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World’s Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) – Editing LTT from start to finish

World’s Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) – Editing LTT from start to finish

you may have noticed that this video is
four hours long so thank you for clicking on it please let me explain I’m
terren the main video editor on this YouTube channel for the past three years
because we release a new video every single day I’ve learned how to edit
videos as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality and now I want to
share everything that I’ve learned with you in this tutorial that you’re
watching right now don’t think of this as a long tutorial it’s actually very
shorts since I’m basically compressing four
years of my video editing experience down to just four hours ooh not so bad
now this is I’ve already done a massive tutorial like this one and it was
tremendously successful with countless commenters saying it improved their
workflow and many saying that they watched it several times I think this is
the best comment I’ve ever received I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much
about anything in three hours as I did when watching that video so what I’ve
done here is basically just record my screens as I edit a typical Linus tech
tips video this includes live mouse and keyboard visualizations with history
along with the associated commands being sent to premiere so you miss nothing I
also had a mic running so you’ll be able to hear conversations between me and the
other people here as we all got our work done and I’ve done a fully comprehensive
commentary recorded afterwards now my speed optimized workflow was hugely
inspired by video games speedrunning but I’ll talk more about that in a later
chapter so this tutorial which is at least twice as good as the last one is
targeted towards video editors who are intermediate to extremely advanced this
is not a tutorial for beginners you guys can still watch but I am NOT going to be
explaining a lot of simple stuff so it might just get really confusing for you
if you want to learn the beginner stuff I do recommend lynda.com that’s the
website I use when I want to learn anything because it’s very comprehensive
even though they don’t sponsor LDT anymore
so get comfortable grab a snack and prepare to experience what it’s like to
make a Linus tech tips video no no none of that none of that okay so
I originally designed this video to go up on the ltte channel but after I
finished it we decided that it really wasn’t a great fit anyway let’s get into
it chapter 0 chapter navigation now the
current chapter title will almost always be visible at the very top of the screen
and in the video description there will be titles with timestamps that you can
just click on and go straight to any particular chapter or subchapter now
there’s a lot of prerequisite information that I feel I really need to
get out of the way in these first few chapters before the actual editing
begins however if you start to feel frustrated or bored and you’re just
gonna click away from the video instead what I’d like you to do is just skip
straight to chapter 6.2 that’s where the editing begins and you can really get
into the meat of it and you can always come back to watch these first few
chapters at some other time chapter 1 using YouTube’s interface as far as
keyboard shortcuts go J will rewind by 10 seconds k will pause and play the
video and L will fast-forward by 10 seconds furthermore with the arrow keys
you can use left to go backwards five seconds and rights to go forwards five
seconds and up and down will change the volume
however the arrow keys are not reliable because if you ever click on the seek
bar or the volume slider they become highlighted and then the arrow keys will
only affect that control shift period and shift comma are also very very
useful because they increase and decrease the playback speed which is
great for videos that just don’t get to the point quickly enough but don’t use
that on this video because the video I’m working on is already being watched at
double or triple speed so you won’t be able to understand anything if you do
that the period and comma keys however will be very useful to you because when
the video is paused you can press them to advance forward or backwards by one
single frame however sometimes it goes by one full seconds rather than one
frame which is really really annoying if you know how to fix this
let me know also for extra long YouTube videos if you click and hold the seek
bar that’s the red thingy at the bottom and you drag upwards it will zoom in and
give you a lot more room to find exactly where you want to go very useful now I
do strongly suggest that you watch this video on the YouTube calm website and
not as an embedded video in some other website and that is simply because an
embedded YouTube video player will show the title of the video on the top of
that video player anytime you pause and if that happens that text is going to be
covering up the text that I want to show you which are chapter titles at the top
of my own video so click through and watch it on YouTube so that you don’t
get all that extra annoying crap coming up off the top and off the bottom now if
you want to get really fancy you can right click and go to inspect element
and then go through here and find the element itself and just delete it and
don’t worry any changes you make are just client-side so if you ruin
something just refresh the page and you’ll be fine you’ll see me using that
trick when I take screenshots of web pages sometimes just to remove certain
unsightly or irrelevant elements from the screenshot chapter two things to
know while watching my tutorial okay first of all you should be watching this
on the largest monitor you possibly can at the highest resolution you possibly
can do not watch this video on a cell phone you must watch this video at 1080p
or higher because there’s a lot of small on-screen elements that you won’t be
able to read otherwise keep in mind that the exact time of day is always visible
on the bottom right hand corner of the screen down to the second that’s a
program called T clock Redux and of course there’s the keystroke
visualizations with associated command visible on the bottom left-hand corner
of the screen that was programmed using autohotkey and it does nothing other
than passively show that information Chapter three my hardware so I have an
up desk that can be mechanically adjusted to go up or down although I’m
almost always in a seated position I do like being able to move it a little bit
you don’t need this I have a highly adjustable chair from max anomic which I
like it doesn’t really matter what kind of chair you have as long as it has all
the adjustments that you need I personally like to remove the arm rests
tilt the whole chair as far back as possible and then scooch all the way
forward so that I can use my desk as arm rests this also means that I need a
deeper desk then I currently have but I’m gonna get that later by the way I
did make a fast as possible video that goes into a lot of detail about computer
and workplace ergonomics so check that out before you make any big
modifications to your own setup I have four monitors two of which are the LG 31
mu 97 – B’s but I don’t like the aspect ratio on them it’s 17 by 9 which is too
wide in my opinion the perfect aspect ratio is 16 by 10 but Linus says they
don’t really make that aspect ratio anymore I have a Dell monitor like this
at home but the color accuracy of it is not very good even with calibration if
you’re doing color sensitive work which as an editor you probably are you’ve
just got to get something that can represent most of the Adobe RGB gamut
you don’t need 4 monitors but if you’re editing professionally you need to at a
minimum one monitor is not enough I have one additional keyboard and two extra
numpads all of which are programmed using interception and intercept CX e
which is a superior alternative to Lua macros however interception is still not
perfect and I recently found out that it only supports 10 of each device type
which is why sometimes I’ll plug stuff in and it doesn’t even work so I’m still
looking for something that’s even better you don’t need to get nearly so fancy
but I would suggest that you get a keyboard that has at least a couple of
macro keys on it so that you can begin experimenting with doing all that it is
very very useful to be able to chain commands together and if you don’t have
a keyboard like that never fear you can always use Auto hot
key to reprogram all of your function keys to be macro Keys themselves when
you are in Premiere. I have scripts for that it’s quite easy to set up.
my primary keyboard during this tutorial was the legendary Logitech G 15
however today I’m using the Corsair K 95 RGB with Cherry MX brown key switches
and it’s better in almost every way the mechanical keyboards subreddit really
doesn’t seem to like Corsair keyboards citing poor build quality and buggy
software however I have yet to encounter a single bug with the highly
customizable cue 2.0 software so I’m not sure what these guys are talking about
it’s safe to say that this is my favorite keyboard in the world and they
don’t make it anymore your mouth should be something that tracks well across the
surface of your desk and I prefer something wireless so that there’s no
cable drag either and if possible you should have macro keys on that Mouse
because more macros is better however I do not have macro keys the mouse I use
is very special because it’s the only one I know of in the world that does not
a grave 8 my RSI because I can click with my thumb and forefinger which has
made all the difference I’ll talk more about RSI later in the tutorial my
headphones are Bose QuietComfort 15 s I like them they are indeed very
comfortable which is important for headphones you’re going to be wearing
for 8 hours they should not clamp too hard to your
head especially if you have glasses they require a triple-a battery like every
week to work at all and also to power the noise cancellation which is alright
but it’s not good enough to cancel out any conversations happening in the room
that you’re in what you really need is just a quiet environment to work in in
the first place we don’t really have this since we’re all working in the same
room I’ll talk more about that later on in the tutorial I also have the pallet
gear and tangent ripple control surfaces these interacts directly with premier’s
sdk which allows for some for functions that you can’t do with
keyboard shortcuts however you won’t see me using the palette gear at all in this
tutorial it simply didn’t have the features that I needed at that time they
are slowly but surely adding more features in more programs and if they
keep it up I think these will eventually become indispensable for video editing
and other pursuits I’m recording – voiceover for this tutorial on the Razer
cyrene Pro which I don’t recommend because it introduces little crackles
into the audio or will over modulate it so I’ve had to redo a lot of the
voiceover for this tutorial now Linus tells me that this could be due to
incompatibility with the particular motherboard that I use so your mileage
may vary I also apologize if the voiceover sounds
a little bit different at times and the levels aren’t perfect I did my best but
it’s four hours long what do you want from me and finally the one peripheral
to rule them all the open BCI ultra cortex mark 3 super nova now I don’t
actually use this in my daily work but the idea is that one day perhaps decades
from now I’ll be able to use technology like this to remove all of my
peripherals and just use my brain to directly control a computer until then
this is just an interesting experiment as for my computer hardware I’m on
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with an Intel Core i7 69 50x CPU at 3 gigahertz
I’ve got 64 gigabytes of RAM and a generation 9 Nvidia Titan X GPU it’s
pretty hardcore it’s all inside a Corsair crystal 570 X with lots of
unnecessary RGB you can see the full details in this video we store our
footage on a server that was custom-built by Linus with 24 terabytes
of nvme SSDs in some flavor of raid with 10 gigabit ethernet connections to all
the editors at the very least you do need an SSD to store all of your footage
on while you’re editing it a hard disk drive is far too slow for that chapter 4
how I use autohotkey autohotkey is a scripting program with windows api
integration allows you to send keystrokes and mouse
clicks and do all sorts of really cool stuff basically I just use it to give
myself additional very powerful features that windows and Premiere simply do not
have so the first time that I launched a particularly interesting or useful
autohotkey script I will halt the tutorial while I explain it and from
that point on you can always just look at the visualizer to see what I’m using
at any given moment even if I’m not directly calling it out and I will also
provide timestamps in the video description – every single time that I
talk about a new autohotkey script so you can always go and watch those if you
ever want to know how a script works and of course all these scripts are free and
publicly available to download off of my github if you want to use them yourself
now if you’re not interested in autohotkey or automation of any kind for
any reason that’s ok you can just skip forward through the sessions where I
talk about my autohotkey scripts by tapping the L key on your keyboard and
then tapping J once so that you don’t overshoot but basically all that my
scripts allow me to do is the same things that you can accomplish manually
except much much faster chapter 5 preparing to edit the video
now I’m using OBS to record this and I’m using a very very nice multi monitor
automatic scene switcher plug-in which I will link to in the description so
here’s just a really quick view of the layout of those screens mostly I’m
working on monitor – that’s the primary so I have the calendar up here this is
that we tracked all of our videos and our integrations some of its blurred you
can see the razorblade late 2016 is due tomorrow which is on a Saturday on the
31st of December and that’s on floatplane it also goes up on YouTube
two weeks later on the 14th of January 2017 this is the video tracker which I
programmed using Google sheets and it shows who is responsible for writing and
hosting and shooting the a role and shooting the b-roll and editing for each
video that we do I am responsible for editing the razor Pro late 2016 video
today and is organized by floatplane release
schedule which is our early access platform that goes out one week before
YouTube and has no integrations and each time that we begin a whole new video we
just copy and paste a group of folders that have a bunch of assets in them
already in order to begin the process so I’m going to that folder on the server
which has the exact same name as it does on the trackers so I’ve copied and am
now pasting that name onto the project template that I have every one has one
of these but this one’s mine and here we go starting a new project now there’s a
lot of stuff in here already my main sequence in this case is a 1080p
Sinha form preview sequence just with three things in it and it’s already
shouting at me to change the name so I paste in the name that I already copied
so – floatplane to indicate this is for floatplane this is the early access
version so now I’m going to the all footage folder and I’m gonna drag the
entire folder straight into premiere into the root of the bins and it is
importing the footage now but my cursor is on the wrong screen so you can’t tell
now while it’s doing that I’ll go and check on the slogans first thing I got
to do well one of them is to get a slogan for the intro if you watch our
content you know what that’s all about so I’m just looking for one actually we
don’t do it this way anymore after these all ran out we started having the
writers put in their own slogans and that’s works a lot better
Linus made me do it is good enough so I’ll cross that off and go into here and
paste it in here ctrl a to select all pasted and ctrl W
is my mod to close the title or that’s done with autohotkey and I delete the
thing on there because what you’re looking at actually was a title overtop
of a nested sequence and the title is already in the nested sequence so it’s
also directly above the nested sequence just for the convenience of being able
to double click on it and get straight into that title okay so now I’m looking
at the all footage bin which is supposed to have all the footage but if I go into
b-roll one there’s a folder there that’s not supposed to be there that’s those
are clips from Linus and those are supposed to go in the El roll folder
which stands for Linus roll it’s a stupid name
but basically it just means clips from the writer with that said the webcam is
still pretty good even if it hasn’t improved much if at all
usually I don’t look at footage before I start editing the a role but in this
case I just wanted to make sure that these were done correctly
lonnis likes to record the webcam clips on the webcam which makes sense so now
I’m opening up the script and it looks like I have V 3 and V 7 here I already
spoke to Brandon and he told me the correct one to use is V 7 okay I
wouldn’t have known that otherwise so here we go we do use word this is word
2007 I know it’s stupid there’s probably better scripting programs we could use
leave a comment if you know of one the script here has obviously the whole
video and it has some comments now you can increase the size of the comment
section by going to that little menu thing I just showed you but it’s still
not good enough and if I scroll down you’ll see that a lot of the comments
are not even entirely there you see the little stupid little double triple lines
and then they go over here to show you more of them it’s horrible so instead of
relying on that I just I just spaced out the script like this so that the
comments always line up with the actual script itself so I’m just gonna fast
forward here for you because this is pointless I’m just making it easier for
myself to read through the script and then I save this as something called
Tarun ruined version because I’m gonna be making notes in here I’m gonna be
moving stuff around no one else you to use this version it’s just for the
editor which is me to mess around with and do stuff that I want so like I’m
deleting the stuff it’s not important to me and so on and so forth okay so
there’s the script and I’ve got everything all ready to go there’s the a
role and now I’m ready to begin editing so first I’m actually going to switch
from recording my screen with OBS over to shadow play instead and shadow play
is magnificent because it uses only your GPU your NVIDIA GPU to record your
screen and has absolutely no impact that I can find on the CPU but the colors are
slightly less accurate can only record one screen at a time but
I need really quick snappy response times when I’m doing the a roll cut so
recording with shadow play was ideal for this section chapter 6.1 the a roll
rough cut begins here but first I have to explain how a lot of autohotkey
scripts work okay so as the edit begins I’m gonna do four important things in
ten seconds first I set both audio tracks to mono using the right track
then I add a dynamics preset which includes a compressor and a limiter then
I add seven decibels of gain and finally go to the master clip to add a luma tree
LUT for color Corrections okay that was pretty fast so I’m just
gonna pause the video here for a moment I hope you see the value now in using
scripts and macros to automate your workflow because that would have taken a
lot longer to do manually if you don’t want an in-depth explanation you can
just skip to the next chapter where the edit continues but I’m gonna rewind here
and just explain each one of those tricks first up we have the mono maker
programmed in autohotkey of course and also launched with a single button on my
secondary keyboard or primary keyboard what it does is it opens up the modify
clip menu and waits for the color of the okay button to appear so that it knows
the panel is loaded and then according to whatever parameter you gave it it
will check either the left or the right checkboxes on both rows using the colors
of the boxes themselves to determine whether or not there is a checkmark
already in that box and then it presses OK to accept that and now we have the
left and the right track using the same audio because basically how we film is
we put the gain a little bit higher on one of the tracks just so that we have
some more dynamic range in case there’s clipping this next autohotkey script
you’re going to see me using constantly throughout the entire video it’s my
script to apply any given presets on to any clip or group of clips using a
single keyboard shortcut what it does is it uses premieres built-in shortcuts to
highlight the effects panel another built-in shortcut to highlight the find
box of the effects panel now takes note of the position of the caret which is
the blinking vertical line then it selects and deletes any text that might
already be in the find box and it then inserts the text that
want which in this case is 2.4 limiter so that will search for the preset and
bring it up to the top where now the cursor is able to move down and to the
right click on that preset and drag it back to the cursors original coordinates
thus applying that preset on to whatever clip your cursor was hovering over it
does all this within half a second and every time I use it it saves something
like 5 seconds which adds up enormous ly over the course of a day little side
note here obviously there’s no shortcut inside of premiere to do this for you
because otherwise I would just use that I’ve been bugging the Adobe guys to put
this in the program for real for maybe two years now but until they do everyone
else is stuck doing this manually every single time which is just horrible
this next script is really simple all it does is press f2 to open the audio game
panel type in seven to add seven gain and then it presses enter to apply and
then we have to wait for the little loading bar because premiere is really
slow when calculating gain for some reason and then as we are waiting an
eternity for that loading bar to finish I go up here to the master clip of the a
roll and then I use my preset application script again this time to
apply the LTTE color preset which is a luma tree color effect that uses
Brandon’s specially created LUT designed for our set with our lighting so now the
color correction for the a role needs no further tweaks okay here we have another
autohotkey script this is the well right-click playhead mod as you can see
and basically it just allows me to click anywhere on the timeline in order to
move the playhead the standard procedure is having to click all the way up there
at the very top of the timeline where all those numbers are it leads to you
accidentally entering different sequences and clicking on markers and
stuff and it’s just not as good because you don’t have as much of an area to
click on so basically how this works is in Premiere when I right click it looks
at the exact color underneath the cursor and if it finds a known color of the
timeline autohotkey will fire a keystroke
in this case backslash which in Premiere has
maps to the command move playhead to cursor the upshot of all of this is that
I can right-click on any blank part of the timeline and the playhead will move
to that location a14 in fact not much has changed out
really about machine either aside from the textured LTT designed by Edie
pausing a moment here to explain one more autohotkey script this is my
instant application switcher script which works using single button presses
that set as ctrl f4 but it’s actually triggered by the 15th macro button on my
Logitech G 15 keyboard so it’s one key press only I have five keys in total all
with their own dedicated applications they’re extremely close to my left hand
so that my pinky or ring finger can press any of them at any time and
pressing one of these keys will instantaneously activate the latest
active window of that particular program so even if I have 10 Explorer windows
open it will always open the latest one and this is incredibly useful when I’m
trying to move files around you will see me using this constantly throughout the
entire video and it is by far the best thing I’ve ever scripted I highly
recommend that you get this for yourself and I have a 10 minute long video linked
in the description which shows exactly how to set this all up it’s quite easy
and will save you an enormous amount of time chapter 6.2 all right that’s all
the prerequisite knowledge that you need and this is when the editing actually
begins okay so now that I’ve explained all those autohotkey scripts and you
understand them I’m gonna rewind we’re gonna watch the whole thing in real-time
it’s only 10 seconds and you’ll see how everything fits together and how fast it
goes alright so select the clip change the
audio to mono from the left channel apply the limiter 26 add audio gain and
go to the master clip and apply color correction and now we can begin editing
steen since launch in fact I bought it now very quiet on set as I edit this
just keep in mind that I remaps JKL over to ASD along with several other
useful and commonly used shortcuts so that they’re all directly underneath my
left hand I’ve had a review unit of the razor blade late 2016 since launch in
fact and here to ensure consistent audio levels while I edit I’m setting my
computer volume to 18 and then not touching it
I’ve had a review unit of the reasonably delay 2016 since launch in fact I bought
the unboxing experience right click playhead mod there which you won’t find
on the one that you might the story anyway it still Rossum normal
non-magnetized power cord hands contra razor to go with its 3 USB 3 ports audio
jack fundable 3 port and HDMI port but you gotta check this audio here to see
if he gave a note to the other one I didn’t do a pass of this for general
flow and I kind of broke it here hold on it nothing important it still rocks a
normal 9 mega x power record hint in fact not much has changed out really
about machine either aside from the textured ltte like it buy at the store
in fact not much has changed outwardly though the machine in general aside for
me the unboxing experience really hasn’t in fact not much a seen 160 by the way
my visualizer script is not always perfect this is supposed to be ctrl F
for 5 watt power adapter and some papers to accidentally throw away before you
remember about the earth and shit ripple trim here in fact not Angemon you wind
ripple trim in fact not much has changed outwardly about machine either aside
from the texture dip forward here that seems that I’ve been born from a desire
for RGB backlighting and one of the buttons on a 1080p 2016 500 bucks plus a
video card so it got Sun up I’m being one of the most noticeable day-to-day
and while the blade has been good enough for a while for me to use as a daily
driver for sometime just searching for where these clips line up the
improvement to the surface temperatures of the look with that said the webcam is
still pretty good even though it hasn’t improve my favorite laptop keyboards 50
model it seems to have been born from a desire for RGB backlighting and one that
bothers me pretty much every day has changed even going back a few
generations but when you look closely Razer has been absolutely refining the
experience the improvement to surface temperatures of the device during use
add/edit to all tracks and repeatedly clip a playhead what you just saw was a
very very simple autohotkey script in fact you can just do this as a regular
macro all it is is the combination of you which I have mapped to select a clip
at playhead and then control shift-d which i’ve set to ripple delete
in Premiere i did that to avoid cross talk with other shortcuts this is the
only autohotkey script that i had in my previous tutorial which is kind of funny
but anyway let’s just rewind and you’ll see it in action once more so make a cut
on the timeline f1f1 and we continue device during use being among the most
noticeable day today so this feels like there should be a paragraph break here
and that made it kind of hard for me to find it in the script so i just added it
in there and while the using the rolling edit tool here most noticeable day today
and while the blade has been 5000 use machines for my entire staff so in spite
of the very small improvements do I think the blade 16 is the best blade yet
you’re damn right I do let’s just hope that they don’t trash the 2017 model by
putting that awful keyboard from the play Pro on it or the next time I might
be from Apple and cut and this is our nonsense okay I can cut that without
even watching it skip that without watching it yet to check out my review
of a pro the bigger better brother and cut okay a real rough cut is done now
you might notice that I did not finesse those cut points very well they’re still
pretty rough and that’s okay because I’ll fix them up as I go later because
if I were to do really precise cut points on my first pass of the a role I
might actually lose a lot of work because I was making a really nice edits
and then it turned out that I should have skipped that whole section so I
fixed it up when I do the next pass here we go and pin tool to make them a bit
louder right there and go back and do a W to move the intro closer another W on
the other side to move that part closer and now that I’m done I just zoom out
and look at my work and holy moly there’s only five cuts in this entire
edits and that’s just because Linus is a very experienced host by now as you can
see he did basically 75% of the video without stopping but because I’m trying
to make an editing tutorial here I want to show you guys what it’s actually like
to edit the a role of a typical video where you’re gonna have to do a lot more
work than this so what I’ve done is I’ve added to this video the a role
cutting of the MacBook Pro 2016 video so chapter 7 MacBook Pro a roll rough cuts
after this is done we’ll go back to the razor video also unlike the previous
chapter I’m not going to be pausing this one to tell you about how a particular
autohotkey script works because I’ve already told you about them ok let’s
start her up again same start as last time first I do the mono maker this time
on left doesn’t really matter then I add the limiter and compressor using my
preset autohotkey script and of course on the master clip I apply the LUT that
Brendon has made for our color now actually at this stage he was still
messing around with trying to get it to work properly it was a little bit too
yellow and so I’m fiddling around here trying to figure out which version of
his LUT I’m supposed to be using and I end up using the temporary one that he
agreed would be ok it looks a little bit too blue honestly and we did fix that
later Apple products get covered to death and for the most part by people
who are adding back in that dynamics effect or more intimately familiar here
I manually adjust the gain to add 5 decibels I want to get it to just barely
kiss negative 3 so it’s important that that’s what we decided
sounds the best so now I’m going to take a quick look at the very first frame
which always contains the slate see if there’s anything unusual on here
anything I should know and I didn’t see anything so I’m going to continue and
just look at the script right now to make sure that I’m started where I’m
supposed to be and let’s begin Apple proble that familiar what this means
these stupid luma tree looks keep reappearing so I have to keep pushing
them back prospective buyers and mobile computers moving forward here we go
nope I accidentally cut that piece out because I thought it was useless see
that piece was useless you see I always gotta listen those little
ones anytime soon so that was an alternative intro
every Apple product has covered said death Oh
let’s see what let’s see what he did all the way over here cuz he might he might
be doing it again for all I know you see I always edit to the waveform always on
the first pass here you see that I’m setting my audio volume to some number
and then I’m not touching it and as before all of my most commonly used
shortcuts are directly underneath my left hand for quick access every Apple
product gets covered to death and for the most part by people who are more
user who so we usually keep our spoken word anywhere between negative 3 and
negative 15 and here I’m using my ripple delete clip at playhead macro again so
my MacBook Pro 2016 took so long to arrive because I I don’t even need to
watch this so I’m going to move to the next gap where he messes up and fix that
and then fix the next one and so on redesign keyboard a gigantic trackpad a
cooling session or heavy low but who’s a 50 500 milliamp hour diary a 5500 hour
battery a touch bar yup 880 by 1881 wide gamut display with
they blinding peak brightness a fuck a touch bar a bar battery okay so that’s
what I have to find a 50 500 milliamp hour battery a touch bar above the
comply eighteen eighty why gannets lane with a blinding peak brightness of 500 s
it’s absolutely stunning a surprise to no one by the way it’s not already loud
but very competent speakers a 5500 we have our battery 1 yep Fe 500 milliamp
hour battery a touch bar above ok now go to the next one if you mean by that is
2016 overpriced let’s start though with some spec discussion and there we go we
found it hard you get if by that you know and f1 yep if you mean by that is
apples markup over there cost from their suppliers hi yes let’s see you where he
starts here and iOS and iOS I wasn’t satisfied with where I made that cuts I
just went backwards got it see you just gotta look for the waveforms you get you
get good at it you can almost recognize words and IO is and i inte Intel
Thunderbolt see where that matches cut yep Intel’s under bolt 3 has some heat
go to this one making matters worse that’s what we got to look forward oh
yeah that’s an extra thing now see I always
gotta check those those might not be relevant but you can see that I matched
up the waveform and it was very easy to tell
oh where that belongs so let’s just cut the first has intentions go to the next
one and the palm rejection is out steady which I can’t really say about
absolutely it was is outstanding found it sometimes I get lucky and the pol
rejection is out standing palm rejection which I was really worried about when I
saw how big it was his post I like this first take of this so I’m
just gonna keep that minutes and the palm rejection which I was real
I color it purple because I’m not quite sure about it yet and W and the palm
rejection is outstanding and Q yeah I’m gonna keep it so I turn it blue again
out of the gate I absolutely is out standing cut well I can’t say the same
of the keyword I don’t hate it I’ll fill that gap in later and go the next one
see how quick this is pro means you want peripherals and gone bad
the true power users anyway whether that’s at least well I think afford one
hmm okay looks like he does the pro thing a
lot sooner than that pro means you want peripherals and back to the keyboard I
never got comfortable enough with it I felt like I’m going to work on a
longer writing project and taking suggestions mark won’t help anyone but
the most agree pro means you wanting project and taking suggestions mark
won’t tell anyone but the most egregious hunts and peckers which is exactly what
allowed me to come to peace with this product nothing unique is designed for
pros how many actually play pro create a professional writing out there and as
her programmers no sneaky cut apple has redefined the conventional products
makes sense to people mainstream now means browsing Facebook cuts I’m right
there not having a pro there we go and f12 cut that whole section or in the
case of the 30 NATO passive decent performance promise you want peripherals
and some decent performance Pro means you want peripherals and performance
which take two I like the best you want peripherals you want
peripherals and some I’m not sure why I decided to cut it together that way but
that’ll be covered by b-roll so there’s not gonna be a jump cut mana feel like
one of the kids anymore maybe to a Chester Baltimore spot to be a faster
and anyone beyond that the trip how he well those guys experience anyway
and anyone beyond that the trim power well anyways just putting down cap or in
the case you don’t even need the whoreson so you wanna feel like when the
cool kids sending me Twitter volume or scrub through YouTube videos little
faster will get you there and that’s where going beyond that through there
and cut both of those and now as for anyone beyond that the true power users
anyway at least they can afford one and thereby less than advertised battery
life and cuts and then go to the next thing
cue so thanks for watching guys like no done and then move that over there okay
see so that’s how you add it together a role now you can see that for some of
those cut together zai was really efficient and I found where I needed to
go right away and for others I had to look around a lot more and then once I
found it I didn’t immediately have a good idea of how I wanted to edit it
together because I had to listen to the alternate takes and so on and so forth
the footage you just watched is already a bit out of date there’s a couple more
things that I do now that make things even better so first of all I will make
sure that my a roll clip is set to dual mono and you have to do this from the
bin you cannot do it on the timeline and that’s what always screwed me up so you
go here you do this setting mono two tracks one of them left one of them
rights and then both of them will play simultaneously and it will not be in
stereo this is fantastic so if someone is shooting with channel left on a lav
mic and channel right on a shotgun mic you can very easily just grab that clip
grab all the clips change them to dual mono and then you don’t need to worry
about left right stereo nonsense however if you do this you will find that one
single mono audio track doesn’t sound as full or as rich as two tracks in stereo
if you double the audio back up again then it sounds fine but if you just have
one of them for some reason it feels like a lot of the bass is gone even if
you increase the gain by like three decibels is till the
quite sound right here let me just show you what I mean
putting up to four 1080p systems on one screen is great for control rooms
putting up to four 1080p systems on one screen it’s great
for control rooms if you know what’s going on there let me know but I’m still
learning how to fiddle with audio also I now use the audio track mixer which is
its own special panel to apply audio limiting and compression rather than
doing it on a clip by clip basis this is fantastic because you can do one setting
that applies the entire audio track for the whole time and you don’t have to
worry about it or fiddle with it I use these settings brick wall limiter
threshold negative ten margin negative three honestly it doesn’t sound the best
people have complained it sounds kind of hot it sounds a bit like it’s clipping
just a bit but this is a lot better than not doing it and having real clipping
and because there’s no presets for the audio track mixer I now simply have this
as a part of my saved template file anyway now we will return to the razor
video and now we are on chapter 8 the b-roll first pass this is where most of
the editing gets done so now I’m going to organize my b-roll I see I have
b-roll 2 in the top and b-roll one in the bottom so I’m just switching that
around I actually have a shortcut for back in the bins but I didn’t use it
there right here I’m using another autohotkey script that saves a lot of
time which basically just locks video track 1 and audio track 1 which again
there’s no internal shortcut in Premiere to do that basically how it works is it
searches for an image that I’ve already taken as a screenshot which corresponds
to the lock and then the little a1 or the little V 1 and then it clicks in
that area to either click the lock on or off and I do that because that way I can
use ripple trim and I can use a data to all tracks and I can do all sorts of
stuff without ruining the underlying a roll alright so now that I’ve done the a
roll first pass and probably taken a little break
I am going to the bin that contains the b-roll that I’ve already loaded in and I
scrolled through to load up all of the thumbnails anytime that you leave a bin
the thumbnails are destroyed so I just keep those bins open all the time going
into the script here I’m seeing that it refers to the El roll of this video so
I’m grabbing that folder and dragging it into the project root bin and you can
see there’s a lot of stuff in there that’s not supported these are just CSV
files that doesn’t matter we don’t need those that’s just stuff that Linus was
using to create these assets now el roll is our stupid silly name for linus roll
or Luke roll it’s just kind of an inside joke of this is the folder that the
writer will put all of their important assets into that’s what it means it’s
stuff from the writer anyway so now I’m able to begin the first pass of the
b-roll and looking at the script here it’s referring to clip from Christmas
prank video but because the working title that we use for the server
is usually not the same as what goes up on YouTube I can just use Google or
YouTube to search for this video find it immediately and then because it’s on our
own channel I can click the info and settings pencil icon and see immediately
what the original raw file name was for that video and now what I’m doing is I’m
deleting the old bad video exports we always append our exports with RC 1 RC 2
RC 3 each time that we need to export again because we’re fixing errors so all
those old exports we don’t need to save them so anytime I see extra exports for
a video that has long since gone out I will delete them to give ourselves more
space on the server so one of a kind bla bla bla bla give them away to my
employees let’s see here so we took a bunch of pictures of him pranking us
with these and again if you don’t understand what’s going on it’s because
you haven’t watched the Christmas quote prank unquote that he did to us so
because I edited that video originally and hundreds of others I have this sort
of internal mental library and catalog of all of the stuff that we’ve done I
don’t have to ask anybody I don’t have to bother anybody our new editors they
have to ask me all the time hey when did you get a shot of lionesses socks and
sandals and then I’ll tell them so having that backlog of knowledge is
valuable now again the keystroke visualizer is not perfect so this was
actually ctrl shift F which is set to frame size and oh my god do not ever use
scale to frame size which is very very much miss names because scale to frame
size doesn’t actually change the scale variable it changes some variable
somewhere that you can only change back by hitting scale to frame size again and
what it does is destroy the resolution of your photographs or blow them up so
that the pixels are as big as hams it’s horrible no matter what happens set
the frame size will change the scale variable up in the effect controls panel
and that’s the one that you should be using
anyway what I’m doing right now is using the ripple tangent to do color
correction this is a specialty piece of hardware known as a control surface that
is used with premiere or other applications which allows you to do
stuff significantly more easily than the keyboard or mouse would allow I
absolutely love the ripple tangents there’s a lot of things that do annoy me
about it like the fact that there’s only two programmable buttons what but the
pros far outweigh the cons and I’m wanting to get one of these for every
single editor because it just makes color correction so much easier and
therefore so much more likely that it’ll actually be done you can see the luma
Tory Scopes in the bottom right hand corner of the main monitor shifting
around that’s just me trying to modify the white balance of this photograph
which is just horrible and ultimately I don’t really succeed you do need to be
working with a decent photo or video to start off with if you want any chance of
making the color look good now one note I have the luma Tory Scopes visible at
all times I did some experiments previously it didn’t seem to slow
everything down but it might and going into the future I should really just
turn those off when I don’t need them okay so now that I’ve done that color
correction I’m just turning it on and off to see the efforts of my labor and
it doesn’t actually look all that much better but looks a bit better so
whatever we’re gonna go with it this is the Christmas video that I’m scrubbing
through trying to find some good footage of all the boxes
I got some shots of the presents I also shot this video like I
was on camera oh here’s a good shot this is something Linus tuck and I put it in
the video so let’s just grab that footage here not exactly sure what order
this will go at Christmas party okay then we cut to the Christmas party
that’s right that makes more sense that is the rate stretch tool which allows
you to well change the rate just by using the tool I have that on Y by
default but who knows what you would want to have it
on and Here I am using the luma tree to change the white balance of the room a
little bit more than it already has been this one also I copy pasted that lumetri
thing and I’m just trying to fix it up that’s this is the white balance that
I’m changing there we go those both look a little bit better and that refresh of
all the words on the screen that’s just because my script is so terrible that it
stops working after like a couple hours so I just have it refreshed the whole
script for the key key revealer just every 30 minutes which is such a janky
solution but I couldn’t figure out what the bug is so that’s the solution okay
so this is footage of Linus faking the receiving of the razor blade okay
I’m intentionally going to keep the audio in there and because it’s stereo
and I want it to be mono I use the mono maker again keeping the audio in there
because it adds some production and I know that that Chuck goes to that
because it was in the script I’ll show you that if you didn’t see already you
see there done zero zero eight eight so I already had grabbed that I hope this
is so quick and now we cut to the very
special blade let’s see one one five let’s go find it that looks like it’s
gonna be right there awesome see this is why we have the
shooters label there b-roll in the script as they are shooting that b-roll
because it allows for the intent of the writer and then of the shooter to be
communicated to the editor and ultimately to the audience
so here it says reveal shot with dope AF lighting which is doesn’t make any sense
so I’m gonna ask Brandon and that conversation was captured live hey
Brandon what’s your reveal shot with dope AF lighting
we will – yeah this is a quick cut cut cut and then I need a whole laptop yeah
yeah it’s the this one and it comes from locked it’s really fast okay I’m not
sure if you could have written that in here sorry I did those after the fact
and then after my trip down to zero so I didn’t put all the secondary really well
if there’s another one I’ll ask restless ball t addition blade that will suit
and be in the head and save a very okay so Brendan told me that these are
supposed to go together with dip to black so I’m finding a dip to black and
putting it in there okay it doesn’t quite come in at the right time soon be
in the hands of a very winner who graciously and it ends there I’m just
gonna put a marker instead of see if I put a marker it’s permanent but then I
think the program might crash if you put markers on footage because it tries to
save the marker onto the footage file rather than just in Premiere so
sometimes it just crashes it’s terrible so here I found a pretty good spot what
I need is like real quick the light coming in the light coming out this is a
thing that Brandon likes to do but he doesn’t always move the light in a way
that is conducive to editing it together in this way so you can see that this
shot he actually did a great job of getting it working but sometimes he just
kind of Flanders the light all over the place and I really don’t have a good
quick way to edit it together so yeah in that case I could use dip to blacks but
I could use those anytime I wanted the whole point of this is that it’s done in
camera and that makes it more cool so let’s see if I can do this one oh you
can select in-app points on the thumbnails as well I usually don’t let’s
see here if you double click it goes to the source monitor but again you should
already know that if you’re watching this tutorial
hand outs okay good enough let’s drag that one in let’s see if there’s any
more did I see if there’s any more I don’t know I’m gonna put the markers on
that one as well so now I have these three and I’m gonna see if I can edit
them together in a way that that works well and that won’t okay I want that to
cope sooner so I use the slide tool which I have map 2h it’s fantastic I
don’t use it often but when I do use it it is sure useful autosave and then
let’s do that oh I see okay I wanted them to go faster
because they’re not quite fast enough so if I use this and I map up I line up the
markers with each other yep there we go see that goes together
really well Oh perfect perfect timing okay and now
we go to the big shot but uh let’s see let’s start it there no right there come
on and does it hold yes it does okay there
we go see perfect there we go it actually begins a little later so I
actually could have used yeah I could have used cue right there too to move
that clip and trim at the same time because I have V one and A one already
locked so it won’t interfere with them and notice I did a J cut right there
where the audio starts before you see it J cuts are more natural because you’re
hearing something before you see it which is very similar to the way that
real life works where you’ll hear something and then you turn your head
and you’ll see it just you know fun fact for you I learned that from I forget who
it was some famous editor a guy and the opposite of that is called an elk cut
where you see something before you hear it anyway what I’m doing now is I’m
adding some animation ah there we go to move the logo so your eye is drawn right
to the little square excellence because you’re probably looking at the logo also
the color correction on this shot is kind of terrible the logo is not nearly
green enough that looks nice so I think am I going to change the color
correction let’s find out get-along was a little fast so I changed
that up that begins a little quickly so I’m going to once again just make sure
that here we go just make sure that that begins gradually you can see from the
top one now hang on I’ll see it move backwards you don’t want that so from
the top one if I move that to be a horizontal line it won’t move backwards
and there we are very nice I actually have never done that before
but leading the eye to where it’s gonna be for the next shot is always a nice
trick and saving my project because why the hell not
Oh what I’m doing here is I’m just coloring the footage so one of the
b-roll bins I colored sky blue the other one I’m coloring red and then because I
didn’t do it beforehand I have to go back and do that on the timeline as well
and that helps me a lot just when cutting to just differentiate
between the a role and the B role because sometimes sometimes they get
mixed a little bit there’s a good reason for that and you might see that later
like if I have to do a transition in a very particular way I might have to move
the a roll footage up although I hardly ever do so at this point let’s see
what’s going on here I am looking for the next shot and I just read it I’m
looking for this one oh there it is he’s taking the doubt okay so now that I’m
done with that let’s see I’m just making a note to myself taking a break now that
I have finished just a little bit and that’s really actually really important
I have found that your mental state is important when editing it’s not just
about how fast you can edit it’s also about being in the right sort of frame
of mind and if you don’t make it to the right frame of mind you’re going to be
inefficient sometimes it helps to just walk away also it’s good for your body
you know you don’t wanna be sitting down all day so there it is and break over
now the experience really hasn’t changed
okay let’s see what the script says here Lam done 0:08 five find that here I
could use the search box the fine box but it’s actually faster for me to just
scroll through and find it myself most of the time but that ooh that’s a long
clip the unboxing experience really hasn’t changed a lot since the original
razorblade 14 you get a laptop razors character the unboxing experience really
hasn’t okay so here obviously you can see I’m just trying to sync up what
Linus is saying with the visuals on-screen which is kind of hard cuz it’s
one single shot that has multiple things going on so I actually have to cut the
shot in half in little pieces and try to do jump cuts is basically my only option
here because I don’t have alternate angles notice of course while I’m doing
this I am able to use Q and W I’m able to use add edit to all tracks and other
things that would otherwise interfere with video track 1 and audio track 1 but
because they’re locked it’s not affecting them and I used the lock
feature a lot less before I got my autohotkey script to do it with a
keyboard shortcut one thing that’s important to know is that I have
composite preview during trim off if I had it on then you’d see more than one
little view up there in the program monitor and also premiere would be
potentially extremely slow because that feature is bugged right now get a laptop
razors characteristically compact 165 watt power adapter
it really hasn’t changed a lot since the original razor
blade 14 razor blade 14 you get a lot some video
editing is just gonna be kind of tedious or you look at the same
shot and listen to the same words over and over again trying to get the timing
to work. You know, timing is really important. you can expand time, you can
contract time. if you have only one shot, sometimes you’ve got to expand that out
and make it last a lot longer or you got to cut down one shot or if you have a
bunch of shots sometimes you got to swish it all together or just don’t use
a lot of them. 165 watt power adapter and So Linus has a list of words he likes to
have censored on the channel this one is included it’s kind of funny though he
didn’t know I was gonna make a tutorial out of this so he used some strong
language here to indicate that his strong language should be censored which
it will be but not before I censor it in this tutorial so you’ll see that so one
thing you might notice is that I actually dragged from the little video
icon down onto the timeline rather than using the insert and overwrite commands
which have keyboard shortcuts that are associated with them and a lot of people
will edit this way it’s called three-point editing but I don’t like
doing it because premiere does not have the features that I need and the track
targeting and the source patching are not nearly controllable enough for me to
be able to use insert and overwrite effectively the source patching always
stays on the same track and there are actually presets that you can use to
move the source patching around and I do but there’s no shortcut to disable only
video source patching or only audio source patching there’s also no shortcut
to just insert only video or only audio same with override and when I drag it
down from the source monitor I can also see exactly how long the clip is gonna
be before I put it on the timeline and it doesn’t move the playhead when I drag
it down there are shortcuts for track targeting but they’re all toggles making
them useless to me because there’s no guarantee of if a
tracks gonna be on or off because it’s always based upon its last
state i’ve watt power adapter and some papers oh so here what I’m doing is I am
rescuing the audio and some papers – sometimes your b-roll clips have audio
associated with them you can call that Foley and if you forget to bring the
audio out all you got to do is click on the clip and have the playhead over that
clip and then press well in my case it’s M for match frame and then it’ll appear
in the source monitor and then you can drag it from their back
onto the timeline with the audio included now I wish that premiere had a
shortcut where you could just click it and the audio would just appear but of
course that feature does not exist about the earth and shit in fact
okay so you can see here that I’m using yet another autohotkey fancy-pants
script it’s called the instant sfx script I guess I have lots and lots of
sound effects I can load this way one of which is a beep for purposes of
censoring audio basically what it does is there’s a bin on my leftmost monitor
that is dedicated just to the most common sound effects that I use and
that’s a lot of whooshes and the script will highlight that panel because that’s
a shortcut in Premiere then it will highlight the find box then it’ll type
in a search query and then using the caret it will move the mouse down and
onto the icon of the actual sound effect as it appears in the bin then it left
clicks once to select that audio and previously it had used a shortcut to
load a source assignment preset yes that’s right those exist and those you
can find here from the little wrench in the timeline if you want to make those
and you can assign shortcuts in the shortcut panel and that puts the source
patching onto audio track 3 and then it presses control forward slash which I
have set up to the command over right now you might be familiar with period as
the shortcut for over rights however sending keystrokes like that using
autohotkey is dangerous because you might accidentally type something in
somewhere so it’s best to use the control modifier to ensure that a
keystroke is never accidentally inserted anywhere that you don’t want it to be
more ideal would be to trigger the command directly but I can’t do that so
I have to use more obscure shortcuts that include a lot of modifier keys and
that’s it the sound effects should now have been inserted into the timeline
assuming that nothing has gone horribly wrong which it often does and I really
need to do a lot more debugging on this particular script
the earthen so anyway now that I have that little beep noise the easiest way I
found to censor swear words is to just put the beep directly on top of the
audio itself which is destructive but it’s intentionally destructive and then
you use the one of these tools called I don’t remember because it’s all muscle
memory right now it’s the slide tool and also the rolling edit tool using both of
those you can very easily scooch around the position of the of the beep thus
covering it up exactly as much or as little as you desire if you want to go
less than one frame you can also click the hamburger the triple line thingy and
select show audio time units to get much smaller units and zoom in a lot further
Finch or you can do it the quick and dirty way
which is to use a single frame cross-dissolve engine which is what I
have done here earth engine in fact not much has changed outwardly I try to have
just one tiny part of the word audible so it looks like I don’t actually have
the footage for this shot or at least it’s not labeled so I don’t know where
it is so I’m just gonna add a marker and you can extend that marker either in the
marker panel or by alt left clicking and then dragging it but the first time you
try that you can only alt drag to the right not the left probably a bug keep
in mind also that if you click on that marker accidentally it’ll move the
playhead to the very beginning of the marker which can be very annoying
in fact not much has changed outwardly about the machine either aside from the
textured LTT designed by IDI which you won’t find on the one that you buy at
the store anyway it’s still rocks and I wasted a few seconds here doing nothing
important so we’re just gonna skip that so right here you see that I’m
recoloring one of the shots that’s called a label color and what’s
really really really annoying is that you can’t find these very easily in the
keyboard shortcuts panel so I’m gonna put up a little thing right here I’m
gonna show you look this is how you get to them Oh
scratch that in twenty seventeen point one I believe you actually can get to
the label colors just by searching for the word label so they did fix that
which is fantastic so you can see here
that the laptop actually does have a sticker on it and the entire point of
this joke was that you will not receive a D brand skinned or a stickered laptop
so the b-roll shooter wasn’t paying close enough attention to the script buy
at the store one that you buy at the store anyway at the store or anyway it
still rocks a normal not so I like adding little sound effects to the
b-roll in this case I tried to add a little beep to simulate Colton swearing
you can pretty much do that to any audio and it’ll sound like a swear but I think
that later I decided it didn’t sound like it was coming from Colton’s so I
end up cutting it back out our b-roll shooting has actually improved quite a
bit we now have meetings between the writer
whomever it might be and the b-roll shooter and they go over the script
together and they have a b-roll matrix which is an even more information rich
method of writing down what shots you intends to get and not have to have the
script there when you’re actually shooting because we’ve already looked it
over and this has actually yielded much better results because the writer is
making sure that the shooter is getting exactly what his nest
Cerie rocks a normal non-magnetized power-chord
hint-hint razor however as you will see in this video tutorial it has also led
to problems where we don’t have enough glam if any glam because everything
about the product is something specific however lately lately we’ve put an extra
note in that says make sure you get like three to five glam shots and that’s been
working better that looks like there’s two takes in here
here we’ve got ourselves an insane clown posse joke
which III know about insane clown posse just because of the how do magnets work
meme as power cord so once again censoring linus hint-hint
razor first i need to ensure that it’s mono rather than weird stereo i’m gonna
go grab this little beep from over here I would usually alt click drag to
duplicate hint but I didn’t need that there in the first place so I can just
grab the whole thing rough this in here hint razor to go with it hint hint
razor to go with it what okay so what happened here is around this time in
video was forcing everyone to upgrade to GeForce experience version three and it
was still really buggy and annoying and requires a sign-in and junk so I was
just helping Brandon reset his back to version two these days version 3 is
adequate so just finding some time there to help someone else because I’m a nice
guy yeah so here you’re gonna see that I tried to get the Linus in beer all
talking at the same time as the Linus in a role and I decide that’s not working
you can’t hear two people talking at the same
time so I’m scooching it over and then I’m messing with the timings in the
meantime while you see this happening in the background I’m gonna talk about
something completely different because this is boring hint raiser let’s just
talk about what not to do when you’re editing a video the number one greatest
problem I see on YouTube is sound effects and music being too loud
relative to the dialogue if you don’t know what I’m talking about go watch the
video what exactly is one second by James May
on head squeeze and just try to listen to what he’s saying
the video is very professionally done otherwise but the sound effects and
music should have been lowered by like 12 decibels maybe more and this is just
one of hundreds of thousands of possible examples
I know audio mixing is not always easy but it is very important another amateur
mistake that I see sometimes is having either no motion or no sound in the
video at any particular moment having no motion at all is especially bad because
how most video streaming sites work is they’ll keep the audio playing even if
the video is buffering too slowly so if you want to use a freeze-frame or
something you better make sure you know what you’re doing otherwise it’ll look
like a mistake also even with a static image on screen it’s usually nice to
have a bit of a zoom or a pan or something that keeps things more dynamic
and interesting after all it’s a video not a slideshow so you might as well
play to the strengths of the medium okay so once I have the timing of this
magnets joke figured out I’m gonna ask Brandon what the heck the next thing is
on the script because it doesn’t make any sense to me
so you’ll hear that conversation is starting now
Brandon and lattices playing shot we’ve got cleared things done yeah okay yes so
you scroll down it’s not in it so I did it two ways you can do it this is the
like more standardized way oh the clear holder yes what’s what are you guys
talking about was like so yeah so look at this this is
each side of the laptop sigh oh this is the same laptop yes blade which is two
of them Zi Zi both at the same time and so I just a rack for kiss or you could
like follow that it’s nerve-wracking to anything yeah from nothing today yeah so
no that’s that’s but I don’t I did that as a safety but like I think you want
like we talked about so I had pitched him this idea of like having a let go
across this way I think I want to go across that way
but I didn’t have hard enough White’s in the oil using stuff so I just did it
like kind of light reveal right you can use whichever you prefer I did both to
give you the option to see you bring up some brighter all of it yeah I think
this one okay so the keyboard visualizer is not perfect if you look down on the
bottom left here you see that it’s u L button il button o L button and that’s
just because I’m holding down the left mouse button as I am hitting its certain
keys so just you know keep that in mind that’s what that meant so anyway I found
the clip that Brendan was talking about because you know well he was there
telling me what was going on looks like I just grabbed a dip to black
straight out of the effects panel I don’t have a shortcut to apply the dip
to black transition and that is because you cannot save any of Premier’s
standard transitions as a preset and that is yet one more feature that I have
been badgering them to please please please add in but it’s been a year or
two by now interestingly enough you can save transition presets if they are
third-party transition presets what you got to do is select it go up to the
hamburger on the effect controls and say save preset that works with all
third-party and interestingly enough it also works
with the dissolve transition but that’s all and this will save all of the custom
settings you have applied to that transition as well as the duration if
you desire I have some autohotkey workarounds for applying transitions and
and fake saving transitions as like clipboard’ states but it really is not
very good and I just wish they had the feature in the program for real anyway
so here we have the next shot I wish that this shot was not done with a pink
laptop up in the right the upper right corner because it kind of knocks off the
sort of Fung Shui of the shot to have it so unbalanced towards that laptop like
if that laptop was the point of the shot then sure yeah totally go for it but in
this case it wasn’t oh well premier crashed there’s a lot of things that
waste my time when I’m trying to get a video done not having the footage
footage being poorly organized people being disruptive but when premiere is
being buggy you can lose hours and hours of time in a day Oh
oh this is so funny okay I’m looking through manually to find the latest
saved version of the autosave you can see that was 1137 whereas this one was
11:45 that’s the one I saved manually so it looks like the autosave stopped
working which is so frustrating and these days I actually now have a script
that will automatically find the latest saved file for me in any particular
folder of any particular file type however I did not have that script when
I recorded this video SP 3 ports audio jack so I had to do it manually anyway
here’s the next shot scrub through to find where the camera moves pumped that
on the timeline let’s see how that works Thunderbolt 3 port and HDMI port and
like it basically looks like the same damn computer still with the black
and actually if you look at the script you see that he does specifically call
out the fact that the computer is black so using the pink laptop not the best
choice there but this next shot is really nice still with the rubber feet
excellent move there okay so what what happens sometimes is Brandon will do a
move and then he’ll be like yeah I messed up that move let’s do it again
and here we see that that’s the actual move that he probably wanted me to use
because for that one with the rubber feet for that one he held the shot still
with the rubber feet it starts about here so he went okay
going with rubber feet going to the rubber feet and holding the shot but I
decided you know what his little oh crap I’m going to abort this shot move
actually looks really good even though it was an accident because I think it’ll
make a good lead-in to the next shot so let’s go see what the next shot is
because Lance is talking so quickly here that the b-roll needs to kind of keep up
with him so the fact that there’s actually a pan back out of that shot
might work to my advantage so let’s see here ah so he goes from he goes down and
then back up again so I’m thinking I could do a match cut right here so I’m
just lining it up bill with
you can see that I’ve got snapping enabled which kind of screws with your
ability to move stuff around but you can turn it on and off with a keyboard
shortcut – n still with the dime thickness but look at that the die haha
match cut okay that’s not quite a match cut what kind of a cut is that I don’t
know but it kind of messes with 3d space cuz it’s like you pan up and there’s
another table and another laptop whereas if you’re trying to maintain the dime
think the audience’s sense of spatial relations you wouldn’t do it this way
another way that I could have done that would be with a top to bottom wipe
however the wipe would probably need to be a feathered wipe rather than a
hard-line anyway moving on to the next shot I thought that last one was pretty
successful well with the bright green Razer logo on
the back here what I’m just a moment [Music]
there okay so what happened here is that hella one of our new editors called me a
way to help him with something to do with aspect ratio problems I don’t mind
helping other people with stuff like that because it means ultimately less
work and frustration for everybody now let’s get back to the Edit so what I had
done there just before I got called away was I went over to my various assets
sequence and I copied a adjustment layer that has embedded inside of it the
impact flash transition and here I’m just loading in some sound effects as
I’ve explained before logo on the back that causes gamers to rush this the
reason why I used a adjustment layer for that transition is because if you do it
that way you can get away with putting this transition across two clips that
are not butted up against each other on the same layer and it doesn’t work for
every transition but as you can see it works perfectly well for this one so in
this case the adjustment layer is basically just kind of an invisible
layer and yet everything on it will affect everything below it with the
bright green Razer logo on the back that causes gamers to rush the stands and
professionals to refuse to go into meetings with their laptops because
they’re too embarrassed even most of the key specs are the same ok so right now
I’m gonna go and search for a crowd cheering sound effect but that’s a
little boring in the meantime I’m going to talk about something completely
different because otherwise we’re gonna have dead air so there’s this concept
called a Lord privy seal or b-roll rebus where basically the editor has put
on-screen the literal noun of whatever the presenter is talking about with mr.
Wilson where mr. Douglass Houghton the Minister
without portfolio and lord longford the Lord privy see the
problem with Lord privy seal is that they contain no informational value they
can be funny and that’s a good reason to use them but like anything there’s a
time and a place for these and I really don’t like using them and I think that
there’s almost always a better option out there now you might not have access
or you might not have the rights to certain photographs or videos or pieces
of music or whatever else and perhaps there really is nothing that you can
show aside from a talking head and a bunch of Lord privy seal but at that
point I I just have to say well why are you making this a video if you really
have nothing to show you should just be writing an article anyway what am I
doing here it looks like I was just searching for some other sound effects
to put in Lowell Crowd audio and did I really call it that
[Applause] something that I try to avoid is using
sound effects that everyone has already heard a million times like this one see
what I mean I only use those ironically anyway I’m finding a nice crowd noise
I’m trying to find a crowd noise that will represent a bunch of fanboys
crowding the stage trying to get free stuff and I guess I went with this one
and oh here’s a fun trick so Linus gave me this photo and fricking non editors
man they don’t understand that you need the highest resolution possible of
whatever in order to work so I’m just doing a reverse image search for this
thing and then you click on more sizes and it will sort them by the largest
first so I’m grabbing this from whomever it is that uploaded it now sometimes you
get images that say that they are a high resolution but really somebody just
scaled up a low res image to a larger file size and it’s all blurry and crappy
but in this case I think mmm the resolution actually looks pretty
much the same it might be yeah mmm it’s it’s maybe marginally better anyway
apparently I think this photo was taken by Razer themselves so I did grab it
from some random website but the actual photographer was one of theirs and they
told us that we could use it and so we are using it
so this just goes in with a joke about on the back actually I’m not sure you
will have to read the script so here I am just putting on some scale keyframes
you have to unroll that little triangle menu in order to get to the on the back
that causes gamers to easing properties on the back that causes that’s what this
is if you don’t why am i explaining this you should already know that what is
this but is this a diaper show this is amateur hour over here mm-hmm
but the reverse image search not everybody knows about that
so gamers to rush the stands and proof there you go that’s a kind of a dramatic
zoom out I like that effect I think I learned that from watching cartoons
this is gamers trash day ozs game just reusing one of the woosh
noises here causes gamers to rush the stands and professionals looks like I
decided not to use it oh one thing that’s very very very important is I
don’t delete clips off the timeline if I don’t have to I will disable them on the
timeline instead I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that yet no I haven’t but I’m
telling you now so the default shortcut for that is shift e and I have never
needed to change that shortcut it’s pretty easy to do it’s right on your
left hand so I’ve kept it exactly that way and I use it all the time all the
time the only thing that you have to watch out for is that even a disabled
clip will still invisibly kind of get in your way so if you’re somewhere and you
double click on the program monitor it will still highlight the disabled clip
instead of the clip underneath it that’s not disabled and that’s really annoying
it’s one of my 200 problems with Premiere that I have a big little
spreadsheet of have I mentioned that yet I put it in my Premiere Pro problems
playlist it’s not fixed yet refused to go into meetings with their laptops
because they’re too embarrassed professional bands and prep but my
priorities are clearly different from Adobe’s priorities professionals to
refuse to go into meetings with their lap
adobe has fixed several of the bugs and put in some of the features that i’ve
suggested and as much as I don’t like to admit it the best way to get stuff fixed
in Premiere is to just use the wish form google it and you’ll find it
so anyway moving on here we’ve got we this is ridiculous we’ve got this fake
Oh business meeting with Linus because there to embarrass a m– to his laptop
so he left it outside and it’s sad about that I used to go into meetings with
their laptops because their to him to embarrassed yes very funny okay and then
you can see the close-up shot that it is supposed to cut too according to the
guidance in the script now I’m thinking this is pretty funny I want to add some
music to this but actually not a music it’s an orchestral hit I was oh hang on
looks like I’m accidentally clicked dragging this stop it okay it’s an
orchestral hit and I was just perusing the warner/chappell library that’s our
music library that we pay for and I I stumbled upon these and I thought they
were so great I thought they were so funny that I just just listen
[Music] but there’s so many of these in this
folder that I’m trying to find some method of viewing waveforms in either
premiere or in Explorer or or somehow as they are in an icon view so I’m
searching around I do this for a minute or two I’m googling a whole bunch and I
never find an answer it looks like there’s like a third-party application
that you can download but I don’t want to have to do that
so eventually I figure out that it’s not going to happen today but I still took
the time to try to figure it out because basically every day I’ll learn one new
thing and sometimes it turns out to not work and sometimes it does work and
eventually you know a lot of things so right here you can see we do in fact
have the waveforms visible in warner/chappell music library itself
[Music] [Laughter]
okay so from my laughs there it sounds like I’ve found the one that I wanted
see there’s so many of them that I didn’t I didn’t know which ones were the
which ones were the short ones there it is excellent okay a lot of time wasted
to find that one hit but again I I was trying to learn a few new skills failed
but could have turned out to be something by the way you see me sort of
stair stepping as I call it all of the clips on the timeline the reason I do
that is to maintain where I know the in/out points are for any clip of usable
material this way it’s non-destructive okay so you saw me reduce the gain of
this clip by 16 decibels now I’m just making sure both audio tracks are on
left and I also pin tool that down at the beginning because this extra super
loud sound effects like I said you got to be real careful don’t make them too
loud okay now before I begin animating this that bin of orchestral hits is
totally in the way I’m gonna put it back where it belongs okay so I’ve got two
shots here one on the left and one on the right I’m supposed to make them
match up they’re supposed to be played in sequence now here’s the thing I
actually waffle about with this for quite a while I try all sorts of
different things to make this work and I’m just trying to do it because I read
the script and I read the shot guidance and this is what I was told to do
however the problem is that this wasn’t shot in a way that is conducive to doing
that as you can see the bottom of the window is cutting off the bottom of the
laptop in the first shot but not in the second shot so I will round with this
for quite a long time and I’m gonna fast-forward through some of that but
I’m also going to talk about a concept called killing your darlings which is
very important for an editor by the way first off notice that I’ve already
pretty much got the shot working watch this because they’re too embarrassed
even most of the key specs are the same and then it pointlessly cuts to the
second shot again I don’t need to use that shot and I spend
way way too long trying to make it work killing your darlings is a concept where
let’s say that a movie studio you work for has gone and they’ve spent like a
week getting some really nice shots they’re these crane shots of a city
there’s this whole scene there’s this I don’t know choreographed dance it cost
lots of money but let’s say that the movie isn’t even a musical and such a
scene would be tremendously out of place in this movie and not in a good way
the correct answer in this case is to cut that scene do not use it and you
might get tremendous blowback from the people who worked really hard on that
scene but if it doesn’t work in the movie it shouldn’t go in the movie and
there have been times where I have deliberately not used a very nice shot
or shots that Brandon has gotten because they simply do not work I do have one
example off the top of my head there was this video what was it called aa project
backpack okay so this was a sponsored piece Brandon and Linus spent all night
filming all sorts of stuff and they filmed all of these really nice shots of
painting the wall there was like I don’t know thirty percent of the shots were
painting the wall and in the final edit I used four of those shots four because
once you know he’s painting the wall you don’t need to keep seeing it right so I
did not use the footage in proportion to how it had been shot when you’re in the
editing room it becomes very obvious what is needed and what is not and on
the flip side I was annoyed that they did not get enough footage of Linus
playing various different games I only have footage of like three games and I
needed four or five so I had to move other things around to kind of
compensate for that something else that I see a lot of is if you’re editing a
multi-camera shoot there is always the temptation to keep cutting to a
different camera just because you have so many cameras you might as well use
them right no you might as well only use them when absolutely
every cut must be done with purpose and if it’s better to hold on the wire then
hold on the wide okay so ten wasted minutes later you can see the fruit of
my Labor’s you can see this you know shot being matched up here and it just
it just doesn’t look good so after I deleted all the stuff that didn’t work
here’s what the shot finally ended up looking like to refuse to go into
meetings with the nataas because they’re too embarrassed even most of the keys
the fact that it’s a little bit blurry is actually kind of funny I don’t know
it’s it’s the sort of crudité of it is amusing okey dokey
next shot here looks like we’ve got shot 70 and I’m supposed to label it with
stuff okay that’s a unique shot does he do it again no Oh what I I don’t know
what his hands are doing is he pointing to stuff I don’t think I ended up using
that this shot is really long like really long am I supposed to cut it up I
don’t I don’t understand sometimes I just don’t know what the original intent
of a shot is if Brandon was around at this point I could have asked him but he
wasn’t anywhere to be found unfortunately sometimes they shoot for
something different from what ends up being in the script so sometimes I get
shots that don’t even work anymore because the plan has changed
so this may have been in the script at some points but it isn’t now and right
here I’m looking back through the b-roll bin maybe looking for an alternative
take but I don’t find it so this is the only take that I have yeah like look at
all this what is it what is he doing what’s he guessed during – am I supposed
to label stuff as he’s guest ring to it because there’s not enough time at all
and if you look at the script it doesn’t mention anything about hands pointing to
things the maximum nvme SSD sighs got doubled to one terabyte and the gtx 970m
from last gen okay here we can see that the next shot is 71 so let’s go just
find that and I guess I found it already this is just static it’s not moving at
all which is kind of annoying I prefer shots to have a bit of motion in them
but maybe I’ll add some motion to it later battery same though the maximum
nvme SSD sighs got doubled to one terabyte and the GTX 970 okay back to
the script we’ve got shot 71 and 72 coming up here I don’t know why the
cursor becomes invisible sometimes this is obs/xsplit/whatever
[Music] exit 89 well it says use the best take
sometimes there’s little notes obviously yeah it’s pretty good just messing
around focus is changing from the laptop to him yeah yeah it’s a good shot plop
that in there means the newest blade is a very capable little VR machine and
that built the Thunderbolt and each this is the ideal kind of b-roll yeah my port
to show for a point in the script like that okay next one shot 91 plug 2
displays into the blade there it is found it already fantastic
okay plugs in the displays looks through here
okay now here’s the trouble with doing all the actions in one shot lack of
coverage this shot has him plugging in one monitor and then another monitor
then he goes around to the other side it’s a one-er and the trouble with doing
it that way is that your timing has to be perfect so that the actions will
match up with the narration also I’m pretty sure that he’s plugging in the
cables in the wrong order from what he says in the script so they probably
didn’t have the script with them when they shot this which is why they got the
order wrong let’s see what he says here and that the Thunderbolt Thunderbolt and
then HDMI yeah they did it the wrong way so I got to do HDMI and then the trouble
is the cameras moving around so I can’t hold that shot for as long as I need it
they’re bolt and HDMI port can handle and then I can swap over to the other
thing yeah huh I want us to be able to be creative like this this is more
interesting 4k 60 Hertz can handle 4k 60 Hertz now more recently everyone’s been
paying a lot more attention to stuff like this where if we have a shot like
this we call it a choreographed shot and someone does in fact read through the
script as they’re acting it out can handle 4k a 60 Hertz now so you see I
used an impact push there once again these are transitions that you can get
from film impact net they’re fantastic they’re free for the first pack I bought
all the other packs but unfortunately we would also have to buy them for every
single other editor just in case you open up a project on someone else’s
computer anyway it looks like I’m experimenting with this flip over
transitioned and I’ve never I’ve never tried to use it before and boy I will
never try to use it again because this looks awful let’s see if I can change
the background here to something that’s not gray why
would you choose gray as the default okay so that didn’t work so many of the
transitions you get in Premiere are just completely cheesy nonsense that looks
like it came straight out of the 80s so oh yeah
well Premiere crashed this is unfortunately a very common site
premiere crashes at least once a day for me usually more and if you edit in
Premiere you’re going to get real friendly with the autosave function and
if I haven’t told you already your autosave function needs to be set
to something hardcore like every three minutes with 70 versions every two
minutes is too often but even set to every three minutes
it doesn’t even save every three minutes that’s just like a suggestion to it so
I’m gonna make an autohotkey script that just presses ctrl s for me every now and
then I’m sick of losing projects like that okay well let’s open this back up
again it looks like this time it made a potential recovery project it does that
on occasion I’d say that I encounter the automatic recovery project safe thingy
maybe like 5% of the time it crashes so you’ve got to be reliant upon your own
saving and auto saving now sometimes you load these and it crashes immediately
after you open them so let’s just see if this works
whenever you’re loading an autosave or a recovery project never save over your
current project always call it v2 or something cuz it might be in a broken
state what did I just say what did I just say it crashed as soon as I opened
it if I’d overwritten my previous project file I might have a completely
unusable project file and that has happened before and the only way that I
have been able to continue working was to load an autosave and that’s what I
have to do here so let’s see if this first one is going to work and if not
I’ll have to go to the one before this or the one
for that or the one before that so let’s see you know you don’t want to lose work
so you try to the most recent one okay let’s see
okay still gray background let’s delete that transition as quickly as we can
sometimes if you delete something before it loads it won’t crash because well
because premiere so let’s go back to the good old impact push because we know
that that works Oh something that you’ll see me do sometimes is hit ctrl s and
then immediately go into word and as with all of my little tricks it’s just
another method of saving time premier will save in the background while I do
other things and anyway which is where my second anyway which is where my
favorite difference from the last gen comes in the blade is now available with
a glass-top 3200 by 1800 touch screen or a matte 1920 by 1080 non-touch means
that’s cheaper battery avoid any issues with poor resolution scan windows and
translates out to double the framerate in games obviously you can turn down the
touchscreen model to 1080p but they’re dealing with interpolation instead of a
crisp image okay let’s look at the script here two models side-by-side
launching a game oh I see it’s showing that one of them is a touch screen and
the other isn’t and the framerate difference
okay it’s very convenient when b-roll has talking
in it that explains what’s going on cuz like I
wouldn’t know because it’s such a extreme closeup
which is where my favorite difference for the last gen comes so Thank You
Linus the blade is now top or a matte 95 1080
non-touchscreen that’s cheaper SATA little battery point
any issues with a solution ceiling windows and translates not to double the
framerate in games now obviously you can turn down the touch screen model to
1080p okay that’s obviously the wrong spot for
that b-roll to be on but I’m just consulting the script here again to see
what the next shot is and I click back into premiere and oh no I accidentally
took it out of full screen mode and into windowed mode which because I have four
monitors and some of them have different UI scaling premiere can get really
confused and this is a bug that I don’t really hold against them because UI
scaling in Windows is not great so anyway let’s continue here and fix our
little toolbar there I also decide that I might as well save a v3 I don’t know I
get nervous when Premiere is acting strangely and I prefer to ensure that I
have lots of project files to fall back on 300 touch mean or little battery okay
so right here I’m going to do a split screen of the matte screen versus the
touch screen model for this laptop showing that the framerate is different
depending upon which model you have however this is kind of boring because
I’m just moving footage around and scaling it and using the crop effect and
so on and so forth so I’m just gonna take this time to talk about something a
little bit different obviously premiere just crashed and I had to recover from
that now Etzel and Pella do not use a
template when they begin editing a new video instead they just start off
completely fresh they open premiere they say a new project and they go from there
they import all of their assets and so on the reason why they do this is
because they claim it leads to fewer stability problems right so premiere
crashing less often freezing less often not giving GPU render errors as often
now there’s probably some truth to that but it also means more busy work now if
you don’t understand what I mean by a template is basically I just create a
new Premiere project I import everything that I think I’ll need for editing I
will put all sorts of titles in there I’ll put all
– sound effects in there I’ll organize it really cleanly I’ll make sure my
sequence is absolutely perfect and then I save that and then I will use that
from then on for every single project that I use so it’s just a pre saved sort
of jumping-off points and sometimes I’ll open it back up again and make some
changes and save it again and then that’ll be my new template I’ve done
this like 25 times now I think that using a template is a good idea but it
is entirely possible that it leads to more bugs and instability so it’s
totally up to you if you decide if you do or do not want to work with a pre
saved project as a starting off points what I will do is with each new version
of premiere that is released by Adobe I will create a brand new template from
scratch without converting it from one version to another and I’ll really
organize everything I’ll save it and then that’ll be my brand new template so
that’s my current solution okay so a weird thing about this is I thought that
to change resolution you actually have to do it through Windows there’s a
little menu of course where you can do that however it looks like in this shot
he’s just changing the resolution of the game itself and I’m not sure if that
counts so in a situation like this basically the shooter in this case
brandon has made an educated guess as to what Linus’s intent is although actually
I think that’s linus on the computer yeah that’s linus you can see his watch
so this is probably the correct shot but it has been the case where the shooter
has made an educated guess that turned out to be completely wrong where it
makes sense that you would arrive at that conclusion but it’s just completely
wrong and as an editor i used to make some of those educated guesses as well
but as time has gone on and i’ve been proven wrong in my guesses over and over
again i now am a lot more to make an assumption and sometimes it’s
not even an assumption for example I was editing a video where Linus talks about
the Logitech G 15 and how it was the first keyboard with 18 macro keys on it
so I Google around and I find the Logitech G 15 keyboard with 6 macro keys
on it but I see that there’s other keys directly above M 1 M 2 M 3 so I think oh
he must have meant that you can have a total of 18 possible macro keys even if
they’re not all physical macro keys well I was wrong there’s another Logitech G
15 keyboard that does have 18 physical macro keys so I made an assumption based
upon the name of the keyboard that turned out to be wrong it is so so easy
to miss communicate in pretty much any situation and I’m infamous around here I
guess for being absurdly robotic in the way that I process information and
communicate Ryan cyst upon absolute perfect transmission of knowledge where
there’s no room for interpretation and misunderstanding and I believe it was
actually me who insisted upon guidance in the scripts where there’s comments
that explain here’s what this is supposed to be here’s what that’s
supposed to be here’s a link to this thing because we weren’t really doing
that before I came around and here you see that I’m attempting to search my
script for the word graph but it’s showing results from the comments and
then it gets to the bottom and then it tries to go back to the top and you have
to be specific if you want to search up or down but anyway I found it myself
I really hate the way that word search works I wish that it was pretty much the
same as hitting ctrl F on a web page that works a lot better anyway back to
what I was saying before we now have it as a part of our review process to have
the original author of a script review with the video before it goes up
because you know there’s so many little details that it’s easy to get wrong and
the editor wouldn’t even know because well because they don’t know okay so oh
dear I’m seeing a lot of graphs and they’re only kind of labeled in a way
that makes sense sometimes I’ve put the graphs in the
wrong locations but even if it says CPU and GPU temperatures there might be more
than one graph of CPU and GPU temperatures and in this case there were
four different potential graphs that I could have put here so I don’t know what
to do the benchmarking graphs are probably these ones but I just don’t
know so I’ll put a marker down on the timeline see here I’m doing it which
tells me to ask Linus about what the heck goes here and if you’ll notice I
created that orange marker instantaneously because I have some
fancy-pants autohotkey shortcuts on my secondary keyboard where I press shift
numpad 3 and it’ll actually make an orange marker straight up so any orange
marker is asked Linus a question so I will go through the whole edit all the
way to the end and then I’ll go find Linus and I’ll ask him all of the orange
markers questions because orange is kind of Linus’s color and that way I don’t
continuously disturb him throughout the day with all my little questions I can
just get them all over with all at once and again you can use alt and click drag
on a marker to expand it like so which can be very valuable because you can
time things out even if you don’t already have them but you can only alt
click drag to expand the market for words at least the first time you do it
so this is a really long shot but fortunately because the camera is not
moving I can very easily cut out the nothingness where it is
waiting to boot up now this is somewhat disingenuous because it makes it seem as
though this process is faster than it really is because it’s not obvious that
time has been skipped here however it doesn’t really matter because we did a
review on the razor core where we do talk about how it works and this video
is literally just talking about this in passing so in this case maintaining
absolute accuracy is not necessary performance or core upgrade would boost
performance as well but that thing’s like 500 bucks plus a card I used the
rate stretch tool to make that footage go just a little bit faster and I do
that a lot and it’s really really valuable
that’s called speed ramping if you don’t know and there are tools for doing it
inside of a clip without having to cut it and that’s called time remapping but
it is limited to like a thousand or 2,000 percent speed which is not nearly
enough and it’s also just a pain in the ass to set the whole thing up in the
first place so screw it I just use cuts and the rate stretch tool and the rate
stretch tool is great because you can go to the clip menu for me it’s ctrl R to
change the speed there but if you want to get something very precisely from
here to there rate stretch tool you just choose the beginning and the end and
then you size it down to the amount of time that you need to take and there it
is on what is purportedly gaming notebook with that said the webcam is
still pretty good you know it hasn’t improved much if at all the trackpad
took a major leap forward in responsiveness edits without said to my
pan is still pretty good it has to prove much if at all so for this section the
intent is that I cut away the original a roll and replace it with this webcam and
you wouldn’t know that just looking at the guidance in the script but because
I’ve been working here and I already know that this is how he likes to do it
I knew to do it that way so here you see that I’ve decided the whole thing is a
bit too quiet I increase the gain by seven decibels quite a bit it’s tough
getting these audio levels just right thankfully bears no resemblance
whatsoever to the one in the higher end it takes one second for the audio gain
panel to appear and then it takes another second or two or three or more
for the audio game to actually be adjusted the second part I can
understand but opening a panel should not take one
second which is weird because using the brackets to adjust audio gain on Clips
is instantaneous and requires no loading of any panels or anything so sometimes
I’ll just do that rather than dealing with the nonsense of the audio game
panel okay let’s see here what shot do I need next decibel meter shot of blade 14
in conference room is done 0:08 4 where is it ah okay this is the noise test and
the microphone fuzzy is black and so was the laptop and then the device itself is
white and so is the background so it it blends together perfectly it should
really be the opposite way you know have the black on top of something that’s
white and have the white of the device on top of something that’s black now
it’s easy to armchair philosophize about what should have been done I actually
talked to Brennan about this one and he told me yes he knows it’s not great yes
he knows not to do that but for one he was on a very tight deadline because
somebody needed that laptop to do some more tests and two it was actually quite
messy in that room so there was hardly any where to put the camera of the
laptop and the audio thingy so I always insist that we shoot b roll with the
cameras internal mic always rolling and that’s because the environment is
sometimes going to have some important audio in it and especially in this case
while gaming they are loud when you’re pushing them okay fun fact mono maker
fails right here because there was a tooltip in the way of the okay button
and the script works by looking for the very specific color to know that the
panel has loaded because the panel takes an eternity to load lag on the Mears
60-hertz okay yeah so you can hear the fan
spinning just a bit there so because the shot is about how noisy the laptop can
be obviously you want to hear that show what the host is talking about Golden
Rule okay really quick there you saw that I pressed the key on my secondary
keyboard which automatically opened up an explorer location which in this case
is the Newton server that’s our archive server that’s got so many terabytes and
then I typed in alien or whatever and I immediately went to the video that I was
looking for then I open up the delivery folder and I see that we have some
unnecessary old exports for this video so I delete those right away because we
don’t need them we just need the latest and greatest one so this is a Sinha form
export which of course means that I can scrub through its timeline really really
quickly and I’m doing all of this in the first place because the script calls for
reusing a shot from the Alienware 13 video now I don’t think that I edited
this video so I’m unfamiliar with it and so I have to scrub through here notice
how amazingly quickly I can do that oh my gosh if this was h.264 mp4 this would
be tremendously slow so we’re looking for something to do with input lag oh
[Laughter] that’s a ugly graphic oh that’s what I’m
supposed to use okay if I recall correctly I ended up fixing this image
look at the difference in mouse movement to stream movement response not here but
believe 14 at about 40 milliseconds of 60 Hertz is far from the worst I’ve seen
but the only 13 is right down around 25 milliseconds a full-screen refresh
faster which all the accounts for faster processing time the pixel times
contribute equally to the perceived clarity and responsiveness of the
display because they keep the image looking crisp even during fast camera
heads okay let’s put that clip down there
let’s recolor it display with no GC the input lag on the mere sixth card and the
okay now usually I keep my staircase intact so I know how long each clip
potentially has where I can shift it around but in this case I’ll need to cut
that audio directly when you stop seeing it so that we don’t have fan noise where
it does not belong no g-sync is far from the best I’ve seen on what is
purportedly okay now these two notebooks look pretty similar so I need to label
which is which I mean if you’re paying attention you’ll know that the one with
the pink trackpad is Linus’s blade but let’s not let’s not tempt fate here so
here I am just using the premiere title er to to fix up this graphic just make
it clear which is which and I’m gonna put a border somewhere in there the
title er is it’s pretty okay it crashes a lot now which sucks but you can make
some nice things I just kind of improved this I could also change the background
color if I really wanted to but I thought it was okay so I could totally
Photoshop that and probably make it look more pretty but the title er is quick
and dirty and for the purposes here it worked perfectly with that said the
webcam is still pretty good even if it hasn’t improved much if at all now I
need to affect the a roll layer so I use my script that removes the lost
what is purportedly a gaming notebook with that said the webcam is still
pretty good even if it hasn’t improved webcam shot yeah I did that okay
let’s scroll down here to the next thing using trackpad done
oh the done must mean that he got that shot but it doesn’t say which shot it is
I’ll have to go find it okay reuse side by side shot from Razer or whatever so
again there’s that shortcut to go into in this case the normal server the Wanek
server and type in a couple letters to automatically go to the folder that I
want without having to do a search because searching on the server is
orally slow our server is not windows-based it’s something else
like butter FS I want to say is that right well I don’t really know but Linus
built all of our servers himself and he tells me that there’s no possible way to
get that search working faster so fortunately though if you know the first
letter of what you’re looking for you can just type it in in Explorer and
it’ll go straight there so on the mic
you’ve heard conversations between me and Brandon and you can currently hear a
conversation between Colton and Pella in the editing it’s an important
conversation but those can still be quite distracting to anyone who is not
involved it’s like this when you record a video it’s very important to have
complete control over the lighting and the noise on set you can’t have people
turning lights on or off or casting shadows or reflections into your shots
or making any kind of noise while the camera is rolling similarly it is also
very important to have that kind of noise isolation while editing the video
it is simply not possible to balance audio levels of dialogue sound effects
and music in a video if you are editing that video in a noisy environment
particularly if that includes people talking
it can become very difficult to distinguish the talking in the video
from the talking in the room therefore because we have up to six editors in the
same room we all just have to be courteous to one another by keeping our
conversations quiet and short so that’s one solution another solution is for the
editor to turn up their computer volume but anything above 85 decibels can cause
hearing loss so I don’t like to do that another solution is noise cancelling
headphones but those can’t block out all the noise and they don’t always really
work that well you can also try a really good pair of IEMs in-ear monitors now my
favorite solution is the Hollywood solution which is to simply have a
dedicated soundproof video editing suite for each editor with a door that can be
left open or closed we did consider this but it was deemed too expensive and
would have taken up twice the floor space of the current editing room so
just make sure that you consider the importance of audio isolation in your
own work environments keyboard
and the keyboard thankfully bears no resemblance whatsoever to the one
inherently bro so fortunately I had already made this
little graphic and sort of animation for the razor blade pro video so I was able
to reuse that for this video that’s convenient and here as usual before I
switch to word I just pressed ctrl s to save premiere in the background you know
what I don’t think that works very well anymore
premiere can sometimes really hog resources so looking at the scripts and
rolling I let them okay there is not a quick zoom in shot this shot does not
exist now this is 4k footage so I could zoom in on it but it’s not as close as
it needs to be and because the keyboard is quite dark yeah it’s I really can’t I
really can’t zoom in on that so I tell Brandon that he needs to get this as a
pickup shot and then we both forgot and did not get the shots yeah Here I am
making the point that I am unable to continue slipping this clip because
arbitrarily the end of the clip happens to be over there even though the part of
the clip that I want is further down the line I have to go and move the end of
the clip before I can actually slip the clip as I would like to people disagree
with me on this feature request but I feel very strongly about it since it
would only be an optional change so this is just a thing that I do when I find a
bug or I find a feature that I would like I will take a short maybe one or
two minute long clip of what’s going on and then I’ll make notes to myself in
notepad plus plus and eventually I’ll just send those all over to Adobe or put
it in a big old video so for the vast majority of my bug reports I have used
shadow plays instant replay function where I hit
alt f10 and it retroactively ly saves the last X number of minutes of what has
happened on screen with audio and as you might imagine that’s incredibly valuable
for capturing bugs especially the ones that happen once in a blue moon then you
can go back and look at all the footage and see exactly the context that led up
to that bug also I have done experiments on whether or not having that instant
replay function going all the time actually effects stability of Premiere
and of the system and I don’t think that it does because shadowplay is all done
entirely on the GPU so that’s just great you do have to have the right NVIDIA GPU
for that however oh there’s one more autohotkey
script that I have not actually mentioned yet one that I use in every
single application and I didn’t even program this one it is the accelerated
scrolling by buffin brain script which basically just adds additional scroll up
and scroll down events to your scroll wheel the more you scroll it and it’s
been absolutely essential for me because scrolling through premiers timeline has
always been incredibly tremendously slow I made a whole video dedicated to this
script so go watch that if you want this for yourself so I’m just looking for a
shot here what shot am i looking for here’s just a shot of Linus typing on
this laptop I think I’m considering it for like
being reversed so I’m playing it backwards and I think now it’s gonna
look stupid sometimes you can reverse a b-roll shot and it looks totally fine
but in this case I’m just trying to get the shot of Linus having to look really
closely this keyboard to try to find out the secondary functions of the function
key my favorite laptop keyboards ever by the way just because this is a tutorial
sometimes I will lower the volume of what’s going on on the computer just so
that you can hear me narrating overtop of it and when I stop
talking I’m going to increase the volume of the stuff going on on the computer in
life so born from a desire for RGB backlighting and one that bothers me I’m
just letting you know so that you don’t get confused with the audio changing all
the time one more thing that you’ll see I do in order to move through the
timeline is zooming in and out rapidly that’ll do it
and also pausing and then playing the video if the timeline playhead has
already scrolled off the edge you can tell premiere to do scrolling the
timeline along with the playhead I cannot stand that it’s horrible Thank
You Premiere devs for giving us the option to not have that happen and one
that bothers me pretty much every day so on the surface then you
probably heard that little audio pop in your left ear if you’re wearing
headphones these little pops happen from time to time in playback in premiere I
used to rewind and watch again to make sure that the little pops weren’t
happening for real in the actual audio they’re not but you know you need to
check some times just to make sure now I’m not really sure what I’m doing here
I was just fiddling about with transitions if you move a clip with the
transition on its directly on to another clip it will not necessarily merge that
transition appropriately you have to delete the transition and put it back on
so that both clips will share it so sometimes your transitions can get
messed up if you’re not paying close enough attention so on the surface then
not a lot has changed even going back a few generations but when you look
closely err razor has been absolute okay quickly recoloring that shot saving
and going straight out to firefox i’m just going to google look closely err
because I’m not sure if Linus is referring to some kind of meme or
something specific because obviously that’s not proper grammar and I’m not
finding anything specific so there is this sort of meme of a guy peering very
closely at a book that I have seen and I don’t remember what it’s called so I
just typed in the description of what I was looking for and I didn’t find it but
I do know that it happens to be in this video
aha there it is found it okay so this is really stupid I’m going to screenshot
this image from this video and then do a reverse image search in order to find
that particular painting hey if it works it works right yeah okay so I find the
guy and this is really fast forwarded because this is a photoshopping
adventure and this is not a Photoshop tutorial so I’m just gonna fast-forward
through this I grab a frame from Shutterstock I grab a art gallery from
Shutterstock as well and I get rid of a frame and I put this guy into the frame
and it looks pretty legit I even add a drop shadow to make it appear as though
it’s in the original art gallery put him on the wall out it just even just looks
like it even belongs there and replace replace the book with the razor left
haha if I wanted to go full-bore on this eye I could I could change the texture
of the laptop to make it look like it’s more of a painting but this is good
enough now the reason why I did this in Photoshop is because the image itself
can be very very very large and I can zoom in really far and not have to worry
about zooming in on big pixels as I would with a 1080 or even a
or k image that just wouldn’t be big enough for me to be able to do such an
enormous zoom I could also have done this with after-effects but I am not as
familiar with after-effects few generations
but when you so I don’t know if you’ve seen this
autohotkey script yet I probably used it earlier this is one
of the ones that I’m particularly proud of
it’s my instant VFX hot text selector mod basically what it does is inside the
effect controls panel it will find any given variables hot text and then move
the cursor there click and hold the left mouse button virtually so that I can
just move the mouse around in order to change that hot text without me having
to physically move the mouse all the way over there manually and then when I let
go of the key it moves the cursor back to where it was to begin with so I’m
just gonna go through this script with you real quick here so that you
understand how it works in case you want to modify it for your own setup which
you have to do I mean this won’t work out of the box it’s called instant VFX
it’s got one parameter but first the VFX key global variable
must be defined so that it knows what to look for during the function at the very
beginning we block the input of the mouse and keyboard so that it doesn’t
interfere with anything then we define a few variables we save the x and y
coordinates of the cursor and then it gets the position of drover lord window
class three which is the unique identifier for what I know the effects
controls panel is on my own particular version of premiere so you can use
window Spy to figure out exactly what that is
but keep in mind that that number can and will change if you change your
workspaces inside of premiere then it moves the cursor to an extremely precise
pixel on the effect controls panel where I know that the anti-aliasing on the
very edge of this triangle is going to be a different color based upon whether
it is untoward or not that is how I know if the effect controls are untoward so
it goes through a couple of if statements and looks at colors to figure
that all out and if the color is just a normal panel color it means that nothing
has been loaded into the effect controls panel and so it’ll hit control P which
is my shortcut force election follows playhead in order to
select the top most targeted track at the playhead and then it’ll hit ctrl P
again because I prefer to leave that option off most of the time and then it
just goes back to the beginning of the function and does everything again
now that the controls are probably available and assuming that you have an
untoward effects controls panel then it goes on to find a V FX which is another
function inside of this function again with one single parameter and then it
runs an image search for some very very carefully taken PNG screenshots using
fubar as the parameter which is the name of that image whether it be scale or
rotation or Anchor Point or what-have-you this is a kind of a derpy
way to do it but it works so whatever so assuming that it finds those little
images it will move the cursor straight on top of that text and then it searches
for a very particular color of blue which is the color that these scrub
herbal hot text uses which is located always to the right you see it searches
all the way over and what it finds blue it’ll stop it’ll put the cursor there
and it’ll virtually press down the left mouse button for you so right here it
checks to make sure that the VFX key is still being held down if not then it
will reset the value of scale to 100 or rotation to zero that’s just a little
bonus thing that I put in so that if you just have the key it’ll reset that value
rather than doing anything else but assuming that you’re still holding that
key down it enters this loop where you’re given control back of the mouse
cursor and it will simply continue to hold down the left mouse button for you
and then you’re free to move your mouse around in order to change the value of
that hot text until you release the key in which case it will run one last
function to reset everything back to the way that it was and it puts your mouse
cursor back where it came from now there’s one last thing that you might
need in order to make this work which is basically the hot text in Premiere is
kind of broken where it only starts to change if you really go quickly with
your mouse which is stupid so there’s another autohotkey script that you
should have running all the time in case you have that bug just to ensure that
that is fixed and once again this is another
thing that I wish was just a part of premiere okay so what I’m going to do
now is animate this large image in premiere to do a funny thing now you may
have noticed that I saved two different versions of this image one where he has
the regular newspaper thingy and another where he has the razor blade laptop so
all I’m gonna do is animate one of them and then I’ll take that entire clip on
the timeline duplicate it and then do a replace image using the image that has
the razor blade in it and then I’ll cross dissolve between the two or do
some kind of transition that’s just a quick dirty way to accomplish what I
want to do here so you can either watch the process of that happening or because
it’s going to take a little while I’m just going to use this opportunity to
explain a couple of other things that I don’t have any other place in the
tutorial to get to so here we go okay so premiere is obviously not the most
stable of programs and sometimes you have bugs and slowness and lag and stuff
obviously the first step is to close out of premiere and reopen it and if that
doesn’t work to fix your problem then you restart your entire computer and
that’s kind of the nuclear option but it’ll fix most things closed however
sometimes even that does not work and I’ve done a bit of experimentation to
try to figure out how to recover from this and there’s still a couple of
things you can do so if your problem is lag slowness and stuttering you can try
rendering audio previews even if you’re somewhere else on the timeline
unrendered audio can still slow everything down also if you have some
really especially tricky video effects and stuff just render some video
previews on the timeline also be on the lookout for graphics that have had their
speed changed you’re not supposed to be able to do that but you can accidentally
do it using the rate stretch tool so if you find those use the rate stretch tool
to put them back to 100% speed another thing you can do is literally create a
new sequence using the same sequence settings but
which matches the settings of your current sequence and then use control a
highlight everything in your current sequence and paste it over into that new
sequence and this has saved my bacon a couple of times with big ol projects
that are constantly crashing and constantly being slow there’s something
magical about making a brand new fresh sequence where I think maybe because
there were some links previews or unrendered audio or maybe conformed
audio that went bad or something but doing that will potentially fix your
issues so try that out now there are still plenty of other troubleshooting
steps to try and there is this absolutely fantastic post on the Adobe
forums which goes into very great detail about every single possible thing that
might help you out so I’m just gonna link to that you can read that at your
leisure I’m just showing you a scroll of the entire thing here just in case the
forums go down I don’t know so you can read it here if absolutely necessary but
there you go Laer razor has been absolutely okay I
think I remembered what the next shot was see 102 this is a really beautiful
shot here nice blurred out background Linus
Linus deep in thought the movement is good the focus is good and I’m gonna
extend that shot as long as I can actually because yeah it’s nice to be
able to hold on a nice looking shot also on the subject of sequences oh this one
drives me crazy if you have for example a 4k sequence that is 3840 by 2160
pixels and from that sequence you render a 1920 by 1080 video all the footage
will look good but all the graphics and titles will look like pixely garbage
because they will have their resolution cut in half which is nonsense so you
have to render at the sequence settings is resolution there’s no way around it
okay so I don’t remember exactly what happened but I was thinking that I
accidentally must have deleted a piece of my script so I’m looking back through
an older script to see if it’s the same what can happen sometimes is if a b-roll
shooter or an editor opens up what they think is the latest version of a script
and they start working on it and saving stuff but in fact the writer had
forgotten to save their latest version and then they do save their latest
version then you’ll have two different scripts that each contain not all the
information that they need so if that happens you just have to copy paste the
info from one script into another but that’s not what happened here
I just accidentally cut a paragraph in half with the Enter key anyway back to
premiere so I end this in the last tutorial and I’ll mention it again
nesting fixes a lot of problems I believe the default shortcut for that
is ctrl n so you know you just highlight a bunch of Clips hit ctrl N and all
those Clips turn into one clip and then you can
do whatever you like with that one single clip and all of those things will
move together it’s the after-effects equivalent of
parenting so if you’re ever confused on how to do something complex with a whole
bunch of layers nesting is probably the answer just you know experiment with it
and see what you can get out of it just keep in mind that it will limits the
resolution that you have to work with because it will set the resolution of
everything inside the sequence to whatever the resolution is of the parent
sequence I hope that made sense one alternative to nesting is to render a
small piece of the timeline and re-import it these thermal shots are
intended to be stitched together and then have their values overlaid in
Photoshop and I didn’t know that at first but now I do know and that’s quite
a lot of quite a lot of work so again this is not a tutorial for Photoshop I’m
just going to fast forward power through this and you’ll see the final result
okay so 17 minutes pass of me photoshopping these Thermal shots
together and my scratch disks are suddenly full so I have to clear that
and then also I have a meeting about something or other I don’t remember what
and so it’s 150 right now and when I get back from the meeting suddenly we’ve
lost a lot of time and it’s 409 now I only have two hours – nine minutes to
get the video finished and it looks like we spend another couple of minutes
fixing up the Photoshop again let’s see how much longer that takes me okay so
that took an additional 10 minutes meaning that it took me 27 minutes just
to make this one single graphic now that’s more time than I would like I’m
not great with Photoshop I actually don’t know a lot of the keyboard
shortcuts I don’t have any fancy-pants macro setup I don’t have any actions set
up inside of Photoshop I should probably learn more about it
because I use it often enough where that would become worthwhile to learn that
stuff yeah you know what that’s in the title unsafe zone I think I end up
raising the final one a little bit Hey and while the blade has been good enough
for a while for me to use so I learned Photoshop from some University course
and the hilarious and disappointing thing was that the teacher just told us
to go purchase a lynda.com subscription and learn Photoshop that way and she
didn’t really teach us all that much herself she just kind of assigned his
homework so I was thinking why didn’t I just use lynda.com in the first place
and now that’s what I do but that was years ago and I could probably use a
refresher and learned some more advanced things in Photoshop because I’m sure
there’s a lot that I just don’t know about there has been absolutely refining
the experience with the improvement to surface temperatures of the device
during use being as a work first game
second kind of person let’s lock those tracks down so we can put more b-roll on
top till it was good enough to spend money on it dropping 25,000 US dollars
on these machines for my entire staff okay he’s asking for either the making
it rain shot from scrapyard Wars or the shot of him passing out laptops to
everybody at the Christmas party so I’m looking through here looking
around there’s a lot of footage in here but you know what I think it’s actually
in scrapyard wars 3 so let’s go look in there ok
it’s even in its own special fancy folders so here’s all the making it
range shots now like I said before my familiarity with our backlog of videos
makes it easy for me to find this sort of footage quite quickly and in fact I
will even go out of my way to name things in such
way where it’s easy for me to search for them later some reason it always makes
that sound when I imports and I’m also gonna go look to see if I can find a
good shot from the Christmas prank video as well all of the guest containers and
now I’ve found it it’s this dolly shot of all the laptops at once the issue is
that there’s text on top of it so I need to find the original shot and
fortunately because we save absolutely every single piece of footage that we’ve
ever shot which is kind of crazy I have this shot I have the original and I can
plop it right in so here I’ve got a slightly mislabeled the bin of all my
pilfered shots from other videos and I’m just gonna look through here for the
part that I need now you might notice that you’re hearing all the audio in the
right channel and obviously that’s just because probably there was a shotgun
attached to the right channel and maybe not anything on the left
alright let’s scrub through let’s see if they do that again come on really I
think they messed it up every single time whatever we’re just gonna have to
go with it I mean that’s what was in the original video and now I’m just looking
through all these scrapyard Wars shots to find the one where Linus is making it
rain and it pans down yep that’s the one let’s find a good moment there set in at
points put it on the timeline and then it wasn’t until this generation that it
was good enough for me to spend real money on it
dropping over or 25,000 US dollars on these machines
for my entire staff so with this horrific ly yellow shot
I’ve got to try to do some kind of color correction so I’m using the tangent
Ripple and it looks it looks better already but I can’t get rid of that
horrible yellow shine on the trophies in the background one thing I find useful
is to go way too far when you’re doing color correction and then dial it back
so in spite of the very small in okay back to the script here let’s see glam
done 107 to find that Oh Oh I let out an audible ooh when I
saw this shot very very nice shot Brendan does me proud sometimes prove me
this one I’m going to save for the end oh it does go at the end how lovely
so it’s nice to get a nice look at something like this
do I think lately a 16 is the best way yet
you’re damn right I do let’s just hope that they don’t trash the 2017 model by
putting that awful keyboard from the okay next shot is 112 or 113 but before
I do that I’m just gonna go grab this shot from a previous video the razor
blade Pro video where he complains about the keyboard being terrible now boy this
is a long tutorial so I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet but we have kind
of a standard scheme for labeling old footage and labeling other people’s
videos versus our videos versus just shots of products that may or may not
have been from our videos so this is the razor blade Pro 2016 and I have to label
that because if you’re watching this video and you don’t know these products
really well you won’t necessarily know that you’re looking at a different
laptop and right there I had to fix up the kerning on the one of the font
babies new a because whatever genius designed this font they screwed up the
kerning on the one and babies new a has a few other problems that I want to get
fixed awful keyboard from the trash the 27
even teen model by putting that a full keyboard from the blade Pro on it
or the next scandal so where the next sentence begins I add edit to all tracks
then select the remainder of those clips and delete them then switch to word to
find the next shot then I go and find the next shot in premiere and now I’m
back over here looking at that next shot so this shot unfortunately is really
problematic for quite a number of reasons which I will get into
or the next time my employees get new computers they might be from Apple so
thanks for watching but basically they just didn’t time it out properly someone
on set should have had the script open and they should have just been reading
from the script so that the actors nonets in Luke in this case could get
the timing down to match up with the spoken word and the shot that they got
is like three or four times longer than what it should be so I have to do jump
cuts to fit this all in or I could try some speed ramping which is what I’m
doing right here that uses the pin tool you can ease sort of the ends there pull
that up to change the speed and oh it’s a double move it goes to him and then it
realizes that it’s not quite on him and then it has to pan back up I want to
keep the move because it’s funny but I don’t think there’s enough time in here
Apple yeah it looks okay be from Apple yeah that’s it that’s a pretty harsh
move there so I’m just gonna undo all of that stuff and try something else
let’s see cut it right there that’s when it’s actually still okay maybe I can
maybe I can hide right in here I can hide the actual chain straight cut no I
could use Rastas mm it’s not great maybe a push
impact push that’s better it’s still not great trimming ripple
trimming there extend it out a little bit see if that helps yeah you can see
line is starting to cut yeah Apple it’s okay he’s getting new
computers they might be from so I don’t know I’m deleting some things moving
stuff around I’m gonna take a look here at the beginning of this shot save what
I had cut already him walking in there’s not enough lead-in
this looks like an alternative take when Elana starts walking forward
oh he’s out of focus this is so frustrating to me as an editor like this
shot was out of focus both times and both times the movement of the camera is
awkward and doesn’t doesn’t land on its mark as it should or the next time my
employees get new computers they might be from Apple so really each aspect of
this should have been its own individual shot you know
Linus walking up with lots of lead in Lana’s handing the laptop to Luke Luke
rejecting the laptop and finally Linus’s reaction that would make this a lot
easier to edit however it would still be too many shots because we’re working
with just 14 words worth of time here and that’s just not enough time to fit
all of this in I could choose to cut out Linus reacting
but I think that’s the punchline I can’t cut it I could call for a reshoot
but then Luke Linus and Brendan they’re all gonna be upset I’ve had to do that
before sometimes they’ll agree sometimes they’ll say yeah that’s fine just here’s
what we got and this is what this is why I’ll always
say okay I’ll use it this time but please in the future would you do
whatever okay we’re just gonna fast-forward through the next few
minutes here because it’s just boring and miserable and I don’t succeed in
getting these timings to work so I decide that I’m going to use some music
that sounds like insane clown posse to end the whole segment and that’ll also
give me a little bit more time to make that joke work first of all I need to
hear what they actually sound like so I watch one of their videos and finding
music is is such a long process you can see here I keep going back to the video
it helps to go in the center of a song so start listening to it from there but
in this case I’m actually listening for the ending of the song so I’m clicking
to find that so I’m just listening to a whole bunch of hip-hop and I just I
don’t know how to do this it can take an enormous amount of time so I’m just
downloading a couple of good tracks really what the only solution that I
know of is to just become familiar with whatever music library you have take a
day and just go through and listen to all the music and and organize it’s in
your mind man and that’s how I’ve been able to find some really good music just
because I already knew that it was there because no matter what tags you search
for whoever put the music library together probably use different tags
like I’ve searched for cheerful and I get songs that are not cheerful at all
you just got to be familiar with the library
[Music] so I figured this one’s good enough he
from Apple so thanks for watching guys so this is just me fiddling with the
timings of the music and the final shot Apple and now I’m just trying the mono
maker to see what it’ll sound like in mono
[Music] so thanks for watching guys if this
video sucked do you know what to do but if it was awesome okay now we are at the
end of the razorblade video so just plop it on the music here that was the end of
the b-roll first pass I’ll be wondering what to watch next so click so I’m just
gonna go to another sequence to copy and then paste in the ending assets
notice how this defaults to track number 1 the bottom most targeted track by
default I wish it would paste into the top
targeted track by default but you can’t change that and now once again I’m
returning to this very end part of the video just trying to figure out like
yeah actually these are timing you know maybe I need more
and I just fiddle around with this 4 way way too long so I could just
fast-forward through this like I did for the photoshopping adventure but because
you have the ability to skip to the next chapter I’m just gonna say you can do
that if you want and honestly you’re really not gonna miss much because it’s
just me figuring out this ending here but I’m gonna leave it in the tutorial
simply because it’s important to be aware of this phenomenon where you’re
just budding your head up against a wall and really not making much progress and
it’s valuable for at least me to see this and maybe you as well to know what
not to do and you know what this probably happens to me more often than I
would like to believe and one thing that I have found from doing these tutorials
is that I’m sort of auditing my own workflow and I’m being made more aware
of the deficiencies and the problems and and the the dumb things that I do like
with the last tutorial Brandon actually happened to be
recording in the editing room and he recorded me working on my computer and I
noticed that my left hand was going all over the keyboard to get to various
different shortcuts which is why today I have all of the most commonly used ones
mapped directly underneath and around where my left hand sits on home row
right so little things like that you don’t notice them as you’re doing them
because you’re busy working but if you look back on yourself I don’t know you
record yourself or you record your screen hmm
you become more aware and another way to do this is to watch other people work
you’ll see someone doing something stupid and you’ll realize oh I do that
stupid thing too I shouldn’t do that which of course is why I’m leaving this
footage in the tutorial in the first place so while this is going I might as
well take the opportunity to talk about a few more problems that I see with
amateur videos on YouTube or wherever else one of the big differences between
amateur and professional work that I have noticed is that the pros pay a lot
more attention to something called I trace where you’re just aware of where
the viewers eye is going to be located on the screen at any given moment oh and
here I’m just trying to find a specific photograph of the MacBook Pro so I’m
gonna fast-forward through this anyway Walter Murch actually puts I trace as
item number four on his list of the six things to keep in mind when making it
cut giving it only a 7% kind of importance rating but I really do feel
like professional movies pretty much consider where your eye is gonna be
looking at every single moment there’s this great video on YouTube titled how
Mad Max fury road directed you by the film theorists and it goes into this in
a lot more detail so I’m just gonna leave it at that and say that it is far
more pleasant to have your I pulled from place to place and have your eye already
where it needs to be when a cut is made it really does make the viewing
experience a lot nicer when you don’t have to be constantly searching for the
one thing that you’re supposed to be looking at and this is another mistake
that beginners make there can only be one thing that you’re looking at only
one thing because human beings have two eyes which must converge on a
single point we can look at one thing at a time and we move our eyes very rapidly
to look at the next thing but if we were spiders then maybe we’d be able to look
at more than one thing at a time we’re not
and lately I’ve really been cracking down on the use of quotes in our videos
where for example you’re showing a website that’s just got a solid
paragraph of text and the editor just puts that up on screen and doesn’t
highlight anything and the implication is that you were supposed to have read
it and found the most relevant information while the host is talking
that’s ridiculous the human brain really can’t split its
attention between having to read something and also simultaneously having
to listen to something completely different even if those two things are
somewhat related so in the video the host either has to be reading out
exactly what that text is or you get like six maybe eight words that a viewer
can read and keep in the back of their head while listening to other words now
there is one exception to this with a lot of our graphs for example we design
them too well ideally to be readable while the host is talking without having
to pause so that you’ll just see like one important bit of information per
graph but if you want more info the implication is that you can pause the
video to get that info but it’s not necessary to understand the video and
that’s the key one more mistake that I see in other people’s videos sometimes
is the video maker not considering the effect of bit rates or low bit rates on
their videos now back in the good old days we shot on film stock which was
basically just a long strip of photographic negatives and you didn’t
have to worry about bitrate at all that’s film video is very different
video is electronic and for web streaming it must be compressed because
otherwise the files would be ridic ulis Lee huge but certain things do not
lend themselves very well to video compression things like confetti and
snow and flocks of birds like lots and lots of birds random static like on a TV
screen is the least compressible thing ever and gradients a really smooth
gradient will suffer from a lot of banding you’ll notice and the more
subtle the gradient is the worse the banding effect becomes and that’s the
reason why I think we should swap out the background for fast as possible with
something that has a bit more texture to it okay and at this point I think I’m
satisfied with what I’ve done so I start up on the very end of the video the
outro delete the little apple here and you’ll notice that I am editing as he’s
talking moving stuff around while the video is playing I do this all the time
although it does lead to crashes sometimes because the Adobe guys don’t
really expect you to work that quickly I designed this part to be scalable just
like that so I can just expand that part out and the rest of it will stay good
get rid of the unnecessary title for that because we decided not to put text
up there because the little eye thing has its own text and now I need to find
a part of this video that is most representative of the blade pro so I
need a nice shot now usually you’re gonna find those at the very beginning
or the very end however I did edit this video the razor blade Pro video and I
remember and I can see after scrubbing through the whole thing that in fact
there was no good shot of the front of the laptop with just the desktop showing
there’s a shot of some random video playing on it but then the video itself
becomes the focus of the shots not the laptop as a whole so the footage that I
used here was just whatever the top right corner to check out my review of
the blip that’s another little audio glitch you just heard in your left ear
the audio glitches you received while scrubbing through and
listening through in Premiere used to be so much worse there would be this really
loud horrible buzzing that’s gone now fortunately so I keep scrubbing through
here trying to find a nice shot and eventually for whatever stupid reason I
decide upon this shot even though it really doesn’t show the whole laptop and
that was certainly a mistake of mine although there really wasn’t much to
choose from anyway continuing on great corner to check out
my review of the blade pro the bigger badder brother alright so it took me too
long to finish up that final shot but now I am truly and totally done with the
b-roll first pass so now I’ll take a break and then go back through and
resolve the markers and fix anything else that alarm you just heard was the
five o’clock sound on my phone I have it programmed with llama just a sort of a
chime at the top of the hour to remind me so it’s five o’clock and I need the
benchmarks for this laptop but Linus is on the when show on Fridays after 4:30
until 6:00 so I have to go and visit him so this is from the wind show this
actually happened I’ve never done this before but just just watch yeah so
basically basically the moral of the story is that Edie is one of those nerds
who sits and don’t move that chair Edie is one of those nerds that sits and
practices mariokart by himself so that when all of his friends come over he can
be like oh I’m gonna hide behind this weak justification that I wanted to
unlock all the characters but actually all he’s done is create an environment
where no one else can have any fun playing with him
so Linus got mad at me there because whenever I sit in the chair I always
tilt it all the way back and they hate it when I do that and it’s just one
lever to put it back now you may think it’s severely unprofessional of me to
interrupt a live show while it’s playing but in fact if you know about the win
show we do silly stuff like this all the time that’s how I cleverly
I’m over here thank you add lettuce yes what can I do for you talk louder the
microphone is here did you get thermals for the razorblade prolate 2016 for the
GPU and CPU temperatures because I don’t have a graph for it and John has no data
there um this has nothing to do with the wind show I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen
I apologize thermals I don’t know why are they in the folder John says he
doesn’t have it where would is there a place for it to go yeah you say it in
the script what am I saying exact say thermals of GPU and CPU ah and that’s
information I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen so that’s a great question and
I have a really good answer for you that is that I will use my razor blade late
2016 which I have right in front of me and I will run a stress test right now
Wow on the show on the show that’s right folks you are seeing live drinking
you’re seeing live Korea on our live video you are seeing us live create a
video yes my friends that is what is going on this is how Jenkins things get
sometimes in this moment yeah well I’m working on it
holy actual balls are you coming back to the show okay boy Oh everyone it’s not
really coming back to the show if you were never known anything yeah cuz it
has the surface sauce to do really mostly cool watch the review like what I
did there so uh looks like benchmarks are being created so while I wait for
those I’ll just begin the final pass fix everything up a Danny glam or anything
else that is still remaining resolve all the markers then we’ll be done late 2016
since launch in fact I bought a dozen of the first one main or a matte 1920 by
1080 I’ve had a review unit of the razor blade late fast-forwarding this so right
here I am looking for a shot of the laptop open with the desktop visible now
you saw that there’s three shots here that have that but that is a specific
shot for the GPU attachments and so that doesn’t work
here’s some cellphone shots that I’m deleting those are in the wrong spot but
basically Brandon actually did not get a single shot of the front of the laptop
just showing the desktop so I could tell him to go shoot another shot but it’s
already 5:12 and he’s busy doing something else so instead what I’m going
to do is grab a shot from the website of the product now I do this sometimes
especially when it has to do with like stats or specs of the product I don’t
think I did much of that for this one in fact I’m at the end now and I’m only
just looking at the product page so I’m actually just scrolling through here
trying to see now maybe there is something important that I should have
included as part of the video but there’s not so I’m expanding the page a
little bit horizontally and then I hit ctrl + 1 or 2 times and that’s something
that’s very subtle but very very valuable when you’re taking screenshots
of web pages if you use ctrl + it will increase the size of all of the text and
the graphics but because the text is vector based it will always look really
really good so you won’t have any pixel e text when you zoom in on it now the
plugin that I’m using for screenshots in Firefox is called screen grab with an
exclamation mark and it is wonderfully gloriously wonderful because somehow
it’s able to virtually extend the bottom of a page in order to take a multi-page
screenshot almost instantaneously however in this case I only needed to
take two single page screenshots because I didn’t need the entire page this time
right man warning update time Firefox forced an update that involves web
extensions and it doesn’t support everything anymore
and now the screen grab plug-in is worthless and doesn’t work
instantaneously anymore it’s super slow forgets where you saved and has a lot of
other problems I hate updates oh I hate them this
worked perfectly and now it sucks so if you know of any program that can take
instantaneous full-page screenshots like screen grab used to be able to please
leave a comment so I’ve just imported those two screenshots and I’m putting
this one at the very beginning of the entire video which was the biggest
mistake of the entire edit the reason is you need to begin a video with your best
shot and you should end the video with your second best shot and this graphic
is terrible to begin the video with because the text Paragon is very
prevalent Lee display and you’re not looking at the laptop you’re looking at
the game on the laptop so even though that one shot had the dbrand skin on it
I probably just should have used that and back in October so I could box them
up and give them out at my staff Christmas party so why then did it take
me so long to do this review because I was waiting for a very now I remember
that there’s a very nice shot of Chelsea opening her laptop box in this video
somewhere and because this was exported in cineform it allows for extremely
fast timeline scrubbing which is why I insist that we always have a
cineform copy of all of our videos because there’s going to be like a hundred shots
in a single video and this makes it way easier to find one
all right that’s what I’m looking for in and out points plot that on the timeline
“I could box them up and give them out at my staff
Christmas party. So why then did it take me so long to do this review?” Okay so
here just fixing up timings for that b-roll there’s three shots to show in a
very short amount of time so figuring out the best way to put that all
together just takes a little bit so why then did it take me so long by then did
it take me so long very special blade so I seem satisfied with that and now
Brandon is saying something what why are you fine and taking part along with
Jeremy and I have not finished your operator do’s and they also have Trebek
ins named after my dinner today there’s a deer oh well good thing I didn’t have
you get this shot that you didn’t get of the razor blade of the frontier death
Connery it’s cool I’ll survive Taking a moment here to
discuss what you’ve just overheard… it’s easy to say that I should have gotten
that shot. and I should have. but I was pretty screwed for time as well. We are
really busy At Linus Media Group as you just heard I was busy with this all day
Brendon was busy with stuff all day and this whole video was being edited just
one day before it goes up and that’s not ideal and it’s in this frantic
atmosphere of holy crap we got to get the video done immediately as quickly as
possible and then do the same thing tomorrow that I have developed this
insane regime of three keyboards four monitors 100 macros 200 autohotkey
scripts and so on including the ripple tangent that I’m currently using to do
some color correction you can see that from the GUI on the top right all of my
workflow speed optimizations have been born from necessity because if a video
is not done and it’s supposed to go up that night then whoever’s working
has to stay to finish it because otherwise we don’t have a video and
we’ve established a pattern with our audience that we do a video every single
day come hell or high water it’s got to get done so more importance than editing
a video quickly is having enough time to edit that video and this is absolutely
crazy but we used to finish a video all in one day
Linus would write it in the morning and then shoot the a roll and b-roll around
noon I’d get the footage around 2 o’clock and I’d have like maybe 4 hours
left in the day to edit that video and often I’d have to stay late and we did
that way way too much and this is why from the beginning I’ve
advocated for having at least one day of buffer between each of those stages and
lately we have achieved that which is great it is rare that we will have to
shoot a roll and b-roll and edit a video on the same day unless there’s a product
that has some kind of embargo on us but what I really want for us to have is a
buffer of finished videos that can just go up at any time and it’s really
amusing to see that crash course works not days but weeks ahead while we’re
over here working maybe one or two days ahead so I’ve always been pushing for us
to achieve a buffer of videos showcase his beautiful prize in mine but it’s not
happened yet because there’s a bottleneck at the scripting stage
researching and writing a video is a very time intensive process there’s a
lot that goes into it and I’m always very impressed by how quickly Linus is
able to do it he probably has his own extremely fancy tricks and speed
optimized workflow for writing the videos by the way what I’m doing here is
deleting one of these clips because it was a duplicate oops
Brendan had shot that twice and I accidentally used both of them but Linus
is just one man and it’s it’s impossible
for him to do all of that writing and also do all the other stuff he has to do
as CEO of the company so we’ve always known about the bottleneck at the
writing stage and that has always been the reason why we don’t have nearly
enough of a buffer if we have one at all and that is why we recently hired three
new writers to write more videos to fix the buffer problems to get stuff done to
increase the quality of our content to have Linus be less busy because he’s the
busiest person I’ve ever known he works very hard so I don’t think you guys
actually know this but the only reason why I started writing my own videos like
script writing for LTT is because of that script writing bottleneck because
we were so out of videos to edit I was never hired to be a writer I am a
video editor and I’m actually decent at writing or so I hear and I think my
videos have been fairly well received my first few ones were pretty bad I’m not a
host either I didn’t sign up to be a host learn by doing trial by fire that
is how things work around here and in fact now that we have the new
writers and they’re up to speed things do indeed go a lot more smoothly around
here and Linus is now doing a lot of script review with those writers rather
than writing all the scripts himself so I’m just gonna fast-forward through this
it’s color correction I’m not very good at color correction I really need to
take some courses I’m sorry well – is making them right now while his laptop
that is doing the web show like running a test oh I don’t know well he’s really
sensitive yeah okay okay yeah so maybe he’ll have to make the graphs because
you shouldn’t have to stay late it is his fault he didn’t do it there’s color
correction and there’s color gray I’m not great at either but I don’t know
anything about color grading sometimes I’ll plop a premade look on top of
everything and then Brendon wrinkles his nose because it was terrible and I’ll
take it back off and say okay I really need to learn this stuff and then I
never do hint hint
razor just fiddling with the timing of this thingy here you see me do this a
lot to go with its three USB three hint hint
razor to go with its three USB 3 port power cord so I get to this point and I
realize hey I can use the music that I already found over here and it’ll add
some production value let’s do that so I
don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet but I always put the audio gain on music
down to about negative 24 to starts and from there I just play it by ear to try
to figure out if it’s a bit too loud or a bit too quiet and if it gets louder
during the song I’ll have to pin tool it up or down or something razor this part
is just me fixing up the timings a little bit more and then doing some
color correction oh boy it’s boring you get a vignette you get a vignette you
get a vignette everyone’s getting vignettes speaking of things are not
very good at I’m looking at this note on the script here and it says dual shot
with specs on screen showing the previous and current models this calls
for some text trekking and I’m not great with Adobe After Effects and that’s kind
of weird because it’s exactly my kind of program you can do scripting inside the
program itself so I really really need to learn some more After Effects
actually it was really misbehaving on this one I don’t know why I had to
retrack it several times it was miserable whatever it’s it’s it’s done
yeah this is not an After Effects tutorial so if you want advice on that I
am NOT your man CPU here I’m just adjusting the framing
to make it centered more properly this is why I like wider shots they’re more
adjustable same Ram same battery same though the maximum nvme SSDs eme SSD
sighs god I should have added a little bit of motion to these upcoming shots
it’s kind of annoying when you’re watching a video and the screen is
totally still you don’t know if the video is frozen or not and the gtx 970m
from last and the gtx 970m from last gen has been
bumped to a GTX 1060 which means the newest blade gtx 1060 which means the
newest blade is a very capable little v everyone gets vignettes you know what I
really like about the ripple tangent is that you can color correct while the
video is playing and here I am creating a title but you’ve already seen me do
that so I’m fast-forwarding to save your
sanity and mine translates to up to double the frame rate in games now
obviously you can turn down you guys all have you discussion elsewhere because
I’m still on the touchscreen model to 1080p but then you’re dealing with
interpolation instead of a crisp native resolution image and for me personally
the difference in sharpness points has my song need your help with this
I think I just needed his help with the
placement of exactly where the graphs go and I’ll consult with whoever wrote the
video for stuff like that then the massive difference in frame rates that
make animations on the 1080 especially with graphs things can get really weird
where it’s like oh you were supposed to show this graph at this point even
though there’s no words on the graph that would imply that it belongs here in
the script there and it gets weirder where a graph is just kind of shown and
you’re just supposed to kind of look at it has a much even though it’s not
directly talked about and that’s something that I need to encourage Linus
not to do like I said before a person can’t split their attention between two
totally different things so if I’m having to show a graph on
screen that has nothing to do with what the host is talking about people aren’t
going to pay attention to that graph because it doesn’t make any sense anyway
you’ll notice that I am painstakingly pasting the transition that I just
custom created onto each of those edit points but like I said before you can’t
save most transitions as presets even with the ones you can save you can only
apply them one at a time one of the reasons aside from the waste
of time that I get so annoyed at the lack of certain features in premiere is
because of my RSI or tendinitis that’s my hands and because we have
plenty of time here I’m going to explain that whole thing and by the way again
this is the final pass that I’m doing through the video so I’m taking the time
to watch the whole thing but as I watch I’m making fixes right so for this
upcoming section here like I said the human brain can only focus on one thing
at a time really so you can either listen to me talking about RSI or you
can just focus on the visuals of what I’m doing in Premiere because those
speak for themselves so anyway time to talk about RSI and
this is really important because you do not want to get RSI a lot of people
don’t know this but I had to take a leave of absence from Linus Media Group
for three months because the RSI in my hands was really bad so that’s a
tendonitis or repetitive strain injury from using a mouse and a keyboard
continuously for well in my case years but the stress of the new job probably
didn’t help carpal tunnel is a bit of a different thing by the way that’s has to
do with vibrations rather than repetitive strain so don’t get it
confused anyway the pain in both of my hands and arms
was so intense that I could not use a computer and I was also having trouble
brushing my teeth I got an electric toothbrush for that purpose
turning doorknobs doing the laundry doing dishes like things that people
with hands do it was all very difficult for me very painful and I tried so many
things to fix my RSI I tried anti-inflammatories in pill form and as
a topical cream but that only ever seems to treat the symptoms temporarily
I tried hot cold contrast baths I tried stretches I tried the thera-band
flex bar wrapped and braces and massage ultrasonic and
laser treatments vitamins and stuff like sir cumin I tried using my hands a lot I
tried not using my hands a lot I read Johnny Sarno’s book the mind-body
prescription and he says that pain like this is psychosomatic in origin and
therefore you have to do mental exercises to fix it and shockingly that
actually worked for a few months and then it stopped working and ultimately
none of those things had any noticeable or lasting effect so I was afraid that
my career was over just as soon as it had begun and that I’d have painful
hands forever and just be effectively disabled but fortunately I found
something that actually works at least for my version of RSI and that is to go
to the gym and do bench press and rows that’s it
so I started on a program called strong lifts 5×5 which I highly recommend by
the way if you’re just starting weightlifting and this was and continues
to be my saving grace one day after I go to the gym the pain diminishes two days
after it’s completely gone and four days later it starts to come back which is
why I must go to the gym two times a week at a minimum this solution might
not necessarily work for you but I do advocate physical fitness for
everyone I mean you can’t afford not to exercise and back to the Edit for a
moment so whooshes are a very very versatile sound effects there’s a lot of
different kinds of whooshes so right here I’m just kind of messing with
timings and and trying different types of whooshes in different places and the
whooshes that I choose siz didn’t really quite work it sounded more like an
object being moved past the camera rather than the camera itself moving
closer has been I can’t really tell you why if it wasn’t the big enough sounding
whoosh I don’t know you know something to be aware of you
got to choose the right whoosh for the right thing and obviously don’t make
them too loud okay back to physical fitness for a moment if you do start
going to the gym at my advice just make sure you do not hyperextend your limbs
which means bending them beyond 180 degrees at least as far as I can tell
now here’s the really really really frustrating part I didn’t want to hurt
myself so I did a ton of research on the proper form for all the big exercises
that’s bench press rose overhead press squatting and dead lifting and in all of
that research I found a lot of sources that were saying you should be locking
your knees at the top of a squat however the term locking was never defined and I
still to this day cannot find a good definition for it so what I think it
means is going to 180 degrees on that joint but no further going beyond 180
degrees would be hyperextension and I’m pretty sure that that’s the reason why
I’m having knee problems now anyway sorry for the massive tangent right
there it’s just that exercise is really important but only if you do it the
right way or you’re just gonna hurt yourself
speaking of which also for my RSI I use a power ball on the days I don’t go to
the gym and it’s hard to tell but I think it does help quite a bit by
putting that awful keyboard from the blade Pro on it or the next time my
employees get new computers they might be from Apple
so thanks for watching guys oh by the way in addition to noise isolation in
your editing area it’s also important to have light isolation in the sense that
you don’t want any bright lights behind you because then they would be
reflecting off the screen even if it is a matte screen and it should be a matte
screen not glossy and whatever wall is behind the monitor should be a neutral
color and that will simply help your color correction to be that much more
accurate here I’m thinking that I might want to make a tweak to the color
correction of the a roll and I can do so very easily because I used a master
okay so I’m done with the third pass of the
video and usually that’s when I am finished with the whole video and so
that’s when I rendered the video however in this case for some reason I’m not
realizing that I still have to get those benchmarks into the video and even after
that it’s still not that simple there’s still some more things that I have
forgotten to do that I notice on my fourth and final pass so I’m just gonna
skip forward in time to when I get those benchmarks
chapter 12 the final pass so as I’m putting in the GPU and CPU temperatures
for ten minutes it’s a little boring so I’m gonna talk about the theory for why
and how I use premiere so pay attention kids right here I have one of the files
I need from Linus so while I wait for the other one
I’m just doing some color correction because why not make the video look a
little better here I go clapping in the recording of I 264 I always insist that
I 264 screen recordings have the application in windowed mode not in
full-screen mode and that’s because all of these little temperatures and tiny
little on-screen elements are a lot closer together in windowed mode so now
I can more easily punch in on them to show the audience and right there we’ve
skipped over eight minutes and I think I had a conversation with Linus there but
it wasn’t captured and I have the GPU temperatures so we’re gonna go grab
those they’re right here import that double-click on it get it in
the source monitor it was done with wait a minute okay oh right there at the end
okay he runs a game and then shows the temperature and the little annoying
monitoring window keeps popping up so Linus has to move around in order to get
it to vanish so I’ll have to freeze frame it when it’s not present yes the
scripts are ready oh okay that was audio captured from
xsplit when Linus was doing the recording for the GPU temperatures where
I hear that lines was talking about scripts and Brandon sounds upset which
means they were probably going to shoot some more a role even after it is now
six thirty nine and I think Linus has some more videos to shoot because it’s
Friday and we needed them for the next Monday obviously as you just saw
Premiere crashed and I’m grabbing the most latest and greatest and version and
learn inertia of this video because I have the date modified information I can
see which the latest version actually is and I think I said this before but I now
have a script that just does that I push one button and I’ve already told it the
folder I want to look into and it will find the latest premiere project file
and just open it for me and as you can see once more Premiere has crashed now on
the list of things that waste my time premiere bugs and slowness is near or at
the top by the way I’m actually waiting for some conforming to finish you can
see it with a loading bar on the bottom rights because I want that to finish
before I try opening it again anyway people ask why do you still use premiere
tearin obviously you complain about it all the time and it has all these bugs
and problems like what are you doing well it’s kind of like democracy
democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others
you’re basically trying to choose between the lesser of a few evils here
you know Premiere yeah there’s stuff that makes me mad but it also does a lot of
things that I do like of course I don’t focus on those as much because I
probably take them for granted I have used Final Cut 7 I’ve used avid I’ve
used DaVinci Resolve 14 but I don’t have nearly as much
experience with those as I do with Premiere so I’d have to of course retrain
myself to become proficient once again but that’s not really the problem the
problem is like I don’t think avid is worth switching to it’s a really old
program and it forces you into a particular workflow and I hate being
told what to do and I just remember it being very frustrating to work with but
I should probably revisit it and Final Cut X is supposed to be amazing but it
only works on Macintosh and I don’t want to give up everything else wonderful
about being on a PC just for the sake of one single program like I have
everything else set up just the way I like it and then to have to change
operating systems I don’t think that’s worth it and DaVinci Resolve 14 is
showing a lot of promise lately but it still is not nearly at the level that
Premiere is at for example you can’t even assign multiple shortcuts to one single
command using the shortcuts assignment panel in DaVinci Resolve 14 and that’s
terrible that feature to me is non-negotiable I have to have that
because if I don’t I can’t set up a lot of my autohotkey scripts which I use of
course to make up for the deficiencies that will almost certainly exist so a
lot of people have asked me if I recommend Premiere Pro and honestly
sometimes I just don’t know I’d say it’s great for beginners it’s
great for intermediates but for experts like myself there are just far too many
things missing the best analogy that I can come up with is imagine that Adobe
made cookware and they’ve made this stockpot that only has one handle on it
the rest of the stockpot is pretty good but with only one handle it’s
significantly less usable than it should be it feels to me like the designers
just don’t understand why we need an additional handle or even what a chef
generally needs in a kitchen so to explain all of this I do have a 200 plus
line spreadsheet of bugs and features in Premiere ranked in order of what I think
the priority should be and in order of how often I encounter these problems and
I also have a three hour long Premiere Pro problems playlist that explains
about half of them in very great detail if you really want to watch that you can
and I’ve used the wish form to send all of this stuff to the premiere
development team and in fact they even sent two employees to our studio to
check out the way that I and all the other people here use Premiere and media
encoder and Prelude so good on them for doing that that was very nice of them to
visit but a lot of my concerns with the program have still gone unaddressed so
it feels like they’re really concerned about improving the thermal properties
at the bottom of the pots while I’m over here telling them that the cracks in the
pot you know bugs and the missing handle should be fixed first that’s why I get
frustrated so ultimately I can not endorse or recommend Premiere Pro until
a lot of these issues get fixed and if you’ve encountered any of these there’s
a link to the spreadsheet go check it out and by all means tell me if I’m
wrong about any one of these items I’d love to hear your thoughts but you
better bring your a-game and if any of these items have affected you please
fill out a wish form and then maybe maybe one day we’ll get some of these
things or maybe DaVinci Resolve will beat them to the punch
so at the beginning of this video I mentioned that my workflow has been
heavily inspired by video games speedrunning so I’m going to explain
that right now the first speedrun I ever saw was of
mario 64 being beaten in like 20 minutes and I was amazed at the crazy things
that the player was able to do just by clever manipulation of glitches in the
game to get through a door by using the bunny and so on and so forth and ever
since then I’ve been fascinated with the idea of this kind of extremely high
strategy it looks like cheating but speedrunning
is not cheating cheating in a speedrun would be modifying the hardware or the
software and that is not allowed what speedrunning is is working inside
the confines of a system but you are allowed to exploit anything you possibly
can to achieve your goal absolutely every decision that you make is
influenced by one single idea that you need to save as much time as possible
everything else goes out the window it doesn’t matter how many lives you have
it doesn’t matter what your health is or how much ammo you have or where you are
and from that simple idea you get these insane strategies for example in Final
Fantasy 7 the speedrunners will count the number of steps they are taking from
the beginning of the game all the way to the end of the game several hours later
because doing so allows them to know what the game’s pseudo-random number
generator is going to do in regards to the quote random unquote battles that
they find themselves in once I reached the bottom of the creator
hold on a second once I’ve reached the bottom of the
crater that updates some variables in the game to make it think I’ve
legitimately reached the equivalent of dis trees and this results in hours of
time being saved I’ve actually done my own speedrun of spider-man 2 and I had
the world record for a little while watch for the most epic boss fight
you’ve ever seen what’s this it was a whole lot of fun but I’ll never do it
again it really is quite a time suck but with the things that I learned from my
own speedrun and from watching other speedruns especially those with
commentary I have now been able to come up with strats for adobe premiere now
unlike video game speedrunning in application speedrunning there are
absolutely no rules you can manipulate the hardware you can manipulate the
software and I definitely have if there was a button that I could put in
premiere where I would push it and it would edit the whole video for me I
would absolutely install that button and then tell no one about it because I’d be
out of a job but that’s what artificial intelligence is going to do isn’t it
it’s a brave new world basically the whole idea behind this tutorial can be
summarized with one sentence when you think of something that you want to do
you should be able to do it as quickly as possible or every millisecond counts
as soon as you have a goal like that in mind everything becomes crystal clear
and you can cut through all the nonsense I don’t care what anything is designed
to do I care about what it can do to quote Apollo 13 my favorite movie so
rather than just copying the things that I’m showing you here today it’s much
more important that you understand them what’s valuable here is the method of
thinking about the problem and I learned that method of thinking from watching
video game speedruns okay and with that we have made it to
chapter 13 now I don’t think I’ve explained this yet but I’m editing in a
1080p cineform preview timeline you set that all up in your sequence
settings of course one important thing that I do is I always have my video
previews at the exact same resolution as the sequences frame size and like I said
before I always render in the exact same resolution as whatever the sequence is
never anything in more or less otherwise premiere screws it up and most of the
clips on my timeline actually already had been converted to Sinha form from
whatever they were before probably mp4s that came off of the a7s
twos that were used to record this video and the reason for that is Sinha form is
GPU accelerated so it really gives you a buttery wonderfully smooth timeline I
think I probably mentioned all this but it bears repeating now one of the
greatest things about Sena form is that it allows you to do a smart render which
is Oh monumentally valuable and has saved all of us just hours and hours and
days and days of time and I’m gonna show you that right now that you just have to
check that little checkbox the one that says match sequence settings that’s
assuming that you set up your sequence settings correctly in the first place so
you better not get that wrong so anyway the first time that you render to Sinha
cineform it’s gonna be really slow cuz it’s you know rendering but the second time
and this is just an example from a completely different project that I’m
going to show you here all you have to do is take that rendered video put it on
a layer above everything else and then only cut out the sections that you need
to change then make your fixes and the second time you render most of the video
cuz it’s already been rendered does not need to be reinforced basically just
copying that information over so it’s incredibly fast okay now back to the
razor blade video where turns out we have a problem with the rendering if you
notice that the percentage has not changed for a while and that the
estimated time remaining just keeps going up or that it’s frozen
then you’re probably encountering some kind of rendering bug and you might as
well just hit cancel and try something different
now one thing you could do is render out previews on the timeline so turn all of
that yellow stuff green however I have already rendered the very beginning of
this video earlier when I thought I was done but I really wasn’t so I’m just
going to overlay that on top of everything and it doesn’t even turn
green up there it just turns empty so it’s like super duper already rendered
and then I’m not going to overlay the video on anything beyond that point
because I made a whole ton of like little changes to clips and to the color
correction of stuff so I will have to re render most of the video so here we see
because I’d already successfully rendered that beginning parts it’s able
to cruise right past it so I don’t know what render problem it was encountering
the second time that it didn’t encounter the first time and we may never know and
you can see that it rendered the entire thing very very quickly because all of
that footage had already been converted to Cinna form before I even brought it
in in the first place so very very quick and of course now that it has rendered I
have to watch it to make sure that there are no problems at all that might have
been missed by me or that might have been introduced during the render this
is another golden rule who absolutely must watch a video that will go up on
YouTube even if you made just one tiny fix you pretty much have to watch the
entire thing all over again because there are a thousand and one things that
could have happens to your video during its very last render you just have to
watch the video now I have a script that automatically moves it into our treads
code system called file mover and I’m not going to explain how this script
works because I don’t even know how it works I entered a trance for an hour and
when I woke up the script was magically finished and all of its absurd
complexity so you can look at it if you want anyway once the file is moved over
it will open an explorer window at that location and there it is that’s actually
a watch folder and there’s a copy of media encoder running on some machine
somewhere which will spit out the trance coded files into this big delivery
folder so these are every single different
that is used on floatplane so these would all have to be individually
uploaded in some kind of weird manual process by Luke or someone else who knew
the system because it was very early days for floatplane back then and I
would simply have to send off an email saying that the files were available
nowadays it only spits out one single 4k mp4 file and that can just Boop go right
on to floatplane very easily and I will also upload a thumbnail and then send
out an email telling people the video is now available chapter 14 YouTube version
if you look down at the bottom right hand corner you can see that it is now
January 20 2017 and I am making a change to the video before it goes up on
youtube so floatplane our early access platform had this video for 20 days
before YouTube had it and I looked at the video and I thought what the heck is
going on with that screen when they were filming the a role they should have
tilted the screen downwards a little bit to get rid of that horrible glare so I
decided I’m gonna do what I can using color correction and I’m using a luma
tree effect with a mask so that it only affects the screen and that will be
placed into the master clip but I can’t do that right now because the ripple
tangent does not work on master clip that’s a feature request I’ve had for a
while now now I really shouldn’t be doing this because ideally the YouTube
and floatplane versions of a video should be exactly the same except that
the YouTube one has integrations and the floatplane one does not speaking of
which if you look closely you can see that I’ve already put the integration
into the sequence that’s the orange FreshBooks integration oh wait Linus
Blade mov and I also put some additional b-roll on top of it right there at the
end just cuz I wasn’t quite satisfied with it so anyway once I do my color
correction and it does look a little bit better it’s not perfect but once I do
that I will render this out and that’s that’s it that video goes up on YouTube
now these days we have a lot more review steps in place we have the writer review
the video before it’s rendered we have – review every video before they go out
and we have another editor review the video as well with all those steps
together we should have caught every single error before the video even goes
up on floatplane now there have been many changes around here since this
tutorial was recorded we now shoot on red cameras and we’re
actually shooting 8k footage so we are now working in 4k timelines and we also
export to 4k cineform which takes four times as long now most people still
can’t appreciate 4k content because even if they have a 4k screen YouTube’s
bitrate isn’t even good enough to show it in all of its glory
but Linus says that as one of the top tech channels we need to stay on the
cutting edge which I like to call the bleeding edge I’ve had a lot of issues
with red footage anyway that’s it I’m done I rendered that thing out using the
same steps I showed you before watch the whole thing to check for problems and
then send it off to our transcode server to render it as a 4k mp4 to be uploaded
to youtube and there it is currently sitting at 1.7 million views that’s
pretty good for our channel and people seem to like it it’s a good video the
laptops good – although – had some thermal issues which i hear is not all
that uncommon anyway that is what it’s like to edit a video at Linus Media
Group congratulations for watching the whole thing but we’re not done yet I’ve
got some bonus material for you here at the end of the tutorial
these are all extra credit chapters and if any of it bores you just skip
straight to chapter 19 where I do the official conclusion sign-off whatever it
is chapter 15 the past this is my personal career story not my life story
my career story and I’m putting this in here because I’ve found it very very
valuable to learn these sorts of things about other people and if you are just
starting out in your career you should try to find as many of these stories as
you can because then your expectations will become increasingly reasonable as a
kid I was always very interested in television and cartoons and movies
and computer games me and my older brother would always play computer games
together and we also drew comics together which eventually started
finding their way onto the Internet as we created Bob comics calm which is
still up today you can go there and see all the comics we published to the
Internet and also the animations that I made using Macromedia flash 5
newgrounds.com was a really big deal so I would submit
my animations there and get critique and I was very active in the flash forums
eventually my animations got good enough that I applied to an arts magnet school
called Denver School of the Arts and I got in to the video cinema arts
department I had only done animation up until this point and never touched a
camera nor an editing program and I actually didn’t learn much about video
editing at that school but it was definitely a great experience to be
surrounded by a lot of other creative people who understood this stuff I won a
lot of awards for my animations looking back on them they’re really not that
great but for a high schooler they were pretty good before I graduated from
Denver School of the Arts I got a $25,000 scholarship offer from
the Art Institute of Colorado however it was a four-year program that would have
cost a hundred thousand dollars in tuition unless I’m remembering this
wrong and the scholarship they were offering could not be put all on the
first year or I would have gone the Art Institute didn’t seem like a
particularly good value for my money so I turned down that scholarship I also
took a look at a couple of different 2d animation schools and courses and so on
I had a lot of them sending me stuff in the mail so I checked that out and I
don’t know I have so much respect for animators and it’s it’s such a wonderful
medium and something that I want to be a part of but it really seems like you’re
just a cog in a large machine and I just kind of got the impression that I would
be disposable and besides my drawing skills were never
really that good so I probably would have become a 3d animator if anything so
after bouncing around directionless for a few years I eventually ended up in
Vancouver BC because I have family out here
I had no better plan so I decided that I wanted to go to BCIT for either
programming or television broadcast and I chose the latter because I already had
quite a bit of experience with television stuff so long story short I
did that for two years and when I graduated I made the fatal mistake of
not having a job already lined up so don’t make that mistake because I bumped
around for half a year floating from job to job basically just freelancing I
worked on two very low-budget movies I worked at the back tower at Hastings
racetrack and eventually Etzel iago got in contact with me I’d gone to school
with him they needed some NCIX tech tips videos edited for them on a contract
basis now Etzel had joined linus media group because he watched the channel on
youtube and thought it was cool and he did his internship with Linus restraints
caves sometimes but it’s it’s a really good place to work and he actually never
came back to school after that I would like call him and say ‘i d where’s your
homework what are you doing you haven’t been to school in a while he’s like yeah
whatever the first NCIX tech tips video i ever
edited took me I think seven hours because I had no idea what any of this
stuff was I was googling everything that lines would say and he was talking so
fast and he would kind of flub his words and I had no script so I just I had no
idea what any of the computer components were no one had ever explained this to
me so I just I didn’t know what to do but eventually I got better and faster
at editing those Linus wanted me on full-time it was actually between Linus
tech tips and bling digital I chose Linus Media Group even though they were
paying a lot less because I felt like there was a lot of potential there and I
regretted that decision so hard for the first three weeks it was
horrible and I’ve said this before it’s because there was just so much work to
do I and I I didn’t know what to do there was nobody to train me it was it
was the NCIX problem all over again I just I was so unfamiliar with all this
stuff I was trying to figure out how can i
edit quicker I had to stay late on most days just to get everything done I was
editing basically NCIX tech tips Linus tech tips fast as possible and
eventually they also added channel super fun the edits weren’t nearly as good as
they are today because I would have to rush them out as quickly as I could and
I asked Linus do you want high quality or high quantity and he said both and
internally I thought now there’s no way it’s got to be quantity so what I did
was I decided okay I’m going to finish the video and then if I have time I will
go back and I’ll add extra things and I’ll improve the quality but I have to
get the video done first and so that worked decently well eventually we moved
the office to the new warehouse and we got more and more employees and the
channel has grown significantly larger than I ever imagined back when I joined
it was just like a four-person team and here we are today I can safely say that
working at Linus Media Group is the hardest job I’ve ever had, and also the
best job I’ve ever had. we have access to some of the latest and greatest
cutting-edge technology and that’s really cool. I get to ride around on
e-bikes for my job. I got really lucky. the only reason I
have this job is because I accidentally networked when I was at BCIT. so that’s
why I always say that networking is really important.
(Young Taran: “Well I had a great time!”) so that’s the past. let’s talk about the
future. now a lot of the editing that you saw here today is what I like to call
paint-by-numbers editing. it doesn’t require all that much creativity, because
the scriptwriter has already determined basically what shots should go where, and
what the shot should be, and the general flow of the entire thing. and your job as
an editor is to just assemble it. now this is very different from the kind of
editing where you have to make up the story. you have to figure out the story.
Channel super fun videos are a lot more like that. we just film a whole bunch of
stuff and you find the narrative thread afterwards. here’s the thing though…
because we put all of our shot numbers into the script, and we use comments in
Word to show exactly what part of the script a particular shot belongs to, it
is conceivable that a program could be written to simply look at the edited a
roll and transcribe that then compare the transcription to what’s on the
script itself then look into the comments to see the b-roll numbers match
those numbers to the actual b-roll clips and just like that put all of the b-roll
onto the timeline precisely where it belongs this process would take I don’t
know less than a minutes and it would save us potentially hours so it would be
magnificent if such a program existed but it doesn’t
actually if this does exist please let me know in the comments thank you please
anyway such a program would still not be able to make any creative decisions
obviously you’d have to slip each piece of b-roll and move it
around a little bit to make it actually work you’d have to do all the graphics
all the animation all that you know music all the sound effects you know
everything that I showed you here today except for the initial admittedly
tedious process of matching up b-roll clips to a roll Clips right by the way
what I just showed you is a premiere feature called automate to sequence you
still have to order the clips manually and you saw have to put markers on the
timeline manually it just moves them from one place to the other for you it’s
not the true automation that I desire so what else I’ll tell you about a few
personal goals of mine I think it’s important for everyone to continue to
strive to improve themselves let’s see I want to learn more art and animation
it’s been almost a decade since I made last sketch when pirates and my
animation skills have really not come much further since then and it’s
definitely something I want to know how to do even though I don’t want it to be
my main career I also want to learn a crap ton of After Effects and I’ll
probably learn blender as well because the 3d capabilities of that program have
only been getting better and as for the brain computer interface that I
mentioned at the beginning of this video I still haven’t really made any progress
with that thing programming is another skill that I do
want to learn but obviously there’s only so much time in the day to learn new
things and also I only have so much mental energy you know some days I come
home and I just want to veg out on the couch and do nothing but watch Netflix
and chill but to be an artist is to be perpetually dissatisfied with your own
work and of course the more you learn the more you know you don’t know chapter
xvii comparisons to monty oum so one of my YouTube followers told me about the
late monty oum who worked at roosterteeth and apparently was just as
dedicated to extreme efficiency as I am probably more so I’m going to show you
just a few clips from a roosterteeth documentary talking about him and you’ll
see that there are some parallels for sure
Monty Oum is probably one of the hardest-working
most focused people I’ve ever met in my life I need to be fast fast is something
that is important he strives to be the most efficient worker possible and all
he does is work I work seven days a week every minute of the day I’m not sleeping
her in the shower of course I’m not nearly as hard of a worker as Monty was
my goal is to actually do as little work as possible so apparently he used nine
monitors but I haven’t been able to find any info as to exactly what each of them
was used for so if you know let me know the shortcut for brightness/contrast on
a photoshop on a PC it’s all I a and C brings brightness/contrast down it’s
highlighted you can see it it makes sense Oh Monty you could have done that
with one key press with autohotkey I don’t think he ever knew about it he
rips keys out of his keyboard that slow him down
shortcuts will save your life because I literally work with millions upon
millions of files at a time yep I do the same thing
an accidental key press will only slow you down so you might as well just get
rid of it I hate updates and I can see shortcuts
disappearing one at a time we got him a new version of his software that he uses
to animate he is I can roll me back because I need this menu option and now
it’s three clicks and before it was two clicks I want to go back to two clicks
yeah autohotkey would have fixed that but I share his disdain for software
updates for example the comments in Word 365 are absolutely horrible basically
they take up so much more space now and they’re less functional so I’m back to
using Word 2007 and I won’t update until they fix the comments which might never
happen I’m sure Monty and I could have learned a lot from each other but
unfortunately he died in 2015 so I’ve only been able to piece together
information from secondary sources but just imagine if Monty somehow had the
time to make a four-hour long tutorial about all of the crazy stuff that he
does and how he does it that would be a fantastic resource for upcoming 3d
animators I mean I would watch it so if you have any more info on
all the stuff that Monty would do leave a comment and furthermore if you work in
a creative field like animation or graphic design or whatever and you’re at
the top of your game and you’ve been doing this for years and you do crazy
stuff that nobody else does and you want to pass on that knowledge by all means
please make your own multi-hour tutorial where you go through the process of
creating a project from start to finish with every step in between and if you’ve
watched this tutorial I hope you understand why that context is so
invaluable very few tutorials have that kind of mortar that holds all of the
skills together chapter 18 all the best preferences to use in
Premiere Pro oh my goodness this is such a boring chapter you should skip it I
swear just go to the next chapter so sometimes Premiere is misbehaving or
being buggy and one of the things you can try to do to fix it is to reset your
preferences I’m just gonna do that for you right now and I’m also going to take
the opportunity to show you what preferences I use for my editing in
Premiere because the default preferences are actually really stupid so to reset
them you hold down alt and launch the program looks like that worked this is
where all the most recent projects should be appearing so I’ll have to
manually find my most recent project looks like it reset all of my keyboard
shortcuts which is no bueno before you do that you should really save the most
recent version of whatever shortcuts you’ve set up because I did this and I
lost the most recent changes that I had made darn okay so now I’ve got your
shortcuts back I’m just gonna start with the Preferences panel okay so at startup
show Start screen sure when opening a project show up in dialog sure the
default video transition that I use is 12 frames 30 is too long so that’s what
I use for this one 15 frames is what I use sometimes I want a lot shorter or
longer and then I’ll just go from there default image duration 5 seconds is fine
that’s when you are importing them into the projects but you can easily change
the duration of lots and lots of clips if you select them in the bin using ctrl
R or whatever the clip duration panel is timeline playback auto scrolling I hate
smooth scroll and page scroll no scroll is the answer for me you do not want the
timeline moving itself when you’re trying to do stuff timeline now
scrolling horizontal absolutely vertical sex I don’t really use insert overwrite
so I don’t really care about this one snap playhead in timeline but snap is
enabled no because you can hold down shift to do that I play back end return
to beginning when we starting playback yeah sure when I’m listening to music or
sound effects I want to start back over the beginning so I can hear it again
so I leave it on even though it’s kind of annoying the timeline display out of
sync indicators for unlinked Clips yes absolutely more information is better
play work area after rendering previews yeah I prefer not to default scale to
frame size absolutely not unless you want to completely ruin your footage do
that manually if you must clicking in bins this is set up in a stupid way I
like to set it up the way that Windows does it so double click open in place
control click is open in new window and I leave alt alone
that’s how Explorer does it that’s how premieres to do it under audio and
rendering video yeah sure why not show clip mismatched warning dialog yes show
event indicator I don’t know what that is fit clip dialog opens for edit range
mismatches is for insert override so I actually never see that so whatever show
tooltips yes absolutely more information is better appearance I leave all of
these as default because then all the scripts and autohotkey stuff that I use
is the same for everybody so whatever audio mute input during
timeline recording absolutely if you don’t do this and you’re doing voiceover
on the timeline you’ll hear yourself talking as you’re talking on a bit of a
delay and it’s really really annoying play audio while scrubbing yes
absolutely more information is better maintain pitch while shuttling yes this
is great if listen at double speed or triple speed
it won’t increase the pitch it actually works really well so I always leave that
on otherwise they just sound like chipmunks default audio tracks blah blah
blah just leave those where they are they’re fine
linear keyframe thinning I don’t know what these are
it says automation I should probably look into that let’s see audio hardware
I don’t know autosave oh boy every three minutes 70 revisions I do not trust
premiere not to crash so I haven’t set as intensely as possible even if you set
it to three minutes it won’t save every three minutes it’ll just do five or
seven minutes whatever it feels like really so you can try going to one
minute thinking that you’ll get more frequently but ah that actually seems to
be less stable so I’ll put it three maybe four minutes let’s see caPSURE
yeah I’ve never used the capture panel control surface these are just the ones
that I have you if you don’t have them you don’t need them label colors these
are the stupidest names so I always rename them to something not stupid
there you go that’s much better I just wish that there were more colors in here
to choose from label defaults leave these all exactly where they are they’re
all different that’s good enough media I prefer to use a separate SSD for my
media cache files and database you probably should as well we all share the
same one at the office here I don’t know about any of this stuff I just leave it
memory maybe I should fiddle with that but I don’t know anything about it
playback I I don’t know project locking I don’t know what that is sync settings
so one time Adobe over wrote all of my preferences and settings with the
defaults from the cloud and ever since then I just do not trust this thing so I
save everything manually and I’ve never actually used that title err yeah I mean
leave these all where they are at they’re fine and trim
I don’t know I don’t know about this one I never really mess with these things
okay so those are the Preferences most important of those first few okay
timeline preferences now there’s sequence preferences in here
but there’s really not much to choose from aside from show audio time units
and that allows you to zoom in really really far in case you want to and every
single sequence has that option aside from that right here these are the
timeline settings click on the wrench I want you to enable show duplicate frame
markers and show through edits those are so unbelievably useful more information
is better if I make an edit like this those are through edits if I make an
edit and then I slip the clip afterwards it’s not a thru edit anymore because
these frames are not sequential okay composite preview during trim I turn
this off because it has led to stability problems and slowness if you do
something like this even with cineforms sometimes it will
lag the crap out of your computer so I just leave it off okay let’s see here
the rest of these are just presets show audio name you can do that if you really
want to like if you’ve got music and stuff but I usually just keep it off
there’s also one more timeline setting that really should be in here but it’s
not for some reason it’s all the way over here in the marker menu ripple
sequence markers make sure that that is checked on always basically what that
does is if you do a ripple trim now all the markers will move along with the
footage whereas if you have that option off and you do a ripple trim the markers
stay exactly where they are now here’s the stupid thing if you try to use the
track forward tool the markers still stay exactly where they are even though
you have ripple sequence markers enabled which is why I unfortunately hardly ever
use this tool because then it messes up my very carefully placed markers so I’ll
just hold ctrl and do one of these to rip
move the footage and the markers at the same time okay now we’re done with the
timeline settings but we’re still not done let’s see if there’s anything
important in here I don’t think so you can always click on the hamburgers
that’s the triple line thingies to see if there’s anything important like
there’s some stuff in effect controls like pin to clip I didn’t know about
that one that’s interesting really useful I’m not gonna tell you what it is
you figure it out brah okay if you go to window and then history it’ll open the
history panel it’ll open wherever you can put it wherever who cares
click the hamburger triple line thing go to settings I can’t believe these are
not in the regular preferences history state I put nine another nine it only
gives you a hundred of them which is not enough but at least it’s better than 32
now you can press undo 100 times before it stops working and then I get rid of
the history panel because I’d never need it ok right here we have the audio
meters panel you really don’t need that much range you don’t need 60 decibels
worth you just need 48 or at least I do and also I prefer to just turn the color
gradiant off because then there’s more contrast within the levels it’s just a
little easier to see what’s going on out of the corner of your eye but those are
kind of small things okay also here in the audio tracks you can right-click on
this empty space here and say customize and it’s not entirely clear what each of
these do I believe hang on track meter okay I think track
meter that’s the one that I want and I want to get rid of audio one but just
stupid how do you get rid of that for some reason that worked so anyway now
you just have little audio meters on each individual audio track which is
nice unless of course I make the tracks smaller using alt minus or using the
scroll wheel but of course they’re visible if the tracks are large enough
so basically all the options that I use are just designed to give myself more
control and more information while I’m using premiere okay we’re still not done
we also have the button editor oh there’s so many things this is
relatively new you don’t need in out points you’re an
idiot if you’re using these buttons with the mouse he hews the keyboard I always
have export frame that’s a good one I don’t need these these are keyboard
shortcuts for those always grab the proxies because this is not only a
button but it also tells you the status of the proxies that’s very important
similar to that is this little guy which will tell you the status of your multi
camera like sequence I don’t know this will like turn itself off randomly so
it’s nice to know if it’s off or not so I just have it there you’re rarely using
it though at least in my case this one safe margins yeah you can see all the
little tooltips are in the wrong screen thanks Premiere addmarker you don’t need
that that’s a shortcut for that I might actually use these because I don’t I
don’t know I don’t know what this shirt cuts are
for those um play what is this one loop nope this one here this one’s useful
play video into out I’ll always have that one on as well oh and then in
global FX mute which is nice okay the problem with global FX mute is that
oh wow as a button it works fine but if you’re on the timeline and you press the
keyboard shortcut for it it won’t work unless you have the program monitor
selected whatever this one also tells you the status of what’s going on so I
like to have that one as well and I really don’t use these buttons I leave
this one up because this one also tells me if Premiere is attempting to play or
not and then you know these are actually these are actually completely useless go
to in do I need that no I don’t need those either and then you can add little
barriers if you really want to add marker do I need that no but I’m just
gonna leave it anyway okay that’s really all you need and then this one is like
this one’s the same so I’ll put this guy on here just to get another place to
look and no I don’t know yeah always have the export frame and have this one
too because why not and yeah the safe title
thingy so that’s nice you can see where the center is so that’s useful and like
I said play in two outs this can be very useful in situations where Premiere is
being laggy and it just will not stop playing no matter what you do stop stop
stop stop it won’t stop it’ll just keep on going
so if you have a planned stop point it will only play until it hits that
location pronounced but what it does do is remove blocking artifacts and improve
the dynamic range of compressed content exactly so there you go yeah button
editor you should just be aware that it exists basically you can you know you
can do whatever you want with it okay so the next preference is buried deep what
I want you to do is import some graphic or piece of footage that you don’t need
put it on the timeline right-click and say make off line okay so do that and
then it’ll turn this odd shade of red okay so right-click on it again and say
link media now you are in the link media dialog box go to this check box that
says use Media Browser to locate files and turn it off the Media Browser is
miserable to work with it’s kind of like Explorer if explorer was ten times more
difficult to use for no reason and also crashed all the time and also took
forever to load everything so I hate using this I will never use it if I
don’t have to fortunately you can just uncheck that box and you get a good ol
Explorer window so now you know and last but not least keyboard shortcuts I’m
probably in this panel changing things around at least once a day fun fact you
can expand the panel to view the numpad if it’s not already visible many of my
shortcuts are not the defaults as you may have already noticed from the
on-screen visualizer the most important changes that I’ve made are mapping JKL
over to a SD those are the shuttle controls mapping – and equals over to F
and G those are for zooming in and out and mapping delete over to C Q and W
were left exactly where they are and I put “add edit to all tracks”
on E. the other keys around here are pretty much just different tools. also
1 and 2 are for go to previous and next edit point respectively.
like I said before this puts all of these very commonly used shortcuts
directly under my left hand on home row so that I never have to move my hand
back and forth across the keyboard for these very common commands. now I still
left the commands for JKL, minus, equals, and delete on their original key
bindings as well, simply because I’ve never needed those keys for anything
else, and it’s convenient for when I’m shuttling around on the source monitor
and I need to set in and out points using I and O. I still have 5 6
7 8 and 9 totally free and again there’s not really anything that I
need to put there I can’t use any autohotkey scripts on those keys since
it would make it impossible to write anything in premiere using those keys so
it pretty much has to be done in the keyboard shortcuts panel f2 and f3 are
audio gain and audio channels respectively but f1 f4 f5 and f6 are all
remapped in autohotkey I’ve bound these keys and many other keys to a random
command in the capture panel because I needed a visual reminder that those keys
are reserved for autohotkey scripts I never use the capture panel and so this
never causes any issues in premiere and it just helps me to remember stuff so if
you’re looking through my shortcuts and you ever see any capture panel shortcuts
that’s what that means the best thing about the shortcuts panel is that you
can assign multiple shortcuts to a single command that’s my number one most
essential feature for any NLE so I’m very happy that premiere has had
it since 2015 also you can save and load all your
premiere shortcuts to or from a dot kys file so if you want to look through my
shortcuts in full detail you can download that file off of my github also
you can click copy to clipboard for a simple text read out of all of your
shortcuts now there’s a lot of keyboard shortcuts I didn’t directly
you can pause the video to read all of these but here’s ctrl shift alt ctrl
shift ctrl alt shift alt that’s a dangerous one and ctrl shift alt huh
okay that’s it we are done with premiere preferences chapter 19 the final chapter
this is the last one finally we’re here okay I’ve got two more premiere tips
right here that I just couldn’t fit into the main tutorial because there was no
more space so I’m shoving them over here at the end ah updating premiere oh my
goodness do not update premiere as soon as a new version comes out this goes for
all and ellie’s you will be so screwed if there’s an error and there was 420
17.1 there was this bug that would literally delete all of your media files
and we avoided it let some other poor sucker update his software in the middle
of a project or just too early let him suffer the consequences and wait for
Adobe to patch the bug do not update right away wait at least a month alright
next tip advice from professionals is not always trustworthy I’m it’s funny
I’m undermining the entire tutorial by putting this here now so for example
people have asked me what I think of the editors keys keyboards and frankly I
think they’re stupid because I changed all of my default key bindings to be
more efficient and I think everyone should so I think these keyboards are
dumb because they have the defaults and the defaults are dumb
however that’s not useful advice for a beginner right a beginner is not going
to know all the several hundred keyboard shortcuts and having them all visually
laid out like that is incredibly useful so in fact there’s nothing wrong with
these keyboards they’re perfectly good they’re great actually they’re just not
great for me so if I say something else somewhere else in the tutorial and I say
oh this is stupid well maybe it’s just stupid for me but
not for you that’s why I try to give the rationale for why I do some
right don’t do something but it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong about a
great deal many things for example I was actually going to suggest that if you
have problems with clips not loading that you should install the combined
community codec pack and I posted that on the Adobe forums and I got told by
some people who said don’t do that it’s terrible you might have to reinstall
Windows it can get so bad. only install the codecs that you know you need. and I
was like, what? I’ve never heard this before. I thought I was a professional
but I guess not! so yeah, professional advice can be wrong. and finally, last tip
of the tutorial – when you’re learning a new piece of software but you’re already
past the foundation stuff, you’re not a beginner anymore, you’re intermediate –
something that’s very important to do is click on every single menu option. click
on every single submenu, click on every single – well, premiere has these things
called hamburgers… they’ve got little wrenches as well. click on every single
thing. go into the keyboard shortcuts, go into the Preferences, look at all of it
and see if there’s anything that you don’t recognize. and if there is such a
thing then go google it and figure out what it is. in this way you will learn
about all these little useful features that you may not have known about. for
example, for a long time I did not know that there was a select find box
shortcut, and now I use that all the time. I did not know about “pin to clip” – that’s
very useful as well sometimes some of my co-workers did not know about certain
things. for example these little reset buttons. that’s a very useful button!
Another editor did not know that you can alt click drag a clip on the timeline to
make a duplicate of that clip! anyway, the point is make sure you know everything
your software is capable of. Okay, so recommended watching what have I got
here… oh there’s this great video called Charlie Brooker’s screen wipe reality TV
editing came out in 2007 Wow I watched this 10 years ago this was part of what
inspired me to become an editor and I just remember it being quite
mind-blowing to figure out what was possible with just a few simple tricks
I highly recommend this short film called cinemassacre 200 by james rolfe
who goes into detail about the 199 films that he’s made throughout his life it’s
actually really really interesting and inspirational I’ve watched it about a
dozen times and if you like this video you’re probably kind of like
cinemassacre 200 if you want to learn more about the method of thinking behind
speedrunning that I talked about I highly recommend the video The Legend of
Zelda Ocarina of Time speedrun in 22 minutes and 38 seconds by the former
Cosmo right now long story short Narcisa keeps taking this video down so
you might have to google for it but you should be able to find it somewhere oh
and for film criticism there is the infamous Star Wars The Phantom Menace
review by red letter media you’ll know if you like it or not in the first 10
minutes while my son eventually hanged himself in the bathroom of a gas station
but check it out I’ve actually watched it a lot more times than I have the
actual movie there’s also a TED talk called do schools kill creativity by Sir
Ken Robinson this video really resonates with me before I got into Denver School
of the Arts. I had a horrible time in school to give just one example I would
use the media center computers to create animations using powerpoints the other
students really liked them but my teachers did not and they told me to
stop using the media center computers for non school related things of course
it turned out that those were the skills that led to my current career I might as
well plug my own personal YouTube channel as well
Taron vh you know it’s my name there’s lots of other tutorials on there there’s
also a lot of weird random crafts that I post because I just I just don’t care
about being silly if you subscribe you’re gonna get a random assortment of
really informational tutorials and complete garbage
scores I’m not going to apologize all right nearly done here don’t forget
that there are links to pretty much everything I’ve talked about in the
video description please send a wish form or two over to Adobe if you want
any of the features that I talked about or you can try to hack them into
premiere like I did maybe with something better than autohotkey. and if you do,
please share your code with me on github! thank you very much for watching. I hope
you got what you came for I’m sure you probably did. it’s a seven layer dip so
if you watch it again, you’ll get more out of it!let me know what you learned,
let me know what you found most valuable. leave a comment below or you can talk to
me on Twitter, @taranvh. please share this video with other people in your
community, be that a classroom or a message board. I’ve packed so much
information into this tutorial that I think it’ll be good for the next decade.
so, watch it again. and by that time, maybe I’ll make another one.

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