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Why You Can’t Advertise Cancer Cures In Britain

Why You Can’t Advertise Cancer Cures In Britain

Behind me is the
Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. And I’m here because it’s been an interesting
week for alternative medicine in Britain. This week, Noel Edmonds, television star,
and promoter of mid-90s fever dream Mr Blobby, endorsed something called the EMP Pad.
It’s a yoga mat, and its inventors claim that its very low
intensity electromagnetic fields help cells in the body function. Now, I’m not going to go into loads of detail
about the evidence for the Pad. I’m very skeptical, but there are early
studies that say carefully applied, specific electromagnetic
fields may actually do some good. I know, I was surprised too. Okay, a yoga mat probably isn’t going to
work like that, but there are devices using EM fields that
are working well enough that insurers are starting to pay for them. I’ll also skip over the insulting reaction
that Noel Edmonds got from people on Twitter, particularly after he told someone
suffering from cancer that it might be because of their
“negative attitude”. Instead, let’s look at the reaction of the
folks who make the EMP Pad. Because, okay, the skeptics won’t like them
whatever they do, but there are plenty of
alternative medicine believers out there. Surely the company would welcome
a celebrity endorsement? No. At the top of their web site, in big letters,
they disavowed Noel Edmonds entirely. Nothing to do with us, they said. And the reason was: he’d claimed
they could help cure cancer. Now across Europe, advertising prescription
drugs and medical treatments to the public is banned. They can advertise to doctors, sure, but those
American drug adverts with their list of side effects just don’t
happen here. “Serious, sometimes fatal events
such as infections, lymphoma, “or other types of cancer have happened. “Blood, liver and nervous system problems,
serious allergic reactions, “and new or worsening heart failure have occurred.” But in Britain, there are even stricter laws
about cancer treatments. You can’t get away with saying, “oh, it’s
not really a medical device”, or, “oh, it’s just some herbs”. If you sell something to the public,
saying it can help or cure cancer, you can be prosecuted. Even if it does cure cancer. The idea, back in 1939 when the law was passed,
still holds true today. Sell your cure to doctors. If you give them
an alternative medicine that works, with evidence to convince them,
they’ll start prescribing it, and you, the person who discovered it,
you’re probably in line for a Nobel Prize. And if they don’t start prescribing it:
well, it probably doesn’t cure cancer, does it? If you’re selling your cure directly to
the public, it’s almost certainly not a cure. And it’s probably going to hurt people that
would otherwise go to the doctor. With this law, no-one has to prove
that your cure doesn’t work: they just have to prove you’re selling it
without going through someone qualified. Noel Edmonds was in the clear when he said
“this cures cancer”. I think he’s irresponsible,
but he can believe that, and he’s not selling any yoga mats himself. “I then had my tumor destroyed by sound waves, “proving yet again that energy
is at the heart of this issue.” But the folks who do sell them: they needed to shut down that claim
right away, or risk an investigation that
they would really want to avoid. [Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!]

100 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Advertise Cancer Cures In Britain

  1. Thank God I live in America, where there aren't laws like this and I'm free to sell my sugar pills to desperate suckers trying to save their sick child.

  2. because in Britain they don't cure cancer, they just set people up to die. treating cancer is too expensive, so a socialist system like nhs won't pay for it. In America we have profit based hospitals and insurance, so cancer is cured and even the poor often get treatment. for many cancers, the cure rate is nearly 100. it would all be even better if we repealed Obama Care and made the healthcare marketplace less regulated

  3. Our new artificial engineered skies are causing a massive jump in cancer and more in younger and younger people,, heavy metals overloading the systems ,,

  4. And the elites are hiding the cure for cancer,,they have known for a very long time how to,,why you think none of the ruling elites get cancer,,only for the slaves ,,its business as usual,,

  5. The last 100 years or so is littered with people who have a proven track record for curing cancer (and other conditions) with sound, herbs, electro-magatism, hemp, etc and ALL have either been imprisoned, shut down or hounded out of their homes and even out of their country. The (alleged) medical profession doesn't make money from curing people, only from maintaining the status-quo. So when someone comes along, without medical qualifications, and says they have cured X number of people from cancer that the medical profession threw the towel in on, they are seen as a threat to 'the system' rather than a welcomed and refreshing development for the health and wellbeing of us all. There, that's my two cents worth.

  6. I actually think I'm going to move to England.
    I'm an 18 year old American. I'll start saving now. 🙂

  7. Thinking of my home country Romania. We get a lot of adverts about pills and cures on tv. Wounder if The EU has the same approach as the UK on this?

  8. Let's say I hold a belief that a mostly vegetarian diet and large amounts of vitamin C can slow or even reverse some cancers. I couldn't sell this cure idea to a doctor because there is no money in it for the doctor, his practice would suffer magnificent losses if this cure worked.

  9. UK Advert about US Medicines: Have you been to america, and heard the horrific side effects of there medicanes! We have the soloution for you! YOU'RE BANNED FROM THE US!

  10. Exactly, as badly as the NHS is funded at the moment if there was a £10 cure to cancer doctors would be prescribing it.

  11. Did anyone else lose their train of attention when two cars behind him drove in two different directions on the same side?
    Why even have 2 lanes there when it doesn't matter which way you're going on either? O_o UK traffic is weird…
    0:24 and 0:42

  12. The drug advertised in the American advert (Humira) is often use to keep the inflammation down for people who have Crohn's disease or what I have Ulcerative Colitis, I don't take that drug by the way! 🙂

  13. Mr. Scott, with all due respect, I appreciate the logic of the law, however, I believe your government is out of line. See, we were all created free–so the decision to put something into (or take something out of) our bodies should be ours. If people are irresponsible, I have pity on them, but it's just not my (or the government's) job to police them. Just my opinion as a free person.

  14. I know in the United States that any drug advertised to "see your doctor for" is automatically much more expensive. Sometimes a medicine will not be advertised so that the cost is lower and the doctor can prescribe at their own discretion. People claim the advertisement is to give an informed decision, but really it just skyrockets the price drastically.

  15. Better protect the public because the British are clearly too stupid to think for themselves according to their own government.

  16. I'm American, and I envy anyone that lives in a country that has that law. I am sick and tired of all of the people tricking themselves and others into thinking that something that sounds too good to be true will work. They sell others a product that won't live up to the desperate hopes and expectations, and when they see for their own eyes that it didn't work… Of course there will be survivors who happened to use it. These people will continue to spread the false information, acting like it's a better solution than the modern medicine that extends lives, but only sometimes saves them. Better than sending people *straight* to death.

  17. I wish the US had the same restrictions on pharmaceutical advertisements. The pharmaceutical industry here does far more harm than good.

  18. 1. It sounds like the 1939 law was created to serve doctors….. maybe they created it?
    2. One has to wonder how many investors or share holders in the UK are benefitting from the pharmaceutical enviroment in the U.S.

  19. That part about advertising to doctors being effective at selecting out ineffective medicines is bogus- doctors are just as affected by advertising and marketing as other people- drug companies spend billions pushing doctors to prescribe their sometimes ineffective medicines. Doctors don't have the time to check the medicines and are only human.

  20. Noel Edmonds, noted supporter of FUKD and BOMBD's anti-Cake campaign, giving medical advice! What has the world come to?

  21. Allright now, what does this moron do on morning TV broadcast, which is destined mostly for elderly and very young people (read: usually more vulnerable to magical false information people)? They should be ashamed of hosting it.

  22. I didn’t know about this. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Noel Edmonds. Especially considering he has a large following of more senior-aged individuals. Those more likely to believe and be led astray by his claims. He should feel some moral responsibility not to disguise his opinions as “fact”, or better still to keep them to himself.

  23. I well intentioned law, but the sad fact is that doctors don't push the PREVENTION of cancer to people. They don't make much money off of you eating kale and carrots, yet the fact that a healthy diet and lifestyle drastically reduces your chances of cancer is known by all doctors.

  24. omg america was made by people running away from the UK, wanting to make a "better" country, but made made a worse one. EVERYTHING IN BRITAIN IS BETTER (according to my personal opinion)

  25. What if the product helps the cancer…. i.e to kill you…. can you advertise how much faster you will die of cancer with the product your trying to sell?

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  27. almost all the laws you talk about in your things you might not have known are exactly the same in India.

    imperialism did do something right.

  28. I literally just got one of those PhRMAPress ads that promote their "revolutionary medical technology" that can cure cancer on this video

  29. Before Reaganomics, advertising medicines (and lawyers) on TV was strictly forbidden. After seeing it both ways I am absolutely for going back to the way it was in the US, and still is in the UK and most sensible countries. Even with bona fide medicines there's no need for direct-to-patient advertising. That's what made our antibiotics stop working, when patients started bullying doctors to prescribe the wrong drug for the illness.

  30. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, I hate the way medicine is advertised like something you might buy at the store, but at the same time, shouldn't people have the right to know about medicines that might interest or help them?

  31. Homeopathy used to be better than standard medicine because draining blood being a standard meant that lots of people came away worse off so that meant homeopathy having no effect looked better than standard medicine which had a negative effect

  32. Meanwhile, Here in India people are constantly shifting themselves to buy unprescribed drugs endorsed by boman Irani , ranbir Kapoor , Vidya balan et all.

  33. Cool. Can Parliament maybe give Congress some advice? Advertising here is totally out of control.

  34. cancer cures ? nope …… never ever consider cannabis . You do not need a plant that will grow high in cbd`s not cba`s , you do not need to know that a plant makes about 2-3 oz excluding trim . You never need to know that 17 oz of suger leaf and bud will create 1 in effect treatment for cancer . At no point should anyone purchase a rice cooker , 5 litres of iso and a sieve . do not render the thc down now caught in the iso , do not place it into gellitine capsoles after using the rice cooker to reduce it to an oil , do not take daily at night before bed ( important ) . If this happened heaven help you if you then experienced results that can be seen if you google it . This may be illegal in your country so not advised at all . You could go to prison ……

  35. The latest TV adverts for cancer are very subtle because it has the word " legacy " at the end at the bottom of the advert ,saying leave the cancer charity a gift in your will ,well it isn't the cancer charity that cures it , is it ? it's the NHS staff in that field if they can cure it ,! so yeah don't know if anybody else has picked up on this insidious advertisement ?

  36. In the US, every few months a new ad for some new med comes out. They over play it, over sell it and make people ask their doctor for the treatment. Amazingly, US doctors will comply (we don’t have doctors, anymore. Just medical business school graduates). Within 5 to 10 years, the attorney ads with class action suits against those same drugs start to hit the air waves. Honestly, it’s like the two fields are feeding each other.

  37. I really wish they wouldn't advertise medication in the US but it is probably too late as those companies already have enough power to tell the government no.

  38. This makes… A shocking amount of sense actually. I always wondered why medicines were advertised on TV, I just assumed they were all on-the-shelf stuff XD

  39. In good ol’ U.S.A., health insurance has evolved to a point where most visits with the doctor is very brief. Margins are so low for medical offices that the only way to make profit is by quantity, not quality (Walmart effect). Ultimately, the consumer (patient) loses confidence in the subject matter expert (doctor), and will use a campaign of “medical advocacy” to serve their best interests. They feel the doctors are not serving their best interests; they feel like their presence is only for another’s profit; they have little confidence in the doctor’s recommendations.

    Pharmaceutical adverts in the USA are an effect from the aforementioned cause. Putting more/less controls on medical marketing statutes will not solve this issue. The consumers need to feel confidence from their doctors and be less cynical of doctors’ motivations…statutes effecting this outcome would improve compliancy rate and overall health.

  40. The capitalist in me says a free-open market will always prevail, and dislikes unnecessary statutory controls.

    The human in me has a moral issue with such adverts, like claiming to cure cancer. The issue is that they are not selling medical products, medical services, etc. These adverts are actually selling HOPE, which can be in short supply (high demand) for cases like cancer. Hope is a magnificent thing, which is why the merchant of hope is in a precarious position.

  41. If I invented something that really cured cancer, wouldn't big pharma come along and lock me and it into a concrete sarcophagus and drop it into the English channel? (Or to save costs, they might drop mine into Bass Strait, but the outcome would be roughly the same).

  42. Doctors make money on treatments, not cures. I'm sure a cure for cancer exists, but we'll never see it. The laws in Europe ENSURE we'll never see it.

  43. why cant we just have a blanket ban on selling medicine to consumers until it's studied and approved by a central government health agency

  44. wait a minute, why are cars driving on the right in the street behind you? arent they supposed to drive on the left?

  45. You left out that doctors who use unapproved treatments for cancer can be struck of the medical resistor so understandably they won't go their either. Your story kind of falls down there. If big Pharma don't own the cure for your cancer you aint getting it so go and pick out a nice box and get your affairs in order.

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