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Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers and How to Prevent It

Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers and How to Prevent It

– The best feeling for any marketer is during the honeymoon phase of their business Instagram account. You create one and start posting, with just a few posts, you
see the follower count go up. Nothing boosts your self
esteem more than this. Until after a few weeks,
your growth plateaus. Your follower count slides back down. Somewhere in the analytic
section, there are red marks sprouting doom like it’s
the recession again! So why are you losing Instagram followers? This is the real question
most marketers are asking. In this video, we’re going to talk about the different reasons
why your followers are bolting, and how to avoid it, Number one: content drought. I wanna highlight one of the
biggest mistakes of marketers. They tend to be redundant
on what they post, leaving their followers to
move on to your competition. And, if you haven’t
interacted with your followers for a long time, they’ll
think that you’ve gone AWOL. This leads to more unfollows. Number two: Overly promotional content. Avoid posting glorified
advertising disguised as posts. If every content piece
looks like a hard sell, you’ll lose followers. Here’s the 4-1-1: Tone it down! Focus on your product
features and benefits, but don’t oversell. Try placing text based
images with promotions that highlight your products. Simple, behind the curtain
shots work like magic. Number three: You fall
victim to a follow tactic. There are usually accounts
that come in to follow you, and maybe you eventually follow them back. After a few days, they’re gone for good. Don’t fret, this has
nothing to do with you, and how you do your strategy in marketing, they’re usually the tactics
of other Instagram users, and the solution is to
just focus your energy to the new users, and don’t
try to chase them back. If you’re having trouble
generating content that helps you build an audience, I have a free master
class on how to create 60 days of social media and
video content in eight hours. If you want to learn how to implement this in your own business, just
check out the description below. To prevent the issues associated
with Instagram followers, just be authentic and
build actual relationships. Thanks for watching,
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16 thoughts on “Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers and How to Prevent It

  1. Thank you for this. I agree that we have to do the best we can with our own content. Beyond that, it's a case of accepting wildly fluctuating follower counts. The follow/unfollow tactics are cynical, but we can't change that many people use this strategy on social media, and especially, it seems, Instagram. It's frustrating, but not something we can control. Our content definitely is. 😃💖

  2. I've worked in social media for years still do and now even playing by all the rules forget loosing followers it's impossible to even gain them! Sitting at 200 followers for a new client when I've build accounts using the same principles for other clients and amassed millions. This is no exaggeration. I'm really about to pack it up and forget it, feels like the the algorithm is just making organic growth impossible! And even paid is dismal. This may be the end. Even this video 300 views for a professional social media expert is not good and it's not your content. So what gives?!

  3. Hey … I lose my followers day by day i don't why n i also don't know how to stop …. Plzzz help to fix this …..

  4. I don’t know why I’m losing followers. My instagram isn’t a business thing and every video i watch doesn’t help like I’m just watching them unfollow which is sad. I had 547 now I have 494 I’m not doing anything wrong they just keep unfollowing me every day

  5. My instagram is @deannegroom. I get excited when getting new followers but when I do I lose them. Thanks so much for this video💞💞

  6. I do everything right but still losing followers. My page is clean, I don't follow to unfollow, I never bought followers, I post with caution not congest followers account, I use minimal and niche hashtags, I didn't change my niche..still the same from day one…and many other things I do right But I've been losing followers for over 2months now. No, its not a business account..I thinking of changing to business ..that's the only thing I'm yet to do.

  7. Hey Marley , great tips you provided in the video. They really helped me accelerate my growth. What I would also recommend to everyone, who wants consistent growth, is to check out the service InstaRanger https://instaranger.com/discount/ provides. They really do their job well, they bring you targeted people to your account and it really helped me boost my engagement overtime.

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