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Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Ads Off YouTube – Social Media Minute

Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Ads Off YouTube – Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. In the last months,
there’s been a lot of talk about brands
pulling ads off of YouTube. This was due to the fact that your ad might have been
targeted by the wrong piece of content and by content that you might
not wanna have your ad placed by. This has caused a lot of brands to announce they’re
pulling out of YouTube completely. That has actually created
a couple of interesting things. That created
an opportunity for many of the brands that did not pull out. Obviously, I think
the ones that actually did pull out were the ones
that fundamentally did YouTube advertising in not so much
of a good and targeted way. If you were targeting for custom
audiences around the right content already you would’ve not had
that problem in the first place and recently having spoken to many agencies’ CEOs that have
not pulled out of YouTube, it’s actually paid off very much for them. What that created? There’s rumors from many influencers
that I’ve talked about that said basically, “My ads went down, halfway, even more.” They’re now saying
it’s picking back up. For some of them. For some of them, the targeting and the
YouTube algorithms being changed a lot means they’re not getting the levels
of income they were used to getting. Which is the backbone
of the YouTube influencer-fan economy. Marketers,
don’t be afraid of going on YouTube. Set your targeting right,
use the right content, of course. Set your custom audiences, website
audiences and all of those things correctly. And that’s my message. Don’t bluff if you don’t have
the full extent of the data. Keep watching Social Media Minutes
because we have cool advice like this one.

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