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Working Out With Professional Athletes is [email protected]*#$&% HARD! | DailyVee 565

Working Out With Professional Athletes is F@*#$&% HARD! | DailyVee 565

– Tyler ran into a brick wall. – [Tyler] I don’t know. – I don’t know, when you
look at the instant replay, I think you moved more than I did. You’ve got more perspective. I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? (upbeat music) Just went through a Snap Back workout. Snap Back, brand new
company we’re working with at Vayner Sports, bunch of Vayner Sports, NFL athletes, the team. It’s fucking hard. I have an idea, I have another idea. Do you wanna do the Malbec tomorrow? – How do you manage that many pots or hats and try to give your attention to all the different endeavors– – I have a really good answer for that. – But yet not neglecting
something that’s so important. How does that happen? ‘Cause I know that’s a
question that I’m asked a lot, and how do you balance that? – For me, I think I put 70 to 80% of my pure mental energy
to the core thing, which is Vayner Media. Vayner Media is the biggest
company of them all, it’s the engine. And then the rest of the 20%, there’s a really interesting
thing that an entrepreneur, that he or she needs to be
able to manage a lot of things, which is, I’ll use this analogy T.D. This is the easiest way I can put it. Some people really just
wanna juggle three balls, and they do it, and nothing
falls, and they’re like, “Look.” And I’m like, “Cool, that’s amazing.” I’m gonna juggle 25 plates,
nine of them are gonna break. But I’m 16 to your three. And because I actually
don’t care about judgment, because where people… The reason a lot of
people don’t do things is, look, Empathy, which is a
wine brand that I launched. I come from the wine business, I’m building a machine
that’s building brands, and if Empathy fails, that’s like a big L, and like could really like slow me down if somebody’s thoughtfully looking at me, but I’m okay with that L. And I think what you need to do is have a stomach to be able to have losses. – Have you had any losses? – Plenty. You know, when we started Vayner Media, I also launched two other companies, Corked and Forest. A lot of things I invest in, incubate… – [A.J.] Divisions. – Here’s where things– – [A.J.] Failure is part of the team. – It has to be. – And here’s where people
need clarity on this. Micro failures. – Right. – Not macro. – Not the major ones. – And this is where people get confused. Over the last 10 years of my career I’ve probably lost millions of dollars every year on a failure, but nothing– – You’re making me feel
real good right now. – But the reason I’m making you feel good and I don’t have the details of where you’re going with that, is, but it didn’t put you out of business. You didn’t have to go and be Rocky V and go back to like… – It’s like the sports stuff, though. I mean it’s football,
you’re failing every time. We fail a lot in sports and you try to, but every game you fail,
you lose, something happens. You gotta get up, you
gotta wipe yourself off, dust yourself off and
you gotta get back up. – You know it’s funny you bring that up. Sports and business, A.J.
you have a great quote, what did you say the other day, fits major sport or something. I thought that was super smart, what was it exactly? – Just the concept that you know, there’s four major sports in our country, debatable which of the four are the four, but business in itself
is the fifth major sport. And I think there’s a reason why so many athletes gravitate
towards business, because for me, my favorite
part about Vayner Sports is the competitive landscape. I love just competing. And I didn’t have the physical gifts or the work ethic to
do it in a real sport, so to speak, or a quantified sport, but business gives me that outlet. – Nice to meet you, take care. Take care, everyone. (melodic music) About to go to the Vayner
Sports networking event, doing a chat with TI. And we’re really looking forward to it. Yeah! I would like that. So that’s what we’re doing. Just did a podcast with Terrell Davis, former Bronco great that
broke my heart in ’98. So, that was mixed feelings. Never really hated him, he’s a good dude. Let’s go. – [Female] Here. – Right here? You’re welcome. – Since the last time I saw you you’ve dropped some new sneakers. – I did. – You have some cards with tops. – I do. – You’re in e-sports now. – Yes. – What’s next? – What’s next, what have we not announced? You know, the reality is both
the tops, sports card insert, the ownership in the
Call of Duty franchise, with the Wilfs from the Vikings. Everything can move very fast
when you have a macro plan. Neither of those two things
were even on the radar when I saw you in Atlanta. And so when I hear the
question what’s next, the reality is it’s a
framework of being ready to move on something tomorrow
if that email comes in or that dinner happens and it seems right. So I think of myself far
more as a counter puncher or a halftime adjustments head coach than the one that works all week or plans. I have one business objective, to buy the New York Jets. When I consumer information
and opportunities, if I feel like that can advance
it, whether it’s financial, like a big investment
or starting a company, or whether it’s just optically. Like the tops deal is a money loser for what I’m getting from tops, but it continues to penetrate me into the sports consciousness, which gives me leverage in the long term. So some of it’s brand,
some of it’s dollars, but what’s next is the
continuation of a framework that allows me to respond
quickly to an opportunity that I think is viable. – The best words I could come up with is stop making excuses for yourself, there’s nothing holding you back from doing what you wanna do but you. Stop looking for somebody
to change your life. I mean to be honest with you,
– Truth. us, in whatever industry, respective industries that we’re in, it’s our job to identify you. So if you continue to work hard, you don’t have to introduce yourself, I’m gonna come find you. – 100%. – All you gotta do is continue to let your efforts and energy speak for itself. And eventually it’s gonna happen. If it doesn’t happen
in association with me, maybe I wasn’t the one for the job. (applause) We all have something special, a special gift, talent,
something to contribute, that nobody else can
give the world but you. – True. Just to build on that,
just your own perspective. People hear you’ve got your own talent and then people are like
fuck, I don’t have a, like I don’t really. But perspective, everyone’s
got their two cents, and angles matter on this shit. So I’ll just leave with this. Action always wins. Right this second we’re in a room filled with a ton of interesting people. What’s about to actually happen is everyone’s gonna go into their normal fucking clique that they came with and not meet one or two new people. So my parting gift is please
say hello to two random people that you have no fucking
idea who they are, and I promise you you’ll get
some value out of tonight. – [Male] Let’s go! – Thank you for coming. (upbeat music)

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