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Wild Garlic Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Wild Garlic Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi guys, I am so excited to share with you a really important recipe to me that’s not just a great recipe it’s a memory it’s a really important memory. We’re going to make homemade focaccia, crispy top spongy inside. When you make bread with love and care and passion, it taste so much better than anything you could buy. To help us do it I’m going to bring in the person that taught me the very first time. Gennaro Contaldo! Wow I call in my London dad, he was my first boss in London when I moved from the country. You were very young young boy you wanted to learn and everything. Pasta and bread focaccia, you name it and focaccia in those days no one was doing it, not in England and when I ate my first mouthful – so good. So we’re going to give you the true recipe. For me it’s all about love and care. We have strong bread flour 500 grams. I’m going to make a well in the middle and Gennaro is going to season the bread with about a teaspoon of sea salt. 1 sachet of yeast goes into 300 mls of tepid water. I’m going to add this into the middle let the fork do all the hard work. Such a beautiful ritual. He’s broken the seal but that’s alright lots of people are going to do that. Cooking and the culture of cooking is a little bit like this it’s about friendship or family and passing recipes down to the next generation and we keep the food alive you know, when I learnt to make it off of Gennaro the atmosphere was hot and sweaty. Often he be in hardly any clothes. I think they were cool. He’d have like a little pair of pants on and a pinny and he’d be making the bread. Gennaro would have like a hundred trays and I used to get them ready for him dust them with flour or semolina. Strange, strange messaging. I used to write little messages, draw naughty pictures. Yeah yeah. So you just want to knead this for a good five minutes. Look at that, now we’re going to let it prove. Get a cloth and we want to make it warm with water and in one hour it’s going to be beautiful. We have wild garlic, we’re going to tear this up, take a nice pinch of salt and I’m going to pound it up to like a kind of mush like a pesto. I remember when I come in England and I saw the wild garlic I went argh! I was screaming, screaming for joy. We’re going to add some beautiful oil. That’s ready, you want a deep tray, olive oil to stop it sticking and then Gennaro had this incredible tip. Stale bread. All right you blend it until you have breadcrumbs and it gives the base that real crunch. So Gennaro is going to lay the dough down in the tray. I’m going to get this lovely wild garlic onto the focaccia. Rub it, look at the colour we’re going to use our fingers to go down right to the bottom we’re creating a texture, it’s like mountains and lakes of beautiful green oil. The Dolomites. Gennaro is just going to roll up some garlic and we’re going to push that into here. Yeah a love the words the Dolomites. The mountains, yeah I love it Really nice sea salt. Not….. It’s quite salty right? It’s quite salty. We’re going to wrap this in the warm damp cloth and we’re going to let that prove for one more hour. You ready? Yeah! Spongy, gorgeous dough I’m going to put it in my Hotpoint oven alright and having good equipment is so important alright you want it hot preheated 220 degrees Celsius. Put it in so gently, gently, gently, gently 20 minutes, 25 minutes and then I can’t wait to show you. Oh look at that and now Gennaro’s gonna feed it more oil it’s going to suck it up like a sponge oh my goodness me look! So crispy. It brings back so many memories. Yes indeed. Crispy on the bottom, spongy in the middle. So spongy. It’s the most delicious, scrumptious bread. Have a go at that recipe and I hope you enjoyed my food memory with Gennaro. It’s one that’s really close to my heart and guys me and Hotpoint we want to see your food memories. Click the link go over to the hub and there’s all the information you can see other videos. You’re going to love it so guys what are you waiting for share your food memories it’s going to be amazing! Come on!

100 thoughts on “Wild Garlic Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro | #MyFoodMemories | AD

  1. Oh! I remember that scene where Gennaro made some foccacia for Jamie to pick up, shaped into this giant heart for a dinner with Jools. Seemed just like yesterday that I would watch The Naked Chef in high school! Im so glad that Gennaro and Jools and Jamie are all doing so great until now! much love guys

  2. I´ve got wild garlic in my garden Jamie. Call me if you need some. No, just a joke, it´s still a little plant. But later maybe you can 😉

  3. It really stinks that you took down your original focaccia video from a few years back when you put this one up. The old video was more instructive. No offense to HotPoint.

  4. watching them cook together cant find words to describe this its like a big bang in cooking terms just amazing

  5. So amazing! One of #myfoodmemories is a Spring Onion Focaccia!! I love so much this concept that I've made the recipe video video in my channel inspired by you, Jamie and Gennaro…thank you so much for bringing back these memories <3

  6. Hi! Prepare the barbecue)) On metal skewers.
    This pieces of meat the size of 5cm to 5cm seasoned in onion juice, or vinegar.

  7. Years ago Focaccia used to be everywhere, I can't find it anywhere these days. Now I might just have to make it….yum.

  8. I bought my first Jamie Oliver book about a decade ago. I still adore this mans passion and respect for food and people and I just love Gennaro and Jamie cooking together. I am so happy I found this channel !

  9. There was another video with Jamie and Gennaro which I have watched in which they made two different focaccia that I can't seem to find, has it been taken down? It's the one in the This Week on Food Tube | 5 April – 11 April.

  10. Even though "This is a paid AD by Hotpoint" per the video description, I've made this focaccia twice (with different toppings than wild garlic) and it's delicious.

  11. Gennaro should be the next companion on Doctor Who! He'd go on the TARDIS and be like "where is the kitchen on this ship?!" Then he'd kill a dalek with a rolling pin.

  12. Beautiful video (as always). Didn't quite get the flour, though. Is it "bread flour"? Why type of flour is that, does anyone know? Is it regular all-purpose?Also, I find it hard to come across wild garlic in Portugal; any thoughts on how I substitute with?

  13. can I change the wild garlic to another type or veggies or herbs? will it affect the flav? coz I don't know what a wild garlic is.

  14. This video made me remember baking things with my grandfather who was a Greek man and was really similar to Gennaro, and now my eyes are sweaty

  15. I went to the hotpoint website and they had nothing that remotely resembled the products used here. Everything looked like it was out of the 90s.

  16. What is the strong flour you are talking about? It's of course not a basic "00", which is usually used for pizza dough ..

  17. Looks beautiful. Have a look on my delicious sundried tomatoes and olives focaccia. Let's know what you think https://youtu.be/e2B1sRQYyoI

  18. Much respect Jamie, after all these years and many videos later that feature your dear friend Gennaro. You still give credit to the people who helped you get to where you are. Ramsay is a good chef but you're a respectable chef.

  19. This recipe is great, but I can't seem to find the old Jamie and Gennaro focaccia recipe, the one where they're wearing suits 🙁

  20. I’m torturing myself watching this recipe in the middle of the night and having to visit the dentist first thing in the morning. Darn it!…

  21. Wow that looked soooo good! Jamie where's the link to the recipe? I would have to convert from metric to US measurements as well, but that's fine…. Be nice to have a link with it printed out. 
    Wonder if you can use pesto, or something else if wild garlic isn't around?

  22. I loooove love love gennaro he has a way of making the food looking at it smelling it, he has a place in my heart no other chef does <3

  23. Food Memories … Exactly ! Nice moment when people cooking and eating together happy, traditional and healthy recipes ! Thanks !

  24. Рєбята, ви мене надурили. Я розлив половину води по всій кухні через ваший модний спосіб замішування тіста. *angry

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