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Working with Web Profits

Working with Web Profits

Do it. (Laughs) The biggest challenge we had before we worked with Web Profits was that digital as a whole wasn’t working as hard as it should have. I really needed to get some expertise onboard – that’s why I went looking for Web Profits. We used to have an in-house team… yeah we just weren’t up to scratch with our skills. We weren’t getting a lot of business growth. Basically we knew we had a great product, but it was important for us to get it in people’s faces. And we just struggled to get a good ROI on our marketing spend. So the challenge that we faced was that digital was an area that was growing so rapidly and constantly changing, and it was an area that was vital to our survival. In my time working with Web Profits over the last 16 or so months basically our revenue was in the vicinity of $25-$25.5 million for the last financial year. This financial year we’re actually on track to hit $50 million, so we’ve almost doubled the size of the company effectively in 12 months and in a very competitive environment – yeah, it’s certainly no easy feat. So Web Profits have delivered a huge amount for the business. We’ve seen our total leads for the business has doubled, particularly if you look at search marketing – the effectiveness has probably almost tripled from what we used to do. We’ve seen record CPAs over the last two months through the trial and optimisation of different campaigns and different landing pages. And our overall volume of paid conversions continues to trend upward. Last year we actually grew by about 25%, and this year we’re sitting on about 60-70% growth. Yeah, cost per lead is going down, cost per acquisition is going down, which is really good, and it’s happening every month. As more and more competitors enter the market, Web Profits have helped us remain really agile and up-to-date with our digital marketing, allowing us to evolve, adapt, and ultimately grow the pie in an industry where it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to hold on to market share. My expectations are that it continues, you know, on an upward trajectory as it has over the last six years. I think Web Profits will continue to work with us in the future by continuing to give us a strong strategy, helping us to optimise our campaigns, and to drive further new leads into our business. Look, you know, I want to keep Web Profits on my side. The results are there, they’re doing a great job for us – our business has never grown like it has since we’ve had Web Profits on board. I feel like they actually care about your success. Web Profits provide a great service, an understanding of your business, a passion for digital, and – as a result of that – deliver a lot of results. With us we only got better results, so give it a go. Jump in like we did. It pays you back in so many ways. Just do it. It’s so simple.

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