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Why The Latest Facebook Ad or Instagram Advertising Hack Won’t Work

Why The Latest Facebook Ad or Instagram Advertising Hack Won’t Work

In this video I’m going to talk to you about why you need to stop worrying about the latest and greatest Facebook or Instagram ad hack My name is TracI Reuter and I’m the CEO and founder of Divine Social, a Facebook and Instagram Ad agency And I’m also a contributing author to The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads chapters, 26, 27, and 30. Make sure you pick it up. So why should you avoid or stop worrying about the latest and greatest Facebook or Instagram advertising hack? Well The reason I want to talk to you about this today is because this seems to be the thing that all these up-and-coming ads managers Are chasing after or business owners? They’re always thinking that if they can get just that one little hack that it’s gonna change all of their campaigns it’s gonna give them that competitive advantage and it’s gonna just you know, The cash register is gonna start to go all day long right now. Don’t get me wrong There are some things there are always going to be hacks Because the Facebook ad platform the Instagram ad platform is changing constantly and so one of our jobs as a facebook ads managers is to Constantly stay on top of all of the hacks and all of the new little nuances right super it is important. It’s there But it’s not the most important thing and it’s not what makes us as an ad agency. It’s not what makes us great What makes us great and what you want to start focusing on is you want to start focusing on the fundamentals, right? Advertising has been around forever and some of the things that worked back in the 30s and 40s are still working today If you go and you study some of the great some of the greatest advertisers of all times, you can learn incredible lessons There’s a reason why the book breakthrough advertising by Eugene Schwartz. It’s one of the greatest books in advertising of all time in fact It’s like four to six hundred dollars to buy that book on Amazon because it’s out of print The principles in that book still work today and here’s what I want to impress upon you today What I encourage you if you want to get really great results with your Facebook or Instagram ads you really need to start thinking more about your message points and your copy and What is gonna move the heart and mind of your prospect? That is what’s gonna really make a difference You see sometimes we get so caught up on all of the targeting and the little tiny pieces and the levers that you can pull When really if we just got clear on our message and we really could connect to the hearts of the people We’re talking to our business would be transformed and so I would encourage you today if you haven’t, try to get yourself a copy of breakthrough advertising study Davis David Ogilvy studies some of the greats Some of the greats today Roy H Williams of Wizard of ads he’s amazing He’s a current day radio advertising genius And what what does radio advertising have to do with digital advertising? Well, they’re completely different platforms, but the psychology and the principles behind them aren’t the same and it’s the messaging It’s the copy that’s gonna make the biggest difference in your ad I can’t tell you how many times we review ads We review campaigns and the copy is terrible You think that just by getting the right? You know getting an ad slapped up and put in front of your target audience is gonna get them to move It’s not I hate to break it to you. It’s not so today I want to encourage you it’s time for you to level up your game and start thinking about if you are going to be sitting Face-to-face with your ideal prospect what you say to them? Would you just vomit features and benefits? Would you have a conversation with them? Would you find out things that? Or would you speak to them in ways that can solve the problems that you know that they have right? So let’s get back to the fundamentals Let’s stop worrying about the black hat and the white hat and the hacks and all the things that we can do to try to You know to make the system to make the algorithm work for us and let’s get back to the fundamentals of truly thinking truly writing ads From the perspective of our prospect and how we can best serve them and how we can best help them make their lives better easier Let’s put let’s put that out into the world start writing your ads that way and let’s see what happens to your business. I Want to encourage you if you haven’t yet, downloaded our Three Pillars to Successful Facebook Ads, the three styles of campaigns You should be running to be successful I would encourage you to click the link and download that and get our worksheet and Checklist to make sure you set up your campaigns and the way that you can best serve your potential customers.

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