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Why You Shouldn’t Boost Your Facebook Posts

Why You Shouldn’t Boost Your Facebook Posts

There’s tons of options when it comes to Facebook
advertising. You can buy fans, you can send traffic to
your website and you can even boost your own posts. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
going to explain why you should never boost your posts on Facebook. Now if you’re an amazing marketer, and you’re
great at copywriting, sure you can boost your posts. But for the 99% of the people out there who
aren’t amazing copywriters, don’t boost your posts. Here’s a few reasons. Number one. You boost your posts, you get traffic, but
after you’re done paying, what happens? You don’t get any more traffic. That’s the first reason. The second reason that you should never boost
your Facebook posts, is because when you send people to a blog post, it’s very unlikely
that they’re going to convert into a customer. Blog posts are meant to be funny, humorous,
story telling, to be educational. They’re not really built to drive people onto
a page and convert them into a customer. Sure if your blog posts do that, then by all
means boost your posts. But for most people, they’re not going to
see a ROI from it. And yeah, you can collect emails and you may
say that, “Hey I can convert revenue from my email list.” But you know what? That’s a really hard funnel to end up working
out, and I don’t even know one out of 100 marketers that are able to do it correctly. Last but not least, when you boost a Facebook
post, it’s costing you money. Why not just use that money to drive traffic
to your paid product or service? Yeah people aren’t going to be coming back
but you know what? At least you’ll have a higher chance of generating
revenue right then and there. So am I telling you, should I spend money
on Facebook advertising? No. I don’t want you to take this video as that
tip. More so I’m trying to tell you that there
is advertising out there on Facebook that works. It tends to be driving people to a product,
or to your service, or to a landing page where you can convert people. But it’s not about boosting posts. You want to spend money there? Go do it. It’s usually just going to get flushed right
down the drain.

36 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Boost Your Facebook Posts

  1. Great advice neil you are a genius I look at my phone as soon as i see you posted a new video i watch it right away its always very informational. NEIL CHECKOUT www.justc4urself.com let me know what ylu think.

  2. Oh, I was doing this mistake in the past but that was also beneficial in terms of gaining page likes, traffic at my site and even increased revenue through banner ads.

    Thanks for this video, from now I would think of using paid FB advertising to promote custom campaigns to generate leads.

  3. Just did it yesterday 🙂 Neil, is it really so bad to boost the posts like https://www.facebook.com/qiplx/photos/a.178478762695117.1073741828.178429912700002/178481756028151 ?
    I'm not trying to boost my post by any means here, just need an advice.

  4. Hi, Neil, do you have any marketing advice on starting a graphic design business. ( i know this isn't related to the video)

  5. Great work. There are some old legends in SEO that did research and it shows boosted posts do not change the effectiveness of the ranking for said post. So, not only does the data show it's bad – you're completely correct – boosting the post is a waste of money and it's likely cheaper to spend that money on an intern who spends their time working different social media accounts and working better or more exciting content for 'the increase in clicks.' Love the video mate. Much appreciated. Happy to see you're moving this direction.

    Thanks for building legit content.

  6. I don't understand Neil. You yourself advertise blog posts on Facebook, then you have CTAs all over your website to drive visitors to your landing page. I never see you advertising a landing page on Facebook. Don't you do this to build customer trust and value in the long-run?

    Driving cold traffic directly from Facebook to a landing page seems like it's one step too deep into the sales funnel (especially with heavy competition), even if you're just offering a free lead magnet.

    Why would I give my email to a brand I'm seeing for the first time on Facebook who writes a spammy ad claiming they can teach me to get 1000 email signups in 30 days?

    I would much rather learn from someone like you who provides value to me upfront, risk free, through great content.

    I believe in "The Thank You Economy". Looking forward to your reply.

  7. Thanks for this Neil. Are you refering to boosting your post with the feature "boost" underneath each post you do in Facebook (that most of the times you get this ridiculous totally random message that says: your post is performing better than the 85% of your other posts…) or overall facebook advertising on specific posts like blog posts that don't have a specific call to action behind it? The reason I am asking is because the simple boost option vs initiating a new ad, provides much limited options than when starting a new ad campaign from scratch

  8. Sir can you give me a favor please just one-time fully understand and check out my blog and tell me my plus points and negative points

  9. Hey Neil, if you are not boosting posts, does it make sense to create posts in the first place. As organic traffic and post visibility is near zero. So should we ditch the FB Page?

  10. Thanks for the information, Neil! I always thought that boosting blog posts on Facebook was a great idea…
    But do you think it can be a good strategy sometimes? For instance, if you want to test different titles for your blog post to see which one performs best? I think you talked about that on your talk at the Fire 2017 event, if I understood correctly.

  11. I currently boasted a post from a fb page to an affiliate marketing product- it got alot of views but no sales- what am I doing wrong?

  12. Hey Neil what about AdSense arbitrage is there any other advertising network that work best than Facebook ads

  13. Neil, but if someone needs engagement then it's a good thing 🙂 even if your post doesn't have good content to attract. On FB, there's an option to drive traffic to website – I think you are talking about this. Right?

  14. Hi, Neil, my name is, Tish, I'm friends with, Ileane Smith. She shared this video & this was so awesome!! I am in agreement with you on the "boosting your posts" comment. I thought I had been following you; apparently I hadn't been. But I made sure to, now. Keep up the awesome job 😉 .

  15. Hello, Neil, you think of facebook programs in the cloud with free traffic, which incorporate applications. I follow you from Chile thanks for the material is worth a lot for people like us who are learning.

  16. Neil what do you think about boosting a post to turn a cold audience into a warm audience and then retargeting them to your landing page?

  17. I use boosting to invite new people to like my page, since everyone who likes the post can be invited and to my surprise – most of them do like the page on my request. In my case it works and the rate of getting new people is much higher, but that's a small page – 2000 followers, so I assume that the effects will be smaller and smaller.

  18. Thanks Neil, by the way are familiar of lazada in the Philippines? Is it a good affiliate network? Because it looks like the commission rate is so small… but is it possible to earn big if I just drive a lot of traffic? Thank you very much Neil 🙂 I'm still new and overwhelmed to digital marketing 🙂 but I love it.

  19. Hi, in 1:14 you said that if you lead people from facebook via boosted post to landing page where you colect their emails, thats a hard funnel to end up working out and you also said that not many marketers are able to do it correctly. So I have 2 questions:
    1. Whats the correct way to generate revenue from email list like that?
    2. Can you please give an example for a better funnel with facebook?

    P.S. Thanks for your great work!

  20. Hello Sir,
    I searched the web, Youtube everywhere to increase IMPRESSION for FB AUDIENCE NETWORK. But i didn't find anything that can help me. Can you help me out?

  21. Hello Neil I was using Facebook post ads long time and it was great now it becomes worth can you give me some tips to get better goals ?

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