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World Championship of Public Speaking: Part 1

World Championship of Public Speaking: Part 1

[Music] RONALD MELVIN: This is one of the most important
things of my life. RYAN AVERY: I dreamed big, and that’s what
it took for me to get to where I am right now. DIANE PARKER: I’m in this to win it, and I’m
gonna go all the way. KENNY RAY MORGAN: This is my moment, man.
If I’m going to do it, I wanna do it now. ANNOUNCER: And the 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking… [Music] [Music] ANDREW KNEEBONE: Fear of speaking is a common
thing that everyone goes through. And so I decided that Toastmasters – give it a shot
and teach myself to speak in public. My club, they said, “Why don’t you go in competitions?”
I didn’t even know there were such a thing as competitions for public speaking, but then
the bug sort of bit, and I really liked the sport of competing. RYAN AVERY: It’s 30,000 people all over the
world who all have a message, who all have a speech. It goes from the club, then the
area, then the division, then the district, then the semi-finals, and now it’s the top
9 speakers. Best speakers in the world. [Music]
[Music] JESSICA CARDER: Thank you all for being here,
um, we’re all very, very excited for the world championship tomorrow. KENNY RAY MORGAN: When I was a kid, I wanted
to be on stage in some capacity, and so speaking became a passion of mine, and I yearn now
to be able to speak to the world. RONALD MELVIN: I am not a good reader. I have
dyslexia. But I am a storyteller, and Toastmasters allowed me to tell my stories by speaking
them to people, because I could not really write. RYAN AVERY: I enjoy speaking so much, I love
motivating people and I want to remind people my age that we can do anything. JESSICA CARDER: We’re going to go ahead and
draw for speaking order right now. [Music]
[Music] ANDREW KNEEBONE: I have no idea what it is.
That would be number 1. JESSICA CARDER: The focus and the preparation
for this always blows me away. They’re fiercely competitive. MARIO LEWIS: It is one of the grandest stages
you’ll ever be on. An audience of 25,000, projectors everywhere. For 5-7 minutes your
face is in absolute primetime. So for me, I don’t take this opportunity lightly. KENNY RAY MORGAN:: The speech for the finals
has to be totally different than the semi-finals. PALANIAPPA SUBRAMANIAM: I haven’t actually
finished writing my speech, I only have a basic framework because I was focusing on
the first speech, so there’s a lot of work to do now. JESSICA CARDER: Over the next 24 hours most
of them will lock themselves in their room, and really just walk through their speech
again and again and again. ANDREW KNEEBONE: My biggest fear for the competition
is that I don’t prepare enough. I don’t have a fear of the moment I get on stage. I aim
to prepare. [Music] ANDREW KNEEBONE: [Practicing speech] This
story is about passion, obsession and blood. [To camera] I’m on first tomorrow, so I’ve
got to come out hard. You’ve got to – I’m the first speaker. I would prefer to be somewhere
else, yeah, but I’m not, and again it’s the luck of the draw, so I’ll give it my best. KENNY RAY MORGAN: Before I even do a speech,
I have to have a reason for giving that speech. I don’t just randomly throw speeches together.
Anybody can do a speech but I think the passion that you have behind it in connecting with
your audience makes a great speech. CHELSEA AVERY: Trust Is A Must, Ryan Avery.
Oh, he’s so handsome. RYAN AVERY: You have an obligation as a speaker
to go up there and not just say something that you care about but something that can
really change the lives of people. I love this next speech – it’s called ‘Trust Is A
Must’. It means so much to me. It’s how I started off my relationship with my wife.
“Chelsea, I promise.” RANDY HARVEY: I think that’s much better-
RYAN AVERY: Oh, you do? RANDY HARVEY: -and I think that’s a much stronger
conclusion. CHELSEA AVERY: So when you read it, it was
literally 6 minutes flat, when we just read it through?
RANDY HARVEY: Yup, that was 6 minutes. CHELSEA AVERY: Okay.
KENNY RAY MORGAN: I keep this baby with me all the time. If I would have brought this
with me last year I would have known I was going overtime. See I had to abort my ending
last year. But I think I got this speech down enough where I can finish it in like 6:50,
6:48. I don’t even want to get close to going overtime. CHELSEA AVERY: We’ve worked our butts off
to get here – since January. RYAN AVERY: Yup. CHELSEA AVERY: And have fun with it. RYAN AVERY: I know. CHELSEA AVERY: We’ve worked really hard, we’re
well prepared, you’re a rockstar. You’re a great speaker, with a good message, so have
fun with it. RYAN AVERY: Bam. [Music] ANNOUNCER: Let the speech contest begin. [Music] RONALD MELVIN: My best is winning. It’s not
coming in second, it’s blowing this thing out of the window.

100 thoughts on “World Championship of Public Speaking: Part 1

  1. I am definitely looking into toastmasters, I would really encourage other young people to the same, such an amazing opportunity.

  2. These aren't the best public speakers in the world, they are the best speakers who participate in the competition. Great nonetheless, but there plenty of high ranking officials, politicians, diplomats, or people who are actually paid to speak for a living who I'm sure don't participate. It's not like the Olympics where everyone shows up…

  3. I base it off your racist comments which is a result of your pathetic insucure life. Get a grip. People are people, you're not better than anyone else. If you're still going to insist on wasting your life trying to start an argument on the internet to make you feel better about yoursef then have at it. Just know that you're wasting your life hating on people when you can do much more than that if you decided on positive comments instead. Good luck with whatever you decide next.

  4. Not necessarily – I love public speaking but am very much an introvert. There's a difference between introversion and shyness… Give me a stage, but if I'm not on there, leave me alone! 🙂

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  6. but thats where i think youre wrong, even in the olympics it is a matter of those who have had their potential recognised showing up. Bet you any money there are some unrecognised Usain bolts, Paula radcliffe out there.

  7. Right, but there aren't any sprinters better than Usain Bolt who know they are better that aren't competing. That's kind of the point I made in the first place.And there is hardly any unrecognized talent when it comes to being able to run really fast. That's usually pretty recognizable. I would bet you all my money Usain Bolt could run 100m faster than any of the 7 billion peopl not competing in the olympics.

  8. This is a fantastic video. Last weekend, I gave the commencement speech at Cal Poly Pomona's graduation. I've always hard the worst phobia of public speaking and the idea of speaking to close to 15,000 people was unimaginable and absolutely terrifying. But I did it and I feel great. I'd love it if you all watched the video of my speech and let me know what you think. Hopefully the message hits home with many of you. Type in "inspirational speech by student with fear of public speaking" to find.

  9. great video I've been doing Toastmasters for about seven months, its a blast & I've given five speeches, all of which I've uploaded and each one better than the previous. It would be amazing to make it to the World Championship some day

  10. well its the same for olympics, since many individuals could possible have the genetic make up for being brilliant swimmers or runners but they arent given the opportunity due to their own circumstances.

  11. Thanks Penny! Your sentiment is well appreciated. I wish you all the very best of success, for the rest of 2013 and beyond! Stay Up! & BGood2U!

  12. I have not heard about such a thing and have no experience in organizing events.
    But if had to decide, I would proceed like this:
    Approach foundations and people with money to get funding. Take part of it to create some sort of price money for the best projects. Make a competition out of it (first via internet s.th. like "best video of a project wins 5000€") to start the momentum. Announce it as a repeating event to gain long-term interested people, who help spread the word.

  13. But consider all the people you mentioned have staff who research and write the speeches for them. In addition to fame, I have to say the only difference between these people and the all stars is resources and fame. Amateurs.

  14. As per usual i'ts the best of those who compete in silly competitions, not the best in the world by any useful measure, you want to hear the worlds greatest orator, I suggest you hear one of the greatest voices reciting one of the worlds most difficult poems and doing it with such verve and ease, search youtube for Richard Burton reading the Golden and the Leaden Echo by Gerard Manley Hopkins, makes these people look like their still in kindergarten, seeking teachers praise.

  15. They only people who are in the club participate. So it is not really a competition with
    all who have the potential. I wonder if the participants have to pay an entrance fee to get in the contest.

  16. Keep in mind there are about 14000 Toastmasters clubs in the world with an average of 20 members. Not all clubs participate, but roughly 35000 contestants compete at the club level, the winner from each club advances to area contest (4 – 7 clubs), the winner advances to division, then to district. There are 9 semi-final contests of 9 or 10 district winners on Thursday. 9 Winners advance to the Final on Saturday. The final speech MUST be DIFFERENT from any speech given during the completion.

  17. From about 3500 contestants at club levels to 9 finalists, and ONE winner. The Wimbledon Tennis competition starts with about 200 players! The college basketball in USA starts with 64 teams to the final 4. So this is a real competition. You are most welcome to give it a try. Check out a Toastmasters Club near you. The membership cost varies from $39 to $60 per six month period. There are even certain companies that will pick up the membership cost for their employees.

  18. Ever heard of "World Series" in Baseball? How about NBA World Champions? There are more than 14000 clubs in over 120 countries. Original manuals in English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese. The competition in English.

  19. 'world champion', means the best nation, team, individual (or other entity) in the world in a particular field! How it can be "world" when I – non english speaker cannot participate.

  20. I do not want to underestimate their success, but i am sure that over 3 billions of people had not heard for this competition.How can they call themselves ,,Best speakers in the world,, then?

  21. I don't care who's the "best" in any competition, what I want to know is who is the most EFFECTIVE. Who gets people to do things, buy stuff, change their life? Not these competitors…

    Steve Jobs, Obama, Martin Luther King JR, Hitler… They changed the world through their speaking events.

  22. The speaker were talented..but you cannot possibly believe they were the best speaker in the world..not many people really this competition exist..and why english?.,

  23. Honestly, I don not know the resson why  these people are the best world champions of public speaking. Who can tell me ?

  24. Each year, Toastmasters International hosts the World Championship of Public Speaking. After months of regional elimination rounds, 30,000 international competitors are whittled down to nine finalists – the best public speakers in the world.

    In this special two-part documentary, PODIUM follows all nine finalists as they prepare to compete for the title and the glory. Who will be crowned a champion? Watch and see…

  25. Have you secured your seat to Andy Harrington's public speaking workshop? Overcome your fear and become a top public speaker today: http://www.public-speaker.com.au/sm/

  26. Just one week to go until you can learn how to get up on stage with confidence and face your fear of public speaking once and for all at Andy Harrington's Australian tour. If you haven't yet, secure your spot now: http://www.public-speaker.com.au/sm/

  27. what kind of world , your fucking usa is not the world , assholes , save your self from zionists and freemasons , fucking

  28. I was able to come first in a national public speaking competition organised by my country's Ministry of Youth and it would be a dream for me to be able to participate in that competition! I am only 16 however and I need to become older…

  29. I'm a member of Toastmasters, and I made a goal last year when I joined, that I would compete in and WIN the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking. It is a burning desire of mine to speak, motivate and inspire people.

  30. honestly you guys were one of the best channels on youtube during the 2012-2013 eras, interesting, worldly, unique content that provided a really fresh view on parts of human culture. what happened! please give us an explanation at least to why this channel faded away!

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