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Wood-turning a $97,000 *KING* bowl from a $0.50 firewood log

Wood-turning a $97,000 *KING* bowl from a $0.50 firewood log

Hello, and welcome to my workshop. Today, we’re going to do a wood-turning job. We’re going to turn a bowl out of this beautiful piece of Tasmanian oak. This is a tree we cut down possibly 5-6 years ago now. Obviously, cutting it all up for firewood. But I saved a couple of pieces that I thought I could do something with. This was really, really tight… Tightly packed together with the grain. Really heavy. So, you can probably see a little bit there. So because this is such a fairly bulky piece of wood I don’t want my lathe walking across the workshop. I’m going to cut some of the corners off it. Make it a little rounder. And I’m going to introduce a new tool. And that is: the chainsaw. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a bandsaw that’s capable of doing this type of job. Because I want to hold this fairly stable I really just don’t like putting this on something – a bench or another block of wood or the ground. And then attacking it with a chainsaw. And what I’m going to do is get an old bit of plank in here that I’m going to screw to this. Then I’m going to clamp the whole thing on some sawhorses outside. Nice and firm so I know this is all stable. And I’m not going to end up chopping me leg off. Okay, so… we’ve got this now firmly clamped to the sawhorses. And we’re just going to lob the corners off. At least… I’m not. My friend Steve is. So, I’ll just stand back and let him get on with it. So you don’t bring a boy’s tool in to do a man’s job. So you get a man’s tool. So the next thing I gotta do is as accurately as I can on a piece of wood this shape is find the center. Both directions. Mark it. And then fit the faceplate for the lathe Because it’s a fair old chunk of wood that’s going to be flying around and I don’t really like getting it between centers. Matter of fact, I’m going to have to pack this a little bit. So we’ll get a bit of packing material. Now I’ve taken off a bit of that corner I can move the toolrest in a little bit further. Like so. Okay, so you can see the rough outline that I’m sort of looking for here now. So I want a gentle curve down to the base down there and then I want a slight bead in here then a gentle curve in back up to here. And this is going to be the top of the bowl right there I’ve actually marked that position there because I’ve got a big chunk of wood missing here. So that’s as far as I can bring it up. It might be an unusual shape, but I think “What a nice piece”, at the end of it. So here we go. Okay, so it means that old piece of firewood is starting to look less like something to burn. So now we’ll take the faceplate off and mount it on the chuck. Okay, now that we’ve got that mounted in my chuck now it’s a case of I suppose chewing all this out. And hollowing the bowl out. But I think it’s going to end up being something quite nice. You can see it make a difference when you’ve got a sharp tool. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to turn to my ball gouge which has a much larger handle on it. And.. well, it’s a ball gouge. Purposefully for sculpting out the inside of a bowl. Okay, now because of the reach of the tool is getting rather a long way hanging over the edge of the rest I’m going to actually put the rest inside of the material there Something like… Something like that. Everybody.. every wood turner, I suppose has his own preference. I don’t know whether there’s a particular correct sort of way to do it. But I sort of find that sort of business I prefer, anyway. I’m getting nearly as far as I want to actually go. I don’t particularly like very thin-walled bowls. But this one’s down to about between 10 and 12 millimetres. So I think I’ll just use my scraper now and clean up the inside. And then get some sandpaper on it. It’s getting there. Okay, so I’ve actually retooled up the outside Because I wasn’t really happy. There was around a millimetre or so ate. Now it’s round a little better. So, go down through the grits now start off with a bit low and see. What’s that, 100? Actually, 80. Start off with 80 and then we’ll go up through the grits to about 500 or 600. This is a bottle of linseed oil now. Now, that didn’t turn out too bad, did it? Especially if you consider that it was a piece of firewood. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video. Making a bowl out of a piece of firewood. If you’ve liked it, please press “Like” or subscribe. Up in this top corner as always, is a little red box that will take you to my YouTube channel where there’s hopefully something there that will that will please you. So, thank you for watching and bye for now.

100 thoughts on “Wood-turning a $97,000 *KING* bowl from a $0.50 firewood log

  1. 21k dislikes from ignorant tree huggers and people envious of others' success with YouTube monetisation, sponsorship and views. That's worth a like, alone. I'll like the video on my other account just for the fact it's a marvellous video 👍

  2. Quite amazing what can be done with time and effort, woodworking is so soothing to watch and starting from a chunk of firewood all the way to something that can be used for more than a decoration is just wonderful.

  3. There must be millions of bowls out there and the only ones getting rich are the lathe and woodwork supply sellers. It probably cost him 97K$ to add another bowl to his collection. I buy my bowls at K Mart.

  4. Superb watching material. Excellent step by step for enthusiasts. Something addictive about wood turning. Thank you.


    GOOD LUCK🇮🇳👍

  6. wow so much money for a youtube video where you make something that looks funny? Well I guess I have to quit my job and make youtube videos instead😏…do you need an assistent?😂

  7. $97,000 dollars for a bowl, I hope it's to keep all the cocaine in if that person has pocket change like pablo escobar

  8. i get it, the $97,000 refers to the monetary value of the video, but it still doesn't make it any less clickbaity

  9. I never give a thumbs down for anything but I’m giving one for this and it’s BS title. I read his explanation about the money referring to his income from the video and sponsorship and still calling BS. It’s a BS disingenuous title and he knows it. I was waiting for the Ruby and diamond inlays. Fk this guy 👎🏼

  10. I can't understand why you put such a high price on it yes it's a nice bowl now but how is it worth $97,000

  11. But the title clearly says 97k bowl. That's why I clicked it in the first place, and that doesn't make it any less clickbait. You should have used something else for the title if you meant otherwise so people won't be misled.
    Anyway it was one lovely video though.

  12. Excellent work man. I like your tools and the way you make something out of nothing (a firewood in my country). Well done.

  13. I find this so satisfying and wish I had the opportunity to see if I would or could enjoy doing stuff of this nature. Thanks for the great video!

  14. I came across this video before I went to bed. I woke up around 4:30 a.m. decide to finish watching it. I find that this was so much more rewarding watching these type of videos. It's hard to find TV shows that lift your spirit thank you for sharing this on YouTube God bless you.

  15. The title is a BIG part of how the bowl earned him the $100,000.00 ….. that title is why almost 16 MILLION people stopped by and watched him turn a .50 bowl into a $125.00 retail sale bowl.

  16. You've killed the rainforest!!! Ft by Ft!!! How dare you???
    How very dare you, Englishman (I'm English too) make such a nice, well sculptured wooden bowl……
    Without???? You know??? Without giving it to the democratic socialist's??!! You shouldn't be ashamed!!
    If an apprentice is needed sir, my mate, squire??? I'm here!!….
    I Can do many woodwork jobs….. Mainly the most important job of all…..
    What job is that you may ask??? Well, obviously my new employer, it's………

    Sweeping up and making sure it's tidy for our next project, as we don't and won't quit UNTIL the project in hand is finished!!! Unless it(The wooden project) needs time to dry after….I, yes I…. Me n the get our timepiece el finish!!!

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