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World’s Best Driver Movie | Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver | Hot Wheels

World’s Best Driver Movie | Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver | Hot Wheels

Hey we gotta Go! Whoooo! Dude, what are you doing? I got my bike stuck up in the tree. Come on we gotta go! Tracking Team Green, they’re moving fast. Let’s beat Green back to headquarters. You are clear to enter headquarters. The Hotwheels Test Facility is the proving
ground for the most high performance vehicles and drivers in the world. Today more race zones will be unlocked for
the most challenging test yet. A race to see who is the world best driver. Welcome Team Hotwheels, you have been selected
to enter the ultimate head to head race, team against team. To find out who is the world’s best driver. Guiding you through the race will be your
team navigator. Crank it up yellow drivers. Power through
this course. Diagnostics complete, loading navigation. Might want to go easy on that booster. I’ve only got one speed. Team Red, you are the wildcards in this race.
It is time to get wild. Yeah, let’s do this. You are only invited to this competition once,
and this is it. Ready… Go for it Red 1 hit that orange ramp. Yellow 2, take the left ramp. Sorry I already found my own path. Green 1, bank left turn to crossover jump. Red 2, hit the crossover Green 2, you are going to fast. I can handle it. Lay off the booster. There’s barriers ahead. Blue, turn now! Green 2, are you alright? Yeah, I’m good. Green 2 has been eliminated in Zone 1. Red Navigator: Bearing 015, 85 foot jump dead
ahead. Copy Yellow 1, left ramp. What’s my speed? Everything you got. Copy that. More power, it’s a big jump. Argh! My engine’s overheating! You blew your engine, tough break kid. Zone 1 eliminations: Yellow 1 and Green 2,
six drivers remain. Prepare to pit for change of terrain. I’m switching to the trials bike. Blue drivers, there is a fork in the road
approaching. One of you take the high road to the mountain pass. The other take the low road to the rock yard. Statistically both routes are the same are
the same. So divide and conquer. I got the rock yard. Green 1, take the snowy mountain pass. Yellow 2, take the rock yard. Blue watch out for red team, they might be
wild through here. Red 1, stay in control. My bike is all over the place. Slow down and and try not to skid. I’m trying! Lose him Blue. I can’t see! Red 1 has been eliminated in zone 2. Five
drivers remain. Nice job Red 2, you made it to the summit.
Head downhill and hit those jumps. Green, head left and make up time across the
bridge. Blue 1, your breakline is frozen. I’m out of control, I can’t stop! Blue 1 has been eliminated in zone 2. Four
drivers remain. The shortcut worked, we jumped back in the
lead…but watch out for ice patches ahead. Catch him. Stay on the throttle, Red. Blue they are making good time in the snow,
be smart and pass Yellow in the rocks. I got it. Yellow driver, you’re losing traction. Don’t
smoke the tires, you have to let ’em grip. You need to make up some time, Yellow. Yellow, you’re falling behind. I’ve got an idea. Yellow, What’s with the auto-drive? Yellow, do you copy? All good. I just had to ditch my tru… He’s off the map. Okay, that’s it. Yellow 2 has been eliminated in Zone 3, Three
drivers remain. Prepare to pit for change of terrain. Hold tight Green, we need to change your booster
tanks. Come on! Come on! Let’s Go! Ahh! They are beating me. Gotta go! Don’t count me out yet. Where’s my car? You were off the grid. We thought you were out, mate. I’m not out. Yellow 2 has re-entered the race. It’s going to be tough to catch up, Yellow. Nah, I’m not worried. Yellow, what are you doing? Taking a shortcut across the water. Watch
this! You’re going to need a lot of speed. Nice run, kid. You let me know if you’re gonna
sneak back in the race again. Yellow 2 has been eliminated in Zone 4. Three
Drivers remain. Blue, Tunnel is going to split, pick a direction. Don’t get stuck behind blue. Red driver do you copy? You’re approaching
a left-right split. Blue driver, you’re going to try and shake
red. Let’s turn out the lights. Lights out. Blue Driver, activate night vision. The lights are out, I can’t see! Stay close to blue, follow his glow. Green, Lay off the booster. Save some juice for later. Congratulations Drivers, three of you remain.
The finish is near. First to cross, is the World’s Best Driver. Green hair-pin right, check your speed. Hard right turn, slow down. I Got it. AWWWWWW You gotta listen to me, Green. We lost two
positions. Blue use your tech and go straight through
the track factory. Red, don’t follow Blue, the Track Factory
is a maze. Okay Green, chase down Red. Blue, there’s a lot of orange track, be careful. Track’s too low, watch your antenna. Blue driver. Blue driver. I lost your signal. I can’t see, which way do I go? Blue driver, can you hear me? Can you hear
me, Blue? My navigation is down, I’m out. Blue 2 has been eliminated from Zone 5. Only
two drivers remain. Yeah, Race command this is Jetboat Billy,
behind the wheel of the dredger. I’m bringing in the ramp. Yeah copy that Jetboat Billy. Keep your eyes
open, as you are on a live race course. It’s getting dark. I Gotta lose this window. Hit the release and pop the windscreen out. You are now entering Zone 6, The Proving Ground.
The final challenge awaits. Go for it. Red 2 has taken the lead. Alright this is it, Red. First in the funnel, hits the backflip jump.
If you land it, you’ll win. Copy that. I’m going for it! Green hit the booster and bring home a win. Green, hit the boost, hit the boost! I’m out of boost. Come-on Bro, Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
Go for it! Go for it! Go for it! I can’t pass him, I’m not going to make it! Hold tight Red, here comes the backflip. Red 2 has won the race. Nice job, Red. Way to bring it home, buddy.
Way to bring it home. Congratulations Red, you beat out the best
drivers from each team. You showed your outrageous driving skills across six of the toughest
Zones of the Hot Wheels Test Facility. When you started the race you were a wild card,
but you ended it as a champion. Today you have earned the title of: World’s Best Driver.

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