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working a day at my first job (McDonalds)

working a day at my first job (McDonalds)

– Hi friends!
(upbeat music) It’s Tyler, and welcome to
another episode of Going Home. Now, this series is all about
going back to the places that made me who I am. And when I was going on the
tour all around my hometown, and one place stood out in particular, and that was one of my
first jobs, McDonald’s. And I was thinking, God,
I would love to go back and work there for a day
and see what it’s like. Because I loved it back in
the day when I worked there. It was one of my favorite
jobs I’ve ever had, and I’ve always thought it would be so fun to go back and work. So I thought, okay, well, what way are they gonna possibly let me in? And I was like, I need proof. I need proof that I belong, I need proof that I worked there. And so I found this. My name tag from back in the
day, from over a decade ago from when I worked at McDonald’s. And I was like, this is definitive, this is gonna get me in the door. I’m ready to take orders, I’m
ready to work the drive-thru, make a sandwich. (giggles) Let’s see if they let me. If they don’t, then girl,
I guess I’mma just go get a double cheeseburger
and say, it’s been real. (mysterious music) So we are here at the spot,
I’m about to go in and ask. I haven’t told them I’m here (laughs). But I feel like if I ask for a manager and I’m like, hey, can I work? Maybe they’ll be okay with it? Let’s just go ask. What’s the worst that’s gonna happen? Hi.
– Hi. – [Tyler] Do you have a
manager I can talk to? – Yeah. – Hi, how are you? – Hi, good, I’m Tyler. – Nice to meet you Tyler, I’m Melissa. – Nice to meet you. Um, so, I have a weird question. – Okay. – I used to work here, like a decade ago. – Okay. – And I was wondering, I
know this is like very weird, but I have always wanted to
come back and work for a day. I don’t know if that’s something
that’s able to be done. Is there somebody you could call and see if I’m allowed to do that? Is that possible? – Do you think you have
what it takes to do it? (Tyler laughs) – I think it’s gonna happen. She asked me if I had what it takes. I think the answer is no (laughs). No (laughs). Wait, okay, amazing. (laughs) I need to show you head to toe. We got my non-slips. The whole name tag, the getup, the hat. I’m ready to go. Hello.
– Hi. – [Tyler] Hi. I’m Tyler.
– This is Kayla, she’s gonna be your trainer today.
– I’m Kayla. – Thank you so much, awesome! Nice to meet you.
– I’ll be your trainer today. – Great! Okay, cool.
– All right, so… – Take me through. Before you start a shift,
you gotta make sure, do you look professional? Are you wearing your McDonald’s hat? Yes. Is your hair pulled back? Yes. Is your shirt tucked in? Yes. Do you have your name tag? You tell me. – [Kayla] Yes.
– I’m ready. – All right, so first
we’re gonna do drive-thru, so we’re gonna head up here. – Take me there. So any time I’m doing it, I
push which button, this one? – Top, yup, this one. – That’s the top? – Nope, nope, side, yep,
right here, right here. – Bonjour! Thank you so much for choosing McDonald’s. How can I help you today? And which side would you like with that six piece nugget meal? French fries. Would you like to try a
two-piece chicken tender for $2 today to add on? Okay, that’s good too. $7.09 at the first window, thank you. So stressful! I am taking orders at the
drive-thru, and lemme tell you, it ain’t easy, so if you have
complaints going through, it’s stressful! (drumming music) Oh God, somebody’s here!
– Can’t see ’em. – See, when I worked here,
you had to be all doing both, and be like, hi, thank you
for choosing McDonald’s, be right with you. And then go with lane two. Hi, thank you for choosing McDonald’s. How can I help you?” And then, please pull
ahead before the other one, and don’t pull ahead behind them. – [Woman] You were all (mumbles)– – And then on top of everything,
you’re standing all day. I am already getting a workout (laughs). – Right? You’re doing great! – For a first day, I think I’m okay. – It’s just a refresher, you know? – It’s a refresher. Thank you so much for choosing McDonald’s. How can I help you today? (playful music) It’s time to work the front
desk, and I am stressed out. I don’t know this menu.
– It’s okay, you got it. – How can we help you?
– What can we get you, John? – And that will be 9.62. Out of 20? You are order 172. Here you go. Thank you so much. (exhales) – So that was my first, what’s this? Front–
– POS, front counter ordering. – POS? – Yeah, Point Of Sales. – POS means something else,
but Point Of Sales, okay. – Yep, front counter.
– So front counter. I like front counter because it’s like, on the headset some people give you sass, but face-to-face, we are all humans right here.
– We’re good, we’re good. – This menu is so much more
intense than when I worked here. I just wanna say, what do you want? No. You can have a cheeseburger. That’s it.
– No. – Can’t have that. – No, I can’t do that?
– Nope, can’t do that. – Got it, okay. – Gotta be nice, kind. – Right. (giggles) I’m ready. Oh, you can come in. If they want a cup for
water, which one is that? – Just a small, yeah. – Do people lie? Do you ask for a cup for water and then you fill it with Sprite? – No, that’s stealing. Why would I do that?
– Same. I would never do such a thing. I’m a good Christian woman. – Yes, you know– (Xavier laughs) – Xavier, mind your business! – All right, you ready to
make your first Happy Meal? – Yeah, okay so we got a Happy Meal. – So get your box.
– Make the box. Oh my God! How cute is that?
– Isn’t it cute? – Wait, that is really cute. Adorable. Bon appetit. – [Kayla] Then you call
out their order numbers. – Order number 100. – Xavier, what’s the tea? – What’s the what? (Kayla and Tyler giggle) – Like what’s the deal? Me going, what’s the tea? – What’s the tea? He’s like, “What?”
– He goes, “What?” – I said, iced tea unsweetened, I mean. – You have your order-takers right here. – Hi friends.
– So all you gotta do is worry about the window. – Okay. – And, so he– – I’m a little nervous (laughs). – You can do this. You got this!
– Okay, okay, okay. – Big Mac, double cheese. – [Tyler] Here’s all the foods and the honey should be in there. – Then here’s the fries. – And then all of the fries. And here you go.
– Check and see that they got all their food. – Thank you so much.
– Got the beverage? – Have a good day. Hoo! – [Kayla] I think we got here. Guys, this is a meal.
– This is a diet. Yeah, you can always tell. – Yeah, you can always tell. You wanna make sure you wipe it up. – Oh, right, right, right. Hello, how are you today? Good. Quarter cheese meal? – Oh my God, Tyler!
– Oh, hey! Do you need any sauces today? – [Woman] It’s supposed to be a meal? – Hi, I’m Tyler.
– Hi. She’s freaking out. He’s also very cute. Do you see this boy? Hello, mid-Michigan. Hello, do you need any sauces today? – No.
– All good? Okay, one sec. – [Kayla] See how you’re a natural? – We got it, here you go. – Double McChicken, have a great one!
– Have a good one! – Okay, so we’re on your next order. – He was so hot. Okay, sorry. Hello, here’s your large Fanta. Oh, hey (laughs). I have some horror stories of
customers throwing things back at me, yelling at me,
but most people are nice. – Yes, 100%. – And that’s who we reward. We say, you come back! – Yes, come see us!
– Come see us again. We’re the fastest McDonald’s in town. – Aye! (laughs) – I feel like if you work
in a service industry, you are 10 times nicer to other people that are helping serve you. I just would wish anybody a job like this, because not only is it fun,
but it makes you a nicer person in the world. Oh my God, you got a visor. – You know. – I do know. She’s giving me style, elegance. Eleganza. McDonald’s eleganza.
– That’s right, McDonald’s– – Fast food couture. Grilled for the gods! I gotta go. There’s a wonder I haven’t been fired yet. The drive-thru is great
though, because like, the characters that come through. My parents would always drive through and just mess with me. He’s like, “Can I only get
clear utensils with my meal?” Any time it was something
like that, I’m like, looking at the camera for their car. – I’d be like–
– My parents were the worst. So, I’m like, get a hobby! Shouldn’t y’all be at work? I am! Git! – [Kayla] Do you wanna watch it through? (machine rumbling) – Oh my God! (both laughing) This is some bougie stuff. – Really strange.
– When I worked here, no, basic. – [Kayla] Yeah, you got the swirls. – Nice!
– Natural! – Delicious. Oh my God, how cute. Get it, girl! – There you go.
– Oh oop. Every day of my life when I
worked here I ate McDonald’s, yes. And I mixed it up. If I had my way, I would
work making sandwiches. (rhythmic music) So I am back in my favorite
position here at McDonald’s, and that is making the sandwiches. – [Kayla] All right. – I’m probably gonna be terrible. McChicken. – [Kayla] You got this! – Mayo. (gasps) The gun! This is my favorite part. I always wanted to like (grunts). (Kayla giggles) Somebody comes for me (grunts). So on the McChicken, you got… (dispenser clicks) Oh! (laughs) Delicious! Mayo. Thanks. Chicken. Delicious, professionally
made, you’re gonna love it! Yeah, okay, nailed it (laughs). – Tyler, you wanna make
our Garlic Cheddar, our new premium sandwich? – Yes, I’ll do it. We’ve never had that, so
you’re gonna have to teach me. – [Kayla] Okay. – [Tyler] Oh, that smells good. – Okay, so this is all set,
but we gotta get a sleeve. Tyler don’t forget the sleeve.
– Don’t forget your sleeve. Honey, you’re telling me! – Step like this.
– Oh, that is fancy! – So when you hold it, it looks all nice.
– Oh my God. That’s like, rich. So I just made a Garlic
White Cheddar sandwich. I had never made that in my life. That’s new. Bougie! I think I’m a natural! (hands slapping) – I think you’re great! – Thanks. – Time to clean. – This our table rag?
– Yup, table rag. – This doesn’t touch where
anybody sits, that touches that. We always said when we worked here, if you were just sittin’ there, if there’s time to lean– – [Both] There’s time to clean. – So that’s what we’re doing right now. – So how’s your first day going? – This is been fun!
(lively music) The best part of McDonald’s
then, and I think the best part of McDonald’s now, is the
people you get to work with. – Right.
– This has been so fun. Truly! – I’m glad you like it.
No, honestly, it’s like, actually fun. Even the trash is beautiful. Look at us. Trash! – You got that.
– All right, ready, three– – Cheers. – (Both) Cheers! – Delicious. Okay, so we’re gonna go. We just made some delicious food. We’ve got the McChicken,
the McDouble, what’s this? So, Garlic White Cheddar
Signature sandwich. – Mmm, with chicken. Delicious. Thank you so much to McDonald’s
for letting me come back. This was one of my
favorite jobs growing up, and to be back and to make
a video was like a dream. And thank you to Kayla! My new BFF! If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up. Comment below what was your
first job, and subscribe! That’s all. Okay, bye.
– Bye.

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    P.s. I've been there for 1 and a half years!!

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    If you did, and you could afford to do all those things, I suppose you would not feel exploited. So why not continue to work there if it was so fun? Sounds like a great job, fun, and able to not worry about affording shelter and (nutritious) food or god-forbid, a dependant child.

    Not surprised MacDonalds did not mind this video of their fantastic job opportunity., it is reminiscent of the food they sell at fast-food burger joints. 100% beef….hair, lips, ears, hooves, organs, tails and anything else that can be ground up to taste like cardboard. Apparently, it is still defined as “food”…

  6. You would think most people would jump at the chance of free labour for a day (just think of the money one can make on their backs). There could also be liability issues such as someone choking on a wrapper instead of a tomato, or even having a non-employee burning themselves with a deep fryer and then suing MacDonalds for allowing them to cook without training or pay…

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