that the Trump administration will work to protect LGBTQ people around the world if they had not attacked LGBTQ people in the US over 90 times since taking office which that included a link to the Trump accountability project which listed dozens of the times as administration of made decisions that could hurt the LGBTQ community and to give you kind of an idea of the specifics that they give there they include things such as the Transgender military ban as well as the decision not to add a count for the LGBTQ population in the 2020 census They also saw the Human Rights Campaign reacting on Twitter saying the Trump pens Administration has consistently Worked to undermine the fundamental equality of LGBTQ people and our families from day one then tweeting a thread of examples where they claimed that Trump’s administration had turned a blind eye to the reported violence in Chechnya and turned away members of the LGBT community seeking asylum It was also an article an out magazine that called this an old Racist tactic writing rather than actually being about helping queer people around the world campaign looks more like another instance of the right using queer People as a pawn to amass power and enact its own agenda however Some of these criticisms of course have been opposed even by some members of the LGBT community itself few people like Dave Rubin Responding to the out article piece tweeting alternative headline a magazine throws gays under bus an effort to be anti Trump as far as where I personally land on this issue as far as the Trump administration or Trump himself is intent behind this my opinion Is that as long as there is follow-through? I kind of don’t even care about from sin tent right if in any way this push could help the LGBTQ population of insert Whatever country great and fantastic and we’re turning a blind eye to allies or people we want to be allies Not great, pretty shitty and pretty transparent. Then what the strategy was and the intent behind it Then intent would matter it was all a ruse you use the LGBT community as a shield for your political agenda But ultimately we have to see what actually happens but I I cheer on any move that actually helps equality with that said though I’d of course love to know your thoughts Do you think that this is all kind of just a smokescreen? And then using a commune as a shield to do something else with no intent to actually help war Do you feel like this is a genuine campaign that we will hopefully see progress Positive change is really just any and all thoughts on this I’d love to hear from me and that’s where I’m going to end today’s show Remember, if you like this video you like our dives into the news. Let us know hit that like button Also, if you new here you want more be sure to subscribe maybe ring that bell – turn on notifications They work sometimes honestly at this point is usually just a better bet to follow me on Twitter at Philly D and turn on notifications There also over there sometimes say things that are you know, somewhat enjoyable and not completely stupid also If you did have it a mess yesterday’s Philip DeFranco show the last extra morning news deep dive You want to catch up? Just click or tap right there to watch those lots with that said, of course as always my name’s philip. Defranco You’ve just been phill’d in love yellow faces and i’ll see you tomorrow twice You’re welcome

100 thoughts on “WOW! Pewdiepie’s Last Hope, Advertisers Start Panicking, Gen Z’s Biggest Problem, & More…

  1. hey you. yeah, you with the face and body, you're cool. just you know, in case no one told you today. <3
    Depression & Anxiety Study (00:31), TIA (2:59), Digital Ads (4:31), Trump Administration LGBT (8:32)

  2. Wow I knew kids were more stressed now but the % shocked me.. I don't recall having anxiety until almost 30.. I mean yes i had school and job stress from time to time but I didn't get anxiety until recently.

  3. I think saying you cant tell iran to stop killing gay people because you arent telling other countrys is an insane idea. You cannot change the world overnight.

  4. I get the criticism on LGBT issue – looks very much like a human rights campaign with neo-colonialist seasoning. Not that I argue against decriminalization of course. The issue is that if you come with good intentions but from the wrong angle it can backfire or just be useless – and in this case it looks like US might be in this exact position.
    Even just lack of local knowledge can lead to horrible consequences like in Chechnya. An ethnically Russian and living among Russian majority activist trying to gain some ground dor a complaint to ECHR and in the end inadvertently putting in tremendous danger Chechens who happen to be gay or know gay people.
    So no Phil. Not ANY move helps equality. A lot of moves push it further away and even possibly lead to misuse of human rights ideas.

  5. I just want to remind people that YouTube is not just punishing the commenters, but the content creators videos that the comments are made on. Even if the video is just fine.

  6. How ironic that the republican party will be leading the fight against criminalization of gay people when it was evangelical christian ministers who go to african churches and nations to push for laws in those countries making it illegal.

  7. I agree with you on the LGBT thing Phil. As a lesbian female it’s odd that his administration is doing this considering that his past actions have been against the lgbt but also if it really does help make a change in the other countries then who cares. Hopefully it helps make a change for the LGBT to have more freedom.

  8. This morning my friends asked me why I'm not stressed about picking colleges or thinking about my future and it's because I can honestly say that I don't believe I'll make it to graduation.

  9. Wait wait the Iranian guy was also responsible for the “abduction of boys,” yet they executed him because he way gay?!?!? TF iran?

  10. If there is one way to make a self-absorbed billionaire not support something is to say the thing he supports is against him. Plus, people can be ok with homosexuality but against transgenderism and vice versa.

  11. Several things: if you were born in 97 or later, you are Gen Z. The people claiming depression and anxiety are an issue are likely not suffering from clinical anxiety and depression — *so they are not anxious and depressed*. The vast majority does not suffer from these mental illnesses. Feeling nervous about things, stressed, or down once in a while does not necessarily qualify you for those labels. The watering down of these serious issues only further compounds issues for those who actually have these clinical illnesses.

  12. As much as I am fervently against the criminalization of homosexuality, I'm also fervently against America meddling in the ideals and laws of foreign countries. It's turned out very badly for us in the past and even worse for the countries whose coups we've funded.

  13. i think it's disingenuous to frame the trump admin's new policy on gay rights around the world as either "it's a smokescreen and he won't help" or "he helps and that's a good thing". The administration could totally apply pressure to some countries and yes, that can be a good thing for gay rights in that country but we STILL have to interrogate the intention behind that. Especially if it's being used as a proxy to apply sanctions on another country, Iran, that the administration's National Security Advisor is KNOWN to want to bomb the shit out of for the past 15 years!!!


  14. What if PewDiePie and T series joined together to become the OG YouTube channel that no other channel could come close to in numbers?

    PewTPie Series. They could take over the world

  15. Serving in the most sensitive, controversial, and often high-stressed (for good reason) military in the history of mankind (sorry, "peoplekind") is not a human right..

  16. 8:40 how weird that trump is friend with the guy in charge of russia and that the military are attacking gay peoples in tchetcheni wich is russia and that now trump is doing it too…

  17. If these kids are worried about stress and anxiety in school, they are going to have a tough landing when they realize how easy school it compared to the real world. lol

  18. Wow my teen cousin seemed really depressed, he’s got no hope for the future and doesn’t have direction in life, it makes me want to cry I just want him to be happy, I wish their was something I could do.

  19. Why are you being suggested to me still? I blocked you when you came out with your initial video on the Covington high school kids and then you didn't take personal credit for spreading false lies.

  20. and I'm engaging only because I can talk about Ireland, 1993, that is the year homosexuality was decriminalized and 2015 that is the year we voted for equal marriage, as people we are not perfect, but please join us in not killing or oppressing those we may disagree with

  21. On the first story, I graduated 4 years ago. I remember we had a kid commit suicide and in health class our teacher asked us to raise our hands if we ever felt suicidal and every hand in the room was raised. My cousin graduated last year and was stabbed in Class by a bully and ended up hospitalized with suicidal thoughts & my younger family members aren’t doing much better. There is a clear problem here but I don’t have the answer on how to fix it.

  22. i actually rolled my eyes when i heard about trump "supporting" lgbt ppl. i agree its great if there's actually follow through but it seems like a shield to make people stop talking about the trans military ban

  23. Girls know they won't need as much money because they expect their significant others to cover it.
    Don't live int he same house? You'll chip in on her rent. Live in the same house? She won't pay rent. Etc etc.
    The number of 'strong independent female' modern feminists I know who can only afford nice things because a man pays for their rent is pretty high. Come on ladies, most of us support closing the wage gap, etc etc, you need to expect to pay your own way. Until you have kids, then its a different story.

  24. The gap between me and the younger generation became painfully clear yesterday in the car. I was driving with my husband and we had the radio on, it was the top 40 of the week. And there´s a lot of dutch rap songs in the top 40. I can like certain rap songs, but those songs were just garbage. To me and my husbands opinion then, they were in the top 40 for a reason I suppose. So my husband asked me: "Are we so strange? Are we the weird ones because we don't like these songs?" And I turned to him and said: "Nah, honey. This is music for the youngsters. We're getting old."

  25. This guys last hope of subscribers is attacking pewdiepie but don’t matter he’s not on the same level. Number one on trending that’s who your dealing without

  26. Decriminalizing homosexuality? Uh. NO! Get that garbage outta here. If you want to support that crap in your country, do you. However, if you think you can tell other countries to decriminalize something so universally rejected just because YOU like it, you're out of your mind. It's wrong because religion says so. Laws of man is superseded by laws of God. Period. Thankfully, Africa and the Arab world have sense enough to never allow this disgusting proposition.

  27. Of Corse depression is a problem with young people! The world is going to end two weeks after Trump becomes president…
    No 2 months…
    No 8 months…
    No 2 years…
    Wait no, 4 years. Ya that's it, the world will end in Trump's 2nd term!

  28. In the Iran caption, did Phil completely miss the part in the title where it said abduction of boys? Kind of plays a part in a sentencing don't you think?

  29. Dave rubin is a freaking shill he supports those who truly believes that he deserves a fate worse than death just because he likes dudes.

  30. They don't care what Trump says. He could just say murder is bad and they'll find some way to disagree with him because orange man bad.

  31. As a 14 year old girl, I don’t believe school is the problem. I like going to school and challenging myself. I believe the problem is social media. The things marketed to both boys and girls is ridiculous. Such as drugs, certain Body types, brands, etc. When you don’t have these things you are seen as a loser. I don’t think school is perfect but social media for sure is toxic.

  32. People need to cease with this worry of T series passing Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie's content has debased and eventually, someone will take over. Can you guys shut up about it?

  33. I am Sarah and I am 13 in the 8th grade. I really do think that depression and anxiety are a major problem especially because most of my friends' parents are saying that people that say they have one of these mental disorders are just doing it to get attention so most of them don't want to tell any adults which then things just to spiral out of control. that's just my opinion.

  34. Thanks to whoever did the CCs but it honestly pisses me off whenever people throw in their own shit to be funny. There are people that rely on these to understand…

  35. If kids today really care more about feelings than people starving to death then we are doomed. This is coming from someone who was actually diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety(among a plethora of other things). And as someone who has experienced homelessness. How seriously pathetic and misguided to think their feelings are more important than peoples survival. Im honestly disgusted and disappointed

  36. I almost cried when you read that statistic.
    My depression started when I was 6 years old and I also have BPD.
    My best friend also has BPD and we got the shit bullied out of us in middle school.
    We were diagnosed with 18. 18!
    All this pain we and so many other teens have been through, could've been much less, if somebody listened to us.
    To teachers: I still had really bad anger issues in 10th grade. Which is not normal. In primary school they overlooked me beating my teachers and I kind of understand that. But me cutting myself? Screaming at teachers? Bursting into tears all the time? Are you serious?
    You did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    And to parents: I know "Its not just a phase, mum" is a meme, but sometimes it really isn't. My mum waited to get me to a doctor, because she thought it was. Until I tried to commit suicide at the age of 18.
    And even if it was a phase, does it matter?
    Your kid still suffers.
    I hope we can do better, when we grow old.
    Because we will understand what they are going through.

  37. When the vast majority of things you do or try to do involve deception, I think the safest bet is to say what comes next is deception. It's a known tactic of his to try and point the other way to distract from what he's doing and I see no reason to believe that this is any different

  38. PewDiePies last hope…..lol I love watching his channel but anyone with a brain knows this is just something big ppl watch making both channels a huge chunk of money ,..

  39. Also FYI there is a list of over 600 attacks since Trump was elected, real attacks that have been proven toward Trump supporters. You rarely see anything from the right toward the left, and many times the crimes was proven made up. Nothing is said on the actual violence done toward the right because the MSM is making it OKAY to hurt people based upon them being right.

  40. Im a Gen Z and I can confirm a lot of us are extremely stressed. Im not sure whether we actually get more work or not in school or college or what it is exactly, but I went to a magnet high school where a lot of people were seen crying their eyes out every other month from all the work we received, and now in college I have 7 essays to do a week. I'm completely burned out, sleep deprived, and losing motivation

  41. Imo:
    No one uses minorities for political gains like the democrats so— lol it's like Phil said, whatever means moving in the right direction

  42. I would say that President Trump is being genuine. Look at what he is doing for the African American community and prison.

  43. Is it just me or does what Gen. Z feels most worried about feel like it comes from a very self centered perspective?

  44. Trump wants to stop anti gay stuff around the world.
    LGBTQ+ : tries to bash it and brings up marriage/army… there is gays dying… and you want to make it about yourself… we can figure the marriage/army stuff out later. Lets stop gays dying first…

  45. Got high hopes for American finally putting it's power to do something good. It feels ironic given that I know a large portion of America will hate this move, but if any country can make a big change quickly it is America. This year is also going to be the world's biggest gay pride day. I don't know if that is coincidence, but I see no better way to respect the event 50 years ago that saw people fight for gay rights. It's about time the rest of the world was pulled out of the dark ages!
    Even if it turns out to just me a smokescreen for getting support to bash Iran… Which is awfully likely. Trump's not secretive about his views on abnormals and wouldn't side with gays normally. But even so, it's still a fight I am glad to see Trump backing.

    As for Youtube, I agree that it's silly to say that Youtube supports exploiting children on Youtube. But it is not silly to say that YT doesn't care Phil. Someone who only reacts once the issue is publically shown to them is not someone you can trust to fix things. Just look at every other company and their well known staff comitting sexual assault. They willfully ignore anything that isn't brought up to public attention. This is the industry standard and it should never be treated as being not that bad. They are responsible for these videos here and they are doing little about it. My video of my friend doing a silly dance got hit for innapropriate content and I'm supposed to go "Oh yes they're doing something!". Don't make me laugh. They will act as lazily as possible and take out as many innocent people as needed just so they can appear to be doing good. They click a button and hurt the careers of many real entertainers. This is not something to praise Phil. Please don't take their side.
    Youtube is lazy and doesn't care. When they act to stop bad things, they hurt lots of good people too. They are iressponsible and reckless. They deserve no sympathy or respect at all. They are failing to meet the average expectations, let alone even attempting to rise above them.

  46. Being in Gen Z it feels like there are paths and steps to those paths, and trying to follow it we feel pressured and question "am i doing this right", we dont have definitive answer for things, we get a lot much anxiety and depression from daily task, personally, i dont think the school system gives much effort for our mental health, we dont get that "hey how are you guys feeling" and when we do we say "good" with a unhappy expression, and the person who asked isn't gonna follow up with a "are you sure", because it would take too much time and cant be bothered. We are locked up in a school sitting in a chair for hours, and some rooms without even windows, a feeling anxiety claws at our brains, we desire the relief from that bell to ring us too freedom from our asylum. There is no flavor in this drink of life. sorry for getting poetic at the end, this is just something i feel needs effort for once.

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