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Why You AREN’T MAKING SALES in Your Dropshipping Store or Facebook Ads (& How to Fix It)

Why You AREN’T MAKING SALES in Your Dropshipping Store or Facebook Ads (& How to Fix It)

Sarah: Hey guys, it’s me Sarah, the video
editor here at Wholesale Ted. So now I think that everyone remembers that dramatic moment
of how it feels when you make your first sale online.
Presenter: And the winner of her first ever sale is, Sarah Crisp.
Sarah: Wow this is just very unexpected, I’m feeling so emotional right now. I don’t know
what to say. Actually, that’s not quite true, I have a very long speech prepared. I don’t
think I’m going to be winning that jet ski. Yeah, there’s actually no way to describe
that rush, the euphoria, that you feel. Making your first sale is awesome. But of course,
some of you have yet to make your first sale, and there are words to describe how that feels,
but because Wholesale Ted is a family friendly place, I won’t say what they are. So if you
want to know why you or other people that you see set up a store, run traffic to it,
but don’t make any sales, this video is for you.
I’m going to be asking you fifteen hard questions about your store and your ads and I want you
to answer them honestly. The chances are for many of you, you will be doing several of
these things correctly and that is awesome. But keep listening, because the chances are
if you’re not making any sales, you’re not doing so good in other areas. So see which
things you’re doing right and which things you can improve on. Got it? Cool. Let’s jump
straight into the video. Question one. Can your products be found in
a mall? If you could go to the mall right now and find the product that you where drop
shipping, the chances are you shouldn’t be selling it. Probably the worst offending niche
for this is clothing. People start clothing Dropshipping all the time, but here is the
problem. Often time people are selling clothing that they could buy practically anywhere else.
So yes, if you are selling something that is super unique like this, then that is unique
and original. But this white beanie, no. Yes it is a nice white beanie, but it is still
just a white beanie. Now this is bad for two reasons. As I explained
in my video, do not Dropship these items, selling common items does have low conversions.
Why? Well because there is no sense of urgency for them to purchase this item from you. Instead
of waiting for your version to arrive in two to four weeks later, they can go right now
to the mall and buy something very similar. But there is an additional reason why I did
not mention in that video, and that is perceived value. Perceived value is the price that a
consumer could conceivably believe that an item is worth. So when they look at your white
beanie, they think to themselves “Huh, what does Hollister price their white beanies at?”
And now suddenly they have a point of reference as to what your white beanie should be priced
at. See the reason why in this industry we can take items that cost $2 and sell them
for four times the price, is because we are selling unique items that our perspective
customers have never seen at their local Target. They love cats. They love coffee. And now
they can get cat coffee spoons! They didn’t even know that this item existed. So, within
reason, you now get to set the price. Question two. Are your product ad images good
enough? Take a good hard look at the product images that you are using in your ad. Because
you need to remember, the most important part for conversions for your ad, is the images.
This is a great picture because it clearly shows what is unique and special about this
mug. That it’s got a violin for the handle. This, this is actually not a very good product
image. Why? Well because you can’t see what makes this much cool, which is the fact that
it stirs drinks for you. Now yes, it may say self stirring mug on the image, but what you’re
asking the customer to do is to tale the time to conceptualize what this means. People are
scrolling through your Facebook feeds at lightning speed. You need to make sure that you’ve got
an amazing image that grabs their attention. Of course this mug actually does quite well
as a video ad. Why? Well because a video shows what makes it unique and special. It shows
drinks actually being mixed. So perhaps you are selling products that really should be
advertised as videos instead. Or perhaps you’re selling products that are simply not photogenic
or camera-genic period. And if you are, I recommend stop trying to sell them because
it’s not going to end well. Question three. Are your product listing images
good enough? Product images are the most important part of your ad. And they are the most important
part of your product listing. People do not underestimate the importance of product images.
It has been shown in multiple tests that product images are the number one conversion factor
when it comes to selling products. So do take the time to track down good images of your
product. It was actually Greg Mercer from Jungle Scout
that taught me the importance of photos. Because while Dropshippers often take this issue lightly,
Amazon sellers do not. When Greg released his private label product Jungle sticks for
Amazon, He made sure to have photos that clearly showed the product at multiple angles. And
then he made sure to have a photo that showed the height of his bamboo sticks. This was
to help overcome objections from people wondering if they were long enough. Plus he also made
sure to include a photo of his product being used in real life context, as this has been
shown to help perspective customers visualize themselves using it. And once you get a customer
to visualize themselves using it, that is when the credit cards start to come out.
Question four. Does your store have a custom color scheme? Here is what we are asking perspective
customers to do. We are asking them to, even though they have never seen us before, even
though they have never interacted with us before, to, after seeing our advertisement,
go ahead and click on it. And then again, even though they didn’t know us ten minutes
ago, to go ahead and buy the product that we are selling. And to give us their money,
to trust us with their money. That may seem like a big ask and that’s because it is.
Of course everyday thousands of people are asking perspective customers they’ve never
interacted with before to purchase from them. And everyday thousands of customers say yes.
But it’s still a big ask, so to help them say yes, we really need to try to use every
opportunity that we can to build trust along the process. And one way that you can do that
is by actually putting an effort to create a brand, a style, that matches the niche that
you are targeting. This is why my video tutorial, How to create a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping
store, I tell people that they should be selecting two colors to use throughout their store.
This helps set your start apart and makes people feel like they have landed on a real
store, a real brand, not just a lazy website that’s been set up to take their money. And
of course two colors is a starting point. If you would like to use even more to set
your store apart, then that is great. Not sure what colors to use? Or what colors look
good together? Then use tools like Coolers to help you.
Question five. Does your store have a custom logo? Just like a custom color scheme, having
a custom logo is an essential way to turn your store from a generic website set up to
take peoples money, into a brand. You can make one for yourself, but I suggest that
most people out there go to Fiver and get them to create a simple logo for you for just
five dollars plus the fifty cent transaction fee.
Question six. Does your product appeal to a certain niche? Something that you always
need to keep in mind when you are drop shipping a product in your store and advertising it
on places like Facebook and Instagram is, your goal is to get people to impulse buy.
Say it again with me people. Your goal is to get them to impulse buy. Yes again for
everyone that e-mails in wondering why some people would buy from you despite the long
shipping times, it’s because they have purchased from you out of impulse. And when you purchase
something out of impulse, you don’t do it with price checking competitors. You don’t
go to Amazon and check what price they are selling it at with two day prime shipping.
So how do you trigger these impulsive feelings in someone? Well selling a unique item as
we have already established is very important. But you also need to make sure that you are
appealing to a niche that people really truly love. Because that way when they see the picture
or the video of the product that you are advertising, it will trigger an emotional reaction in them.
So these long coffee spoons, I mean, they’re helpful and kind of original, don’t get me
wrong. But you’re probably going to have a much easier time selling these cat coffee
spoons. Why? Well because there are a group of people out there that really truly love
cats. There are fan clubs for cats. There aren’t really fan clubs for people that like
long utensils. Question seven. Did you add scarcity to your
products? So guys, tell me. What is it that we are trying to do with our product ads?
Speaker 2: Impulse buy! Speaker 1: That’s right! Good job! We want
people to impulse buy. So we know that if we want to get people to impulse buy, that
we need to pick products that are unique and that appeal to niches that people love. But
there is something else we want to throw in there. And that is scarcity. It is the cherry
on top. We want to discount our product and make the customer really truly believe that
it is for a limited amount of time. And you need to make sure in your product ad and your
product description, that the customer really and truly knows that it is limited. It could
be that it expires after three days. It could be that it expires after stocks run out. Or
it could be that you are giving away your product for free but only for the next one
hundred people as long as you pay the shipping. Whatever your scarcity is, make sure that
you include it. Question eight. Have you added scarcity to
every product that you are selling? If you did, listen if every single product in your
store is discounted at fifty percent off, then the customer quickly figures out that
every item is not actually discounted at fifty percent off. And in addition, having items
that are priced at their normal price increases the sense of urgency for the customer. By
seeing other similar items priced at twenty dollars, then it makes them think that, wow,
this ten dollar item could really be twenty dollars. I need to act now so that I can take
advantage of this discount. And don’t get me started on stores that have countdown timers
on every single product page. Don’t do it. Question nine. Did you add twenty products
to your store? Inside the Dropship club, our premium video training series, I host a live
Q & A session for our members every month. One of the questions that was asked in our
March session was this, “How can I make writing product descriptions faster?” Now the short
version of the answer that I gave her is that often times product descriptions between products
can be repurposed. But I did understand where she was coming from with this question. Because
it can be quite time consuming when you create unique product descriptions for all of the
things that you are selling. But it is worth it. Don’t skip this part. Would you trust
a store that only has five products? Unless it’s a brand that you know doesn’t sell that
many, the chances are you would not trust that store. It looks unprofessional. It makes
it look like your store is almost unfinished. You will be hurting your conversions if you
try and advertise to a store like this. So don’t be lazy. Make sure that you add twenty
products to your store. Question ten. Did you add product descriptions
for each of the products that you are selling? So if you have been listening now and you
think to yourself, “Well what’s Sara talking about? It takes two second to write a product
description!” You should probably listen to this. I had a friend who came to me with a
moderately successful Dropshipping store. They were making fifty to a hundred dollars
a day. It was a nice side hustle. But yes, it was a side hustle. And he wanted to know
how could he turn it into a primary hustle. Why was his traffic not converting better?
So I took a look at the website and it was selling some super cool t-shirts. Definitely
no generic white t-shirts here. But his product descriptions were literally a sentence that
was two lines long. And all it talked about were the fabric features. I mean literally
two lines long. He didn’t even include anything like secure checkout with MasterCard and Visa.
Nothing. Now images are still the most important part
of a product listing which is probably why he was still able to make sales despite this.
But if you don’t have a product description then it’s going to hurt your stores credibility.
And it’s going to make it harder for customers to trust you. Now don’t get me wrong, product
descriptions don’t have to be super long. If you’re running pay traffic, then short
sweet product descriptions usually convert best. A nice product description length to
aim for in this case are two short paragraphs that perhaps two to three sentenced long.
And the product description should be using sales psychology techniques that sale the
customer on the benefits of the product and not the features. After that you can then
list your lines like secure checkout with MasterCard and Visa. Or this product is not
available in retail stores. Or then you can start listing the product features like the
type of fabric used. And of course if you are Dropshipping from Aliexpress, then you
should make sure at the end of your product description that you include a shipping time
disclaimer. And that you bold it so that the customer doesn’t have an excuse for not seeing
it. Question eleven. Have you tested twenty products?
I’m going to show you a comment that I received recently and I’m going to blur out the name
of the person who sent it. Basically they were upset for three reasons. One, they purchased
a membership to the Dropship Club and they didn’t get one on one support. Two, they thought
I should be offering one on one coaching. And three, they were upset because they had
followed the steps in the course and they didn’t make money. Alright, let’s break this
down. Firstly we have always made it quite clear,
if you purchase a membership to the Dropship club, you do not get one on one support. Our
course costs just sixtyseven dollars a month. For a Dropshipping course that is quite cheap
and I even do run a live Q & A session for members every month. If we were to offer one
on one support, the cost would honestly have to be a lot more.
Secondly, I am going to be honest I found it hurtful that he said that I should be offering
coaching. To suggest that I am ethically obligated to offer coaching, even if you are willing
to pay me thousands of dollars an hour, is quite offensive. It is my time. It’s my life.
I am not someones puppet. And actually something tat a lot of people don’t know is that I have
a speech and hearing impairment so even if I did coach it would be quite stressful for
me. SO, no. But perhaps the most frustrating part of this
comment is that the author says they followed the steps outlined inside the Dropship Club
perfectly and didn’t make any money, yet freely admits that they only tested five products.
That is despite the fact that inside the Dropship Club videos and on this channel I very clearly
state that you should be prepared to, at minimum, test twenty products. And I’m even extremely
up front with how much money you should set aside for this process. So, no. No they did
not follow my instructions. Instead, surprise surprise, they went into this thinking they
were looking for a business, when actually what they were looking for was a magical money
tree. Now you night find a winner in the first five items that you test, and if you do that
is awesome, but that is unusual. Please do not go into this expecting that to happen
to you. And do not blame me if it doesn’t. Question twelve. Did you run a Facebook like
campaign to your fan page? Before you run product ads on Facebook, it is a good idea
to run a simple like campaign to your stores fan page. Why? Well it’s because of social
proof. I mean, yes, everyday people are buying from shoddy Facebook store fan pages that
have just twelve likes. But they have probably be making way more sales if they put a little
bit more effort in. I feel so strongly about this that when I created my video, How to
start Dropshipping with only fifty dollars, I included it as one of the steps. And when
you’ve only got fifty dollars to work with, every single dollar counts. And yet I still
recommended setting aside twelve percent of that budget for a Facebook like campaign.
Question thirteen. DO you have trust words and emblems in your store? All of these individual
things that we are doing to build trust with our customers like adding lots of products
to our store and running Facebook like campaigns, it’s unlikely that one of these things is
individually going to make or break sales. But it’s all about the collective power of
doing so. By doing all of these things we help to build trust with the customer. So
if you haven’t already, go ahead and add some trust words and emblems to your store. Say
things like secure checkout with MasterCard and Visa. Or noting that products can be tracked
with USPS. And yes, each package shipment can be tracked with USPS. These names, these
brands, they have an enormous amount of trust associated with them. And by namedropping
them and associating yourself with them on your store, a little bit of their trust rubs
off onto you. Question fourteen. Are your products being
priced at fifteen dollars or less? It’s been a little while since I’ve talked about this.
So quick question, what is the goal with our product ads?
Speaker 2: Impulse buy! Speaker 1: That’s right! And for an item to
be an impulse purchase it needs to be priced low enough that the potential customer doesn’t
think too much before purchasing it. And as a result I find that most new Dropshippers
do struggle to sell items that are priced at fifteen dollars or higher as a front end
product. And actually the truth is, is that the real sweet spot os nine dollars and ninetynine
cents, because there is a huge psychological barrier from going from one digit to two digit
pricing. The reality is this. When consumers look at the discount number they want to see
it as a big number, but when they look at the price, they want to see it as a small
number. And yes you can successfully Dropship and sell items that are priced higher than
this, but they require more advanced selling techniques and require you to build more trust
with the potential customer. You are new. Make it as easy on yourself as possible. Stick
to selling impulse items. Question fifteen. Have you done a test purchase?
And finally before you start running product ads for your store, it is a good idea to run
a test purchase first. I have actually run into people who didn’t do this and they started
running product ads, and traffic was coming through, and they weren’t making any sales.
And they were so upset. What is happening? And when they realized that it wasn’t their
product ad or their images or their copy that was the problem, but simply that they hadn’t
set out their checkout process correctly, they were quite embarrassed.
So there we go guys. This video did get a little bit emotional and personal at times
but I hope that it helped you anyway. And if you would like to watch more Dropshipping
videos then be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted. And if you haven’t already, click that
little notification bell next to the subscribe button so that you don’t miss out on any of
our videos. And if you would like even more Dropshipping advise then you should be sure
to download our free e-book, how to make ten thousand dollars a month online with Dropshipping.
You will find a link on how to download this e-book in the video description below.

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