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Working as Animator for ADs, it’s insane

Working as Animator for ADs, it’s insane

hi everyone working as a stew motion animator for commercials is crazy it’s hard with no time tons of pressure but it’s always and with no exception a challenge and that’s what I really like [Music] I thought that it could be interesting to share with you what’s behind the scenes of shooting a commercial in stop-motion so here you are in a few days I’m shooting a commercial as animator so today’s day to prepare all the stuff that I need to make the shooting as smooth as possible and to go quicker animating so yeah the commercial will be about food in that case potato chips so put it always tricky because you can told the characters I’m in the potatoes because you will break it or you you will make finger print or if it has like particles you could move those particles or remove it so we need to animate the characters without touching them and those are the heroes oh and that one it will be a first part all made in slow motion animation as as normal but at the end of the commercial it will be a lot of potatoes flying in the air one day shooting for a 10 second commercial so we’ll make a device for those potatoes I will bring with me Rick’s like this one with extra parts like larger roots to set any configuration I need during the shooting also I will bring different tips to hold anything here and also I will bring other rigs with a bigger bigger feet to hold more wife also this this one has brass joints that are way smoother than the steel ones and this one also has this tip that it’s very useful for me that I can put anything here and and hold in place so very useful this one let’s make the reckoning for this shooting it will use winder you can find these ones in in my store and yeah what I need is something to control linear movement you can see here if I rotate these years it moves in linear very precisely it can hold the position with this screw so it’s it’s very nice and what I need for the shooting is let’s take imagine we have the snacks here and we want to move it vertically up and down this will be very useful to control very tiny amount of movement its frame so yeah I will need this one for sure but I need to position at this one in the in the air and also move in some kind of position so I will join here something very strong like designed to actually move this in the air so let’s do that here we are so we have a normal recur at the end so we can move the potato wherever we want also we have all the standard allows us to move on the table and yeah the most important of this week is that we can move up and down very precisely and we can set up this wherever we want so lots of range here and yeah very useful I will take also my toolbox where I have a little bit of everything another stack [Music] bugles both traits complete all appear in Asia news late Nick it makes the fun I want to say that the motion is always a team work so imagine ten people to make this possible we animated this commercial at 24 frames per second in macro and I didn’t expect that the smaller increments would be that hard some movements less than a millimeter but the hardest thing was to keep the rotation axis in place as it was different from the ring pivot so to be sure to the right I use the old school method from the 70s and 80s using a kind of pointer to mark the pivot for the compositing of the foreign snacks we used my motion control camera set to speed up the process and have extra movement of all the snacks moving in two axes that way we had extra material for post-production I hope that makes sense and shows you a little bit that will be final 10-second commercial feel free to leave your comments and questions down below and I will try to answer for everyone and thanks for watching see you [Music] Oh [Music]

70 thoughts on “Working as Animator for ADs, it’s insane

  1. Incredible work! Thanks for sharing! learnt a lot! You mark where you put that stand for the axis on the ground right? There was someone from laika suggested something really cool for this, but a bit futuristic haha, he marked the points and arcs with a microsoft hololens, so he drew all these lines in mid air and it doesnt show on camera of course 😀

  2. And I thought Flash animations took a long time haha. I go back to Flash and you do this, it looks great! 😀

  3. Commercial video concept is made from your idea, or from your client?
    Thank you, your channel is the best where I learned

  4. I'm a young stop-motion animator, 15 years and I really like your video's man! They are inspiring me and i think the coolest of all is your positive acting and state every video. Because of you i bought Dragonframe 4 and i'm really happy with it. Keep going the good work. Greeting from the Netherlands.

  5. cualquiera diria que es cgi! me encantan tus videos porque de verdad sirven para enseñar y educar al publico sobre todo el trabajo que se realiza detrás de algo aparentemente tan simple!

  6. Pretty neat, the way you handled those pivots and degrees of freedom. That was cool indeed, thanks for the video.

  7. Thank your for sharing the "behind the scenes"! I'm a citizen of The Netherlands and it's quite fun to see the "behind the scenes" of the commercial of ny favorite snack at the moment. 🙂

  8. Woow, Que bueno que cada ves creces mas tanto en tu trabajo como en tu mente, eres muy creativo en todos tus proyectos y los haces con mucha dededicación.
    Se que somos pocas personas las que te seguimos por este medio, pero eso no significa que tu trabajo no sea bueno, sigue así y el éxito estará siempre contigo c:

  9. Your animations skills are awesome and I love how you vlog it all :D! I enjoy your vids man keep on makin em!

  10. +edu puertas Thank you, for the Video. I always wanted to try out, telling stories through this method of animation. Just one doubt, how do you edit out the blue screen & the wire that holds the snack? Which editing software do you use?

  11. Love to see that your animating for a dutch commercial, seeing that your located in Spain. Do you get a lot of international work?

    Thanks for all the creative and inspirational videos 😉

  12. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos sin necesidad de hacerlo. Para mi supone de gran ayuda y motivación. Sigue así por muchos años, espero. Y no pierdas ese acento…je, je… Gracias Edu!

  13. Hi, how long did it take each step? I've read you usually receive a detailed story and in this case an animatic, so how long did it take preparing and organize everything and how long the actual shooting?

  14. Eres increible, hiciste algo sencillo parecer sencillo pero verse increible ahahaha Te admiro mucho y ojala pronto termine una animación y me des tu opinion de ella.

  15. Hey man I love the vids. What do you recommend to find stop motion work? I have a experience in the industry as a 3D animator but I would love to become a freelance stop motion Animator.
    Thanks and keep it up!

  16. Would be cool to see the process in animating and compositing the fallinh chips. Currently working on a shot of falling pasta towards the camera.

  17. Hi! i am doing a stop motion for a homework experiment and i loved your video, is really awsome what you can do in stop motion. Is my first time reading and whatching videos about these theame and i think you are really inspiring! 😀 thank you for share your work

  18. Would you sell the item at 2:30? I would love to have brass joints and that piece on the end as well. Even if it was just the arm with two brass joints and the tip that you can put anything into.

  19. Wow friend, your work is great, I love your work, keep doing animations, because they are great, (I never tire of seeing them

  20. Thank you for your channel. I haven't even begun to try animation yet. I just have the script written for my own little project management commercial for channel. I didn't realize how much goes into animating like this. Maybe I'll do an "unfinished project" animation just to get started. Then as I learn more, I can do a completed logo. I'm using an artist wooden model for my character.

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