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Why You Need To Have A Plan B For Advertising

Why You Need To Have A Plan B For Advertising

I wanted to talk about something that’s
really a top of mind for me right now and I think it should be for
all marketers, all businesses, and that is singularity. You cannot rely as a business on a
single platform for your advertising, for your marketing, for
your brand awareness, and for businesses that are doing that, you’re making a fatal and flawed mistake. Let me explain what got
me thinking about this. So last night I was dwelling on the fact
that our primary Facebook ad account for my company has been shut down. There’s something going on with the
algorithm. I’m not worried about it. We’ve not violated any terms of service. So I know over the course of a
few days it will get corrected. But what I started thinking about is how
grateful I am that we have multichannel marketing, right? We’re not
just advertising on Facebook, we retarded on Google. We are actively pushing on LinkedIn. We are doing stuff in, in a lot of other channels and testing
the waters in other areas and you should always be doing that. You shouldn’t be reliant upon one single
platform because the day that something happens, like it did for us on Saturday, and your ad account gets
shut down, you panic, right? You’re stuck. Now we
have multiple ad accounts, but there are challenges with that. And that is when you look at your
data, right, for multiple years and, and the number of transactions you have
in a specific account. For example, like in our primary account,
we have over 10 million events, 10 million events, and that data would essentially be lost
if we had to use one of our secondary accounts. And so it’s really imperative that
you have multiple touch points across multiple channels so that if
an account gets shut down, if something goes wrong, if
something breaks, and as you know, with Facebook, things
change and things break. I find it a little strange that this
seems to be happening in a large in large scale right now. My Gut tells me that Facebook’s made an
algorithm change to try to get rid of or purge bad or fake accounts just in
front of Q4 because Q4 is when the big revenue amplification happens and that
something in there is broken and is causing real, legitimate businesses to lose their
accounts or have them turned off. I’m not worried about it.
It’s going to get fixed. But it really got me thinking about what
businesses do to protect and insulate themselves. And if you’re
in a singular platform, if you practice singular marketing
and you are in one channel, you are potentially setting
yourself up for a train wreck. Anyway, those are my thoughts for the
day. I hope you have an amazing week. And if you have any questions
or want to talk about, hey, how do I get on multichannel? Or how
do I read target? Just hit me up, tap below, connect with me on
Facebook, Instagram, DM, whatever, and I will talk to you soon. Ciao.

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