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Women Review Sexist Vintage Ads

Women Review Sexist Vintage Ads

– No one wants to go back
in time but white men. (laughs)
Like, there’s no other time for anyone else to have
a great time. (laughs) (smooth piano music)
(Buzzfeed signature sound) – [Straight-haired
woman] “Does your husband “look younger than you do?” Because that’s a crime. – What does he have to do with anything? I don’t care if he looks
younger than me or not. – “Some wives look older than their years, “and tragically older than their husband.” – Tragically older than their husband! – (laughing) Getting older
is a tragedy, apparently. – As someone who’s dating a younger man, I resent that statement. (laughs) – “A natural way to
look younger after 30,” because after 30 you’re just done. (laughter) – (laughing) I didn’t
know like 30 was old. – It’s not! (laughs) (gasping) – Oh my god! – “If your husband ever finds out” about not storing the freshest coffee, you’s a’gonna get a spankin’! – Let a man flip me over like this? Unless it’s in the
bedroom, I don’t think so. – This is an advertisement for coffee? – This looks like an ad
for 50 Shades Of Gray. – This just makes me realize everything on Mad Men is not an exaggeration. – [Blonde] She’s gonna shoot herself because she’s having a bad hair day? – I can’t think of a worse message to send to young girls. (laughs) – Her hair is on point! – (laughs) Like, let’s be real! What is happening here? – You could never, ever
get away with this today. But you shouldn’t be able to either, because like suicide shouldn’t be a joke or a marketing scheme. – [Brunette] “Women of
the future will make “the moon a cleaner place to live.” – We’re not done cleaning
up the earth for men, we’re gonna take it to outer space. – Uh-huh. – Sexism makes us so on the moon. – Were women back then like
okay seeing this stuff? For them to constantly
be printing this stuff means that, like, the norm
was for this to be okay. – [Straight-haired woman]
“Your guy: your number one “(laughing) reason for Midol.” – “Be the you he likes”? – “Good to be around
any day of the month.” – My vagina can’t. – I totally thought this was like “Your guy’s gonna give you a headache, – Nope. – “(laughs) take Midol.” – [Both] Nope! – It’s so you can not give him a headache! – Mm-hm. – By being a bitch. – I’m sorry, if he’s my
reason to take Midol, like you need a better one. – Not that your menstruating. – No, it’s not that the uterine lining is being ripped out of you. (laughs) – [Blonde] But why’s she cleaning if we’re advertising cereal? – “Keep up with the house while
you keep down your weight”! – What! No! – What! – Too many gender stereotypes! – So this is for a cereal, this isn’t like even a cleaning product. – It’s also like, these
are the only two things a woman could be doing. – This is what was supposed to represent women’s concerns of the time. – [Both] Oh. – [Blonde] What’s happening here? – They’re just looking at
her with very predatory eyes. – Absolutely. – It kind of feels like, I mean, it feels like a gang bang to me. – It’s really scary, actually! – She’s just like literally sitting there as a thing that’s being
used by these dudes. – Now I’m realizing we’ve
kept similar sentiments, just taken away the words. So it’s just more subtle,
but still (censored)-ed up. – [Woman in white] “It’ll
blow your mind away.” And so will she, I guess. – But wait a minute. If the burger’s gonna blow your mind away, wouldn’t the burger be
giving you the blowjob? – There was no need to make
selling a hamburger sexual. – This is what makes women self-conscious to just eat a banana. – I don’t like in these sexual ads where the woman looks
like she doesn’t want it. – This is one of the
simplest representations of inequality between men and women. – I would be cool with this ad if this man was also
showing me his sexy six pack and posing like a sexy model. – This looks like an
everyday kind of situation. This is clearly a very specific situation. – It looks like they boned
and then Nadine got the shirt. – I don’t even know how this
shirt is gonna look on me. – It’s a unisex shirt, so
they’re trying to sell it to men and women, but
both ads make it look like they’re selling it to men. – I guess the sexism kind of morphed, it didn’t go away or
necessarily get better. – Women are being put down in the ads, but in totally different ways. – Before it was like
“Well, women are only good “for cleaning, hahaha, they’re so dumb,” and now it’s like “Well
women are only good for sex.” – I don’t know which one is worse, but I know that they both suck. – It seems like the ads are
still geared towards men. – It also makes me wonder how many women are creating advertisements, because my guess is very few. – Somebody hire me to make more ads, because I think I’d be better
(Buzzfeed signature sound) than all those people. (laughs)

100 thoughts on “Women Review Sexist Vintage Ads

  1. Men and Women should be able to express their feelings without anyone putting them down. Example:
    Man is crying
    People: stop crying you're such a baby
    That shouldn't happen, ik ik that is not true in some of ya'lls case but it happens a lot in my family and at my school and HONESTLY I THINK IT'S NOT FAIR. – an actual feminist

  2. But the thing with the models is that they took specific pictures of a woman modeling in a “sexy” way and a man modeling but there are pictures of women modeling on a normal way and men with six packs showing I mean look at holister they had SHIRTLESS MEN modeling outside their stores

  3. the same kind of stuff happens with men maybe you should pay attention to that to instead of just yourself

  4. Men are WALKING AWAY from women at increasing rate
    We are refusing to
    help/rescue/give money/give resources to women

    The TRUTH about female nature has been exposed and you have all become entitled cunts

  5. Why the dafaq would white men travel back in time? So that they can experience WW1 and 2 again? While the wahmen were busy at home!

  6. After watching this video I suddenly realize why this video has 7,000 dislikes. Presented by BuzzFeed everything makes sense

  7. another sexist buzzfeed video…as if white men cause all the problems in the world, and a woman dressing in mens shirts is sexy…i don't care what you think.

  8. The thing is… males {particularly white} weren't nearly as screwed up then as they are now. ^-^

  9. Fun fact: people have been making skin care products and hair dyes for years exclusively for women, eventually the first male hair dye was invented (I think), and its called "Just for men" of course people go absolutely deathly triggered over this. And recently THEY BARELY JUST MADE SKIN CARE FOR MEN. It's actually pretty rare to find but I saw some at Wal-Mart one day. Now tell me that's sexist bro. Guys should be able to have nice skin and have a choice for hair color.
    But yea my little rant about men's choices and rights uwu.
    ~an actual feminist

  10. Men have changed since the past, they really have. But only little has changed about men regularly being a superior gender to women. Yes, we have SOME fair laws and rules when it comes to gender, but we still haven't really changed much. I feel like men get cut slack for many things.
    The internet, society, etc. criticizes women for doing something wrong such as abortion or being a "thot", yet when us women try to change, all we get is "No you have to do this not that" or "no no no no". We still haven't really had a female president yet.
    Take Cleopatra for example. She ruled Egypt surprisingly better than a male, and associated with Rome for power. "

    What I'm trying to say is: Cut us some slack too mkay!

  11. for the banana comment, yeah … I don't eat banana's in front of men. Women, yes. Men … no. All I can think of is what they may be thinking of.

  12. There were more Goddesses than God's in ancient Mythology.

    Why do women act like they have not gotten enough attention!?

  13. A few people in the comments are mindlessly saying that America is the worst place for sexism, yet I don't see any place else that would be better.

    Sure there is sexism in America, but you're lucky it's not like other countries.

  14. I probably wouldn't have disliked this video if she hadn't said that only white men would like to go back in time to where sexes and races were actually treated unfairly.

  15. The women in the beginning of vid: Nobody wants to go back in time except white men

    Me: oh boy I can tell your not getting married to the opposite gender

  16. Emphasizes the word VINTAGE… damn those are some cold ads but at least we’re not like that today

  17. Who cares what women have to say.when women contribute the same level of risks as men have had to endure for century's then they might have something to complain about,such as fighting wars, performing the world's most dangerous jobs.these are the things that women enjoy and take for granted everyday,I would prefer they just say thank you and shut there pie holes!

  18. Her lads or lasses cause I'll get murdered for saying lads but anyway u know like 99% of the population of earth don't actually care

  19. this is why i am so happy we’ve come so far. feminazis want to claim that we have no rights but it’s so much better than in other places… they have it so much worse. i’m a feminist because i want to help the women in need of rights, not because i think i need more.

  20. women definitly dont they have more legal power than men ever had lol. i hope you girls are married id feel sorry for your husbands

  21. women keep forgeting that if a guy wants to beat you to death he is able to do that, women on the other hand are physically WEAKER!!!! this video is so empowering ahhahaah

  22. all the women in these video hate men, why didn't you show these to women that aren't bitches?
    everyone can sexist regardless of gender,
    hate and death never discriminate unfortunetly,
    but you know what else doesn't discriminate?
    so try to Love one another please.

  23. love how they review sexist ads while be sexist and racist and white men.
    putting a stereotype on white men is sexist and rasict lmao. a very small percentage of white men are like that.

  24. 1:35 so its okay for a girl to take medicine if a guy gives her a headache but it's sexist if a guy takes medicine because the girl gave him a headache?
    Just another fact pointed out that shows that feminist are not for equality, and they are against men.

  25. Yeah men want to go back in time to hunt for animals risk their lives for food and die and fight,and others staying safely at home , that wasn't sexist at all, you can pick what to see, whatever u wanna see u will

  26. keep in mind the honey mooners show where they showed a women standing up to her husband several times and the alleged sexist guy learns his lesson not to. I don't think it was as sexist as one thinks back then or further back than one thought. My friend spoke to women in a hospital about these issues and they said they did work back then. In fact it was believed to be encouraged to double taxation. Which now leads to a time that now two adults are needed to be financially stable than just one working adult.

  27. The first 5 seconds and they already threw a bigoted racist statement at me without any facts to back it up lol

  28. Why are they attacking white men ? So what if white men dominated the workplace 60 years ago the nation was 90 % white.

  29. Two things can be true at once.Some of the ads in the past were sexist against women.Also BUZZ FEED hates men and white men.The DEMOCRAT PARTY hates men and white men.Nancy Pelosi hates men.Gavin Newsome is anti-male.

  30. It's a shame that sexism is still here in the world today. But like racism, it's one of the things that society will never be able to get rid of it seems.

  31. Well let me tell you what, as a non white non christian man growing up poor, I have no problem going back in time. If you look at most parts of the world, they were doing a lot better during colonialism than now.

  32. how is there so many likes and so few dislikes? they are using bots. "white men" yeah definitely not a racist and sexist statement.

  33. Ladies you are not wanted.You have no skills.So what do you bring to the table apart from student debt ? Thank God for 2019.I am a white male and its great to be free from a woman weighing me down.I am all for female empowerment if it means my freedom.Keep going.

  34. I'm proud to be a women, i mean…. who wouldn't be? Look at our history, we were disrespected, and treated leaser, but then we stood up for our selves and found our pride, to be honest i would never want to be anything else then a woman!! I love my female culture!! (plus we got Queen Be)

  35. You know why most men live a happy life? Cause when we see a newspaper ad with a woman being sexist, we don't give a single damn.

  36. "No one wants to go back in time but white men" yeah, being drafted into the military, or being pressured to join. Either that or being called a queer if you weren't athletic. We may not have had it as hard, but don't act like we had nothing at all happen to us.

  37. Why are you getting so mad at ads from a long time ago yea times are different that doesn’t mean all straight white males are racist sexist horrible people the only racist sexist horrible people are you buzzfeed stop telling people how they should feel you disgusting horrible filthy dishonest two faced horrible excuses for humans

  38. The ads from today aren't sexist. They just have woman put on a shirt and look "hot" so that other women think that they'll look really "hot" when they wear that clothes. It's just good business lmfao.

  39. Boy: can I join your sleep over tonight
    Girl: no its just for girls get lost
    Girl:can I join you sleep over tonight

    Boys:no its just for boys

    Girl: shut up Hitler!!!

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