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Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

Is that your parents’? No, my aunt’s. Oh, your aunt’s, where’s your aunt at? On her way [inaudible]
Oh, she’s coming back? Cool. Do me a favor: Take a deep breath and blow
into that, alright. Alright, do me a favor, try one more time,
deep breath, don’t go so far in. Is there a “starer” problem, mind your
business. What the f—, like… Alright, where’s your aunt at? Do you have her phone number? How old are you? I know that didn’t come up positive, I didn’t
take a drink of anything, so… Alright, take a deep breath and keep blowing. Yo guys … even if it is your aunt, and she is
of age [inaudible] Like 40? Go grab her real quick and we’re gonna have
them pour that all out. How are you going to let us go, we didn’t
even drink alcohol? So, where’s your aunt at? You’re allowed to carry alcohol. That’s interesting. Even if you’re underage.You are. You’re not allowed to drink it. Open display on the beach. It’s possession consumption. It’s not open. Open display, you can see it. Yes. OK, you can see it, and we’re not drinking it. 5043 we have an “LL Skellinger” on the beach. 502 you clear? [Inaudible] So what’s your name? [silence on the video] So how about that? You gonna lock me up for obstruction with my f___ing 18-month-old daughter over there? Yeah, you’re not cooperating. For obstruction? Yeah. I didn’t disrespect you, I didn’t do anything
to get written up, did I? Why are you causing a scene? Now you’re causing a scene. I’m not causing a scene. Alright, I’ll give you one more chance to
give me your last name. Just be cooperative. You’re not going to lock me up. OK. You can’t lock me up. I didn’t disrespect you.
OK. And you don’t need to write my name down either cause I didn’t disrespect you. I didn’t do anything to you. You’re mad because you thought we were drinking. You thought we were drinking. So now you’re mad because your Brethalyzer
came up negative. OK, first of all, you’re in possession.
[inaudible] Where’s your aunt at? She’s on her way. What’s your last name? You could wait here, just like you wasted
your time coming over here. You could wait here for her. OK. What’s your last name? You don’t need my last name. OK. That’s it. I’m done with you.
Do you have cuffs on you? No, Matt! Get over here. Don’t f—— talk to me.
Yo. Don’t touch me!
Alright, you’re about to get dropped. Yo, don’t f—— touch me! Matt! Don’t. Get over here. What are you doing? Don’t —
Don’t f—— touch me. … Matt! Oh my god what is wrong with you guys. You’re done. Get the f—-. You pulled my hair.
Get off me. What are you doing? 5043 send me another unit. [inaudible]
we have one resisting [inaudible]
No. [inaudible] Get off of me, what are you doing? Matt! Matthew, they’re choking me!
Matt, they’re choking me, Matt! I need another unit on the beach. Matt, I cannot breath. I’m not choking you. Yes the f—— you are, you f—— d— head! Get the f— off me, yo! Get the f- — I’m not resisting. That’s it. Woah, woah, woah, what are doing?! Back up! Back the f___ up! Back off! Back up! Get over here now.
[inaudible screams] Matt, Matt, he just [inaudible, cries] Matt! Matt! He just hit me. [inaudible] You’re not allowed to beat me like that! Stop! I’m a woman it doesn’t matter! Stop. Stop. Stop. Put your hands behind your back. It doesn’t matter. You’re not allowed to hit me like that and choke me! You’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that! They’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that! [Inaudible] cuff her. You’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that. Get off me, my daughter is right over there seeing this. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not one of these little f—— bitches that’s gonna let me treat [inaudible] You f—— dirtball. You white piece of f—— trash! Oh my god, I didn’t do anything wrong! I wasn’t drinking anything, just smell it! It wasn’t even open, bro. F—– choked me out, I can’t believe you did that. Get off of me! One in custody. Don’t stare unless you’re going to going to f—— help. You need to get the f— off of me you white piece of trash. F— you Oh yeah, now we’ve got these f—— young cops that don’t know how to f—— treat people. I’m wanna talk to your f—— captain
as if he will give a s— too. Good, I hope you do. Yeah, I f—— will, dirtball! Alright, relax.
No. Who are you? I’m going to be the one transferring you. Yeah, will you. I didn’t arrest you. [Inaudible] Back up. Back up. Yo, don’t touch my f—— [inaudible] That’s my daughter. That’s my daughter. Y’all Rent-a-cop. Back, up, before you get locked up too. Alright? Don’t be stupid. Tell me, [inaudible] why [inaudible] little girl? She didn’t even open the can. Listen to me. Listen to me. Nothing was open. No open containers. Now’s not the time to argue about this, okay. Number one, you have a baby in your hands. That’s my girlfriend. I should punch you in the f_ing face. Worry about her, not your girlfriend. You get that straightened out later. How old is she? These two dudes just punched her in the face though. Take a walk. Well, she tried kicking us, so. That’s it. Yeah, that’s fine. I go to stop her, For LL. For underage drinking. She says she’s twenty. She had twisted teas. She wouldn’t give me her last name. So I said, Hey if you’re not gonna give me your information, you’ll be locked up. She tried walking away from me. Put a struggle, walked away from me. I tried grabbing her. She tried kicking at us. So I slammed her on the ground. She kicked him. And then I just throw.. I hit her a couple times. And then I put her in cuffs. And locked her up. And I came over and backed everyone else. Why don’t you guys, uh. Take a walk! Why don’t you guys go inside now. ‘Cause she didn’t give him his last name, she started… he started [inaudible].

100 thoughts on “Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

  1. This is why I hate cops. They had no right to pull her hair like that. If you pulled my hair I'd kick and and bite you as well. It's called self defense. Now should she have just told them her name and cooperated from the beginning? Yes she should have, but the police were still in the wrong either way. She wasn't running from them she was trying to get them out of her face. Both the police and the woman could have handled this better. SMH!

  2. Look at the typical Kylie Jenner wanna be with the raspy ass voice.This is sadly how most girls I see now a days try to look like. Can't stand these stuck up bitches like her treating men like shit. Im glad this happened haha! She really thought she was gonna get away with nothing happening. There's your "equality" I'm sure you complain about.😂😂

    Look at Matt trying to come to the rescue but gets told to take a hike. I feel bad for what that dude has to put up with LOL.

  3. Abuse of power much? Breathalyzer was clearly negative and cop didn't want to leave with his tail between his legs. My favorite part is her boyfriend at the end saying he should punch them for what they did to her.

    Even if it was underage drinking, it's a simple ticket and a fine. Why was this made out to be the crime of the century? LOL rent a cops.

  4. This is where "feminazism" has gotten us ! If that had
    been a man he would have been dead long before this "Fiasco" ended !

  5. Interesting country. You can drive a car and possess a gun at 16, but you are not allowed to even carry alcohol until 21. LOL

  6. What on earth had she done to deserve being treated like that ?
    Was she disturbing others on the beach prior to the cops getting involved ?
    Why is YouTube full of videos showing cops in the USA escalating situations ?
    Too many bored cops with too much equipment (4x4s, Quad bikes, guns, cuffs etc) and no criminals in sight, will soon create a situation out of nothing.
    The land of the free ? Don't make me laugh.

  7. "He punched her in her face though"

    Police are trained to use 'blunt strikes' to pacify a combatant suspect. They arent punches. They're equivalent of knocking on a door with the bottom of your fist. Where theres no power.

  8. If she would of just been polite and respectful they more than likely would of just informed her that it’s illegal for her to be in possession of alcohol even if she isn’t drinking it and let her go with a warning. Some people are just idiots and can’t see that the way they are acting is only going to get them in more trouble.

  9. Not for anything I am a police supporter I have police in my family this went way too far for him to say you're about to get dropped to an 80 lb girl is over-the-top I'm sorry I would be so pissed if that was my daughter

  10. The beach cops (not real police) overstepped. They are very lucky the whole beach patrons didn't stomp them and make citizens arrests on the beach patrol.

  11. Only thing worse than this video and that scum bag cop is the comments section. Glad I'm in Europe, haven't missed the states one bit.

  12. All she had to do was tell him her last name. Thats called obstruction. Little girl wouldnt of lasted that long in my neck of the woods! Geez. And kicking at the officer is nothing compared to spitting on them!! Nasty disrespectful little twit! Cant believe he didnt smack her then! Thats restraint! You may not agree or like what the police do and they are not always in the right nor do they always act appropriately. But at least show some self respect by not causing problems or acting like a brat! Respect the uniform. Copperate with law enforcement. Even if your breaking the law, it goes a lot smoother with less charges filed on you! Lol. Not saying i agree with punching her in the head several times, but she needed to be b*tch slapped for sure! Hope the 20 yr old mother learns real fast that there's a time and place to act like a b#tch and the time isnt with your baby on the beach against the police! Blah blah

  13. This woman has obviously been living in a bubble her entire life. So welcome to the real world. Cops are armed thugs and trying to argue or fight with them is futile. That said, these Cops clearly went overboard making this arrest. Three big, armed cops can't handcuff a 90 pound little girl without beating the crap out of her? What I witnessed on this video was police thugs with zero de-escalation skills assaulting this woman. I'm surprised these morons didn't taze her. Or just shoot her which is what the Portland (Oregon) Cops probably would have done. This video, taken and released by the Wildwood police does not display a very professionally done arrest.

  14. Cops punched her in the face… unnecessary when there's many of them and they can easily physically overpower her.

    What was she arrested for anyway?

  15. Wow, Look at the White Trash Jersey Shore baby momma. Typical Jersey trash that thinks the law doesn't apply to them. You found about about the law though, didn't you, trash?

  16. The police completely over reacted. I believe that police have a tough job. I respect that. Attacking innocent people on the beach only makes their job harder. Come on, make your job easier. Don’t attack the people you are supposed to be protecting… Really, make sure these two idiots never get past seasonal help. She should have an easy civil case for $50k.

  17. So the Blue Line Gang shameful, I hit her a couple of times and put her on the ground PAT that m********* on the back,
    when he go home his wife don't get beat that night

  18. America, America God shed his grace on….oops! America is officially a police state…our founding Fathers have tuned over in their graves so many times they've almost dug to china!

  19. In New Jersey, possessing alcohol in any motor vehicle, school, or public place while underage – whether it is open or close; being consumed or not – is illegal. It is also a legal requirement to provide identification when requested by an officer. Therefor, despite seemingly passing the breath-test, that's 2 present violations, and the officer had every right to detain her. The fact the she was also walking away despite the officer's lawful order to come back, means at that point she's resisting detainment/arrest as far as I'm aware. Sure the officer might have been a bit unprofessional with "you're about to get dropped", but at that point she was "under arrest" and the cop has an obligation to fulfill that. She assaulted the officer with strikes to the chest, and spitting at him, and used physical force to make her comply. She was unruly and warranted both the arrest and the force used. So sad that if she just complied, the officer said he was going to have her dump out the alcohol and probably get a warning.

  20. honestly i feel that they were trying to bully two girls. On the other hand she overreacted. She s not with the police so she had consequences. Bad luck.

  21. Body cam recorded evidence of a police officer exercising police brutality and assaulting a female suspect, and he probably got off scot-free, only in "Murrica!!"

  22. Possesion of alcohol? what a ducking third world circus… how the hell can anyone justify violence, and the nonsense portrayed here, because someone brought a bottle of alcohol to the beach ?Another clearcut evidence of the major lack of training of US Cops, and their abuse of power resulting from just that. They already got their evidence that no one was drinking, so why continue to escalate the situation over nothing, and cause a scene ? No shit people get mad, when the officers in these kind of videos constantly try to instigate a situation that is just not there…Im so happy that i live in a free country with real freedom, and not in the United Policestates of America, where you can get brutally arrested over bringing a couple of beers to the beach, or get shot dead from a simple trafficstop for forgetting to turn your blinkers on. Goddamn that's far out.

  23. People talk about police brutality but in almost every case, just like this one, the person simply won't comply. I do not understand the reason not to comply with authorities. Cannot feel sorry for these people.

  24. Chivalry should not die just because idiot's are working hard to kill it because they are lacking in common sense. Men shouldn't hit women, ever, and women shouldn't act like her.

    HOWEVER, if you've got to be the kind of man who is going to hit a girl I guess you got to get it in somehow. He could have done his job a thousand ways but he resulted in hitting her. My guess is he always does. #dirt.
    I would not have behaved like that in the first place. Still men should not hit women.

  25. I was into whips and things and she was into pain and I would beat her black and blue when she called me names chained her to the basement wall where she went insane I was into whips and things and she was into pain

  26. How many warnings does this ditz get? Grow up. He’s a cop. Act like a civilized human & you wouldn’t have been cuffed dipshytt.

  27. Let's see. When the Police are on deck, the best solution would be cooperation. Comply and Advise. It is not your role to become mouthy, it is not your role to shove the Officer, to kick him, and to spit on him. Wrong wrong wrong. Oh! BTW, as you said, "I'm a woman," you're not suppose to do that to me." Really? I did not see a "woman," I heard a filthy young kid becoming utterly disrespectful to the law. As soon as you walked away, that was, in all probability considered resisting arrest. More so when you said, "Get off of me." Guess what? The officer needed to get your attention quickly and he did this by using the necessary physical force to ensure your understanding of who is in charge. Hint: It was not you. You were utterly out of control. OUT. Semper Fi

  28. To me it's more like the police are harassing the girls, because of their looks. I really don't understand what is happening here. The girls are sitting on the beach enjoying the sun and minding their own business and then these clowns come along. Why not go after real criminals? Clear case of abuse of power.

  29. Bad judgment, go catch some bad guys, rooks can’t help themselves but to go full alqueda suppression on this lady; this is a bad example of good policing intentions gone wrong.

  30. A lot of you on here piss me off with your comments. I’m a guy and I see no feminism here. I understand cops need to do their jobs but some of you fail to realize he just “decided” to arrest cause he “had enough of her” which is crazy. She wasn’t going anywhere she was sitting down. I’m telling you that cop is a huge dirt bag. Grabbing and pulling her hair like that!? Come on man. Then when he’s around his boys he tells them she was kicking him or something. We all saw the same video she ain’t do none of that. W.e man.

  31. Is there a staring problem mind your business…if you didn't want them staring you wouldn't be burying your entire chest – minus..your nipple hanging out.. shut your big mouth and cooperate you started it

  32. The law is open container not open display. You can carry them around as long as none of the alcohol was consumed. These officers are full of garbage.

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