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Working on the Google Ad Sales Team

Working on the Google Ad Sales Team

[Upbeat music] I have worked with every single type of business
that you could possibly imagine here at Google: small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. Hey, my name is Emerson King. I am in the
Mid-Market Ad Sales team here at Google. So working in sales at Google means that on a daily basis you’re engaging
with businesses that are trying to grow. And you can do this through Google Ads, which allows ads to show on YouTube,
Google Search, and websites across the internet. We work with these accounts for
multiple quarters, sometimes years, so we really go deep in terms
of the relationship building. The sales background from people
on my team is really diverse. There is a pod structure. We’re a team of three. You have the same targets
and you work together. It’s really collaborative. The impact on these
businesses is incredible. You can double a business
and it’s an everyday reality. My name is Nicole Herrera. I lead Hispanic Market Outreach for small and
medium businesses, and I sit in our Ads organization. So I used to work in direct sales at Google, and I had always been really passionate
about Latino small business owners, so having that business background
has been super helpful, and now I’ve grown into a more strategic lead role. I do a lot of events in the community, so we do weekly workshops and help minority small
business owners get access to online tools. And that really is our goal, right, to create economic impact and
social impact in these communities that really can benefit from
learning about Google’s tools. My name is Dooyum Malu. I’m a
software engineer on the Ads platform. When we develop new features and new products, we like to get a lot of feedback to make
sure we’re doing the right thing. That’s when the product team will
come to us, the sales team, and say, “Hey, we have these really cool new products. We would love it if some of your
clients could get involved.” Sometimes we shadow people in sales
as they talk to our customers to try and help them help users get through
the problems that they’ve identified and see why they even had that
problem in the first place. Our product teams are actually really interested in
getting feedback from a diverse set of users, and so we partner with them and allow them to have
diverse businesses and people from the community actually test out their products in our events. And people from the community are thrilled
to be able to give that direct feedback. I have submitted many product ideas, and over the last year or so, three of them
have already gone live in the interface. It’s definitely a great feeling because
feedback was actioned on by the product team. I would argue that up until I joined this team I would
not have had any idea of how to speak with a CEO. That is something that is incredibly valuable that I’ve
gotten through mentorship through my senior sellers, my manager, even my director. Because they’re so involved, they have the
ability to actually give actionable feedback. Once you have the confidence in what you’re selling
as adding value to these businesses, that’s when you really start to succeed. There’s never a right answer for what’s
going to work well for any business. It’s just figuring out what to tweak, what levers to pull, really understanding their business model, and then you can match what
Google offers to their own goals, and that’s where everyone wins.

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