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Why You Should Start Advertising with Google Ads

Why You Should Start Advertising with Google Ads

hi my name is esteban martinez
and today i want to talk to you about how you can increase your sales
by advertising on google this works well to increase your brand, revenue,
roi and ultimately new customers to your company through advertising on the platform
now whether you’re business sells a product or service
and any this can be online or offline say a plumber, car dealer, or even property
customers are still going to be searching on a website first
to find information that is going to help their decision
so generally the actual end point will be making a phone call, visiting in store, or
a dealer or making an enquiry online and this really happens generally because
people are searching on google they have very high intent
they find your website and then they get in touch with your business
most company owners generally say they get their business through phone calls or via
email but when you look further and say where are
those phone calls advertised that’s generally where google stands out because
your website has your phone number has your address and it has your email contact
details so advertising on google gives you the ability
to target your budget scale your budget, target what keywords really
are suited to your business and whether it’s a product or service
you can make sure that you can be found when customers are actively searching for
what you have to offer anyway this was just a quick video today
if you have any questions please them in the comments section below
leave a like if you enjoyed this video and i will catch you in the next video

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