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Why you should come to MarketEd.Live 2019

Why you should come to MarketEd.Live 2019

(Laid-back electronic music) – Hi, so I’m Nicole from Lollipop Social. It’s my second time at MarketEd.Live. I highly recommend you come. Not only is there fantastic speakers, exciting venue, but really good audience. For example, I met my friend Zala who I’ve known for a long time on socials. So that’s been amazing. (laid-back electronic music) – I’m Suze and I’m here
from Big Tent Media. What I’ve taken away from today really is Chris Marr speaking about being the Wikipedia of your industry. I’m just really excited to
meet loads of different people and get chatting to
everyone here in Nottingham. (laid-back electronic music) – Hi I’m Lloyd from KPS Digital Marketing. I’m having a great day
here at MarketEd.Live; it’s been brilliant. Good work BizPaul and team. – Hi I’m Rachel Extance and I help businesses with storytelling. I’ve had a really great day, meeting loads of really brilliant people that I’ve been talking to online a lot so it’s really nice to see people come together in a setting like this. – I absolutely love this
year’s MarketEd.Live it’s my second year so
I’ve been here last year and it was even better. – Hi I’m Tim Lewis I’m the author of Social Media Networking and also the host of the
Begin Self-Publishing podcast. I had a fantastic day
today at MarketEd.Live, truly great set of delegates and great set of speakers. (laid-back electronic music) – I’m Claire Williams and I
run Loxley Business Support which is a social media
management consultancy. Absolutely brilliant day
so far at MarketEd.Live. Just found the speakers
really inspirational. – Hi how you doing, my name is May King I’m @maykingtea on Twitter. Absolutely love MarketEd.Live. Heard so much about it last year, gutted that I missed it last year. Absolutely, absolutely amazed
that I made it this year and I wasn’t disappointed. (laid-back electronic music) – Hi I’m Armina from The Social Factor I’m a social media manager this is my first time at the conference and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed all the talks
and being able to meet lots of like-minded people as well as getting to meet some people that I’m already speaking to on Twitter. – Hi I’m Mark from Pocket Video School and I’ve just spent the day in the company of some awesome people, from a delegate perspective as well as from the speaker perspective. – Hi, my name is Zala. I’m actually from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I traveled to Nottingham
especially for MarketEd.Live, And also the Social Media Besties, which is a group that hangs out on social. (laid-back electronic music)

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