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Working with Web Profits – Aussie Broadband

Working with Web Profits – Aussie Broadband

They are just as invested in that end result as you are. Cool. So, I’m Kusi. I’m the Marketing and Corporate Strategy Manager at Aussie Broadband, and I look after all the marketing and branding for Aussie across our residential, small business, and our corporate segments. We really focus on the quality of our service, both in terms of the network, but also the customer service we provide. Our managing director had this vision of basically becoming a national TelCo. Really sticking it to the big four, and becoming a national player in the TelCo market. So we actually reached out to Web Profits in the very, very beginning to help us achieve that – to help us grow from effectively our very, very small customer base of, 10,000 or 15,000 customers… grow nationally, and yeah, at the moment, we’re at 54,000 customers and growing. We’re pushing the boundaries, and Web Profits is also every step of the way behind us with that. In my time working with Web Profits over the last 16 or so months, basically our revenue was in the vicinity of $25-$25.5million for the last financial year. This financial year we’re actually on track to hit $50million, so we’ve almost doubled the size of the company in effectively 12 months and in a very competitive environment – yeah, it’s certainly no easy feat. I work a lot with Duncan, who is the Fluid Lead at Web Profits. We have a really, really close working relationship, and I bounce a lot of our ideas and stuff like that off him from a management to a management perspective, but the members of my team work with all the members of the Web Profits team in order to execute the various strategies that we’re working on in any given point in time, and utilising the skills and experience of different people on the Web Profits side. The passion, I suppose, and I suppose the dedication that they kind of brought to our business I hadn’t really seen before. It didn’t feel really like working with another, just a supplier or something like that. We were absolutely marketing partners. The benefits of working with Web Profits – definitely their experience – the fact that they’ve got people that are basically have been doing digital marketing for such a long time, and also the breadth of the team that they can offer. Being able to draw upon those resources has been a massive benefit to our business. Definitely. The most surprising thing for me has been effectively the level of detail that’s required and expertise that’s required to really have a good digital strategy. And that’s what Web Profits really brings to the table. I get lots of calls all the time from other companies that always say that, “Have you considered other agencies,” or that kind of thing. “We offer this, this, and this.” But, I mean, as far as I’m concerned, our relationship with Web Profits is a relationship. It’s grown and developed over the last 16 months, and will continue to grow. So, I always tell people,”Sorry, I’m taken. I’m spoken for.”

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