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Why your Google Adwords might not be working – KBTV

Why your Google Adwords might not be working – KBTV

Here’s a question my Google Ads used to
produce predictable leads and I made lots of revenue but it doesn’t seem to
work anymore have they changed the algorithm you know Google AdWords well
the answer is yes Google AdWords always change the
algorithm in fact from what I understand Google change the Google algorithm about
six times a day with little tweaks and then major ones obviously not as often
the thing about Google AdWords. It doesn’t surprise me it depends on how
far back we’re going here if we’re going back one year where they used to work
that doesn’t surprise me everything has got a lot harder in this space
in the last 12 months but but I guess it’s a mathematical equation
right here’s the first place as I look – am I able to draw on this is
that going to work that okay good what the first place I look for with
Google Ads when I log into my account or our client’s accounts that have a bit of
a look around the first thing I look for is the average position okay now I think
that they’ve just moved this into auction insights if you want to know
where to find it inside reporting so auction insights basically as you know
when you run it will do a Google search there are four ads above and then
there’s organic that runs below there and goes on forever
these four ads are ranked according to silent auction basically so what happens
is everyone goes in there and that they set their CPC their cost per click and
they say how much am I prepared to bid for a click and you put a price now
you don’t know what everybody else is is bidding, however, Google actually have a
bit of a planner tool that tells you a visual guide it’s not hugely accurate
and then obviously as Google knows everybody’s bid price it then ranks
everybody where you’re prepared to pay the highest so you’re gonna one you’re
prepared to pay the second-highest you’ll go number two when I hear people
say AdWords used to work and then it doesn’t typically what happens is they
were number one ad but over time everybody starts out bidding them
and their ad goes you know down down down they become the fourth add for
example which means you know that that you’re getting a million impressions but
hardly any clicks because that’s what happens the further you get on the page
the number one ad on Google by far regardless of what anybody says is is
position number one that is the answer all right you’re looking at what I’m
looking at yes the light’s not on my laptop so
it’s charging but it’s charging so um so that’s the way that’s the first place I
would look to it because you may have been number one and it was working and
then everybody else has outbid you so now you down the page okay that’s one
thing to look at something else to look at would be you know is has your website
so you might be getting clicks to your website which means you know you’re
paying Google the money but it’s not converting not getting you any traffic
the first place you go to is the website is there a broken link are there plugins
that aren’t working are people getting they’re trying to fill out a form and
then finding out that you know it doesn’t work spinning wheel of death
whatever it let go and fix those issues do you know how many times working with
clients they tell me AdWords hasn’t worked and I go in there and I go to the
forum and I do a test and it’s broken like the order the
automation on their CRM I’m not sending the email so no one was
getting any alerts customers were still going filling in a form no one got any
alerts all right that that stuff just actually practically happens and then
the third thing is if you know like if six months or a year passes and you
haven’t updated your website you could just be the ugliest website in town it
could just be that your website needs updating and the reason why it’s not
converting is because the public now expect that a website is good right you
know five years ago no one knew what a good or a bad website was now everybody
knows because we’re all looking on a device if it does not look good on one
of these okay then you will lose that’s the short answer
so you’ve got to start creating your website so they look good on devices so
they look good on you know iPads computers the whole thing and then you
know that’s how you’re going to start to pick up a better thing so they’re the
places that I would go to if I were you the way just to
bring a loop to this the way you get back to number one is you take your your
bid price your cost-per-click and you increase it so if you told Google you
we’re prepared to pay three bucks a click you might have to go in at 350 or four
if you had already said you’re gonna pay 19 you might have to go back in at 22 23
if your clicks are currently 50 bucks you might have to go back in at 55 to 60
bucks a click whatever yours is you’re going to go back in and offer another
bid and then you’ll be back at number 1 and you’ll push everybody else down okay
that there my quick go twos when people tell me that Google AdWords
used to work and it doesn’t any more

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