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Why Your $5.00 A Day Instagram Story Ad Is NOT WORKING!

Why Your $5.00 A Day Instagram Story Ad Is NOT WORKING!

we’re gonna talk about why your
Instagram story ads are not working okay and there’s a few reasons for that so
make sure you stay to the end of the video before we get into it my name is
Jabez and i just help people you know make a full-time income or more online
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let’s go ahead and get into it so so one reason why your Instagram story ads
aren’t working okay like let’s say you’re just getting a lot of reach and
you’re getting watch time so that means that you’re getting you know a lot of
those three second watch time parts of the ad right where it says you know did
they watch her three seconds or more so let’s say you’re getting a lot of those
but you’re just not getting any clicks or swipe up okay
well that’s just gonna be something that is in your ad okay that’s gonna be a
problem in your ad I forgot that puts this part in the
video but this is considering that you’re targeting for your demographic is
is on point right so you do want to make sure that your targeting is great you
know you’re targeting the right interests it’s public figures whatever
it is you know maybe it’s a custom audience that you come up with just make
sure your targeting is good to go and then you know if you’re targeting set
and you know that these are the people that you want to be targeting then
definitely that’s when you want to change your at maybe what you’re saying
in the ad or what the ad is trying to tell people just isn’t really you know
reaching out to them so you’re really just gonna want to change the ad change
if you’re copying the ad maybe you know put in some different music if you’re
using music or just take a different approach with your ad okay so just make
sure you that you change your ad and tweak your ad around to fit your
audience okay and Facebook really should help you out with that they should give
you a relevancy score you know even when I’ve gotten relevancy scores of like
three or four I was getting a still getting like a ton of clicks and you
know what you could say cheap clicks okay
so you know you should be able to look at your relevancy score and you should
be able to look at your data and your analytics to see whether or not you need
to change your ad around but if you’re not getting any clicks and you’re
getting a lot of you know three second watch watch time then that’s gonna be
something within your at let’s say on a different scenario that you know you’re
getting a lot of clicks okay let’s say that you’re getting hundreds or
thousands of clicks but you only have a few opt-ins maybe you’re taking people
to a landing page maybe you’re taking people to your Instagram profile or
maybe you’re taking people to your YouTube whatever it is you know you’re
just not getting any conversions once people you know click through to see
what your stuff is really about right you see if they want to you know do
whatever your call-to-action is okay now your ads good you’re getting clicks
people like it relevancy score you know is it’s good so that’s good right leave
that alone but now you need to change something let’s say on your Instagram
page or YouTube or your landing page you need to start tweaking stuff on that
maybe what’s on your Instagram profile doesn’t quite match up with your ad or
maybe your landing page doesn’t quite match up with your ad or you know the
call-to-action maybe just isn’t strong enough I mean it could be a bunch of
stuff you know there are even things like colors if you have like these crazy
colors on your landing and they’re not you know with your ad
then people are just gonna be like what is this what did I just click on you
know it’s gonna kind of confuse them so make sure that you are congruent with
your ad to your landing page your ad to your YouTube or your ad to your
Instagram okay so YouTube for instance you know maybe your ad is something come
it’s just like not completely different but maybe like you know again it’s just
that congruence right you’re just getting not gonna you’re not gonna say
you know I have a free ebook on how to bake cookies and then you take someone
to your YouTube channel and you know your branding says that you only only
bake bread it’s kind of like that I might have been a terrible example but
uh you know it’s it’s kind of like that right those are really the main reasons
that I see you know why your $5 a day Instagram story ad may not be working
okay if the ads delivering you’re getting reach you know everything should
be fine so it’s not really Facebook’s fault or you know it’s not that Facebook
ads don’t work or they’re not profitable it’s just that you know you just need to
tweak some stuff around a little bit okay and that’s why you know the I’m
sure you all have may have heard this expression if you’ve come across you
know online marketing videos like just before but you know always be testing
right even if you have something profitable you still want to be testing
on the side because maybe you can reach that next level of profit right with
your with your advertising I recently tested this out with an Instagram a $5
day Instagram story ad ran it for a few days I’ll show you guys the stats in a
later video and I was getting a ton of clicks and I just wasn’t really having
anyone you know reaching out to me or following me like I want it right and it
was just because of the ad and my content okay
people were seeing my ads and expecting a certain type of content all right now
what I’m doing as I’m buying props for another you know
quick $5 a day Instagram story add that I’m going to make here coming up and I
think that that will you know perform a lot better because it will one grab
people’s attention and to when they hop on my youtube channel or wherever I take
them to they’re not going to be disappointed right it’s gonna be a
congruent thing so make sure you have post notifications turned on so you
don’t miss that video should be coming up here pretty shortly alright now I
will see you guys on my next video peace you

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  1. I signed up for $10 advertising on Instagram..they instead swindled my account over $700 within 2 days..I have sent numerous emails to them..absolutely no response.
    Considering sueing them

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