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WordStream Weekly Episode 10 – Detailed Demographic Targeting in Google Ads

WordStream Weekly Episode 10 – Detailed Demographic Targeting in Google Ads

Hey guys, Mark here joining all of you for
an exciting episode of WordStream Weekly. Now, if you’re an paid search marketer,
you know the value of different demographic targeting in your Google Ads campaigns. Now. targeting based on such options such as Gender,
Age, and Household income, it isn’t new – but Google recently snuck in 4 brand new demographic
categories under a solution it’s named “Detailed Demographics.” What does that mean for your campaigns? Let’s find out! Now, Google’s newest detailed demographic targeting
options opens up a lot of new opportunities to cater your ads, bids, and campaigns to 4 new
categories. Advertisers can now target users based on parental
status – with additional segments for parents of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, grade
schoolers and teens. Advertisers can target users based off of marital
status – enabling them to target users based on whether they are single, in a relationship,
or if they’re married. Targeting users by Education allows us to
reach current college students, as well as different levels of educational attainment such as High
School graduates, Bachelor’s Degree holders, and Advanced Degree holders. And finally, homeownership status allows advertisers
to adjust their targeting based off of whether or not a searcher owns or rents. Now, the ability to reach or exclude these different
demographics in your search campaigns has massive implications for advertisers in just abuot any
vertical. Now to access detail demographic targeting,
first head to the “Audiences” tab within Google Ads. From there, either at either the campaign or ad group level, you can chose to target your ads
or adjust your bids for these different demographics. You can also exclude certain demographics
from seeing your ads if you think they’re not a good fit for your product or service. Detailed Demographic targeting is now available
to all advertisers, so you can get started with it today. And if you want to learn more, head to
the link in this post and check out the full blog. And thank you for stopping by for another episode
of WordStream Weekly!

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