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Winning Product, Ad, Thumbnail, Targeting Revealed! | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial 2019

Winning Product, Ad, Thumbnail, Targeting Revealed! | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial 2019

want to see the exact product that we
$14,800 and the video at the phone nail the targeting stay tuned hey Ivy Zhu here in this video I’ll
reveal the product that made me $13,800 I’m going to show you the video ads the
thumbnails also I’m going to show you all the Facebook ad setting you know the
targeting and also like the age ranges also I’m going to reveal like where the
products sold the most and also give you some quick like secret tips also if we
get over 500 comments on this video I’m going to choose two random winners and
give them the exact video files and also the thumbnails so again guys can just
use them and just launch the product very easily so you know make sure to
comment down below hashtag Ivy League or just leave a lots
of comments and I’m gonna give you giving away if we hit 500 comments or
more so the winning product is this template tool which was my winner around
May or June in 2018 this product what I really like about that product is it is
a true winner I’ve seen I think over 10 ads which have thousands and thousands
of shares so this product you know it’s kind of like an evergreen product I see
it pop up every like one or two months someone is scaling the product but I
really like about this product is that you guys can even take it now and try to
scale it this progress is just a huge potential because it seems like people
are just buying it every year it may be like someone scales it this month and
maybe two months later someone else is scaling it again so this product is very
very good I highly recommend you guys to try out the product basically there are
two versions of the product there is the the plastic one which is I think in
yellow red and blue color this one I was selling for about twenty one twenty two
dollars but for you I just recommend you guys to sell it for twenty dollars there
is also a metal version like a black metal version and that one I recommend
selling for around $30 free shipping so that’s basically the price point I’m
gonna show you the guys I add so I had a square ad and also I had incest or
interesting thing about this product is that 90% or 95% of all the sales came
from Instagram I thought like this price is going to be very good on Facebook you
should like young people are on Instagram on Facebook they’re like all
the people buying that but I think like this product was just scale
they’re like so much on Facebook that I found a really nice pocket of people who
I could sell to on Instagram I highly recommend you guys to test it you can do
like automatic placement or old Instagram feed just only I’m gonna show
you the exact settings a little bit later on another interesting thing is
that a lot of guys they would sell it only to men but interesting thing is
that a lot of times what happened is that women would buy this for their
husbands or for their children and stuff like that so that’s just like a quick
tip as well hey if you’re enjoying today’s content and want me to continue
dropping value and you want to support my youtube channel make sure to smash
the subscribe button hit the like button and leave a comment
hashtag I believe right now we’re in my ads manager and we’re gonna create the
campaign first we’re gonna start with we’re gonna choose the conversion we
always do VC conversion purchase don’t do traffic going OPP currently you know
VC conversion purchase is what works the best if you want to get sales so how I
would usually just name it is I just name it by the date write down test that
is a test campaign and then I write template tool okay so we are gonna now
create the ad set here you know we are gonna make sure that you choose purchase
because you know this is my other ad account it’s all red but just don’t
worry about it you can start with a new pixel and with no data that’s how I saw
it two pixels from the scratch with no data like one pixel I scaled it to like
as a general store I scaled it to 30,000 or more dollars with no cells with no
Instagram influencers also my other pixel we know with my current store is I
also basically with no data with no Instagram influencers nothing
I started from zero and I started with VC purchased right now we just need to
do you just need to change the location right what I document recommend nowadays
is just do people who live in this location and I just do the tier 10
countries these are the top countries have the highest GDP I don’t like doing
worldwide because like I sort of only PayPal so doing worldwide does
really were usually they don’t have PayPal I started my journey only PayPal
and I target only tier 1 countries which are still recommend to this state United
States United Kingdom then we have Canada Australia New Zealand Germany
France then we have Netherlands though then its Norway Sweden Denmark and it
should be around 10 countries now let me just check one two three four five six
seven eight nine ten eleven yeah so that’s correct because before I forgot
about the New Zealand so eleven countries it is the top 11 countries and
what I did is I think I did at it 20 or 22 so that’s just a small detail I just
usually don’t target like 18 year olds I like to do 20 22 or 25 but 20 it’s just
fine I don’t I didn’t even change the gender because like I mentioned before
this Prague was also bought by women and they were buying it as a gift for their
sons or their husbands so that’s why I didn’t change the gender and it kind of
really helped regarding the targeting right so you do that single single
interest so what you would do here is that we would do so one of the one of
the ones that worked very well was handyman so this one handyman and with
the audience sizes I usually like to do around 2 million and more you know 2
million to 20 million 30 million sometimes even bigger and as you guys
can see it is 3 million people that’s a good audience size ok so right now I
also show you I’m like another targeting other targeting that’s work really well
um it was woodworking like guys to be honest like I don’t really know about
like this niche about like the home improvement repair I personally like and
not this kind of guy like I don’t really like know how to repair stuff you know
as you guys can see like you you don’t it’s pretty easy you know like the
targeting it’s like home improvement that one was also that one was also good
also worked very well so home improvement Oh Home Depot yeah Home
Depot I think that’s like a like a store where they sell of hardware stuff so
that one was also very good I not her targeting I think it was that work very
well with Ace Hardware yeah this one also worked very well guys so you guys
can see 2.6 million but you guys can also experiment and do like bigger
audiences like I think like repair or stuff like that I think I try this
maintenance home repair yeah so this one so the ones that I showed you like all
those are very good tool so tools like screwdriver that one also screwdriver
yeah that tool was also that one also work work very well at the time but now
the audience is small so you know at the time it worked but you guys can
experiment just do like bigger bigger audiences also like another quick tip if
you run out of if you run out of like interests to target just click on the
suggestions you know and you guys can see carpentry yeah this one was also
very good carpentry like I didn’t know I didn’t understand why because I don’t
really understand like these are these interests but you know like carpentry
work very well Do It Yourself this one also worked well
with the placement I did automatic this is what worked very well at the time you
can try automatic or we can do Facebook feed and you can choose just Facebook
feed and Instagram feed but automatic placement also works
pretty pretty well so I just did automatic placement and it was sending
all the traffic to Instagram and like 95% of my sales were coming from
Instagram for the budget you know at the time I was doing $20 but you can like 5
or $20 it’s really up to your budget I had a coach so that’s why I felt more
confident at the time I had a coach and you know I feel more confident launching
$20 per day but if you if you don’t have a coach just
safe you know just do $5 a day that’s totally fine a conversion window I
usually just do one day click it seems to work the best for me a lot of people
are just thinking about like one day click 7 day click you know you you gotta
test it but for me one day clicks it’s just totally fine sometimes you get some
some of these weird errors I just I just ignored as I mentioned guys I usually
recommend $5 a day at sets you know from the beginning if you’re a beginner so do
five dollar assets and just do six to eight assets for one product so you know
just do six or eight at five dollars a day usually it it’s a little bit better
than 6 6 a little bit low just launch it like that hey guys so in the description
below I’ve added the Aliexpress link of the product also I’ve added a few links
for the videos if you guys can see as an example those are like the very
successful ones that make six figures and more so just look at those as well
just a reminder you know if we hit 500 comments on this video I’m gonna give
away the videos and the thumbnails to two lucky people that I’m going to
choose at random so guys make sure to comment hashtag Ivy League and also make
sure to share this video like the video you know with other friends so more
people see it and you know we get to 500 comments also if you enjoyed this video
also check out the winning product PDF there is a link you know that’s I think
it’s linked here Oh calm a winner PDF I just check that out you’re gonna get
subscribed to my messenger list and I basically will send you a cheat sheet on
how to find the winning products and also cheat sheet on the best on the list
of best Facebook ads and which you can learn from them so check out those and
also check out some of my older videos you know I’ve been dropping a lot of
value guys so check out my other videos and if you’re interested in to like
looking at my journey just check out my even older videos so you guys can see
like how I started you know my day one how within the first month I got to
1,000 dollars a day you know and all this that’s like the success
but also I talk about my struggles so you know check out my older videos and
I’m gonna see you in the next video

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